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17:00:24 <pboy> #topic Welcome / roll call
17:00:32 <pboy> Welcome to our Server WG IRC meeting today!
17:00:44 <pboy> Please, everybody who is lurking, say either .hello2 or .hello <fasname>
17:00:53 <pboy> I’ll post the agenda in a few minutes.
17:00:55 <eseyman> .hello2 eseyman
17:00:56 <zodbot> eseyman: eseyman 'Emmanuel Seyman' <emmanuel@seyman.fr>
17:01:07 <eseyman> I'm here and not here at the same time
17:01:13 <eseyman> hello, pboy
17:01:21 <mowest> hello, pboy
17:01:29 <pboy> hello eseyman
17:02:03 <pboy> hello mowest ! Sorry I didn't answer yet. It's on my list, but the list is sooooooo long. :-)
17:03:02 <mowest> No issues, I'm here today, so not answering worked out well for you, you can take it off the todo list.
17:03:15 <pboy> Thanks. :-)
17:04:34 <cooltshirtguy> .hello2 cooltshirtguy
17:04:35 <zodbot> cooltshirtguy: cooltshirtguy 'Jason Beard' <jas_beard@hotmail.com>
17:04:55 <pboy> Hi cooltshirtguy!
17:05:16 <pboy> Well, I think we should start now.
17:05:26 <pboy> #topic Agenda
17:05:33 <pboy> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-server/report/Meeting
17:05:38 <jwhimpel> .hello2 jwhimpel
17:05:39 <zodbot> jwhimpel: jwhimpel 'John Himpel' <john@jlhimpel.net>
17:05:40 <pboy> #info 1. Follow up actions
17:05:47 <pboy> #info  2. Release 37 Beta testing
17:05:55 <pboy> #info  3. Documentation update Release 37
17:06:03 <pboy> #info  4.  Release criteria, test procedures and systematization of tests
17:06:15 <pboy> #info 5, Open Floor
17:06:26 <pboy> Any additional topic / issue / comment ?
17:07:00 <pboy> #topic  1. Follow up actions
17:07:12 <pboy> As fas as I know, no open action
17:07:20 <pboy> Does anyone hae anything to add here?
17:07:25 <cooltshirtguy> nope
17:07:27 <mowest> no
17:07:38 <eseyman> nope
17:07:48 <pboy> #info Currently no open actions
17:08:01 <pboy> #topic 2. Release 37 Beta testing
17:08:14 <pboy> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-server/issue/91
17:08:22 <pboy> #info Fedora 37 still candidate Beta-1.5 available
17:08:30 <pboy> #info Fedora 37 still candidate Beta-1.5 available
17:08:39 <pboy> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Results:Fedora_37_Beta_1.5_Server
17:08:55 <pboy> The floor is open.
17:09:35 <eseyman> no Test Day planned?
17:10:03 <pboy> I would like, we had.
17:10:19 <pboy> But we didn't manage it.
17:10:27 <mowest> I'm looking at issue 91, is there an outline of what goals we have for our beta testing. I have some hardware where I could do some test installs.
17:10:49 <pboy> We should discuss about test day or test week under topic 4
17:10:53 <eseyman> it does seem late in the F37 cycle...
17:11:34 <pboy> eseyman yes, for f37 it is late, but we can plan for f38
17:12:33 <pboy> mowest I think ot woild be nice, if someone would take over to test and watch our blocker bug.
17:12:38 <eseyman> I won't be able to test the first open bug but I can test the other 3
17:13:12 <pboy> eseyman that would be really good!
17:13:49 <pboy> For our blocker bug you need a biosboot machine with at least 2 disks.
17:14:07 <mowest> I don't have the hardware to test Bug #1, but I might be able to do testing on 2-4, but I think I lack some knowledge of those issues. SELinux is still a mystery to me most of the time.
17:14:58 <pboy> mowest I have the hardware, so i could test it.  Could you check our documentation (OK that's the next topic).?
17:15:32 <mowest> Sure we can talk about that when we switch topics.
17:15:40 <pboy> Thanks.
17:16:08 <pboy> Additionally we need to test our main objectivs, as we did with F36
17:16:42 <pboy> That is: virtualization and and containerization (nspawn and maybe podman)
17:17:33 <pboy> I don't expect a problem with virtualization, but maybe with nspawn.
17:17:54 <pboy> And i never tried podman on Server
17:19:43 <pboy> And we should test installation. I already did interactive local, someone should check remote interactive (VNC).
17:20:10 <pboy> And installation on SBC is very old. :-)
17:20:50 <pboy> Oh, I forgot: We need to check our new  Server VM disk image !
17:21:25 <mowest> For SBC I noticed that F37 has official support for RPi4, so it would be nice to update the docs for that.
