17:02:14 <bcotton> #startmeeting F37 Final Go/No-Go meeting
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17:02:28 <bcotton> yay, the bridge works
17:02:31 <bcotton> #topic Roll call
17:02:34 <nirik> for now. ;)
17:02:36 <nirik> morning
17:02:40 * bittin is here
17:02:41 <bcotton> nirik--
17:02:41 <bittin> evening
17:03:32 <AndroUser> Evening where I am
17:03:38 <mattdm> Hello!
17:03:39 <AndroUser> in LDN
17:03:43 <jednorozec> hello
17:03:48 <bittin> same in SE
17:04:06 * coremodule is here
17:04:13 <geraldosimiao> .hello geraldosimiao
17:04:14 <zodbot> geraldosimiao: geraldosimiao 'Geraldo S. Simião Kutz' <geraldo.simiao.kutz@gmail.com>
17:04:21 <bittin> .hello bittin
17:04:24 <zodbot> bittin: bittin 'Luna Jernberg' <droidbittin@gmail.com>
17:04:39 <bcotton> #topic Purpose of this meeting
17:04:54 <bcotton> #info Purpose of this meeting is to check whether or not F37 is ready for shipment, according to the release criteria.
17:04:54 <bcotton> #info This is determined in a few ways:
17:04:55 <bcotton> #info 1. No remaining blocker bugs
17:04:55 <bcotton> #info 2. Release candidate compose is available
17:04:55 <bcotton> #info 3. Test matrices for Final are fully completed
17:05:11 <bcotton> #topic Current status - blockers
17:05:11 <bcotton> #link https://qa.fedoraproject.org/blockerbugs/milestone/37/final/buglist
17:05:11 <bcotton> #chair adamw
17:05:11 <zodbot> Current chairs: adamw bcotton
17:05:17 <bcotton> #info 2 Proposed Blockers
17:05:17 <bcotton> #info 0 Accepted Blockers
17:05:25 <bcotton> #topic (2141237) ABRT on KDE can't store any passwords: Secret Service is not available
17:05:26 <bcotton> #link https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2141237
17:05:26 <bcotton> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-qa/blocker-review/issue/1010
17:05:26 <bcotton> #info Proposed Blocker, kf5-kwallet, NEW
17:05:26 <bcotton> #info Ticket vote: FinalBlocker (+4,0,-11) (+bcotton, +catanzaro, +kparal, +nixuser, -frantisekz, -geraldosimiao, -jbwillia, -nb, -sumantrom, -sgallagh, -zbyszek, -pboy, -ararezaee, -mindless-canary, -lruzicka)
17:05:36 <bittin> and 1 Proposed FE
17:05:48 <adamw> so, this one's really close for me, but i'm either +1/waive or -1.
17:05:51 <bcotton> okay, before we discuss this one, i want everyone to know that if your reasoning for -1 includes "because we're already late enough" or "can be fixed in an update" that I am ignoring oyu
17:05:54 <bittin> have no comments on this one as i don't use KDE so let the people using KDE decide
17:05:59 <bcotton> because that's not how this works
17:06:09 <bcotton> bittin: proposed FEs don't matter here
17:06:14 <bittin> bcotton: ah ok
17:06:20 * nirik reads up on this bug
17:06:38 <nirik> ah yeah, that one. -1 blocker
17:06:47 <bittin> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2141237
17:06:50 <bittin> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=458341
17:08:08 <bcotton> imo, it's significantly broken from the "normal user" perspective to warrant being a blocker. but, especially since there's a workaround, i'm comfortable waiving it. so i'm going to stick with my +1
17:08:26 <jednorozec> -1 FB
17:08:43 <adamw> yeah, i think on the whole i have to say a weak +1
17:08:57 <adamw> it's very very tight, but it does just about count as basic functionality for me
17:09:24 <nirik> I'm not sure I agree people will generate new api keys... if you generate one and save it you can re-use it as many times as you like, you just have to fill it in
17:09:54 <adamw> nirik: it's hard to predict whether people will treat it as "normal" to save the api key somewhere or not
17:10:05 <adamw> it's reasonable to kinda 'expect' the app to save it for you, i think...
