17:00:33 <pboy> #startmeeting fedora-server
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17:00:43 <pboy> #topic Welcome / roll call
17:00:52 <pboy> Welcome to our Server WG IRC meeting today!
17:01:01 <pboy> Please, everybody who is lurking, say either .hello2 or .hello <fasname>
17:01:09 <pboy> I’ll post the agenda in a few minutes
17:02:06 <cooltshirtguy> .hello2
17:02:07 <zodbot> cooltshirtguy: cooltshirtguy 'Jason Beard' <jas_beard@hotmail.com>
17:02:32 <pboy> Welcome cooltshirtguy
17:03:15 <cooltshirtguy> thanks. I hope your doing good
17:03:48 <pboy> Yes, after an internet breakdown the last 2 days everything is fine again.
17:04:53 <pboy> That was a hard time. I didn't know how much I'm used to use the internet. I couldn't do nearly anything.
17:05:10 <cooltshirtguy> 2 days with no internet. I wouldnt know what to do
17:05:17 <cooltshirtguy> hahah
17:06:13 <pboy> Hm, we are not too many, today. Let's wait another 5 mins
17:06:20 <cooltshirtguy> ok
17:12:32 <pboy> Well, I think we have to postpone everything to the next meeting.
17:12:41 <cooltshirtguy> understood
17:12:49 <pboy> Do you have anything we should discuss now?
17:13:28 <cooltshirtguy> nope
17:13:51 <pboy> OK, just an announcemnt for the books:
17:14:10 <pboy> #info Update to my mail: Thanks to nirik we have a Server VM image in F37 and in Rawhide.
17:14:23 <pboy> Kevin (nirik) processed the PR and someone, I don’t know how, but probably nirik as well, wrote the integration script for the build system.
17:14:23 <cooltshirtguy> nice
17:14:36 <pboy> #link https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=91733076
17:14:37 <nirik> well, except...
17:14:46 <nirik> it failed on ppc64le and aarch64. ;(
17:15:06 <pboy> Yes, but I think I know the cause.
17:15:07 <nirik> and it didn't quite make the beta RC. ;(
17:15:18 <nirik> yeah, hopefully it's an easy fix.
17:15:28 <pboy> Can I do another PR or is it better to do nothing?
17:16:05 <pboy> And do we have a chance for the next RC?
17:16:19 <nirik> another PR with a fix would be great. well, or two... one for rawhide, one f37
17:16:27 <nirik> if there is one.
17:17:10 <pboy> Yes, aarch64 is a bit stricter with the filesystem type. This seems to be the cause.
17:18:09 <pboy> Anyway, I’m really happy now, after a lot of work I had done.
17:18:30 <pboy> Again, many thanks to nirik.
17:18:37 <pboy> And to sgallagh for support on the not so easy way to get the kickstart file done.
17:18:51 <nirik> thanks for working on it pboy!
17:19:10 <sgallagh> pboy++
17:19:10 <zodbot> sgallagh: Karma for pboy changed to 1 (for the current release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
17:20:01 <pboy> thanks! It was my first technical contrib after all the documentation.
17:20:43 <pboy> And it is the first notiable change for Fedora Server after a long time.
17:21:03 <eseyman> hello, folks
17:21:15 <eseyman> sorry I'm late, something came up
17:21:22 <pboy> Welcome eseyman
17:21:53 <pboy> Now we have the quorum, and I think we can start - and should do so!
17:22:13 <pboy> #topic Agenda
17:22:22 <pboy> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-server/report/Meeting
17:22:29 <pboy> #info Follow up actions
17:22:37 <pboy> #info  Release 37 Beta testing
17:22:44 <pboy> #info  Server VM status and the way forward
17:22:52 <pboy> #info  I Work planning for the next 6 months
17:22:58 <pboy> #info Open Floor
17:23:06 <pboy> Any additional topic / issue / comment ?
17:23:33 <pboy> I see none
17:23:36 <eseyman> not for me
17:23:43 <cooltshirtguy> nope
17:23:46 <pboy> #topic  Follow up actions
17:23:54 <pboy> #info Currently no open actions
17:24:03 <pboy> #info Still to do: final editing of the technical specifications as decided last meeting.
17:24:22 <pboy> Does anyone has anything to add here?
17:25:05 <pboy> #topic Release 37 Beta testing
17:25:14 <pboy> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-server/issue/91
17:25:23 <pboy> #info Fedora 37 Candidate Beta-1.5 Available
17:25:33 <pboy> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Results:Fedora_37_Beta_1.5_Server
17:26:17 <pboy> I think, there are at least 4 subtopics:
17:26:26 <pboy> 1. Current state of the Software Raid installation issue
17:26:34 <pboy> 2. how to deal with bug reports found a long time ago and unprocessed since then
17:26:41 <pboy> 3. How to systematize testing
17:26:53 <pboy> 4. Where are there additional testing needs to automated testing?
17:27:26 <pboy> Any additional ideas?
17:28:22 <eseyman> that's already a lot to talk about
17:28:34 <pboy> Indeed.  :-)
17:28:42 <pboy> So let's start with:
17:28:51 <pboy> 1. Current state of the Software Raid installation issue
17:29:10 <pboy> It was accepted as a blocker bug, but is it really?
