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17:01:05 <decathorpe> #chair nirik, decathorpe, zbyszek, sgallagh, mhroncok, dcantrell, music, mhayden, Conan_Kudo, Pharaoh_Atem, Son_Goku, King_InuYasha, Sir_Gallantmon, Eighth_Doctor
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17:01:11 <mhroncok> .hello churchyard
17:01:12 <zodbot> mhroncok: churchyard 'Miro Hrončok' <mhroncok@redhat.com>
17:01:13 <decathorpe> #topic Init Process
17:01:31 <sgallagh> .hi
17:01:32 <zodbot> sgallagh: sgallagh 'Stephen Gallagher' <sgallagh@redhat.com>
17:01:33 <Eighth_Doctor> .hello ngompa
17:01:35 <zodbot> Eighth_Doctor: ngompa 'Neal Gompa' <ngompa13@gmail.com>
17:01:39 <zbyszek> .hello2
17:01:40 <zodbot> zbyszek: zbyszek 'Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek' <zbyszek@in.waw.pl>
17:02:01 <nirik> morning
17:02:46 <bcotton> .hello2
17:02:47 <zodbot> bcotton: bcotton 'Ben Cotton' <bcotton@redhat.com>
17:04:04 <decathorpe> we are six, so that means we have quorum
17:04:26 <decathorpe> #link https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/devel@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/DGN45BVWSCHYPVHMKA5ZOOWAXCEB4ZPQ/ Schedule
17:05:47 <decathorpe> should we take a look at Changes that aren't in "testable" first? the other two items on the agenda are more open-ended discussions I think
17:06:10 <mhroncok> ok
17:06:16 <bcotton> so spoiler alert: that list will be replaced with a "not in ON_QA" list tomorrow :-)
17:07:25 <decathorpe> meh
17:07:35 <decathorpe> does it make sense to look through the list today or should we wait for the updated list next week?
17:08:26 <sgallagh> Ben Cotton (he/him): Are there any changes expected between today and tomorrow?
17:08:44 <bcotton> probably. i haven't looked at the bugzilla status yet
17:09:13 <bcotton> but i think i've kept up with changes that rolled in since i opened the issue, so it should mostly be additive
17:09:38 <bcotton> since anything that hasn't reached MODIFIED yet will by definition also not be ON_QA :-)
17:09:57 <decathorpe> Then I think it makes sense to take a look today. Otherwise the meeting next week will be really really long
17:10:55 <zbyszek> Yeah, I think we can handle some of the issues without trouble today.
17:11:01 <decathorpe> #topic #2955 F38 incomplete Changes: testable deadline
17:11:01 * mhroncok checks the flathub change
17:11:01 <decathorpe> .fesco 2955
17:11:02 <mhroncok> Don't filter Flathub
17:11:02 <zodbot> decathorpe: Issue #2955: F38 incomplete Changes: testable deadline - fesco - Pagure.io - https://pagure.io/fesco/issue/2955
17:11:02 <mhroncok> Matthias Clasen • 14 days ago
17:11:11 <mhroncok> https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/fedora-flathub-remote/c/b6985fa956bd0b4912c37f3d6f1ed91af7de80d6?branch=rawhide
17:11:48 <mhroncok> https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-2023-a326b4331e seems ON_QA to me
17:11:52 <decathorpe> ok, process list items random order, fine by me
17:11:53 <zbyszek> Sorry, can we go in order.
17:12:01 <mhroncok> I am so sorry
17:12:05 <mhroncok> you are of course right
17:12:08 <decathorpe> :D
17:12:18 <mhroncok> my curiosity made me a bad person :)
17:12:48 <sgallagh> Nah, it wasn't your curiosity.
17:12:53 * sgallagh runs
17:13:20 <decathorpe> hum, I don't know how to check whether the NIS(+
17:13:25 <decathorpe> ) stuff happened or not
17:13:45 <sgallagh> I can check. Please wait.