17:10:12 <nirik> and it doesn't break actually filing the bugs...
17:10:14 <bcotton> i'll note that four of the -1s in the ticket fall into "that's not how this works bucket", but with the additonal votes in meeting, we're at +5,0,-9, i if i can math
17:10:14 <adamw> still, generating a new one is hardly the most onerous thing
17:10:20 <nirik> sure, I agree it's a bug and not ideal.
17:10:34 <adamw> and once you hit this bug once you're presumably gonna know what to do the next time. i'm not saying the impact is horrible, just it does barely squeak past the threshold for me
17:10:46 * adamw trusts the math
17:10:54 <nirik> I think it's just barely on the other side for me. ;)
17:11:02 <mattdm> I'm just here for the waiver
17:11:22 <AndroUser2> -1 aa
17:12:02 <nirik> so, what do we do here? we have more votes for reject...
17:12:08 <bcotton> proposed #agreed 2141237 - RejectedBlocker (Final) - The majority does not consider this to violate basic functionality and those who do would be willing to waive it, so in the interests of time, we are taking this as a consensus to reject.
17:12:15 <bittin> ack
17:12:16 <geraldosimiao> ack
17:12:20 <adamw> ack
17:12:21 <nirik> ack
17:12:25 <coremodule> ack
17:12:33 <jednorozec> ack
17:13:10 <bcotton> #agreed 2141237 - RejectedBlocker (Final) - The majority does not consider this to violate basic functionality and those who do would be willing to waive it, so in the interests of time, we are taking this as a consensus to reject.
17:13:18 <bittin> and onto the shim one
17:13:23 <bcotton> #topic (2113005) Live image made with BOOTX64.EFI from latest shim-x64-15.6-2 fails to boot on some boards
17:13:23 <bcotton> #link https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2113005
17:13:23 <bcotton> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-qa/blocker-review/issue/1012
17:13:23 <bcotton> #info Proposed Blocker, shim, POST
17:13:23 <bcotton> #info Ticket vote: FinalBlocker (+1,0,-0) (+bittin)
17:13:38 * Eighth_Doctor waves
17:13:42 <Eighth_Doctor> .hello ngompa
17:13:43 <zodbot> Eighth_Doctor: ngompa 'Neal Gompa' <ngompa13@gmail.com>
17:13:44 * bittin voted in the ticket before the meeting
17:13:47 <bittin> hey Neil
17:13:56 <adamw> so, uh, this is totally my fault
17:14:05 <nirik> hey Eighth_Doctor
17:14:16 <adamw> i've known about this for months but for whatever reason went from not thinking it was a huge deal to thinking there's nothing much we can do about it
17:14:23 <nirik> adamw: do we have any idea how widespread this might be?
17:14:29 <adamw> but the questions kparal asked made me think, oh wait, this kind of is a big deal isn't it?
17:14:33 <bittin> adamw: can you fix it before Tuesday next week ;)
17:15:26 <adamw> well, possibly, that's one thing to talk about. but anyhoo
17:15:32 <adamw> i hope it's not terribly widespread
17:16:02 <bcotton> as i understand it, we don't have a signed shim or a timeline for a signed shim yet, is that right?
17:16:34 <adamw> so far the affected boards are a "Kontron VX3040" which seems to be something fairly obscure, and two Asus boards of a specific vintage
17:16:37 <Eighth_Doctor> there's no way we're going to get a fix for this
17:16:45 <Eighth_Doctor> it takes too long and there's no levers we can do
17:16:51 <jednorozec> there is a comment with different HW
17:16:57 <Eighth_Doctor> s/do/use/
17:17:01 <jednorozec> Asus Z87-PLUS motherboard
17:17:08 <jednorozec> that is OLD intel board
17:17:34 <bcotton> this is one of the longest beta periods we've had, so i feel pretty comfortable that it's not widespread at this point (famous last works)
17:17:37 <bcotton> last words, too
17:17:42 <Eighth_Doctor> Intel 4th generation CPUs aren't that old
17:17:44 <adamw> my h97m-e is also affected
17:17:48 <adamw> i believe they're of similar vintages
17:17:49 <nirik> so, we hope this is not very widespread, even if it was, we don't have any way to get a signed shim fast...
