17:01:12 <pboy> #startmeeting fedora-server
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17:01:22 <pboy> #topic Welcome / roll call
17:01:31 <pboy> Welcome to our Server WG IRC meeting today
17:01:40 <pboy> „Same procedure as every year“ We'll give a few minutes for folks to show up
17:01:47 <pboy> I’ll post the agenda in a few minutes.
17:02:06 <jwhimpel> .hello
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17:02:21 <jwhimpel> .hello2
17:02:22 <zodbot> jwhimpel: jwhimpel 'John Himpel' <john@jlhimpel.net>
17:02:29 <pboy> Welcome John!
17:02:51 <jwhimpel> pboy: Thanks.  Hope you are feeling better.
17:03:23 <pboy> Yes, I'm fine again, at least at the moment and  mostly
17:03:23 <cmurf> .hello
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17:03:39 <pboy> Welcome cmurf!
17:03:44 * cmurf waits for zod
17:03:45 <cmurf> .hello2
17:03:46 <zodbot> cmurf: cmurf 'Chris Murphy' <chris@cmurf.com>
17:03:49 <mowest> .hello2
17:03:50 <zodbot> mowest: mowest 'Steve Daley' <mowest@vivaldi.net>
17:04:12 <pboy> Welcome mowest. Good you could make it.
17:04:41 <mowest> I will have to cut out in 30 minutes, so you have me till then.
17:04:48 <jwhimpel> quick question while we are signing on: Are there plans for a Fedora_Server-37...qcow2 image being published?
17:04:56 <pboy> Much better than not at all
17:05:32 <pboy> jwhimpel it is already available and will be part of F37 so far
17:05:50 <jwhimpel> url please
17:05:56 <pboy> You can download a preview at https://pboy.fedorapeople.org
17:06:22 <pboy> And it is part of https://kojipkgs.fedoraproject.org/compose/branched/latest-Fedora-37/compose/Server/
17:06:40 <jwhimpel> pboy: Thanks
17:07:10 <eseyman> .hello2
17:07:11 <zodbot> eseyman: eseyman 'Emmanuel Seyman' <emmanuel@seyman.fr>
17:07:26 <eseyman> hum... almost missed the meeting
17:07:31 <pboy> Welcome eseyman
17:07:41 <eseyman> hello, pboy. Hello, all
17:07:51 <mowest> Just curious, did anyone see me "possible bug" report on remote access to a server on wifi?
17:07:58 <pboy> Good you didnÄ't miss it
17:07:59 <mowest> I emailed the list.
17:08:14 <pboy> mowest I did, and i'm wondering about that
17:08:33 <pboy> And want to ask some questions.
17:08:43 <pboy> But let's start.
17:08:53 <pboy> #topic Agenda
17:09:01 <pboy> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-server/report/Meeting
17:09:08 <pboy> #info 1. Follow up actions
17:09:15 <pboy> #info  2. Release 37 Beta testing
17:09:22 <pboy> #info  3. Documentation update Release 37
17:09:29 <pboy> #info  4.  Using Ansible to install and configure Wildfly
17:09:36 <pboy> #info 5, Open Floor
17:09:44 <pboy> Any additional topic / issue / comment ?
17:10:34 <pboy> #topic  1. Follow up actions
17:11:01 <pboy> All our open actions are about the next topics. So nothing here, as far as I know.
17:11:22 <pboy> Anyone else with something here?
17:11:27 <mowest> Agreed
17:11:33 <eseyman> nothing forme
17:11:48 <pboy> thanks
17:11:50 <pboy> #topic 2. Release 37 Beta testing
17:11:58 <pboy> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-server/issue/91
17:12:09 <pboy> #info Fedora 37 latest build
17:12:17 <pboy> #link  https://kojipkgs.fedoraproject.org/compose/branched/latest-Fedora-37/compose/Server/
17:12:26 <pboy> 1. We have several actions:
17:12:36 <pboy> #info ACTION: eseyman will test issue 91, items 2-4
17:12:43 <pboy> #info ACTION: pboy will test and watch issue 91, item 1
17:12:50 <pboy> #info ACTION: jwhimpel will test virtualization - nspawn
17:12:57 <pboy> #info ACTION: cooltshirtguy will test installation Rasbery and correct the old doc it needed
17:13:04 <pboy> 2. We missed to organize testing of our new ServerVM
17:13:11 <pboy> 3. how to deal with bug reports found a long time ago and unprocessed since then
17:13:13 <eseyman> sorry, had no time these last two weeks so I've done nothing
17:13:22 <pboy> So far the overview
17:13:36 <pboy> eseyman Unfortunately, the same for me.