17:13:57 <zbyszek> I don't think so. I don't see any changes in pam.rpm or authselect.rpm.
17:14:09 <mhroncok> https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/pam/commits/rawhide shows no relevant commits since f36
17:14:34 <sgallagh> Yeah, this appears to be entirely unimplemented
17:14:35 <decathorpe> yeah, that was my conclusion as well. hasn't this been re-targeted from F37 already?
17:14:46 <mhroncok> I think so
17:14:48 <sgallagh> Ah. it has indeed
17:14:57 <music[m]> .hello music
17:14:58 <zodbot> music[m]: music 'Benjamin Beasley' <code@musicinmybrain.net>
17:15:25 <mhroncok> curprev 16:36, 7 September 2022‎ Bcotton talk contribs‎ 3,705 bytes 0‎ Deferred to F38 by FESCo
17:15:25 <mhroncok> curprev 14:09, 16 February 2022‎ Bcotton talk contribs‎ 3,705 bytes 0‎ Deferring to F37
17:15:54 <zbyszek> 08:51, 21 October 2021‎ Besser82 talk contribs‎ 3,667 bytes +3,667‎ Publish proposal
17:15:59 <mhroncok> proposal: change has been already deferred 2 times, the change is reverted to Incomplete status and may be proposed again if desired for a later release
17:16:05 <zbyszek> +1
17:16:12 <Eighth_Doctor> +1
17:16:16 <decathorpe> +1
17:16:28 <sgallagh> +1
17:16:40 <nirik> +1
17:16:43 <mhroncok> +1
17:17:02 <decathorpe> music?
17:17:26 <mhroncok> Fabio Valentini: ruined the symmetry
17:17:49 <zbyszek> music: decathorpe?
17:17:57 * zbyszek tries to fix the symmetry
17:18:01 <bcotton> fwiw, i'm not convinced besser82 is still active based on the status of their recent Changes
17:18:03 * mhroncok neither
17:18:31 <decathorpe> :sad-face:
17:18:57 <nirik> Hope they are ok and doing well.
17:19:27 <mhroncok> https://src.fedoraproject.org/fork/besser82/rpms/cmake/c/c6527535927b10b00bbfb69bc36039945ff00aaf
17:19:31 <mhroncok> they are alive at least
17:19:54 <mhroncok> unless somebody else is impersonating them, I suppose they are just busy with other things
17:20:05 <Eighth_Doctor> most recent commit on the interwebs I've seen: https://github.com/besser82/libxcrypt/commit/90c30b5fdd02467f44ab59a442f3d4ed94806473
17:20:22 <music[m]> They seem to have had a burst of activity in November, but not too much before or after, based on: https://pagure.io/user/besser82
17:20:40 <decathorpe> music: do you want to vote?
17:21:18 <mhroncok> BTW I'll propose the same for the other NIS change proposal as well
17:21:43 <decathorpe> (I expected as much)
17:21:46 <zbyszek> +1 to the same proposal for the other NIS change
17:22:11 <sgallagh> Agreed, +1 to the other NIS proposal
17:22:11 <decathorpe> let music speak! he's been typing for 10 minutes :)
17:22:15 <mhroncok> stop the count!
17:22:17 <nirik> +1 same for nis
17:23:19 <music[m]> I didn’t have a chance to look into it, and I’m on a phone after preschool drop-off while the US is on standard time, so I can’t check progress myself quickly enough. But I will vote +1 trusting the investigation of others. :-)
17:23:30 <decathorpe> ok, thanks
17:23:33 <decathorpe> #agree AGREED: The Change "Drop NIS(+) support from PAM" has not been implemented for F38 and will be returned to "incomplete" state (+7, 0, -0)
17:23:34 <Eighth_Doctor> +1
17:24:03 <decathorpe> next one: "Retire the NIS(+) user-space utility programs" packages that should be retired have not been retired.