17:18:06 <Eighth_Doctor> we could recompose by overriding with an older shim binary
17:18:09 <jednorozec> hm I have one h77 and h110 but didnt test it
17:18:17 <adamw> well
17:18:23 <adamw> for me, the worst affected case is upgrades
17:18:27 <bittin> can two shims be shipped? or would that cause other problems
17:18:33 <adamw> i hadn't thought about it till kamil asked me the question, but i suspect they will be affected
17:18:36 <adamw> i am running a test of that now
17:18:38 <Eighth_Doctor> can we kick out the newer shim?
17:18:43 <bittin> adamw: ah
17:18:45 <adamw> so the case where you upgrade your system and it stops booting is, uh. bad
17:18:46 <Eighth_Doctor> as in, untag it entirely?
17:18:56 <adamw> not without re-composing
17:19:04 <adamw> but what i was wondering is whether we can ship the older shim as an update
17:19:10 * dustymabe is sorry he is late - time change
17:19:19 <adamw> new package build, but same old files
17:19:22 <kparal> Turns out I have a Z87 motherboard at home. I can quickly test at least booting the latest Live
17:19:31 <adamw> i don't know if that invalidates the signature but i'm hoping not
17:19:55 <adamw> i pinged robbie on rh's internal chat to see if he could join the meeting but i guess he didn't see it
17:20:14 <Eighth_Doctor> the signed shim package is just binary blobs checked into lookaside
17:20:20 <adamw> the other question with shipping the older shim is, of course, what are the dangers of that? does the newer shim fix some important things?
17:20:21 <Eighth_Doctor> afaik, we don't sign it in fedora
17:20:45 <adamw> no, microsoft signs it, that's the point, but i guess my question is do they sign the files or the package
17:20:52 <Eighth_Doctor> the files
17:20:54 <Eighth_Doctor> the package is us
17:20:54 <adamw> i'm assuming/hoping it's the files but i don't know for sure.
17:21:00 <nirik> yeah, it's files.
17:21:04 <adamw> then we can probably do a new build of the package with the old files. it's a possibility anyhow
17:21:14 <nirik> I wonder if the newer shim is needed for the newer dbx...
17:21:19 <Eighth_Doctor> we can play whatever games we want with the shim RPM as long as the files are untouched
17:21:21 <mattdm> The answer to does it fix important things is almost certainly "yes"
17:21:23 <adamw> nirik: yeah, questions like that concern me.
17:21:42 <mattdm> Exactly
17:21:49 <kparal> My Gigabyte Z87 board boots OK with the latest KDE Live RC
17:22:11 <nirik> This has been a long cold winter^Wfreeze, and I agree with bcotton that if this was widespread we would have had a lot more reports.
17:22:36 <geraldosimiao> good point
17:23:37 <adamw> kparal: yeah, i suspect maybe only asus is affected. or i guess asus and this weirdo manufacturer i hadn't heard of before
17:23:51 <Eighth_Doctor> I'm at the point of marking it as a commonbug and saying we're going to have a live respin in the future with it fixed
17:23:54 <adamw> nirik: the only thing about that that concerns me is, maybe other people didn't find this bug report
17:23:57 <nirik> so I would be inclined to say it's not a blocker because it's not widespread enough, or say it is and waive it based on not being able to fix it in time... but of course more data would be good.
17:24:03 <adamw> but yeah, i haven't seen any 'lying around the place'
17:24:28 <adamw> i'm ok with -1 blocker *to the fresh f37 install case* on the basis of "not very widespread"
17:24:31 <Eighth_Doctor> I have one ASUS board, but it wasn't affected (probably because it's even older and its UEFI implementation is far too simple to be useful)
17:24:37 <bcotton> -1 blocker for me
17:24:41 <adamw> i just feel a bit less comfortable with that for the upgrade case because it's just a horrible experience
17:24:55 <adamw> "yay i'm going to have a shiny new fedora! ...oh noes now my system does not boot what the hell do I do?"
17:24:56 <bittin> +1 blocker for me (as i wrote in the ticket)
17:25:07 <adamw> i mean, you're literally stuck with the rescue shell or live boot at that point
17:25:08 <Eighth_Doctor> -1 blocker, +1 commonbug, maybe we should have a warning notice or something?