17:14:18 <mowest> For #3. do we know if these bugs still exist or are relevent to the latest supported releases?
17:14:35 <pboy> my job was to test the blocker bug / SW Raid issue.
17:14:40 <mowest> If not, I suggest closing them because they are for unsupported versions.
17:15:20 <jwhimpel> I've tried to test systemd-nspawn, but ran into some issues with networking setup.  Will keep trying with assistance from pboy.
17:16:48 <pboy> Well, it seems we should discuss it on the mailing list. Our next meeting is Oct. 19 scheduled release Oct. 25
17:17:20 <pboy> cmurf Did you test our blocker bug, by chance???
17:18:00 <cmurf> which one?
17:18:45 <cmurf> i'm only seeing a reclaim space bug for anaconda right now
17:18:46 <pboy> The issue with BiosBoot partition and GPT, we had a long discussion about it
17:19:01 <cmurf> pretty sure the GPT BIOS Boot one is fixed
17:19:10 <cmurf> i didn't test it but developers say it's fixed
17:19:28 <pboy> Yes, the bug report says it is fixed and on testing.
17:19:41 <cmurf> #link https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2088113
17:20:20 <cmurf> yes someone should test it
17:20:30 <cmurf> i'll make a note, but hopefully someone beats me to it
17:20:40 <cmurf> it can be tested in qemu-kvm
17:21:00 <cmurf> bug description has all the reproduce steps
17:21:11 <pboy> cmurf thanks. There is a good chance that it works now. I hope I can test it on hardware, too.
17:21:56 <cmurf> i'll mention it on #quality:fedoraproject.org
17:22:25 <pboy> mowest the bugs were still in F36, which is supported.
17:22:53 <pboy> The big question, are they still in F37?
17:23:22 <mowest> I see
17:24:24 <pboy> Item 2 is our server VM. I did a lot of testing. But would be good if someone else could test, too. And check the documentation in the same step.
17:25:21 <pboy> cmurf With all your experience with VM, can you have a look at it?
17:26:18 <cmurf> the server VM image?
17:26:35 <pboy> Yes, the one that is new in F37
17:27:30 <cmurf> ok
17:27:43 <pboy> Thanks!
17:27:56 <cmurf> i'll add to the pile, no promises so if someone else gets round tuits first, do it
17:28:34 <cmurf> (get around to it -> round tuits = 🤪)
17:28:46 <pboy> OK, we all only can do and try hard.
17:29:21 <pboy> I suppose, that's it about testing for the moment?
17:30:02 <pboy> OK, let's switch
17:30:13 <pboy> #topic 3. Documentation update Release 37
17:30:38 <pboy> #info mowest reviewed 2 docs (local install and post installation)
17:30:50 <pboy> It is already in stg.
17:31:09 <pboy> Great work, made the articles much better in my view
17:31:27 <mowest> I noticed that, thanks for getting those proposed changes in to stg so quickly.
17:31:29 <mowest> Thanks
17:31:44 <mowest> I enjoyed the experience.
17:31:58 <pboy> Yes, and it confirms the importance of reviewing.
17:32:26 <eseyman> +1
17:33:44 <mowest> Unfortunately, I'm off to the doctor. I will read the chat summary when I get back.
17:33:44 <pboy> I hope that someone else might grab any of the remaining  articles and look at it.
17:33:59 <pboy> mowest Good luck!
17:34:43 <pboy> If anyone has the opportunity, please a short note in the issue 94
17:35:11 <pboy> at the beginning, so no one picks up the same. :-)
17:36:39 <pboy> Well, any idea how we can improve our documentation?
17:37:12 <pboy> After all, we made it to good places in the search engines.