17:24:21 <mhroncok> proposal: change has been already deferred 2 times, the change is reverted to Incomplete status and may be proposed again if desired for a later release
17:24:31 <decathorpe> +1
17:24:39 <mhroncok> +1
17:24:40 <nirik> +1
17:24:48 <sgallagh> +1
17:25:21 <zbyszek> still +1
17:25:29 <Eighth_Doctor> +1
17:26:01 <music[m]> +1
17:26:26 <decathorpe> #agree AGREED: The Change "Retire the NIS(+) user-space utility programs" has not been implemented for F38 and will be returned to "incomplete" state (+7, 0, -0)
17:26:27 <decathorpe> next one: "Legacy Xorg driver removal"
17:27:08 <zbyszek> Proposal: defer to F39.
17:27:13 <mhroncok> +1
17:27:15 <Eighth_Doctor> +1
17:27:40 <decathorpe> the two packages that were supposed to be retired haven't been retired yet, and the xorg-xserver package doesn't seem to have the proposed changes either.
17:27:40 <decathorpe> so +1
17:27:47 <sgallagh> sadly, +1
17:28:07 <music[m]> +1
17:28:47 <nirik> +1
17:28:56 <decathorpe> I assume zbyszek is +1 to his own proposal?
17:29:20 <zbyszek> Yeah, we assume that.
17:29:52 <decathorpe> #agree AGREED: The Change "Legacy Xorg driver removal" has not been implemented for F38 and will be deferred to F39 (+7, 0, -0)
17:30:01 <decathorpe> next one: "Modernize Live Media"
17:30:10 <Eighth_Doctor> I just updated the BZ for this
17:30:25 <Eighth_Doctor> blame new job for making me miss deadlines :P
17:30:32 <decathorpe> great, thanks. I thought I saw something happening there :)
17:30:48 <mhroncok> update to ON_QA
17:30:53 <mhroncok> * updated to ON_QA
17:31:19 <decathorpe> #info The Change "Modernize Live Media" has been updated to ON_QA status
17:31:37 <decathorpe> next one: "Ostree Native Container (Phase 2, stable)"
17:31:37 <mhroncok> Contingency deadline: "Dunno"
17:31:41 <mhroncok> dunna hasn't happened yet
17:31:45 <mhroncok> s/dunna/dunno/
17:31:49 <decathorpe> :D
17:32:18 <Eighth_Doctor> :/
17:32:33 <mhroncok> Scope
17:32:33 <mhroncok> Proposal owners: (nothing)
17:32:38 <Eighth_Doctor> if we can have deadlines like that, it'd be great
17:32:44 <mhroncok> How To Test
17:32:44 <mhroncok> Build container images, boot them.
17:32:55 <Eighth_Doctor> we'd just have piles of technically-completed-incomplete changes
17:33:01 <mhroncok> I have no idea how to see if this was done or not
17:33:01 <nirik> There's a PR to enable this, but it's not passing adamw's testing.
17:33:01 <decathorpe> I don't think this has happened yet. bootc is not packaged for Fedora as far as I can see
17:33:46 <nirik> https://pagure.io/pungi-fedora/pull-request/1145
17:34:20 <nirik> oh, I guess thats not the coreos part tho
17:35:16 <decathorpe> I don't think that's implemented either
17:35:20 <decathorpe> core components are not packaged yet
17:35:28 <nirik> yeah
17:35:33 <Eighth_Doctor> should we kick it back to incomplete or defer it?
17:35:37 <mhroncok> can this land after beta or not?
17:35:55 <decathorpe> I don't think pushing a big change like that after beta is a good idea
17:36:21 <Eighth_Doctor> I don't see bootc in the package review queue either
17:36:51 <sgallagh> I recommend deferral
17:36:53 <decathorpe> (beautiful, another Rust package that will ignore packaging guidelines)
17:36:55 <zbyszek> Yeah, it seems too late for F38.