17:25:43 <adamw> i'm currently doing a test to see if upgrades are affected, but i'd be surprised if they aren't
17:26:12 <jednorozec> both of my intel boards booted latest live
17:26:16 <jednorozec> so -1 blocker
17:26:35 <kparal> There is some hope, quoting: "Strangely, once booted with the workaround above and installed to disk, the disk boots successfully even with this /boot/efi/EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.EFI from shim-x64-15.6-2.x86_64"
17:26:52 <Eighth_Doctor> O.o
17:27:19 <nirik> I see some reports of this same thing against rockylinux 8.5 :)
17:27:22 <mattdm> We have a _lot_ of upgraded systems at this point.
17:27:48 <adamw> kparal: huh, that's interesting
17:27:52 <adamw> guess we'll see how my test turns out
17:27:56 <mattdm> I feel like this might have more noise if it were very widespread
17:27:58 <nirik> huh: https://ask.fedoraproject.org/t/f37-invalid-image-error-while-booting/26632
17:28:07 <adamw> i did also verify that if you replace the files on an f37 live and install, the installed system works (that's what i expected as it should copy over the same files)
17:28:41 <bittin> make a manual intervention post as a common bug? or is that mostly an Arch thing? :p
17:28:43 <adamw> nirik: yeah, that's the same problem. the "solution' given there will only work with secure boot disabled, because it essentially bypasses shim.
17:28:45 <nirik> so one report there with beta.
17:28:49 <nirik> right
17:29:54 <bcotton> so i think i count +1,0,-4. anyone else want to weigh in?
17:30:20 <nirik> I'm -1 blocker to be clear if you didn't count me yet
17:30:25 <geraldosimiao> -1 blocker, +1 commonbug
17:30:38 <adamw> this is another really close one for me :| i can buy that it's not very common, it's just so nasty for those it does hit.
17:30:52 <adamw> kinda wanna see how the upgrade test turns out, but apparently nobody else is waiting on that. :P
17:31:01 <adamw> (i'm currently updating before upgrading)
17:31:11 <nirik> I'm fine waiting... more data is good.
17:31:18 <nirik> you have a board thats affected there?
17:31:36 <bcotton> i'm happy to stall for a few minutes. i feel like we know what the answer will be, but computers have surprised me before
17:31:36 <Eighth_Doctor> it doesn't change much for me, because we can't fix it
17:31:37 <adamw> yes, i do. just realized i didn't actually mention that in the bug. :D
17:31:42 <Eighth_Doctor> but I'd like to be pleasantly surprised
17:32:05 <adamw> Conan Kudo: well, we can do the 'shim an older shim as an update' thing. at least theoertically
17:32:07 <geraldosimiao> ok on wait a little more
17:32:26 <adamw> it'd be nice to have robbie here to kick around the pros and cons though :|
17:34:13 <Eighth_Doctor> Robbie recommended in the BZ to downgrade shim
17:34:31 <Eighth_Doctor> so we could do the 15.6+really15.4 version hack
17:34:32 <adamw> as a workaround for this specific hardware, yes
17:34:41 <adamw> obviously if you have an affected system, that's the best option
17:35:06 <adamw> but whether it's a good idea to downgrade for everyone is a different question
17:35:24 <adamw> my update is at 28%...
17:35:44 <adamw> 35%...:D
17:35:50 <kparal> <adamw> "i did also verify that if you..." <- You mean building your own Live, or replacing how?
17:36:22 <adamw> kparal: you can just mount the ESP on the USB stick and overwrite the files
17:36:36 <kparal> Ah, easy
17:36:54 <adamw> the ESP isn't part of the complex image stuff, it's a straightforward partition, once you've written the stick
17:37:03 <Eighth_Doctor> yay isohybrid
17:37:05 <adamw> it'd be harder if you wanted to write a DVD, but we don't support that any more anyway :P
17:37:12 <adamw> 90% now
17:37:16 <Eighth_Doctor> stuff a random fat32 partition alongside udf :D
17:37:21 <bittin> adamw: thats good to know
17:37:35 <adamw> so we can document that workaround for fresh installs
17:37:36 <kparal> adamw: Once you installed, have you tried updating shim package and rebooting?