17:21:40 <mowest> I'm guessing testing the VM disk image would be a good way to get updated screen shots.
17:21:50 <mowest> For the docs that is.
17:21:55 <pboy> Yeah, do you have a RPi 4 ?
17:22:45 <pboy> We may indepenently from docs test if installation works. Often there a some issues, mostly minor ones
17:22:58 <mowest> My son has a RPi 4 with 4Gigs of RAM, I suppose he would let me attempt an install on a different microsd, he has it as his admin system for the homelab.
17:23:22 <pboy> mowest That would be great!
17:23:54 <cooltshirtguy> I have a pi4 8G
17:23:59 <pboy> I missed to buy one before Corona, and now it is incredibly expensive
17:24:25 <cooltshirtguy> they're hard to come by these days
17:24:32 <pboy> cooltshirtguy You must have a lot of money. :--)
17:24:44 <cooltshirtguy> not at all
17:25:03 <cooltshirtguy> I bought it back when they came out
17:25:31 <eseyman> I was looking for one two days ago and realized prices have gone sky-high
17:25:33 <pboy> Could you test and eventually correct the docs! Then could mowest concentrate on docs (and don't need to nag his son)
17:25:50 <mowest> Sounds good to me.
17:27:08 <cooltshirtguy> follow rpilocator on twitter. he sends out alerts when they come available. still expensive though
17:27:41 <pboy> Well, I think we nearly have it. Could some test virtualization with Cloudimage and virt-builder ?
17:28:25 <pboy> And someone other than me test our ServerVM?
17:28:54 <mowest> Can ServerVM be tested in Gnomeboxes?
17:29:11 <pboy> I don't know.
17:29:12 <cooltshirtguy> I would think so
17:29:20 <eseyman> mowest: if it isn't, it's a bug :-)
17:29:29 <cooltshirtguy> lol
17:29:52 <jwhimpel> pboy: I'll try to test the system-nspawn version sometime this weekend.
17:29:57 <mowest> Just curious, that is the only virtualization, I have tried, I usually do only bare metal.
17:30:04 <pboy> I suppose it will install. But you miss the server environent
17:30:17 <pboy> jwhimpel Many thanls!
17:30:49 <pboy> We have so far:
17:31:23 <pboy> #action eseyman will test issue 91, items 2-4
17:31:51 <pboy> #action pboy will test and watch issue 91, item 1
17:32:15 <pboy> #action jwhimpel will test virtualization - nspawn
17:32:59 <pboy> #action cooltshirtguy will test installation Rasbery and correct the old doc it needed
17:33:32 <pboy> Did I miss somethinl?
17:34:04 <pboy> Yeah, who will test our ServerVM? probably best in a Server environment
17:35:08 <eseyman> I'll try but can't commit
17:35:34 <pboy> eseyman, that OK, no action, but hope.
17:36:09 <pboy> I did testing, ob course. But I'm the developer and should not be the only tester. :-)
17:36:15 <pboy> Thanks!
17:36:39 <pboy> OK, so we can switch to next topic?
17:37:20 <pboy> #topic 3. Documentation update Release 37
17:37:29 <pboy> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-server/issue/94
17:37:59 <mowest> I can review "Interactive local installation guide" and "System Administration..."
17:38:30 <mowest> I can try to review "Adding virtualisation support" but I don't normally use virtualisation.
17:39:10 <mowest> I can probably commit to getting that done next week while doing a test install of F37 on some hardware.
17:39:19 <pboy> mowest  even if you don't use admin, you can check for obvious issues and the wording.
17:39:52 <pboy> mowest That is good and you could compare with the docs
17:40:19 <pboy> It is really important to have a second pair of eyes on  each doc
17:40:59 <mowest> Not sure how to get new screenshots for you though. The F37 screenshots won't be right while still using the Beta, or has the team updated all of the branding.
17:41:13 <pboy> mowest I think you start and we will see next meeting how far we are?
17:41:23 <mowest> Okay with me.
17:41:38 <pboy> mowest For the screenshot we must wait until RC, I think.
17:41:50 <mowest> Okay
17:42:07 <pboy> But it would be helpful to have a kind of list, what screenshots we need.
17:42:22 <mowest> Okay, will attempt to do that while installing.
17:42:33 <pboy> And must not start at RC time to search for screenshots to update. :-)
17:42:41 <pboy> OK!
17:43:04 <pboy> #action mowest starts to review the documentation thats needs updates.
17:43:22 <pboy> Wow, we are really far now!
17:43:44 <pboy> I think, we can switch to next topic?