17:37:04 <decathorpe> proposal: defer to f39
17:37:08 <Eighth_Doctor> +1
17:37:08 <sgallagh> +1
17:37:09 <zbyszek> +1
17:37:13 <mhroncok> +1
17:37:16 <nirik> +1
17:37:29 <music[m]> +1
17:37:40 <decathorpe> +1
17:37:40 <decathorpe> that was fast :)
17:37:48 <Eighth_Doctor> it's easy when the change is horribly undefined
17:38:03 <decathorpe> #agree AGREED: The Change "Ostree Native Container (Phase 2, stable)" has not been implemented for F38 and will be deferred to F39 (+7, 0, -0)
17:38:11 <Eighth_Doctor> I was tempted to propose kicking it back to incomplete because of the problems in the Change document itself
17:38:40 <mhroncok> let's do that
17:38:53 <Eighth_Doctor> like having "dunno" and no owners is not acceptable
17:39:21 <Eighth_Doctor> *no owners in the scope
17:39:35 <Eighth_Doctor> we have no idea what constitutes implementing this change
17:39:55 <decathorpe> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/OstreeNativeContainerStable#Detailed_Description has a list
17:40:13 <decathorpe> but I think none of these items (except maybe the first one) have actually happened
17:40:15 <Eighth_Doctor> yes I remember not being happy about that description
17:40:19 <Eighth_Doctor> particularly about dnf-image :/
17:40:25 <mhroncok> proposal: contingency deadline is set to beta freeze
17:40:26 <music[m]> We have ourselves to blame for letting the change get approved without those in the first place, I guess. :-/
17:40:33 <mhroncok> music++
17:40:33 <zodbot> mhroncok: Karma for music changed to 1 (for the current release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
17:40:39 <decathorpe> true
17:40:45 <Eighth_Doctor> it's our fault, but we can fix it now
17:41:43 <decathorpe> so ... do we un-do the last vote that deferred it to f39, and instead vote to mark as incomplete? or what's the game plan?
17:42:19 <Eighth_Doctor> Proposal: defer to f39 with beta contingency and request the scope section to be filled out to determine concretely what is supposed to happen
17:42:20 <Eighth_Doctor> and by whome
17:42:21 <Eighth_Doctor> *whom even
17:42:41 <Eighth_Doctor> s/beta contingency/beta freeze contingency/
17:42:43 <Eighth_Doctor> blech
17:43:03 <nirik> Sure, +1
17:43:06 <zbyszek> +1
17:43:06 <music[m]> There are owners listed on https://pagure.io/fesco/issue/2955
17:43:14 <sgallagh> -1
17:43:35 <decathorpe> hold your horses
17:43:38 <sgallagh> Counter-proposal: The Change is rejected and may be resubmitted once properly filled in
17:43:42 <music[m]> And https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/OstreeNativeContainerStable#Owner
17:43:54 <music[m]> Just not in the Scope section.
17:44:00 <decathorpe> (the Owner section is not empty, but the Scope for Change owners is empty)
17:44:39 <Eighth_Doctor> I don't want to penalize them too hard as they wrote some of the info, just not in the right places or the right form
17:44:46 <zbyszek> I think those limitations are mostly a matter of editing the page. I don't think we need to un-accept the change for that.
17:44:46 <decathorpe> Conan Kudo: is your proposal purely additive to the "defer to f39" vote we had earlier?
17:44:53 <Eighth_Doctor> Fabio Valentini: yes
17:45:24 <decathorpe> ok, setting contingency deadline to f39 beta freeze +request for more info in addition to deferring to f39
17:45:28 * mhroncok looked away for 2 seconds and suddenly there are so many proposals here
17:45:31 <zbyszek> sgallagh: -1, I think the deficiencies in the proposal are not important enough.
17:45:33 <Eighth_Doctor> I just want the doc fixed so we know what to look for when we eval it again, instead of guessing
17:45:35 <Eighth_Doctor> as we are right now
17:45:49 <decathorpe> ok, let's vote on Conan Kudo 's proposal
17:46:08 <decathorpe> +1
17:46:12 <mhroncok> +1
17:46:20 <nirik> +1
17:46:21 <music[m]> +1
17:46:24 <zbyszek> still +1 for clarity
17:46:39 <decathorpe> zbyszek: thanks, it helps ;)
17:46:49 <zbyszek> sgallagh?