17:37:49 <adamw> well, there's no update on a fresh install
17:38:00 <adamw> the system will still think the 'current' shim is installed, though it wouldn't pass rpm -V
17:38:05 <adamw> i didn't test, but that's what i'd expect
17:38:06 <kparal> Reinstalling shim then
17:38:24 <adamw> i'd expect that'd bork it. it'd be the same case as the upgrade test, really
17:38:25 <Eighth_Doctor> dnf rei shim :)
17:38:31 <kparal> It would be faster to check, though 😄
17:38:47 <adamw> it would, except i already moved on to the f36 upgrade test
17:38:51 <adamw> i only have one affected system :P
17:39:59 <adamw> ok, starting the upgrade now
17:40:01 <nirik> clearly an oversight.
17:41:08 <adamw> heh
17:41:27 <adamw> so, while we're waiting on this
17:41:33 <adamw> let's say my test confirms the upgrade breaks the system
17:41:39 <adamw> does that make anyone vote +1 ?
17:41:48 <adamw> apart from me
17:42:16 * bittin 
17:42:31 <Eighth_Doctor> alas, no
17:42:34 <mattdm> I'm really torn. That's brown-paper-bag level catastrophe if it happens to a meaningful number of people.
17:42:40 <Eighth_Doctor> I already assumed it'd break on upgrades
17:42:40 <nirik> That does make it more of a pain... but still not more widespread.
17:42:48 <bcotton> my -1 baked in the assumption that upgrades would be broken,too. what would move me to +1 is if it were more widespread
17:43:11 <bcotton> well, to be more accurate, knowing it was more widespread
17:43:20 * nirik nods
17:43:24 <Eighth_Doctor> if we could easily kick out the new shim and roll back everything, then I'd switch to +1
17:43:48 <Eighth_Doctor> untagging new shim, tag in old shim, recompose
17:43:52 <Eighth_Doctor> otherwise, -1 and bite the bullet
17:44:12 <adamw> we could technically do that. but we'd need the evaluation of whether it's likley to break anything else.
17:45:16 <adamw> humm, hold on a tick here
17:45:37 <adamw> just noticed something. shim builds are not fedora release versioned...and 15.6-2 is already in f35-updates and f36-updates , as well as f37
17:45:41 <adamw> https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=1997554
17:45:46 <Eighth_Doctor> wut
17:45:56 <nirik> right.
17:45:57 <adamw> so...if we already sent it out as an update to f35 and f36...we already broke anyone it would've broken, i guess?
17:46:01 <Eighth_Doctor> then this affects everyone anyway
17:46:09 <Eighth_Doctor> -1 and commonbug then
17:46:13 <Eighth_Doctor> and apparently "oops?"
17:46:28 <nirik> if we downgrade we loose CVE-2022-28737 and aarch64 bug #2101248
17:46:34 <adamw> yeah, and also
17:46:44 <adamw> my f36 test install actually got the newer shim on the update (before the upgrade)
17:46:46 <adamw> and it booted fine
17:46:54 <adamw> so...does this for some reason only cause problems when booting live, maybe?
17:47:07 <nirik> hum... thats a possibility.
17:47:11 <adamw> in that case, i'm a lot more comfortable with -1
17:47:39 <nirik> kparal had a affected machine too?
17:47:53 <kparal> No I don't
17:47:55 <adamw> no, i think he said his is ok
17:48:00 <adamw> it's not an assus
17:48:12 <nirik> ah, ok.
17:48:40 <adamw> so, okay, i guess on current info i'm -1
17:48:40 <adamw> sorry for the detour, everyone
17:48:46 <bittin> adamw: well someone has too test
17:48:53 <Southern_Gentlem> when was it sent to f36?
17:49:01 <bcotton> proposed #agreed 2113005 - RejectedBlocker (Final) - This bug appears to be limited to specific hardware and may only affect booting live images, so it does not rise to the level of a release blocker
17:49:21 <bittin> ack
17:49:25 <Southern_Gentlem> ack
17:49:26 <jednorozec> ack
17:49:29 <kparal> adamw: what's the upgrade progress?
