18:00:15 <pboy> #startmeeting fedora-server
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18:00:24 <pboy> #topic Welcome / roll call
18:00:34 <pboy> Welcome to our Server WG IRC meeting today!
18:00:46 <pboy> „Same procedure as every year“ We'll give a few minutes for folks to show up
18:00:58 <pboy> Please, everybody who is lurking, say either .hello2 or .hello <fasname>
18:01:20 <pboy> Unfortunately, I did not notice that my invitation email with the agenda was not sent.
18:01:31 <pboy> I had the wrong sender address, so the mailing list rejected the message.
18:01:40 <pboy> It was a bit too much stress the last days.
18:01:51 <pboy> I’ll post the agenda in a few minutes.
18:02:41 <mowest> .hello2
18:02:43 <zodbot> mowest: mowest 'Steve Daley' <mowest@vivaldi.net>
18:03:06 <pboy> Hi Steve, welcome
18:03:23 <mowest> I have some updates on website that I can share.
18:03:50 * nirik[m] is hiding in the back, busy, but will try and pay attention as he can
18:04:04 <pboy> I love that. It's topic 4 on my agenda proposal.
18:04:21 <pboy> Welcome nirik!
18:10:42 <pboy> Well, I guess we are not overcrowded today.  :-)
18:10:56 <pboy> Anyone else lurking in the background?
18:12:06 <pboy> Otherwise, we should stick to the website revamp agenda item today.
18:14:03 <pboy> OK, let's go
18:14:06 <pboy> #topic Agenda
18:14:23 <pboy> #info  1. Fedora Server web site revamp
18:14:39 <pboy> #info  2. Open Floor
18:15:06 <pboy> #topic  1. Fedora Server web site revamp
18:15:15 <mowest> Ok, I have had some interaction with the website design team. Here come some important links.
18:15:17 <pboy> mowest the floor is open
18:15:50 <cooltshirtguy> .hello2
18:15:51 <zodbot> cooltshirtguy: cooltshirtguy 'Jason Beard' <jas_beard@hotmail.com>
18:15:56 <cooltshirtguy> busy day...
18:16:12 <pboy> Welcome nevertheless!
18:16:27 <mowest> This will give you the ongoing conversation about the current status of the website design https://gitlab.com/fedora/design/team/wwwfpo-2022/-/issues/23
18:17:47 <mowest> This is the current mockup but it just has some of the text that I have encouraged them to try out, the graphical assets are not there https://fedora.gitlab.io/websites-apps/fedora-websites/fedora-websites-3.0/server/
18:18:17 <pboy> .me. reading ....
18:19:02 <mowest> If the current Server WG wants to give feedback and they don't want to use Gitlab, but prefer to use our pagure issues, they can go here https://pagure.io/fedora-server/issue/66
18:19:46 <pboy> The mockup looks great!
18:20:37 <mowest> In the Gitlab link you can see some of the first and very rough ideas coming from the designer for the graphical assets. She is going to continue to develop these, and considering what she did for CoreOS's page, her ideas could really be eye catching and unique.
18:21:38 <pboy> It's Emma Kidney, isn't it?
18:21:53 <mowest> Nothing is set in stone, we can do some edits of the text, we can give feedback on the graphic assets as they start to take shape as well. In Gitlab you can see some of my comments about the very rough drafts of her ideas that she put forth on that page.
18:21:54 <cooltshirtguy> i really like the design. IMO i think its needs a little more color
18:22:03 <mowest> Yes it is Emma Kidney
18:22:55 <mowest> Niko will update the mockup site with the graphic designs as Emma Kidney gets them more fleshed out.
18:23:12 <pboy> Just a minor point regarding the text "on bare metal or in the cloud"  Cloud is a different Working Group.
18:23:35 <pboy> For us it may be "on bare metal or in virtual machines"
18:25:19 <mowest> @cooltshirtguy more color will be coming probably in the orange spectrum since that is our logo color, the graphics on the mockup page are just place holders. They are not meant to be the graphics that stay. You can see the other editions like Workstation and CoreOS which are fully decked out with color.
18:25:47 <cooltshirtguy> ok cool. thanks for the info
18:26:19 <mowest> @pboy, thanks for that correction, I will get that put in. I was thinking of virtual machines in the cloud like Linode, but I think your correction is more clear because of the confusion with Fedora Cloud otherwise.
18:27:14 <mowest> That is all I have at this time unless you have more input or corrections or thoughts that you would like to share.
18:27:16 <copperi[m]> should "a platform" be just "platform"
18:27:55 <pboy> I'm really excited about the mockup and especially amazed at how far this has come already.
18:28:50 <mowest> @copperi[m] I debated that, and I think I agree with you, it fits better with the other sections. I will ask for that change as well.
18:29:01 <cooltshirtguy> how about Community Platform or OpenSource Platform. too much ?
18:29:06 <pboy> copperi[m] Maybe even platform doesn't fit perfectly to the description?
18:29:58 <pboy> And I think ir should read "small to medium businesses" "SMB)
18:30:15 <pboy> But these are really details .
18:30:56 <pboy> I think we should review the Essentials, i.w. the title lines.
18:31:08 <mowest> @pboy I can make that change too, I did "small business" because at our last meeting someone used the abbreviation for our audience to be SOHO, "Small Office, Home Office"
18:31:36 <pboy> We should re-read our PRD (Product requirement Document( and our technical specifications.
