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16:00:45 <adamw> #topic Roll Call
16:01:15 <copperi[m]> .hello copperi
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16:01:32 <pboy> .hello
16:01:32 * kparal is somewhat here
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16:02:09 <coremodule> .hello2
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16:02:29 <pboy> .hello2
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16:02:44 <bytehackr> Hey Hey..
16:03:12 <adamw> ahoyhoy
16:04:55 <adamw> how's everybody doing?
16:05:18 <Alessio[m]> .hello2
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16:05:28 <Alessio[m]> argh
16:05:43 <copperi[m]> Fine but busy
16:05:43 <Alessio[m]> .hello alciregi
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16:05:56 <adamw> copperi: hah, aren't we all
16:06:13 <pboy> Well, trying my best with Server rawhide January 18
16:07:43 <adamw> okay, let's get started
16:07:47 <adamw> #topic Previous meeting follow-up
16:08:41 <adamw> #info "adamw to try and clarify intent of "default application functionality" criterion regarding arches" - so I finally did something about this! I sent a proposal to the list last week: https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/test@lists.fedoraproject.org/message/ATEGRVDE3RXXNKCPDCPNBRFZ2A5A3DCH/
16:08:52 <adamw> thanks for the feedback so far, I will send a revised version today
16:09:11 <geraldosimiao> .hello geraldosimiao
16:09:13 <zodbot> geraldosimiao: geraldosimiao 'Geraldo S. Simião Kutz' <geraldo.simiao.kutz@gmail.com>
16:10:06 <adamw> any other follow-up?
16:10:51 <frantisekz> .hello2
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16:10:55 <geraldosimiao> nope, seems fine
16:11:26 <adamw> roger roger
16:11:41 <adamw> #topic Fedora 36 status
16:11:50 <adamw> this is currently "mostly fine", I think
16:12:04 <adamw> the mass rebuild happened, but there were quite a lot of fails, not sure if it's being re-run
16:12:20 <adamw> composes are working and mostly passing tests, there is an odd issue with the KDE tests that lruzicka and I are trying to figure out
16:12:34 <adamw> anyone have any other notes on current rawhide?
16:12:52 <pboy> I've some questions. :)
16:13:02 <adamw> fire away!
16:13:41 <pboy> 1. Tried Server netboot. It obviously defaults to evertything as source. Thats. not optimal.
16:13:45 <geraldosimiao> branch day is feb 08 right?
16:14:17 <pboy> Is this expected and automatically corrected later?
16:15:07 <pboy> 2. systemd-resolved /etc/resolv.conf still exists.
16:15:09 <adamw> pboy: it's expected and won't be changed, iirc. all netinsts are like that
16:15:42 <adamw> as long as it defaults to the Server package set, it's working as expected. we don't really use the edition trees as install sources any more, it just leads to problems...
16:16:14 <pboy> If I remember correctly, my last server netinstall used Server by default and got the correct  pre-configurations.
16:16:55 <pboy> But OK, the default selection was Server
16:17:14 <adamw> i'm pretty sure it's been this way for ages
16:17:19 <adamw> let me check the f35 screenshots
16:17:34 <adamw> on the resolved issue, there's a bug report for that, right?
16:17:44 <pboy> Nevertheless, it's bad because you get different default storage configuration, if you use netinstall. Quite bad!
16:18:54 <adamw> pboy: that would be a bug. it should still use all the server defaults for things like that.
16:19:39 <pboy> Sorry, again missed resolved issues again. I just finished my test installation. :-)
16:20:54 <pboy> I'll test that again, but I'm sure, if you use everything DVD you get the wrong preconfiguration. We had a thread about that on server list.
16:21:05 <adamw> #info the mass rebuild has run but had a lot of failures, it may be re-run. Rawhide composes are working and mostly passing tests, there is a problem in KDE live install tests that we're trying to figure out. New versions of GNOME and KDE recently landed, please test them out.
16:22:27 <adamw> pboy: if there still seem to be problems with server, we can chat in fedora-qa
16:22:45 <adamw> #topic Current criteria / test case proposals
16:22:48 <pboy> adamw: OK
16:23:10 <adamw> so, we have my clarification proposal mentioned earlier, and kparal's second draft of the packaging criteria
16:23:29 <adamw> any thoughts on those? feedback on the packaging draft seems positive so far
16:24:05 <geraldosimiao> that, I find very good https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/test@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/ZH3LFVXEN7WOJDNYBNKZVXOFWCNVQNUZ/
16:26:37 <coremodule> I am +1 for kparal's graphical package manager criterion change
16:27:54 <adamw> yay
16:28:01 <coremodule> having dealt with it in the past, I particularly appreciate the bit about the state of an installed package must be true
16:28:12 <adamw> i suppose we should also run it by the desktop and kde teams
16:28:32 <kparal> adamw: yes, I'll send it to other lists, once we more or less agree
16:28:46 <kparal> adamw: I still need you to clarify your last reply, see the thread
16:28:56 <adamw> yeah, i'm writing a reply
16:32:00 <adamw> alrighty, so, seems like we're all on the same hymn sheet there
16:32:08 <adamw> hopefully we can get these changes landed soonish
16:32:13 <adamw> then we'll need to write test cases
16:34:22 <adamw> #topic Test Day / community event status
16:34:34 <adamw> sumantro: ahoy, around?
16:35:56 <Alessio[m]> kernel test day is ongoing
16:36:13 <Alessio[m]> there are 64 entries in the webapp page
16:36:46 <Alessio[m]> it seems that the kerneltest iso doesn't boot on UEFI systems
16:36:49 <adamw> yup, thanks a lot to everyone taking part in that
16:37:00 <adamw> oof, that's a problem
16:37:09 <adamw> has jforbes said anything about it?
16:37:15 <Alessio[m]> jforbes: was investigating
16:37:26 <adamw> oh yeah, i see it being discussed
16:37:30 <adamw> i'll see if i can help after the meeting
16:40:58 <adamw> #info kernel test week is ongoing: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Day:2022-01-23_Kernel_5.16_Test_Week
16:41:26 <adamw> #info sumantro has started planning audio, i18n, GNOME, virtualization, cloud and CoreOS test days/weeks for F36
16:41:36 <adamw> you can follow those tickets at https://pagure.io/fedora-qa/issues if you're interested
16:43:47 <adamw> any other notes/questions on this topic?
16:45:34 <adamw> alrighty then
16:45:37 <adamw> #topic Open floor
16:45:41 <adamw> any other business, folks?
16:46:20 <Alessio[m]> doesn't seem that
16:46:53 <adamw> i like it when things aren't on fire
16:47:02 <geraldosimiao> :)
16:52:07 <adamw> heh
16:52:11 <adamw> alrighty then folks, thanks for coming!
16:52:15 <adamw> see you next time
16:52:17 <adamw> #endmeeting