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17:00:36 <pboy> #topic Welcome / roll call
17:00:46 <pboy> Welcome to our Server WG IRC meeting today!
17:00:57 <pboy> „Same procedure as every year“ We'll give a few minutes for folks to show up
17:01:08 <pboy> I’ll post the agenda in 2 minutes.
17:01:49 <eseyman> hello, all
17:01:57 <eseyman> .hello2 eseyman
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17:02:28 <cooltshirtguy> .hello2 cooltshirtguy
17:02:29 <zodbot> cooltshirtguy: cooltshirtguy 'Jason Beard' <jas_beard@hotmail.com>
17:02:56 <cooltshirtguy> might be slow to reply, in a virtual customer meeting
17:02:58 <jwhimpel> .hello
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17:03:11 <jwhimpel> .hello2
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17:03:59 <pboy> Welcome everyone
17:04:08 <pboy> I start with the agenda
17:04:16 <pboy> #topic Agenda
17:04:24 <pboy> #info  Follow up actions
17:04:31 <pboy> #info  Fedora Server goal(s) for F39
17:04:39 <pboy> #info  Each Edition has a story for each release
17:04:48 <pboy> #info  Using Ansible to install and configure Wildfly
17:04:56 <pboy> info  Open floor
17:05:16 <pboy> #info  Open floor
17:05:27 <pboy> Any topic to add?
17:05:33 <eseyman> nope
17:05:45 <pboy> Yeah, it's enough as is. :-)
17:05:54 <pboy> #topic 1. Follow up actions
17:06:04 <pboy> #info ACTION: pboy will write a info about changing the timeout value and nirik will review – still work in progress
17:06:12 <pboy> #info ACTION: eseyman will try and think up something for next meeting
17:06:23 <pboy> The latter is part of our agenda today
17:06:39 <pboy> Any open action I forgot?
17:06:50 <pboy> Anything else to announce here?
17:07:01 <eseyman> I did promise to review one of our documents
17:07:31 <cooltshirtguy> hehe
17:07:41 <pboy> Yeah, I suppose you are not yet finished?
17:08:04 <eseyman> almost done but not yet finished
17:08:18 <pboy> yes, thanks!
17:08:30 <pboy> well. next topic
17:08:43 <pboy> #topic 2. Fedora Server goal(s) for F39
17:08:51 <pboy> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-server/issue/102
17:08:59 <pboy> Lets spend about 30 min at max. here
17:10:00 <eseyman> Honestly, I think using the SBC as a story is the best option
17:21:12 <pboy> Obviously, I got disconnected somehow. Still someone around?
17:21:52 <jwhimpel> jwhimpel is still here
17:22:03 <pboy> OK, thanks!
17:22:36 <pboy> eseyman you OK?
17:22:49 <cooltshirtguy> im here
17:22:53 <pboy> cooltshirtguy ?
17:22:55 <eseyman> yes, still here
17:23:18 <pboy> OK. don't know why my connection died.
17:23:26 <pboy> Well, any comment?
17:23:59 <eseyman> Honestly, I think using the SBC as a story is the best option
17:24:56 <pboy> yes, the story is the next topic.
17:24:56 <cooltshirtguy> for me SBC is the best
17:25:21 <jwhimpel> I like the SBC story also.  But I don't know if we have enough expertise in this group to make informed recommendations.  We would probably have to engage with Paul Whelan and Peter Robinson, who are both very busy already.
17:26:06 <pboy> jwhimpel agreed. But we can make our own criteria.
17:26:38 <pboy> E.G. for a server you would need SPI to access storage like NVMe or SATA
17:27:10 <pboy> And we can check, it it's available, if it's supported by Fedora, etc.
17:27:33 <pboy> And I suppose, ARM Sig is willing to discuss questions with us.
17:28:49 <pboy> Currently, I own 2 models, Radxa Rock Pi and pine64 rockpro64.
17:29:18 <pboy> And I know of 2 manufectures wha had been willing to send test devices.
17:29:31 <pboy> Anyone else with an SBC?
17:29:46 <jwhimpel> pboy: It's more the u-boot issues and need for proprietary modules that I think might be problematic.
17:29:56 <cooltshirtguy> i have a pi2 pi3 and pi4
17:30:25 <eseyman> I learnt last night that Khadas boxes are compatible with Fedora so that's very good
17:30:42 <pboy> jwhimpel yes u-boot is the biggest issue. But then kernel modules as well, e.g. to support SATA
17:31:28 <eseyman> Humm... racking a server on a SKÅDIS...
17:31:31 <pboy> cooltshirtguy that very good, pi2 is no longer supported by Fedora (arm7 as fas as I know), but the others are.
17:31:53 <cooltshirtguy> they'r starting to collect dust
17:32:01 <cooltshirtguy> *they're
17:32:09 <pboy> eseyman khadas is vey powerful and makes a nice impression
17:32:41 <pboy> apart from the purse
17:32:47 <pboy> :-)
17:32:52 <eseyman> I'm running one as my HTPC using CoreElec and I'm a very happy user
17:33:03 <eseyman> yes, the newer one are not cheap
17:33:12 <eseyman> s/one/ones/
17:33:28 <pboy> OK, I think we can agree:
17:33:29 <cooltshirtguy> a lot of sbc's are hard to get right now
17:33:53 <pboy> cooltshirtguy> indeed?