17:47:05 <Eighth_Doctor> +1
17:47:08 <sgallagh> +1, good enough
17:47:18 <decathorpe> thanks
17:48:27 <decathorpe> #agree AGREED: In addition to being deferred to F39, FESCo requests that the Change "Ostree Native Container (Phase 2, stable)" will have a contingency deadline of F39 Beta Freeze and the Scope of the proposal will be filled
17:48:41 <decathorpe> meh
17:48:43 <decathorpe> #undo
17:48:43 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: AGREED by decathorpe at 17:48:27 : AGREED: In addition to being deferred to F39, FESCo requests that the Change "Ostree Native Container (Phase 2, stable)" will have a contingency deadline of F39 Beta Freeze and the Scope of the proposal will be filled
17:49:17 <decathorpe> #agree AGREED: In addition to being deferred to F39, FESCo requests that the Change "Ostree Native Container (Phase 2, stable)" will have a contingency deadline of F39 Beta Freeze and the Scope of the proposal will be filled (+7, 0, -0)
17:49:19 <decathorpe> next one: "LLVM-16"
17:49:39 <mhroncok> that's fine
17:49:39 <decathorpe> this one has contingency deadline: final freeze
17:49:50 <mhroncok> and this was traditionally done that way
17:50:02 <decathorpe> ok, looks good to me then
17:50:09 <decathorpe> next one: "Unified kernel support phase 1"
17:50:23 <mhroncok> Contingency deadline: none
17:50:25 <decathorpe> to quote bcotton: "There is some uncertainty about whether this Change is sufficiently complete"
17:50:27 <Eighth_Doctor> I think this is landing with 6.2?
17:50:28 <mhroncok> beats dunno
17:50:28 <sgallagh> Upstream llvm has rc2 out already
17:51:00 * sgallagh shrugs. I'll trust them
17:51:18 <decathorpe> this has no deadline and no user impact since it's opt-in, so ... shrug
17:51:21 <zbyszek> Re UKIsp1: one kernel PR is merged, one is marked as "ready for merging" but not done yet. grub2 support is not ready. blivet changes have been merged.
17:51:21 <Eighth_Doctor> it was merged into ARK two weeks ago: https://gitlab.com/cki-project/kernel-ark/-/merge_requests/2175
17:51:24 <Eighth_Doctor> so presumably it should start showing up with 6.2
17:51:51 <Eighth_Doctor> if it has no deadline, let's set one for final freeze
17:52:02 <Eighth_Doctor> the grub changes are the ones that make me nervous
17:52:14 <Eighth_Doctor> I haven't been able to find any indication of code work on that
17:52:28 <zbyszek> Ah, right, the second PR is merged too. I was confused by the gitlab interface.
17:52:41 <zbyszek> It resembles a candy stand at a country fair.
17:52:47 <nirik> do we really want to land this post beta?
17:53:07 <Eighth_Doctor> no matter what, it's going to because of the kernel package
17:53:12 <nirik> Does that make the kernel pr a deep fried mars bar?
17:53:31 <decathorpe> Well, kernel changes are opt-in, but everybody will get the grub changes
17:53:56 <nirik> and it will be used for Cloud image right?
17:53:57 <zbyszek> #info https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/rpminfo?rpmID=33668753
17:54:01 <Eighth_Doctor> nobody has talked to the Cloud SIG yet
17:54:16 <Eighth_Doctor> despite my requesting it, Fedora Cloud has no idea what's going on
17:54:19 <decathorpe> I don't think so. As far as I can tell, Phase 1 is just making sure the building blocks are in place
17:54:40 <zbyszek> It also works with sd-boot and direct kernel boot, so the grub2 parts are not strictly necessary for anything.
