17:00:21 <bcotton> #startmeeting F38 Beta Go/No-Go meeting
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17:00:28 <bcotton> #topic Roll Call
17:00:31 <Eighth_Doctor> .hello ngompa
17:00:32 <zodbot> Eighth_Doctor: ngompa 'Neal Gompa' <ngompa13@gmail.com>
17:00:40 <luna> .hello bittin
17:00:41 <zodbot> luna: bittin 'Luna Jernberg' <droidbittin@gmail.com>
17:00:53 <Alessio[m]> .hello alciregi
17:00:54 <zodbot> Alessio[m]: alciregi 'Alessio C' <alciregi@posteo.net>
17:02:50 <copperi[m]> .hello copperi
17:02:51 <zodbot> copperi[m]: copperi 'Jan Kuparinen' <copper_fin@hotmail.com>
17:04:09 * bcotton waits another minute or so
17:06:12 <bcotton> #topic Purpose of this meeting
17:06:12 <bcotton> #info Purpose of this meeting is to check whether or not F38 Beta is ready for shipment, according to the release criteria.
17:06:12 <bcotton> #info This is determined in a few ways:
17:06:13 <bcotton> #info 1. No remaining blocker bugs
17:06:13 <bcotton> #info 2. Release candidate compose is available
17:06:13 <bcotton> #info 3. Test matrices are fully completed
17:06:13 * SumantroMukherje is here
17:06:13 <bcotton> #topic Current status - blockers
17:06:26 <bcotton> #link https://qa.fedoraproject.org/blockerbugs/milestone/38/beta/buglist
17:06:57 <bcotton> so we don't actually have any
17:07:16 <sgallagh> .hi
17:07:16 <bcotton> unless anyone wants to raise a last-minute one
17:07:17 <zodbot> sgallagh: sgallagh 'Stephen Gallagher' <sgallagh@redhat.com>
17:08:10 <luna> GNOME crashing when trying to start different software: https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-2023-32625456a1 but might be fixed before the 14th hopefully
17:08:22 <nirik> morning
17:08:46 <adamw> hi hi
17:08:56 <bcotton> luna: well if it's a blocker, it needs to be fixed before release
17:09:00 <bcotton> not on release day
17:09:11 <lruzicka> .hello2
17:09:12 <zodbot> lruzicka: lruzicka 'Lukáš Růžička' <lruzicka@redhat.com>
17:09:53 <Alessio[m]> luna: btw these updates are not in the beta1.3 compose, isn't it?
17:09:57 <nirik> that update did not go forward
17:10:08 <luna> bcotton: ah tough we where discussing blockers before the Beta release, well hopefully its fixed before the stable release as GNOME 44 is 22th March and Fedora 38 in mid or end April
17:10:15 <luna> Alessio[m]: good question have not checked
17:10:23 <bcotton> okay cool, so "no blockers" is what i'm hearing ;-)
17:10:44 <luna> nirik: ah then its just in a branched compose and hopefully fine then
17:10:46 <frantisekz> it's not in the 1.3
17:10:58 <frantisekz> it was even unpoushed from the -testing
17:11:01 <bcotton> #info There are no outstanding accepted or proposed blockers
17:11:02 <luna> and just me that don't understand how all branches works yet
17:11:06 <luna> frantisekz: perfect
17:11:24 <bcotton> #topic Current status - test matrices
17:11:24 <bcotton> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Category:Fedora_38_Test_Results
17:11:38 <bcotton> I have it on good authority that Top People™ are running the AD tests now
17:11:48 <bcotton> how are we looking otherwise, adamw ?
17:12:07 <luna> been bad at filling that in again, but workstation Beta 1.2 and 1.3 works but 1.2 have other problems if i read adamws mail correctly
17:12:30 <adamw> mostyl good
17:12:31 <adamw> i'm doing quick ec2 testing rn
17:12:32 <adamw> stand by
17:12:38 * luna promises to be better at editing wiki
17:12:54 <nirik> please only test 1.3... 1.1 and 1.2 were... not right. ;)
17:13:23 <luna> nirik: yeah i reinstalled that VM with 1.3 and then branched composes by now
17:13:53 <luna> when i saw adamw s mail
17:14:27 <adamw> luna: using relval is easier than editing the wiki directly
17:15:06 <luna> adamw: ah you told me that before and then i forgot about it, need to really check on it this time
17:16:19 <AhmedA> I wonder what it will be this time the compose is on beta
17:16:31 * sgallagh is currently running the AD tests for Server Edition.
17:16:43 <adamw> thanks a lot
17:16:47 <adamw> sorry i forgot to ping you about this before :(
17:16:50 <adamw> all the fires
17:17:22 <sgallagh> No problem. But we really need to get that automated one of these days.
17:17:32 <adamw> yeah. i vaguely look at it every so often and it looks hard...