18:31:57 <pboy> Maybe, we had additional goals and ideas.
18:32:25 <pboy> But the current set is good, i think
18:32:55 <mowest> This sounds like a great idea, I would love input on wording from the whole Server WG.
18:33:14 <pboy> mowest 1++
18:33:29 <pboy> "the whole Server WG"
18:34:24 <mowest> I sent some emails a few weeks ago with the above links hoping to get some feedback, but there were crickets at the time. I don't know if I should be in IRC #fedora-server trying to push for feedback, I thought the email list might be the best.
18:35:56 <pboy> Yes, email list is the best. On chat their is a limited time to easily access posts in the past
18:36:33 <pboy> What are the next actions we have to do?
18:36:52 <pboy> 'Obviously review the the texts
18:37:24 <mowest> 1. Review text right now and give suggestions for changes.
18:38:26 <mowest> 2. I will send an email out when Emma has some of the graphic assets ready for review. Currently her rough sketches and thoughts in Gitlab are very very early and rough and not meant for a lot of review.
18:39:48 <mowest> 3. Suggestions or ideas for graphic assets that could be used next to each of our "feature points" then the design team can try to represent those graphically.
18:40:35 <mowest> I think that covers it for now.
18:40:44 <pboy> OK.
18:41:06 <mowest> They are hoping to go live for F38 in April so time is coming up soon.
18:41:36 <pboy> I'm still a excited about the current development state
18:42:00 <pboy> It's far more mature and complete as I expected
18:42:01 <mowest> Awesome, hopefully we can keep up the good work.
18:42:28 <pboy> And I really like the graphical design.
18:42:56 <pboy> It looks "serious" and not  "screaming"
18:43:03 <mowest> The whole site is very well done, and I like the graphical design of the other pages, so I have high hopes for ours as well.
18:43:59 <pboy> For my tast, e.g. workstation is a bit graphically exuberant
18:44:24 <pboy> And some texts are more marketing speech then serious information
18:44:42 <pboy> At least the mochup I saw some time ago.
18:45:09 <pboy> But that's my taste.
18:45:39 <pboy> OK. anything else? Or can we switch?
18:45:41 <mowest> The link I sent is an active mockup for the whole site so you can see the current state of Workstation's page.
18:45:49 <mowest> Yes, we can switch.
18:46:51 <pboy> #info  Open Floor
18:47:04 <pboy> #undo
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18:47:23 <pboy> #topic Open Floor
18:47:39 <pboy> Anything to discuss?
18:48:52 <mowest> I have a server issue question, that isn't related to our work as a WG
18:49:16 <pboy> mowest go on, let's try
18:50:00 <mowest> I wrote it up here https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/wifi-networking-issue-with-f37-beta-server/43088
18:50:10 <mowest> I probably should have put it on Ask Fedora
18:50:29 <pboy> reading
18:50:41 <mowest> I'm guessing we have something in the Fedora Server setup of the firewall that prevents connections when the server is connected by wifi instead of ethernet.
18:50:51 <mowest> Since most servers are connected by ethernet.
18:51:21 <mowest> When I'm testing Fedora Server it is convenent to throw it on an old laptop and just connect by wifi.
18:51:43 <pboy> Did you try. firewall-cmd. --list-all ?
18:52:00 <mowest> No, I will give that a try.
18:52:07 <pboy> Does the zone Fedora Server include the wifi interface?
18:52:32 <mowest> I will have to check when I'm home, I'm at work now, and no access to that machine.
18:52:34 <pboy> e.g. firewall-cmd --get-active-zones
18:53:01 <pboy> OK. I'll watch the server tag on discussion. :-)
18:53:17 <mowest> Ok, I will give that a try and see what I learn.
18:53:18 <pboy> Unfortunately, notification doesn't work for me there
18:53:20 <mowest> Thanks.
18:53:32 <cooltshirtguy> old hardware. any firemware updates available?
18:54:04 <cooltshirtguy> *firmware
18:54:52 <mowest> @cooltshirtguy I might have checked that, but I would have to have windows installed on that to get a firmware update I would imagine and it is so old it would be Win7 so that is a no go.
18:55:22 <mowest> But I can check into that too.
18:55:41 <mowest> The wireless works outgoing it is just inbound connections that don't work.
18:55:51 <mowest> You can do a dnf update and it works on wifi
18:56:09 <pboy> Well, a bit from me, or anything left about the wifi issue?
18:56:39 <pboy> We have another year of WG behind us.
18:56:40 <cooltshirtguy> sleep issues might be related to bios firmware
18:56:57 <pboy> It's time to reflect on our work.
18:57:32 <pboy> I think, we are doing very well, especially with our number.
18:57:50 <pboy> I will prepare a small review, like last year.
18:58:03 <mowest> Sounds great @pboy
18:58:16 <cooltshirtguy> sounds good
18:58:31 <pboy> And I will contact members, who didn't participate in the last year at all, about their plannings.
18:59:25 <pboy> Probably, we should compaign for 2 or 3 additional members, hopefully as active as we are
19:00:00 <pboy> That's just an announcement.  I hope I'll have it ready in 4 weeks.
19:00:11 <pboy> Anything else?
19:00:15 <cooltshirtguy> nope
19:00:21 <mowest> all good here
19:00:34 <pboy> OK. See you again in 2 weeks.
19:00:49 <pboy> #endmeeting