13:00:46 <jwf> #startmeeting Fedora Mindshare Committee meeting - 2023-01-31
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13:00:51 <jwf> #meetingname mindshare
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13:00:56 <jwf> #info About the Mindshare Committee: https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/mindshare-committee/
13:01:01 <jwf> .members mindshare
13:01:02 <zodbot> jwf: Members of mindshare: jflory7, nb, duffy, thunderbirdtr, pbokoc, smeragoel, madelinepeck, ffmancera
13:01:25 <jwf> #topic Meeting structure & agenda
13:01:32 <jwf> #info === 1. Hellos & welcome (~5 minutes) ===
13:01:38 <jwf> #info === 2. Committee announcements & team read-outs (~5-10 minutes) ===
13:01:43 <jwf> #info === 3. Ticket-driven review & discussion (remaining time) ===
13:01:55 <jwf> #info === 4. Open floor (final 5 minutes) ===
13:01:56 <jwf> #topic Hellos & welcome
13:01:59 <jwf> Hellooooo 👋
13:02:03 <ffmancera> Hello! o/
13:02:05 <pbokoc> Sup
13:02:13 <jwf> #chair ffmancera pbokoc
13:02:13 <zodbot> Current chairs: ffmancera jwf pbokoc
13:02:35 <jwf> Howdy both!
13:03:09 <bt0> Hi o/
13:03:14 <jwf> Máirín Duffy thunderbirdtr Onuralp Sezer (he/him) Smera Goel Ping, are any of you at the keyboard now?
13:03:24 <jwf> Hey hey bt0, nice to see you here 🙂
13:03:32 <jwf> A very early good morning to you!
13:03:39 <jwf> #chair bt0
13:03:39 <zodbot> Current chairs: bt0 ffmancera jwf pbokoc
13:03:49 <bt0> Yeah 😄
13:04:38 <jwf> Thanks for being here. The Fedora is strong in you! 😀
13:04:56 <jwf> I suspect it might be a little quieter today, because it is so early and because some folks have already begun travel to FOSDEM
13:05:13 <jwf> Since ffmancera has to jump early, I think let's go ahead and dive in!
13:05:33 <jwf> * so early in North America/LATAM and because
13:05:36 <mizmo> its 8 am i just dropped my kids at school. the times are outside of my working hours
13:05:40 <ffmancera> jwf: thank you!
13:06:10 <jwf> Máirín Duffy: *nod* Understood – I'm going to push for a new meeting time as a next action. We'll catch you next time!
13:06:11 <jwf> #topic Committee announcements & team read-outs
13:06:22 <jwf> Any news and announcements? From your teams? Across Fedora? In the FOSS world?
13:06:28 <jwf> I have two.
13:06:40 <ffmancera> No news :-)
13:06:53 <bt0> Nothing here
13:07:30 <jwf> #info The Fedora Mindshare Committee subgroup on GitLab is now configured to sync membership with the FAS group. From now on, the only way to gain access to the GitLab group is by connecting your GitLab account to your FAS account. When you reauthenticate, your membership in the GitLab subgroup for Mindshare should be updated.
13:07:32 <jwf> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/11108
13:07:52 <jwf> pbokoc and ffmancera, it would be nice to test this with both of you at some point 🙂
13:08:35 <ffmancera> jwf: sure! let me try it out today
13:08:44 <jwf> #info FOSDEM 2023 is happening this weekend! Several Fedora Ambassadors are attending and will represent the project at our stand. Additionally, Fedora speakers are all over the conference, from the main track to the devrooms. Catch the details in-person or on the live stream this weekend. More info on the Fedora Magazine.
13:08:52 <jwf> #link https://fedoramagazine.org/fedora-project-at-fosdem-2023/
13:08:54 <jwf> <eof>
13:09:35 <jwf> ffmancera: Cool. Ping me when you give it a try or if you need any help. A tip, just make sure you are signed into your own GitLab account before using the magic Fedora sign-in link, or else you might end up with two accounts.
13:10:02 <jwf> If no other announcements, then let's press on.