17:34:04 <pboy> ? ->!
17:34:10 <cooltshirtguy> :)
17:34:13 <pboy> Regarding agree:
17:34:24 <pboy> 1. prrority: SBC
17:34:47 <pboy> 2. priority: virtualized environment
17:34:58 <pboy> as goals for F39.
17:35:15 <pboy> objections?
17:36:13 <eseyman> looks good to me
17:36:32 <cooltshirtguy> nope
17:36:44 <pboy> #agreed  WG will pursue SBC as first priority for F39, and servers in virtualized environment as 2nd priority.
17:37:10 <pboy> so let's switch to next topic.
17:37:23 <pboy> #topic 3. Each Edition has a story for each release
17:37:32 <pboy> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-server/issue/101
17:37:39 <eseyman> same thing, really
17:38:01 <eseyman> I really don't like this idea at all, btw
17:39:07 <pboy> I am "split". :-)
17:39:39 <pboy> The marketing push could be nice, but to get it done vor every release is a challenge
17:40:38 <pboy> But for the next 2 releases we would have something already
17:40:53 <jwhimpel> Sorry, but I have to leave now for a previous commitment.
17:40:55 <eseyman> true
17:41:46 <pboy> jwhimpel sorry about the delay today., we will start next meeting with wildfly.
17:42:50 <pboy> #proposed WG will pursue SBC as the 'story' for F39 with first priority, servers in Virtuialized environment with 2nd priority.
17:42:58 <pboy> Any objections?
17:43:20 <eseyman> +1 from me
17:43:44 <pboy> #agreed WG will pursue SBC as the 'story' for F39 with first priority, servers in Virtuialized environment with 2nd priority.
17:44:05 <pboy> How will we proceed?
17:45:53 <pboy> I could put an abstract with suggestions on key content points and some usability theses on the mailing list or maybe b etter on hackmd.io?
17:46:10 <pboy> Or do we have an etherpad on Fedora infra?
17:46:43 <cooltshirtguy> i have no idea
17:47:15 <eseyman> given the technology behind etherpad, I doubt it
17:47:33 <pboy> OK, so mailing list or hackmd.io
17:47:48 <pboy> Maybe hackmd would be better
17:47:50 <eseyman> Please tell me I don't have to use Fedora Discussion for this
17:48:12 <pboy> We used it already successfully with PRD und technical spec.
17:48:26 <pboy> eseyman no, better not. :-)
17:49:45 <pboy> I guess hackmd is better then mailing list. you can comment directly to each sentence.
17:50:01 <eseyman> yes
17:50:42 <pboy> OK, then
17:51:03 <cooltshirtguy> ok
17:51:11 <pboy> #action pboy will post a first draft regarding SBC on hackmd.io.
17:51:48 <pboy> so, I think we are done with this topic?
17:52:57 <pboy> I think, we should discuss Ansible/wildfly next meeting as first topic, when jwhimpel  can participate.
17:53:04 <cooltshirtguy> sounds good
17:53:12 <pboy> Without him it makes not much sence.
17:53:18 <pboy> OK, so
17:53:59 <pboy> #agreed. skipping topic 4. Using Ansible to install and configure Wildfly
17:54:07 <pboy> topic  5. Open Floor
17:54:17 <pboy> #topic  5. Open Floor
17:54:44 <eseyman> FTR, I'm still working on my NAS project
17:54:59 <pboy> Uh, we have time for this! Last time we had was long ago.
17:55:24 <pboy> That's the backup / restore project, isn't it?
17:56:40 <eseyman> yes, the goal is to set up a remote server and have a set of backups over there as well as locally
17:57:15 <pboy> Sounds exciting
17:57:23 <pboy> This is IMHO one of the excellent usage options for SBC
17:57:52 <pboy> I think, an SBC is still too slow for interactive applications
17:58:20 <cooltshirtguy> agreed
17:58:34 <pboy> eseyman Do you use a khadas board?
17:59:48 <eseyman> I have a Vim 1 that's a few years old at this point
18:00:29 <cooltshirtguy> i'll have to look that one up. never heard of it
18:00:49 <pboy> Oh yeah, a vim 1 is quite old, indeed. It is in the range of pi 3, isn't it?
18:01:07 <eseyman> that should be about right
18:01:39 <pboy> So, we can include it in our F39 story.
18:01:58 <eseyman> it runs Coreelec right now, not Fedora
18:02:19 <pboy> Hopefully, you can test it with Fedora?
18:02:19 <cooltshirtguy> the vim4 has some nice specs
18:02:56 <pboy> cooltshirtguy yes. I'll try to get a test device for us.
18:03:39 <pboy> OH, I see our time is up!
18:04:20 <pboy> I'll put a draft on hackmd about at the weekend. And then let's discuss it over there.
18:04:34 <cooltshirtguy> k
18:04:38 <pboy> See you in 2 weeks!
18:04:57 <pboy> #endmeeting