17:49:32 <coremodule> ack
17:49:37 <nirik> Southern_Gentlem: Mon Jul 18 10:23:05
17:49:43 <Eighth_Doctor> ack
17:49:47 <geraldosimiao> ack
17:50:04 <Southern_Gentlem> nirik,  in that case we have several months of updated lives with no issue
17:50:06 <adamw> Southern_Gentlem: i dunno, but it's there
17:50:09 <adamw> https://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/fedora/linux/updates/36/Everything/x86_64/Packages/s/
17:50:24 <adamw> vs. https://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/fedora/linux/releases/36/Everything/x86_64/os/Packages/s/
17:50:44 <adamw> ack
17:50:49 <nirik> ack
17:50:52 * Eighth_Doctor really wishes we promoted live-respins more
17:50:53 <bcotton> #agreed 2113005 - RejectedBlocker (Final) - This bug appears to be limited to specific hardware and may only affect booting live images, so it does not rise to the level of a release blocker
17:50:58 <bittin> Eighth_Doctor: +1
17:51:03 <bcotton> #info We have zero accepted blockers
17:51:13 <Southern_Gentlem> **happy dance**
17:51:16 <Eighth_Doctor> does that mean we did it?
17:51:23 <bittin> hopefully
17:51:24 <Eighth_Doctor> finally?
17:51:24 <bcotton> not yet
17:51:25 <bcotton> :-)
17:51:26 <bcotton> #topic Current status - test matrices
17:51:26 <bcotton> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Category:Fedora_37_Test_Results
17:51:35 <bcotton> adam, tell us how this is the most-tested release ever
17:51:47 <adamw> kparal: so the workaround is basically: get https://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/fedora/linux/releases/36/Everything/x86_64/os/Packages/s/shim-x64-15.4-5.x86_64.rpm , extract BOOTX64.EFI from it, write the F37 image to USB , mount the EFI partition from the USB stick , copy the old BOOTX64.EFI over the one on the stick
17:51:50 <adamw> if you want to document that
17:51:57 <adamw> Ben Cotton (he/him): well funny you should say that! because it basically is
17:52:08 * bittin always forgets to report but all RCs of Workstation has worked to install in Virtualbox for me so far
17:52:13 <nirik> adamw: or just downgrading shim in rescue ?
17:52:13 <adamw> kparal: you should be able to try all that for yourself even on an unaffected system, just so you can write it down accurately
17:52:21 <adamw> sorry, i'd do it, but i'm not gonna have time
17:52:31 <kparal> I'll document it
17:52:36 <adamw> thanks
17:53:07 <adamw> we have juuuuuust about everything covered
17:53:16 <LunaJernberg[m]> nice
17:53:27 <geraldosimiao> Alright
17:53:50 <adamw> we're missing FMW on Windows 11, dualboot with macOS, and one active directory test (but that's one we normally miss and assume it's working OK if the others work, and the freeipa kickstart test works)
17:53:51 <nirik> we don't even need to wait for the AD testing. ;)
17:54:16 <adamw> we don't have cloud testing on EC2 Xen or openstack, but meh.
17:54:33 <adamw> on the whole i'd say coverage is excellent
17:54:42 * dustymabe has to go pick kids up - bbiab
17:54:42 <mattdm> Yes!
17:54:55 <bcotton> #info Test coverage is excellent
17:55:06 * mattdm wonders when it will be okay to drop Xen ...
17:55:22 <Eighth_Doctor> probably never
17:55:23 <Southern_Gentlem> NCC ShipIT
17:55:37 <Southern_Gentlem> when its not in the kernel anylonger
17:55:40 <Eighth_Doctor> 🚢
17:56:04 <bcotton> anything else on test coverage?
17:57:14 <adamw> that's EC2 Xen for cloud, not general-purpose xen
17:57:20 <adamw> i.e. "does it work on xen EC2 instance types"
17:57:28 <geraldosimiao> Soas is working fine
17:57:33 <adamw> actually, i did the ec2 testing and i kinda assumed the instance type i used was kvm, but i didn't check
17:57:40 <adamw> so, let's say, we tested on one ec2 instance type. :P
17:57:43 <geraldosimiao> Just test it
17:57:45 <mattdm> yeah, my musing was about how much longer that is going to be a thing
17:58:02 <mattdm> anyway i will stop distracting
17:58:04 <bcotton> #topic Current status - RC
17:58:05 <Eighth_Doctor> EC2 defaults to Xen except on specific types
17:58:22 <bcotton> We have RC 1.7
17:58:25 <bcotton> Tell us about it, RelEng!