17:54:55 <Eighth_Doctor> yes, but those modes are not supported
17:55:11 <Eighth_Doctor> sd-boot is generally not supported in Fedora, insofar as supported can go
17:55:28 <nirik> Switch cloud images to use unified kernels.
17:55:32 <decathorpe> looks there's been at least some progress on the grub part here: https://github.com/osteffenrh/grub2-blscfg
17:55:39 <nirik> is in 'phase1 but might move to phase2'
17:55:44 * Eighth_Doctor hates that we're guessing again
17:56:09 <nirik> "Phase 1 goals (lower priority, might move to Phase 2): Switch cloud images to use unified kernels."
17:56:20 <Eighth_Doctor> I'll say this up front with my Fedora Cloud hat on: I will currently reject any push to create cloud images with unified kernels without discussion with the WG
17:56:37 <Eighth_Doctor> legit nobody in the SIG/WG knows anything about this right now
17:56:42 <decathorpe> I just worry that deferring this to F39 will have no effect. The grub changes that (hopefully) don't affect anybody might or might not land, but that's it?
17:57:10 <nirik> I'd be ok with just deferring the change cloud to use it part...
17:57:32 <nirik> the rest of it should be opt-in
17:57:32 <Eighth_Doctor> I asked the change proposers to get in touch with the SIG during the discussion, but that hasn't happened yet
17:57:39 * nirik nods
17:58:20 <zbyszek> I don't think we need to do anything here. The bits in grub2 and cloud sig config will need to be reviewed there anyway, so they will naturally get deferred to F39.
17:58:43 <zbyszek> And the parts that are done are done and opt-in, so they shouldn't cause problems.
17:59:16 <Eighth_Doctor> the grub changes will likely land in F38 no matter what
17:59:16 <Eighth_Doctor> since we only maintain a single code stream of grub across all Fedora and RHEL versions
17:59:31 <tstellar> re: LLVM-16, it's still on track.  -rc1 builds of the core packages are done, just a few more of the lesser used packages to build.  Once we get -rc1 done, we'll rebuild everything with -rc3,  and then build the final release in rawhide/f38.
17:59:40 <nirik> sure, I am fine with that...
17:59:43 <tstellar> See https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/g/fedora-llvm-team/llvm16/
17:59:55 <decathorpe> tstellar: great, thanks for the info
18:00:10 <mhroncok> proposal: ...
18:00:21 <mhroncok> we do nothign abotu this one and move to the next
18:00:30 * mhroncok cannot spell
18:00:37 <Eighth_Doctor> +1
18:00:37 <nirik> +1
18:00:43 <zbyszek> +1
18:00:47 <mhroncok> +1
18:00:47 <decathorpe> sounds good to me. we will meet it again if anything happens ... +1
18:00:49 <sgallagh> 0
18:01:56 <mhroncok> for the record, I am not particularly happy about not deciding anything, but we moved nowhere in 10 minutes and this will be in the ticket tomorrow anyway
18:02:06 <decathorpe> right
18:02:10 <decathorpe> let's get this over with ;)
18:02:28 <music[m]> +1
18:02:59 <decathorpe> #agree AGREED: The Change "Unified kernel support phase 1" does not seem to have been implemented fully yet, let's wait (+6, 1, -0)
18:03:07 <decathorpe> next one: "RPMautospec by default"
18:03:15 <Eighth_Doctor> >_>
18:03:33 <decathorpe> zbyszek: has anything happened here?
18:03:46 <mhroncok> this one is not related to the release schedule much
18:03:49 <nirik> since this is just changing docs I think it's fine to take longer.
18:03:57 <zbyszek> Yeah, various fixes have been merged into rpmautospec and should be available now.
18:04:22 <zbyszek> The docs part have seen very little work in recent weeks.
18:04:41 <zbyszek> But I think it's fine to let this one be, I'll be working on the docs again this and next week.