17:18:01 <bcotton> do we need to pause for a few minutes for the ec2 and AD tests to complete?
17:19:24 <adamw> i just need like five mins
17:19:25 <adamw> everything looks fine
17:20:31 <AhmedA> is coconut adam?
17:20:35 <bcotton> Stephen Gallagher: how much time do you need?
17:20:44 <luna> AhmedA: think its a bot if i remember correctly
17:20:58 <nirik> yeah, it's openqa's bot account
17:21:15 <sgallagh> Ben Cotton (he/him): Five minutes if it's broken, up to 20 if it's working. :)
17:22:06 <bcotton> haha, well i'm feeling positive, so let's reconvene at :40 past the hour (1740 UTC)
17:22:17 <lruzicka> all right
17:22:59 <adamw> ok, everything but service manip for ec2 is fine. still running service manip but no reason it'd fail.
17:23:34 <adamw> nirik (@nirik:libera.chat): well, not just openqa, also the size check script reports as coconut
17:24:51 <nirik> coconuts everywhere.
17:25:00 <AhmedA> One thing I want to learn is openqa as I test manually
17:25:16 <nirik> 🥥there's even an emoji for that. :)
17:27:06 <sgallagh> All the basic AD tests are looking good. Doing some of the slightly more detailed tests now.
17:27:12 <sgallagh> (Will update the wiki when I'm done)
17:27:24 <bcotton> woohoo
17:27:39 <AhmedA> the live install is smaller than the server one no idea how that is
17:27:48 <AhmedA> the live workstation one
17:28:45 <adamw> Stephen Gallagher: awesome, thanks.
17:28:51 <adamw> ahmeda: server DVD has a lot of optional packages on it.
17:28:57 <lruzicka> AhmedA, openQA is wonderful, it tests for you and you can enjoy Pina collada.
17:29:40 <luna> lruzicka: with coconut
17:29:55 <sgallagh> 🎵 You put the lime in the coconut...
17:30:12 <adamw> ahmeda: you don't really need to learn openqa unless you want to help us maintain it, it just does its job =) testing manually is really useful because there are tests we can't really automate
17:30:57 <AhmedA> I'm not much of a coder more a networker
17:32:55 <adamw> ec2 tests are good
17:33:16 <sgallagh> I've done all the AD tests except for the kickstart test (which will probably take me a while to get through due to changes in the KS format that happen every release). It passed on FreeIPA, so I have little concern about it.
17:33:43 <adamw> we are missing the exotic storage tests lnie usually does
17:34:00 <sgallagh> Which exotic storage?
17:34:24 <adamw> but we can probably live with that
17:34:25 <adamw> SAS is the only one that blocks beta
17:34:25 <sgallagh> ah
17:34:26 <adamw> others are FCoE and multipath
17:34:26 <adamw> oh, missing hardware RAID too
17:35:13 <adamw> anyone have an hw raid controller? i don't any more :/
17:35:16 <lruzicka> unfortunately, we do not have anything to test it on
17:35:31 <sgallagh> What constitutes hw raid vs. fakeraid?
17:35:42 <luna> i have a SAS disk somewhere in a corner, but never tested it so not sure it works if thats of any help :D
17:35:44 <adamw> ah, sas and hw raid were done on the 20230222.n.0 nightly
17:35:48 <adamw> so we can probably go with those results
17:36:24 <adamw> thanks to 'moonlight', whoever you are :)
17:36:33 <nirik> I could... but it would take me a while (we have some new server hw that I haven't installed yet).
17:36:35 <adamw> oh, that's lili's bot
17:37:09 <sgallagh> nirik: Maybe something you could test for GA?
17:37:09 <adamw> Stephen Gallagher: hardware raid is a raid controller that actually does the work (as opposed to having the cpu do it)
17:37:11 <nirik> 🌕 and 🥥
17:37:22 <adamw> Stephen Gallagher: lili would usually do it, i'll just have to check in
17:37:24 <nirik> well, perhaps, although these machines will be in service then.
17:37:35 <nirik> I might be able to repurpose one
17:37:54 <adamw> let me carry the 0222.n.0 results forward for beta. that should be fine.
17:37:55 <sgallagh> ok
17:38:06 * nirik adds a note to todo
17:40:30 <adamw> okay, so coverage is looking excellent now
17:40:45 <luna> :)
17:40:52 <bcotton> #info Test coverage is looking excellent
17:41:03 <bcotton> ( #info we're back, btw)
17:42:20 <bcotton> anything else on test coverage?
17:43:28 <adamw> nope, it's looking great, thanks a lot to everyone who helped test
17:43:40 <luna> no problem, will continue to do so
17:43:52 <bcotton> #topic Current status - RC
17:44:05 <bcotton> #info RC1.3 is the current candidate
17:44:25 <nirik> Theres a few missing artifacts. It was not complete.