13:10:13 <jwf> #topic Ticket review
13:10:25 <jwf> #link https://gitlab.com/fedora/mindshare/home/-/issues
13:10:25 <jwf> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issues?priority=10
13:10:34 <jwf> One day, very soon, we will not have two ticket trackers to watch 🙂
13:10:44 <jwf> Let's start with the one Pagure ticket, then move to the GitLab ones.
13:11:00 <jwf> #topic Ticket #379: [Funding Request] SCaLE 20x 2023
13:11:04 <jwf> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/379
13:11:25 <jwf> So, we reviewed this efore, but there was an issue with the wiki page and finding the event budget.
13:11:34 <jwf> Now, it is all resolved and we have a clear proposal to vote on.
13:11:37 <jwf> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SCaLE_20X_Event#Event_Budget
13:12:07 <jwf> #info The total requested budget for this event is $3425.00 USD, which for a U.S. West Coast event of this size, is great. Kudos to our West Coast Ambassadors for landing free conference passes and a booth for Fedora.
13:12:34 <ffmancera> I have been looking into the event and according to our policy for large events (>1000$) I think it I give it my +1
13:12:41 <jwf> We can take a couple minutes to read through the ticket. Does anyone have questions about the SCaLE proposal ticket?
13:12:59 <jwf> ffmancera: As I understand it too, everything checks out as in policy.
13:13:07 <jwf> I am also +1
13:13:41 <jwf> pbokoc: WDYT?
13:13:49 <bt0> +1
13:13:50 <pbokoc> Looks good, +1
13:15:33 <jwf> #agreed SCaLE ticket approved (+4/0/-0). Event owners are authorized to proceed with organizing our presence at SCaLE 20x 2023. Event owners, please open a GitLab event requests ticket to request a swag shipment for the event.
13:15:49 <jwf> #action jwf Update Pagure #379 as approved.
13:16:12 <jwf> OK, that is a quick one! I'm excited to see what our Ambassadors out west pull together again. They have a system down for SCaLE.
13:16:21 <jwf> Now, let's hop over to the GitLab tickets.
13:16:44 <jwf> I am seeing three tickets there for votes…
13:17:05 <jwf> #topic (GitLab) Ticket #1: F37 retrospective survey
13:17:07 <jwf> #link https://gitlab.com/fedora/mindshare/home/-/issues/1
13:17:28 <jwf> This one slipped between the cracks during the beginning of the GitLab transition. But it is an easy and fast one.
13:18:01 <jwf> Ben Cotton (he/him) is asking for a LimeSurvey to run a F37 retrospective. A little late this time around… but better late than never. I don't think F38 is too far along yet :P
13:18:18 <jwf> Could we take a quick vote here? Or any questions to clarify usage of the survey?
13:18:36 <ffmancera> lgtm.. +1
13:18:41 <jwf> +1
13:18:44 <pbokoc> Yeah that seems like a no brainer :) +1
13:19:04 * ffmancera needs to leave (sorry!)
13:19:12 * ffmancera will read everything when back
13:19:13 <bt0> A super +1
13:19:26 <jwf> ffmancera: No problem. Thanks for being here when you could! 🙏 See you soon in Brussels.
13:19:37 <ffmancera> see you all!
13:19:48 <bt0> See u
13:19:54 <jwf> #agreed Ticket approved (+4/0/-0). Ben Cotton (he/him) is authorized to move forward and a LimeSurvey wrangler can work with Ben to set up the survey and publish it.
13:20:13 <pbokoc> Who are the Limesurvey wranglers, btw? :)
13:20:15 <jwf> #action jwf Find out who our LimeSurvey wranglers are and who can help fulfill this request.
13:20:20 <jwf> Jinx :D
13:20:21 <pbokoc> Ha.
13:20:59 <jwf> I know Vipul was and I think still is, but he might not be as hands-on as he was when he was at Red Hat. I also think Emma Kidney is, so I have some starting points at least to move this forward.