17:58:51 <dtometzki> on my ec2 instance fed37 runs
17:58:52 <nirik> it's a lovely little rc, and it can be yours on tuesday for a GO today!
17:59:10 <jednorozec> and fluffy!!
17:59:16 <nirik> it FINISHED I think, so we have everything
17:59:30 <nirik> https://kojipkgs.fedoraproject.org/compose/37/Fedora-37-20221105.0/STATUS
17:59:30 <Eighth_Doctor> GO!!!!!!
17:59:33 <bcotton> woohoo
17:59:36 <Eighth_Doctor> 🛳️🛳️🛳️🛳️🛳️🛳️🛳️🛳️🛳️🛳️🛳️🛳️
17:59:43 <Southern_Gentlem> NCC ShipIT
17:59:44 <bcotton> #info RC 1.7 is FINISHED (no missing artifacts)
17:59:57 <bcotton> #topic Go/No-Go decision
17:59:57 <bcotton> I will poll each team. Please reply “go” or “no-go”
18:00:00 <bcotton> FESCo?
18:00:05 <nirik> go go go
18:00:10 <Eighth_Doctor> GO
18:00:11 <Eighth_Doctor> (fesco hat on): GO!
18:00:14 <bcotton> #info FESCo is GO
18:00:18 <bcotton> RelEng?
18:00:23 <jednorozec> GO
18:00:24 <nirik> also go
18:00:29 <bcotton> #info RelEng is GO
18:00:34 <bcotton> QA?
18:01:01 <adamw> GO
18:01:02 <SumantroMukherje> GO
18:01:07 <bcotton> #info QA is GO
18:01:46 <bcotton> i'd just like the record to reflect that this is, to the best of my memory, the first time adam has said "go" and not "well since we don't have any blockers we know about, I guess we have no choice but to be go" (my paraphrase)
18:01:49 <bcotton> #agreed Fedora Linux 37 is GO
18:01:49 <bcotton> #info Fedora Linux 37 will release on target date #3 (2022-11-15)
18:01:54 <bcotton> #action bcotton to announce decision
18:01:56 <adamw> Ben Cotton (he/him): i've got to get to the airport
18:02:01 <bittin> yay
18:02:16 <bcotton> #info adam is GOing to the airport
18:02:18 <dtometzki> great
18:02:30 <adamw> i usually say that because we technically set up a policy in QA that our decision is based on objective requirements. this was back in the days when viking-ice was keeping us all honest
18:02:42 <adamw> he didn't want it to be a subjective call
18:02:47 <bcotton> #topic Open floor
18:02:47 <bcotton> Anything else we need to discuss before closing?
18:03:07 <adamw> nooope
18:03:24 <bcotton> as a bit of a process man myself, i take great delight in the careful incantation you give us, adam
18:03:24 <mattdm> Thank you everyone!!!
18:03:27 <adamw> my f36->f37 upgraded test system boots okay
18:03:30 <adamw> so that is weird, but good news
18:03:32 <adamw> i'll update the bug
18:03:33 <bittin> nope
18:04:01 <bittin> adamw: nice, thanks for testing
18:04:16 <geraldosimiao> Everything is fine
18:04:16 <mattdm> QA/releng -- what's your feeling at this point about the "extra" week delay?
18:04:20 <geraldosimiao> 🎉
18:04:43 <bittin> always good to test things as much as they must be tested
18:05:27 <bcotton> mattdm: sounds like a question for when adam's not rushing to the airport :-)
18:05:34 <bcotton> last call!
18:05:38 <jednorozec> the number of RC we did helped us to refine the process of syncing RCs to RH QE
18:05:43 <mattdm> fine :)
18:06:07 <bcotton> thanks everyone!
18:06:08 <bcotton> #endmeeting