17:38:34 <pboy> OK. No idea so far. Let's switch
17:38:50 <pboy> #topic 4. Using Ansible to install and configure Wildfly
17:39:21 <pboy> I'm at a bit of a loss here. There is a technical problem with certificates
17:39:39 <pboy> But no solution so far.
17:39:59 <eseyman> I wanted to have a look but haven't found the time so far
17:40:15 <pboy> Unfortunately, me too
17:40:26 <eseyman> I'll try again during the next 2 weeks
17:40:36 <pboy> me too.  :-)
17:40:53 <jwhimpel> I seem to be stuck trying to follow Farah Jums's blog on installing and managing Let's Encrypt certificates for wildfly.  I believe she's on the RedHat wildfly team, so I'm assuming she know what she is talking about.
17:41:51 <jwhimpel> The error may be the setup on my machine.  I'm just trying to determine if the issue is local or global.
17:42:05 <pboy> jwhimpel Yes, but sometimes it helps, if another one tries in parallel. He might use other assumptions.
17:42:41 <pboy> And it it is a setup issue, it is all the more important
17:43:19 <pboy> So sorry, I couldn't do it. Although I am so interested in Wildfly
17:44:12 <pboy> proposed action eseyman and pboy will try hard to replicate and check the certificate issue
17:44:16 <jwhimpel> I'll be patient for a couple of more weeks.  Hopefully, someone else can verify/refute my results.
17:44:41 <pboy> eseyman ok with it? in the next 2 weeks?
17:45:00 <eseyman> yup
17:45:05 <pboy> thanks!
17:45:22 <pboy> # action eseyman and pboy will try hard to replicate and check the certificate issue in the next 2 weeks
17:45:29 <pboy> #action eseyman and pboy will try hard to replicate and check the certificate issue in the next 2 weeks
17:45:46 <pboy> I think that's it for now?
17:46:26 <pboy> #topic 5. Open Floor
17:46:39 <jwhimpel> General question:  Do most of you use VM's or containers for running services?
17:46:48 <pboy> We hadve never had so much time for this. :-)
17:47:34 <pboy> I run a lot of VMs, and inside a vm containers for some applications
17:47:40 <eseyman> jwhimpel: I'm more of a container guy
17:48:46 <pboy> And with container I mostly use systemd nspawn and LXD. Both are upgradable
17:49:34 <pboy> Docker / pod man  need a lot of overload. That is useful only if you deploy many containers. IMHO
17:49:48 <jwhimpel> For networking do you use DNSMASQ or regular BIND?  How do you configure your bridge to communicate with internet/other  local servers/host?
17:50:41 <pboy> For the VMs inside a host and small subnets we use DNSMASQ.
17:50:48 <eseyman> jwhimpel: dnsmasq for home networks, bind for entreprise needs
17:51:04 <pboy> for our university network we use bind.
17:52:07 <pboy> and regarding bridge: For internal network we use libvirt virbr0. It so easy to use.
17:52:53 <jwhimpel> So it looks to me like it's "cafeteria style".  Pick one from column A and pick another from Column B?
17:53:01 <pboy> And otherwise, I try to replace bridges with mac-vlan or ip-vlan. It is so much easier.
17:53:46 <jwhimpel> pboy:  So that means you setup two interfaces? one bridged and one using mac-vlan or ip-vlan?
17:54:20 <pboy> Yes, "cafeteria style" is nice. But we choose with care.
17:54:28 <jwhimpel> Where do I find newbie docs for mac-vlan and ip-vlan and other such networking explanations?
17:55:03 <pboy> Yes, inside a VM or a container I generally set up those 2 interfaces.
17:55:39 <pboy> jwhimpel: Some in  our Server documentation in stg.
17:56:00 <pboy> I'll send you some additional links. Don't have it at hand.
17:56:08 <jwhimpel> Thx.
17:56:32 <jwhimpel> It's great weather outside here, so I'm signing off to take a long walk.
17:57:09 <eseyman> good evening, all
17:57:15 <pboy> jwhimpel Have a good time. Here was good weather, and now it is dark and cold
17:57:32 <pboy> OK, I think we can close now.
17:57:52 <pboy> t's a rarity that we finish before then.
17:58:15 <pboy> By by everybody and thanks for comming!
17:58:25 <pboy> #endmeeting