13:21:11 <jwf> Worst comes to worse, I have access too, but I am a LimeSurvey n00b
13:21:26 <pbokoc> Hehe alright.
13:21:29 <bt0> 😃
13:21:49 <jwf> OK. Next ticket! We're on a roll.
13:21:59 <jwf> #topic (GitLab) Ticket #2: Request for funding: Fedora Loves Python stickers for future events
13:22:10 <jwf> #link https://gitlab.com/fedora/mindshare/home/-/issues/2
13:22:31 <jwf> #info Request to print 1000–2000 "Fedora ❤️ Python" stickers. Estimated budget of $403 USD.
13:22:40 <jwf> So, a caveat here to note
13:23:29 <jwf> Our swag system is in the middle of a major transition (see #mindshare:fedoraproject.org / #fedora-mindshare backlog for context). While we can definitely produce these stickers, it will likely take (1) some time to figure out how to do it in the new system, and (2) it may or may not come under the budget proposed here.
13:24:39 <jwf> That said, I think these are popular stickers and our Fedora Python folks certainly love them. The Python scene in Fedora seems strong to me still, so while I don't expect an overage to cost that much more, I'd propose we vote on this with the caveat that we would revisit and revote only if the cost exceeds $750 USD.
13:25:01 <jwf> Does this make sense?
13:25:13 <bt0> A lot
13:25:26 <jwf> It is a mildly chaotic now with swag… but I am optimistic it will get better, especially as we start fulfilling more requests like this.
13:25:33 <jwf> bt0: 🙌
13:25:52 <jwf> So then. Any questions? If not, let's take a vote on the following #proposed:
13:25:57 <pbokoc> That should be fine, as someone noted in the issue, these should be timeless, they're not tied to a specific event. And I really can't see the cost of printing stickers to go up to nearly $0.40 a pop, that would be ridiculous.
13:26:45 <jwf> #proposed Fedora ❤️ Python sticker request approved, with an upper-bound budget of $750 USD for maximum 2000 stickers. This request is authorized for adding additional swag to the Fedora inventory, as we continue the migration into the new swag management system.
13:27:16 <AleksandraFedoro> Btw, do we have swag for FOSDEM prepared? We have some swag in Bonn area which we still can fetch and bring to Brussels if there is need. It won't be easy but doable.
13:27:28 <jwf> pbokoc: TBH I don't either. I am just mildly nervous about it because they are charging us a LOT for storing more than 14 items at once now. I don't want to take anything for granted until at least one new swag request is fulfilled :D
13:27:32 <jwf> jwf: +1
13:28:09 <bt0> +1
13:28:15 <pbokoc> +1
13:28:44 <jwf> AleksandraFedoro: Aleksandra Fedorova: It depends. I have a HUGE box coming to Brussels but it shipped from the U.S. last week. I am mildly anxious about customs. If folks have a personal stash, it would be nice to bring some to FOSDEM but I also don't want to trouble people a lot to bring their own swag for our FOSDEM stand.
13:29:09 <jwf> #agreed (+3/0/-0) Fedora ❤️ Python sticker request approved, with an upper-bound budget of $750 USD for maximum 2000 stickers. This request is authorized for adding additional swag to the Fedora inventory, as we continue the migration into the new swag management system.
13:29:44 <jwf> OK, one more ticket to vote on, and then we can get to two "help wanted" tasks for Mindshare Committee housekeeping.
13:30:06 <jwf> #topic Ticket #7: Creative Freedom Summit Post Event Survey
13:30:11 <jwf> #link https://gitlab.com/fedora/mindshare/home/-/issues/7
13:30:49 <jwf> This one is easy. Another survey.
13:30:49 <jwf> It is a recent ticket, and technically there are sufficient votes in the ticket already for it to pass. But I wanted to share it in the meeting for a formal vote or if there are any questions.
13:30:51 <jwf> FWIW, I am +1
13:31:19 <pbokoc> That's essentially the same as the F37 survey, just for an event, right?
13:31:31 <bt0> I'm +1
13:31:38 <jwf> pbokoc: Yup.
