08:56:01 <x3mboy> #startmeeting Fedora Mindshare FAD 2018 - Day 3
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08:56:13 <x3mboy> #meetingname mindshare
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08:56:33 <x3mboy> #chair nb robyduck jsmith bexelbie jwf mleonova[m]
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08:56:43 <jwf> x3mboy: Thanks!
08:56:45 <x3mboy> #chair langdon mattdm
08:56:45 <zodbot> Current chairs: bexelbie jsmith jwf langdon mattdm mleonova[m] nb robyduck x3mboy
08:57:01 <x3mboy> #topic Budget
08:59:34 <x3mboy> #info bexelbie is presenting several alternatives to request budget and how to handle it
09:22:53 <robyduck> #agreed Mindshare will request to allocate regional budgets directly to Mindshare for FY19
09:23:37 <robyduck> #info Mindshare will communicate how this will be handled and allocated regional wise for the transitional period
09:24:08 <robyduck> #topic Mindshare Meeting Time
09:25:11 <bexelbie> https://ethercalc.org/ubtgupvviq6y
09:37:23 <robyduck> #agreed New Meeting time is Monday from 12:30 -13:30 UTC
09:39:44 <x3mboy> Worst fight ever
09:41:53 <jwf> Fight with time, not with each other :D
09:42:05 <x3mboy> #topic Mindshare Reporting
09:49:17 <jwf> #info Six areas of focus: Modularity, CI, Internet of Things, Workstation Edition, Server Edition, Atomic Edition
09:49:27 <jwf> #info === Three strategies for focusing on our topics ===
09:49:41 <jwf> #info (1) Use resources wisely as we have limited volunteer attention, time, and money
09:49:50 <jwf> #info (2) Increase adoption of Fedora in areas related to messaging
09:50:03 <jwf> #info (3) Improve communication to facilitate these messages
09:56:03 <jwf> #info Representatives to take the messaging back to the other teams (design, docs, marketing, CommOps)
09:56:22 <jwf> #info === Mindshare is successor to FAmSCo and FOSCo ===
09:56:37 <jwf> #info starting conversations about how to improve ambassadors as part of this charter in two weeks
09:56:53 <jwf> #agreed Announce Meeting Time: 12:30 - 13:30 UTC on Mondays
09:57:05 <jwf> #topic Action items for post-FAD
09:57:20 <jwf> #action x3mboy Write first monthly report - Friday March 16 to be drafted and in the committee email for review - ideal publish the following week
09:57:34 <x3mboy> Wiiiii!!!!!
09:57:36 <jwf> #action mleonova[m] Take our messaging and issues to Design
09:57:49 <jwf> #action robyduck Take our messaging and issues to Web
09:58:07 <jwf> #action x3mboy Take our messaging and issues to Marketing
09:58:40 <jwf> #action jwf nee jflory7 nee Mr. Roboty Take our messaging and issues to CommOps
09:59:53 <jwf> #info === Recurring Mindshare tasks ===
10:00:12 <jwf> #info Every meeting, check outreach/mindshare calendars for meeting goals/deadlines
10:00:30 <jwf> #info Every month, publish an outbound report (rotating by person by month) built from bullet points generated in the meetings
10:00:39 <jwf> #info Ticket triage
10:04:46 <jwf> #topic Closing up
10:04:56 <jwf> #agreed We will never have a FAD in this room again (because lighting)
10:04:57 <jwf> :P
10:05:26 <jwf> But the hotel rooms are great :D
10:05:32 <jwf> #agreed But the hotel rooms and the views are great :D
10:06:04 <jwf> Okay, in all seriousness, I think we're going to close up early this afternoon. Some of us leave later this afternoon and others have a 03:30 wakeup time tomorrow to catch 5am trains
10:06:25 <jwf> We felt like we honestly are out of discussion topics for today
10:06:29 <jwf> So until next time!
10:06:31 <jwf> #endmeeting