18:04:54 <decathorpe> well, this is docs changes only and has no hard deadline, so I think it can wait
18:05:02 <mhroncok> considering the state of f38, I'd rather call this a f39 proposal than f38, but in reality it doesn't really make a difference
18:06:04 <zbyszek> I hope it'll be visible to everyone around the time F38 is final ;)
18:06:24 <decathorpe> #info The Change "RPMautospec by default" only changes the recommended defaults in documentation. There is nothing to do regarding the F38 beta freeze.
18:06:29 <decathorpe> next one: "Unflitered flathub"
18:06:42 <zbyszek> mhroncok had something to say about this one
18:06:56 <mhroncok> bugzilla ON_QA
18:07:08 <mhroncok> I've made the change
18:07:18 <mhroncok> I suspect the change owner filters bugzilla email to /dev/null
18:07:46 <decathorpe> ok, so this is done and testable? great
18:07:47 <mhroncok> should be
18:07:49 <mhroncok> the filter was disabled
18:08:10 <mhroncok> I have not tested it myself, but it is possible to test it
18:08:10 <decathorpe> #info The Change "Unflitered flathub" has been implemented and should be testable.
18:08:24 <decathorpe> now, unto the self-contained changes
18:08:31 <decathorpe> next one: "glibc 32 Build Adjustments"
18:09:45 <decathorpe> nothing seems to have happened here, but I'm not sure how to tell
18:09:51 <zbyszek> https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/glibc32/commits/rawhide
18:09:58 <zbyszek> last commit 1 year ago
18:10:31 <sgallagh> tstellar: Any input here?
18:10:35 <music[m]> I was just about to link that.
18:11:16 <music[m]> Looks like this has been deferred every release since F29…
18:11:28 <nirik> :(
18:12:08 <mhroncok> proposal: change has been already deferred many times, the change is reverted to Incomplete status and may be proposed again if desired for a later release
18:12:16 <decathorpe> (was just about to write the same thing) +1
18:12:28 <nirik> +1
18:12:31 <mhroncok> +1
18:12:40 <sgallagh> +1
18:12:51 <zbyszek> +1
18:13:25 <music[m]> +1
18:13:34 <decathorpe> Conan Kudo: have we lost you at "RPMAutospec by default"? :)
18:13:46 * Eighth_Doctor isghs
18:13:53 <Eighth_Doctor> +1
18:14:04 <decathorpe> 🫠
18:14:13 <Eighth_Doctor> Fabio Valentini: work meeting started around that time
18:14:14 <Eighth_Doctor> so I'm juggling two meetings now
18:14:31 <music[m]> The glibc32 change should be an easy re-approval when/if Florian Weimer is ready to resume the work.
18:14:46 <zbyszek> Eighth_Doctor: that's why humans have two cores
18:14:46 * nirik nods
18:14:50 <zbyszek> *hemispheres
18:16:05 <decathorpe> #agree AGREED: The Change "glibc32 Build Adjustments" has not been implemented for F39, and has already been deferred since Fedora 29. It is marked as "incomplete". Change owners can submit an updated proposal at any time. (+7, 0, -0)
18:16:06 <decathorpe> next one: "Haskell GHC 9.2 and Stackage 20"
18:16:06 <decathorpe> I think juhp marked this one as done earlier today?
18:16:29 <zbyszek> Yep, it seems done.
18:16:30 <JensPetersen[m]> Yes
18:16:33 <zbyszek> #info https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-2023-7a3a4921e3
18:16:51 <music[m]> It was announced on the devel list, too.
18:16:55 <decathorpe> #info The Change "Haskell GHC 9.2 and Stackage 20" has been implemented and is set to ON_QA.
18:16:57 <mhroncok> the BZ is ON_QA
18:17:13 <decathorpe> We made quick work of that one, we did.
18:17:24 <decathorpe> next one: "Enable bootupd for Fedora Silverblue & Kinoite"
18:18:19 <decathorpe> the silverblue tracking issue is still open: https://github.com/fedora-silverblue/issue-tracker/issues/120
18:18:25 <mhroncok> https://github.com/fedora-silverblue/issue-tracker/issues/404
18:18:48 <mhroncok> this was either not done or the tickets are seriously outdated
18:18:49 <tstellar> sgallagh: No, Carlos, is going to be the person to ask.