13:31:44 <pbokoc> Well then, +1
13:32:12 <jwf> An aside, it is cool to see when the CentOS folks tag our issues as inspiration for their own 🙂 I see CentOS/promo/centos-events#7 referenced there…
13:32:17 <jwf> Cool, so then another fast approval.
13:33:04 <jwf> #agreed (+5/0/-0) #7 is approved and riecatnor is authorized to work with a LimeSurvey wrangler to launch a Creative Freedom Summit survey.
13:33:38 <jwf> I think riecatnor is already synced up with Emma Kidney on that one, but I'll check in that everything Marie needs is already set
13:34:10 <jwf> OK! Nice work! In half an hour, we cleared a good bit of tickets. 🙌
13:34:24 <bt0> 😁😁
13:34:29 <jwf> There are some FOSDEM ones too, but I really botched that whole process this time. I want to do a retrospective after the event to see how we can be better next time for event sponsorship and funding.
13:34:45 <jwf> We'll save it for next time because everything for FOSDEM is already so much in motion :P
13:35:01 <jwf> OK! One more ticket topic, and then an open floor topic from me after.
13:35:09 <jwf> Jumping back to Pagure…
13:35:24 <jwf> #info Ticket #370: Idea : Move Mindshare repository entirely to Fedora/Gitlab space
13:35:28 <jwf> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/370
13:35:53 <jwf> So, I definitely owe bt0 a cookie, beer, or some kudos here for helping kick off the migration last month.
13:35:56 <jwf> However, there is still work to do.
13:36:11 <bt0> 😃
13:36:35 <jwf> I am thinking there are three ways that Committee members could help out with our ongoing migration so we get out of this awkward workflow of two places to keep up with tickets.
13:37:42 <jwf> #help Opportunity #1: Be a GitLab wrangler and work with members of the Mindshare Committee to get onboarded to GitLab. This might mean DMs or a quick audio/video call walkthrough to get set up and confirm access to the group.
13:38:42 <jwf> #help Opportunity #2: We need to either conclude or manually move more historical tickets from Pagure without a clear resolution. We need to achieve zero open issues on Pagure before we archive the Pagure repo and set it to read-only. For tickets that do not have a clear resolution in the short-term, we need to manually copy the ticket over to GitLab.
13:39:23 <jwf> #help Opportunity #3: Our issue templates are not copied over yet to GitLab. We need to add issue templates to GitLab for anyone making a request to the Fedora Mindshare Committee.
13:39:26 <jwf> And bonus #4:
13:40:10 <jwf> #Help Opportunity #4: We need to move our docs into GitLab. This may be a separate repo or it may be the "Home" repository. But we need to move the docs content to GitLab, update the Fedora Docs publishing with Antora, and update said documentation to mention our new presence on GitLab.
13:40:28 <jwf> These are the ways that I think anyone could jump in and help with this process, and accelerate our transition.
13:40:31 <bt0> Omg
13:40:47 <jwf> It is probably worth a Fedora Discussion post, but does anyone here want to work on any of these four things?
13:40:56 <jwf> We can definitely split it up so it is not so much on any one person.
13:41:13 <jwf> bt0: bt0: Is it too much? 😅
13:41:31 <bt0> I totally forgot the docs
13:42:01 <pbokoc> I can take #4 :)
13:42:01 <jwf> Hahah… me too. But I think getting them to GitLab will be a good move. I also think as a new repository so they are clearly marked, but I could be persuaded otherwise.
13:42:22 <jwf> pbokoc: You would be my hero 🙏
13:42:40 <jwf> pbokoc: What do you think about the approach? A new repository?
13:42:40 <bt0> I take the 3 and help with the #2
13:43:01 <jwf> bt0: bt0++
13:43:27 <pbokoc> jwf, yeah, I think that would be best.
13:43:46 <jwf> FWIW, I can also help with #2. I hope to spend time reviewing our older tickets to figure out what is worth moving and what things we can just close and archive out on Pagure.