17:44:33 <pboy> #topic 4. Release criteria, test procedures and systematization of tests
17:44:42 <pboy> #link  https://pagure.io/fedora-server/issue/63
17:44:49 <pboy> #link  https://pagure.io/fedora-server/issue/61
17:45:17 <pboy> We discusses last meeting, now that we have updated technical paper
17:45:38 <pboy> we should update or create release criteria and tests.
17:45:58 <pboy> And we discussed to systematize our testing.
17:46:28 <pboy> I would like if we had something like
17:46:44 <pboy> #link https://testdays.fedoraproject.org/events/132
17:47:00 <pboy> or
17:47:07 <pboy> #link https://testdays.fedoraproject.org/events/131
17:48:07 <pboy> And unfortunately, I don't understand the server test result page provided by koji.
17:48:39 <eseyman> planning a F38 Test day should probably be done shortly after F37 release day
17:48:58 <mowest> Did koji create the IoT and CoreOS boards that you linked?
17:49:32 <pboy> No, that's a matter of test day or test week and requires it's own efforts
17:49:54 <pboy> But the QA team would support / help us, I hope
17:50:13 <mowest> I really like those boards because it gathers all of the testing into one place.
17:50:16 <pboy> But we must provide the base content, the criteria and the test description
17:50:43 <pboy> mowest Yes, indeed!
17:52:04 <pboy> Do we agree, that we aim at a test week and the table I linked to for F38 or F39?
17:52:15 <eseyman> F38 for sure
17:52:55 <pboy> Yeah, may be we are not complete, but we should try to get as much together as possible.
17:53:48 <pboy> #agreed Server WG aims to have a test week with F38 and later
17:54:39 <pboy> I think we must make a plan how to achieve that.
17:55:09 <pboy> Should we discuss that on mailing list?
17:55:46 <cooltshirtguy> sure
17:56:20 <eseyman> yes
17:56:34 <pboy> #agreed We start a mailing list discussion about systematization of testing and how to get a test week.
17:57:05 <pboy> I think, we are done with this topic?
17:57:35 <eseyman> yes
17:57:49 <pboy> #topic 5. Open Floor
17:58:09 <pboy> It's a long time ago that we had time for open floor
17:59:07 <pboy> I have an idea in my mind I would like to discuss
17:59:10 <jwhimpel> Several weeks ago, I posted an ansible playbook to install widlfy v26.  I asked if anyone else had tried to use Juma's blog to add let's encrypt certificates to allow ssl encryption.  Did anyone fine time to test on their system?
17:59:25 <jwhimpel> s/fine/find/
18:00:06 <eseyman> I meant to but have had to deal with personal issues these last few weeks
18:00:10 <pboy> jwhimpel Unfortunately, I was too busy to get the ServerVM done. Sorry. But that is done now, so I can try the wildfly thing
18:00:46 <eseyman> I'll try again during the next two weeks
18:00:47 <cooltshirtguy> I got it downloaded, I need to modified the playbook for my environment. not tested yet
18:00:55 <jwhimpel> Appreciate any help determining if issue is on my server or is a generic bug.  Thanks for listening.
18:01:04 <pboy> I would like to have the wildfly project as first topic next meeting.
18:01:19 <jwhimpel> +1
18:01:38 <mowest> I was wondering what are some of the ideas being put forth to help keep our docs up to date among the Fedora Council or leaders of the respective WG's.
18:01:47 <mowest> Might be longer topic that what we have time for
18:02:21 <pboy> mowest That's quite a hot topic. :-)
18:02:31 <mowest> I know that on Ask Fedora there have been comments about this.
18:03:07 <pboy> Probably we should discuss that as a separate topic next meeting.
18:03:34 <mowest> Okay, good meeting today, thanks pboy for all you do.
18:03:39 <pboy> Oh, I see our time is up!
18:03:43 <eseyman> yes, pboy++
18:03:43 <zodbot> eseyman: Karma for pboy changed to 2 (for the current release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
18:04:01 <pboy> Yes, it was one of out best meetings!
18:04:06 <pboy> Thanks
18:04:08 <cooltshirtguy> thank you pboy++
18:04:08 <zodbot> cooltshirtguy: Karma for pboy changed to 3 (for the current release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
18:04:34 <mowest> Thanks pboy++
18:04:34 <zodbot> mowest: Karma for pboy changed to 4 (for the current release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
18:04:47 <mowest> I guess that is the proper way to show thanks and appreciation.
18:04:49 <pboy> Well I send you a mail about my idea, I mentioned above.
18:05:03 <pboy> Can we end our meeting now?
18:05:10 <mowest> +1
18:05:14 <cooltshirtguy> yup
18:05:33 <pboy> OK. Many thanks to everybody.!
18:05:40 <pboy> #endmeeting