18:19:11 <nirik> ell, thats fair, it's 404. (sorry, couldn't resist the joke)
18:19:12 <mhroncok> Contingency deadline: Can happen anytime.
18:19:29 <mhroncok> implementation not found
18:19:38 <decathorpe> another change owner who sends bugzilla email > /dev/null
18:20:02 <mhroncok> "This is not yet testable but we're trying to make that happen."
18:20:03 <decathorpe> looks not done to me, but who's to say with OSTree stuff
18:20:33 <decathorpe> "not yet testable" sounds like this is too late for F38
18:20:39 <nirik> we could punt to next week on this one and ask for more info?
18:21:01 <mhroncok> I guess that makes little difference, so we could
18:21:55 <decathorpe> proposal: wait until "Changes not in ON_QA state" next week
18:22:14 <mhroncok> ack
18:22:15 <zbyszek> +1
18:22:28 <sgallagh> +1
18:22:31 <music[m]> +1
18:22:32 <mhroncok> +1 if we really need to vote :)
18:22:58 <nirik> +1
18:23:07 <zbyszek> If we were in a room, we'd just nod, but remotely I think it's just easier to vote quickly.
18:23:40 <decathorpe> #agree AGREED: The Change "Enable bootupd for Fedora Silverblue & Kinoite" does not look done yet, but we can't tell. Change owners are asked for comment, and this will be discussed again next week. (+6, 0, -0)
18:23:51 <mhroncok> 🎉
18:24:09 <dtometzki> 😀😀😀
18:24:12 <decathorpe> I propose that we punt the other two items on the agenda to next week
18:24:45 <decathorpe> meeting is already long, and these two are probably going to create discussion
18:24:53 <zbyszek> WFM
18:25:10 <nirik> me is fine with that too
18:25:13 <decathorpe> (and they are not time sensitive)
18:25:15 <mhroncok> Proposal: policy for resubmitting rejected proposals
18:25:23 <mhroncok> Does FESCo want to implement the policy for retiring packages with security bugs?
18:25:31 <mhroncok> those two in case you forgot like I did
18:25:41 <decathorpe> (thanks, sorry, I should have pasted this)
18:25:49 <mhroncok> I agree, not time sensitive
18:26:00 <zbyszek> Are you saying SECURITY is NOT IMPORTANT?!
18:26:00 <decathorpe> #topic Next Week's Chair
18:26:10 <mhroncok> :D
18:26:24 <decathorpe> more important than our sanity, that is :)
18:26:30 <decathorpe> s/more/less/
18:26:46 <mhroncok> security by insanity
18:26:50 <decathorpe> any volunteers for next week? maybe Stephen Gallagher can make up for last week? ;)
18:27:01 <sgallagh> That seems fair
18:27:30 <decathorpe> awesome
18:27:43 <mhroncok> FTR I now teach on Mondays, which means my Tuesdays are twice as full and I won't be able to chair much meetings until summer
18:27:43 <decathorpe> #action sgallagh will chair FESCo meeting on Feb 28
18:27:54 <decathorpe> #topic Open Floor
18:29:02 <mhroncok> (nothing)
18:29:14 * decathorpe makes chirping noises
18:29:31 <sgallagh> Thanks for chairing, Fabio Valentini
18:29:39 <mhroncok> Fabio Valentini++
18:29:49 <decathorpe> Hasn't this been the third time or something that I was the meeting runner when we processed that list? ...
18:29:53 <decathorpe> guess I'm lucky
18:30:03 <mhroncok> Fabio Valentini: you are good at it
18:30:25 <mhroncok> you will always do it
18:30:25 <decathorpe> anyway. thanks everybody, sorry for the long meeting
18:30:26 <decathorpe> #endmeeting