13:44:21 <jwf> pbokoc: Cool. Easy agreement then. What timeline do you think makes sense? By early/mid-February? (Also, will you be at FOSDEM at all this year?)
13:44:57 <pbokoc> jwf, probably not this week, but I can have it done by mid-Feb. And no, unfortunately I won't be at FOSDEM
13:45:17 * jwf > <@pbokoc:libera.chat> jwf, probably not this week, but I can have it done by mid-Feb. And no, unfortunately I won't be at FOSDEM
13:45:17 * jwf nods
13:45:50 <pbokoc> Also, is pagure down for anyone else?
13:45:51 <jwf> Will miss you there!
13:46:10 <jwf> pbokoc: What do you say about in two weeks time by our next meeting, 14 February?
13:46:33 <jwf> pbokoc: pbokoc: Oh darn. I forgot, there was a scheduled outage planned for today. I think at 13:00 UTC.
13:46:38 <pbokoc> jwf, yeah, that sounds good.
13:46:52 <pbokoc> Ahh, okay :)
13:46:56 <jwf> There is some data center work happening in RDU. I think we are right in the middle of it
13:46:58 <jwf> pbokoc: Cool 👍️
13:47:17 <jwf> And bt0, what do you think about a goal of five more issues moved by 14 February, in two weeks time?
13:47:38 <jwf> I feel like 5 is doable. Because not only do we have to copy them, but we also have to figure out what is worth migrating and what is worth closing
13:47:40 <bt0> Yes, I can do that
13:47:43 * jwf nods
13:47:46 <jwf> Awesome
13:48:01 <jwf> pbokoc++ bt0++ Thank you both for stepping up! 💪
13:48:01 <zodbot> jwf: Karma for pbokoc changed to 1 (for the current release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
13:48:14 <jwf> Ooh, a F37 🍪
13:48:43 <jwf> #action bt0 jwf Tag-team migrating five historical issues from Pagure to GitLab, with an early prioritization for issues with fewer comments (since we won't be able to copy comments over easily) due:2023-02-14
13:49:48 <jwf> #action pbokoc Break out the Antora docs from the Pagure Mindshare repo, create a new GitLab repo under the Mindshare Committee subgroup on GitLab, add basic instructions to the GitLab README, and update Antora publishing source to point to GitLab instead of Pagure. due:2023-02-14
13:50:25 <jwf> Yes… this feels like we will make some steady progress there. Never again will I underestimate how much work it is to manually migrate a git forge :P
13:50:25 <jwf> OK, so, I think that sums it up here…
13:50:40 <jwf> If nothing else on GitLab, we can switch into open floor.
13:50:52 <jwf> #topic Open floor
13:51:08 <jwf> I had one thing here, about our meeting days/times.
13:51:14 <jwf> Does anyone else have a topic for open floor?
13:51:32 <bt0> Not here
13:52:01 <pbokoc> Nope
13:52:23 <jwf> OK, cool.
13:53:25 <jwf> #info JWF is working on a Whenisgood poll to find new days/times for Mindshare Committee meetings. In addition to two different slots for different timezones, it will also include a proposal to make half of our meetings over text and half of our meetings on audio/video.
13:53:50 <jwf> I'm intending to post this onto the #mind-co tag on Fedora Discussion. I'll share it on Matrix/IRC when I have it ready.
13:54:04 <jwf> But I wanted to highlight that it is coming! Finally.
13:54:20 <jwf> So, please keep an eye out for it this week, and let's try and find some times that work better for everyone.
13:54:38 <jwf> Hopefully we can transition to the new schedule after the 14 February meeting. Or, that is my ideal goal anyways.
13:54:45 <jwf> <eof>
13:55:10 <jwf> So then… this leaves us with five meetings leftover. Not bad!
13:55:21 <jwf> I think we can wrap it here and give y'all some time to transition to your next thing, whether that is a meeting or breakfast! 😀
13:56:00 <jwf> pbokoc++ bt0++ ffmancera++ Thanks again for being here. See you around in the Fedora-verse 🌐
13:56:02 <jwf> #endmeeting