17:44:35 <bcotton> alas
17:44:38 <bcotton> what's missing?
17:45:18 <nirik> silverblue/aarch64, SoaS, Scientific_KDE, Games
17:46:08 <bcotton> #info RC1.3 is missing silverblue/aarch64, SoaS, Scientific_KDE, Games
17:46:09 <adamw> silverblue/aarch64 is the worst
17:46:09 <nirik> Those are all in nightlys now (adamw fixed some, others other things fixed)
17:46:10 <Eighth_Doctor> eh?
17:46:10 <adamw> but...given how silverblue rebase/update works, maybe not awful?
17:46:13 <nirik> well, yeah aarch64 silverblue is still not in nightlys
17:46:17 <adamw> presumably people who want to rebase will just get a nightly
17:47:45 <nirik> well, except it's not finishing in nightlys either.
17:48:21 <adamw> well, yeah, but once we fix...whatever's wrong with it. :D
17:48:33 <nirik> right
17:48:58 <nirik> so, I don't think it's a blocker by any means. Also silverblue a64 users are probibly not... large.
17:49:15 <adamw> yes, i hear they all have excellent metabolisms
17:49:35 <sgallagh> <- proof that adamw is a liar
17:50:29 <nirik> question: whats the status on IoT? is it going to release beta at the same time, or after, or ?
17:51:34 <adamw> sigh, yes
17:51:36 <adamw> pbrobinson: around?
17:52:16 <nirik> or pwhalen might know?
17:52:51 <adamw> current candidate is 20230306.1 , tests of it look fine (except for https://pagure.io/releng/issue/11099 which has been ongoing forever)
17:53:23 <pwhalen> We should be fine to release on Tuesday
17:54:01 <pwhalen> adamw: indeed, we hope to get that resolved for final
17:54:06 <smooge> nirik: there are 3 silverblue aarch64 users according to countme
17:54:38 <bcotton> and two of them are gallagher
17:55:00 <nirik> ha. Well, not to say those 3 aren't important... we should fix things... ;)
17:55:04 <smooge> that is more than there were soas users
17:56:09 <bcotton> anything else on the RC?
17:56:40 * nirik has nothing off hand
17:56:58 <adamw> can we #info iot?
17:57:03 <adamw> it's good to have a record
17:57:12 <bcotton> yes, i'll do that (but anyone can info )
17:57:27 <bcotton> #info Current IoT candidate is 20230306.1 , tests of it look fine (except for https://pagure.io/releng/issue/11099 which has been ongoing forever)
17:58:17 <bcotton> #topic Go/No-Go decision
17:58:29 <bcotton> I will poll each team. Please reply “go” or “no-go”
17:58:32 <bcotton> FESCo?
17:58:38 <nirik> Go
17:58:40 <sgallagh> Go
17:59:01 <adamw> go
17:59:12 <bcotton> #info FESCo is go
17:59:14 <bcotton> Releng?
17:59:16 <sgallagh> (Also, I want to take a moment to appreciate the folks that resolved the FESCo blocker around SHA-1/DSA RPM signatures: that was good work done fast!)
17:59:20 * nirik switches hats
17:59:21 <nirik> go
17:59:29 <bcotton> #info Releng is go
17:59:39 <bcotton> QA?
17:59:41 <AhmedA> Go
17:59:51 * smooge came to hand nirik more hats
17:59:53 <SumantroMukherje> GO
17:59:54 <lruzicka> Go
17:59:58 <adamw> i already said go
18:00:00 <Eighth_Doctor> go!
18:00:02 <bcotton> #info QA is go
18:00:10 <lruzicka> adamw, you have decided
18:00:18 <bcotton> #agreed Fedora Linux 38 Beta is GO
18:00:18 <bcotton> #info Fedora Linux 38 Beta will release on the early target date (2022-03-14)
18:00:19 <bcotton> #info F38 Final freeze begins on Tuesday 2023-04-04
18:00:52 <Eighth_Doctor> 🎊
18:00:52 <nirik> Beta is go!
18:00:52 <bcotton> #action bcotton to announce decision
18:00:52 <adamw> woohoo
18:00:53 <bcotton> #topic Open floor
18:00:53 <bcotton> Anything else we need to discuss before closing?
18:00:55 <SumantroMukherje> yaay!
18:01:02 <copperi[m]> 🐧
18:01:18 <luna> yay release is going forwards
18:01:42 <adamw> i don't think i have anything
18:01:59 <adamw> will be working with workstation team to figure out what's up with the 44~rc update, but it's been unpushed so it shouldn't bite anyone on first update
18:02:25 <bcotton> okay, thanks everyone!
18:02:26 <bcotton> Let's get working on the F38 final!
18:02:27 <bcotton> #endmeeting