17:29:21 <pboy> Didn’t see it in bcottons mails.
17:29:31 <pboy> #link http://qa.fedoraproject.org/blockerbugs/current
17:29:58 <pboy> I'm wondering, what to do.
17:31:17 <pboy> adamw  Are you online by any chance?
17:31:26 <eseyman> One easy win is to document the current state of affairs
17:31:38 <nirik> pboy: it's a final blocker, not a beta one
17:31:45 <nirik> https://qa.fedoraproject.org/blockerbugs/milestone/37/final/buglist
17:32:05 <nirik> (I think? what is the bug number?)
17:32:35 <eseyman> people who want to use software raid should be told upfront that it works or doesn't work
17:33:24 <pboy> nirik https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2088113
17:33:44 <nirik> yeah, final blocker
17:34:16 <pboy> OK, very good. Well, I've still to learn the fine details of fedora universe. :-)
17:34:27 <nirik> so this is only bios boot?
17:35:28 <pboy> yes, efi did never work with custom, but does work with advanced config (that blivi... I never can remeber)
17:35:53 <nirik> well, efi has a different problem I guess... the efi partition can only be in one place.
17:35:59 <nirik> anyhow, sorry for sidetracking.
17:36:56 <pboy> Yes,anconda resolves that by making it a raid partition. It work with Fedora, but probably with nothing else.
17:37:51 <pboy> I think, we have to resolve that in a next step, F38 of F39
17:38:54 <pboy> My biggest concern with this bug  has been taken care of.
17:39:03 <pboy> I will continue to test the installation and comment on the bug.
17:39:29 <pboy> I've already set up a specific test environment in my home lab
17:39:50 <pboy> Anything elso to that sub topic?
17:40:07 <eseyman> nope
17:40:29 <pboy> OK, let's forward to the next one:
17:40:41 <pboy> 2. how to deal with bug reports found a long time ago and unprocessed since then
17:41:08 <pboy> Specifically it is:
17:41:23 <pboy> #link https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1900869
17:41:41 <pboy> #link https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1900888
17:42:23 <pboy> The latter is especially bad. you have to deactivate SELinux and must not forget to activate it again afterwards
17:42:50 <pboy> What can we do about those 2 years old bugs?
17:44:14 <eseyman> humm...
17:44:56 <pboy> Me either. :-)
17:45:53 <pboy> I think I will bring to the weekly QA meeting next Monday. Maybe, we can get some advice there.
17:46:32 <pboy> Maybe, we should first discuss the 4. subtopic:
17:46:44 <pboy> 4. Where are there additional testing needs to automated testing?
17:47:26 <pboy> It means, we should study the change list for suspicious items.
17:47:54 <eseyman> dns, dhcp and ldap seems like quick wins
17:49:13 <pboy> Yes, with dns / systemd-resolved there is another longstanding but. Split DNS doesn't work with virtual interfaces, specifically libvirt, out default virtualization
17:49:38 <pboy> It did work some releases ago.
17:50:49 <pboy> Maybe the best is, to start a mailing list thread about  additional test items?
17:51:50 <cooltshirtguy> sounds like a place to start
17:52:04 <pboy> #agreed We start a thread on the mailing list about additional needs for testing.
17:52:36 <pboy> I think, we can switch to the next topic?
17:52:54 <pboy> #topic Server VM status and the way forward
17:53:21 <pboy> I think, everything is said the the beginning. So we can skip to the next?
17:53:33 <cooltshirtguy> yes
17:53:46 <pboy> #topic Work planning for the next 6 months
17:53:54 <pboy> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-server/boards/Works%20in%20progress
17:54:19 <pboy> I think, we have 2 larger projects:
17:54:39 <pboy> a) review & extend our release criteria
17:54:48 <pboy> b) review our installation media
17:55:26 <pboy> a) is probably rather boring and b) is rather complicated.
17:55:43 <eseyman> yes
17:56:05 <pboy> Any idea what to do?
17:57:22 <cooltshirtguy> not really, pick one and move forward?
17:58:45 <pboy> Yeah. So I think we should start with the release criteria and probably as a more interesting project expand our Ansible project.
17:59:08 <pboy> So we have 2 in parallel, that should be possible.
17:59:30 <pboy> Eseyman what about your Ansible project ideas?
18:00:52 <eseyman> well, my idea was to build the SBC reference list and create Ansible roles based on that
18:01:25 <eseyman> I did spend part of my vacation writing the dnsmasq one and it's almost complete
18:01:41 <eseyman> I'll probably finish this weekend
18:02:26 <eseyman> so release criteria should come first
18:02:38 <pboy> That's a lot of progress!
18:03:15 <pboy> Yeah, release criteria is somewhat dry, but important.
18:03:39 <eseyman> it would make a lot more things simpler to do
18:03:54 <pboy> I see, our time is up. Let's continue with this topic text meeting.
18:04:15 <pboy> I would close, if nothing else is to talk about?
18:04:19 <cooltshirtguy> nope
18:04:41 <pboy> ok. Bye then and see you in 2 weeks and on mailing list.
18:04:49 <eseyman> see you, folks
18:04:56 <pboy> #endmeeting