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17:00:36 <bcotton> #topic Roll Call
17:00:51 <nirik> morning everyone.
17:01:10 <Southern_Gentlem> afternoon nirik
17:01:16 <bcotton> oh come on, bridge :-(
17:01:24 <geraldosimiao> .hello geraldosimiao
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17:01:34 <Southern_Gentlem> .hello jbwillia
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17:01:37 <mboddu> .hello mohanboddu
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17:01:45 <frantisekz> .hello2
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17:02:16 <bcotton> #chair bcotton_
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17:02:23 <Southern_Gentlem> bcotton, not as much lag on chat.fp
17:02:24 <pwhalen> .hello pwhalen
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17:02:49 <bcotton_> computers were a mistake
17:02:54 <adamw> ahoyhoy
17:02:57 <adamw> .hello adamwill
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17:03:17 <geraldosimiao> The bot is on vacation? Lol
17:03:36 <bcotton> #info Messages from IRC are apparently not reaching Matrix dot org
17:03:41 <StephenGallagher> .hello sgallagh
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17:04:01 <adamw> i'll fax you the decision tuesday week
17:04:06 <nirik> oddly they are fine for me... wonder if there's a matrix federation issue.
17:04:09 <bcotton> asynchronous lag
17:04:22 <StephenGallagher> adamw: I can’t receive faxes where I live
17:04:47 <mboddu> StephenGallagher: Then pigeon it is ;)
17:04:48 <Southern_Gentlem> bcotton, i am seeing maybe 1-2 secs between irc and chat.fp
17:04:49 <bcotton_> okay, let's get started before StephenGallagher starts making jokes
17:05:01 <StephenGallagher> Too late
17:05:02 <bcotton_> #topic Purpose of this meeting
17:05:07 <bcotton_> #info Purpose of this meeting is to check whether or not F35 Beta is ready for shipment, according to the release criteria.
17:05:08 <bcotton_> #info This is determined in a few ways:
17:05:10 <bcotton_> #info 1. No remaining blocker bugs
17:05:12 <bcotton_> #info 2. Release candidate compose is available
17:05:13 <bcotton_> #info 3. Test matrices for Beta are fully completed
17:05:16 <lruzicka2> .hello lruzicka
17:05:17 <zodbot> lruzicka2: lruzicka 'Lukáš Růžička' <lruzicka@redhat.com>
17:05:21 <bcotton_> #topic Current status - blockers
17:05:22 <bcotton_> #link https://qa.fedoraproject.org/blockerbugs/milestone/35/beta/buglist
17:05:28 <geraldosimiao> .hello geraldosimiao
17:05:29 <zodbot> geraldosimiao: geraldosimiao 'Geraldo S. Simião Kutz' <geraldo.simiao.kutz@gmail.com>
17:05:44 <bcotton_> okay, so we have some proposed and some accepted blockers to look at
17:05:48 <bcotton_> let's start with our accepted blockers
17:05:59 <bcotton_> #topic (2005289) blivet.errors.DeviceFormatError: Failed to delete the device:format has not been created
17:06:00 <bcotton_> #link https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2005289
17:06:01 <bcotton_> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-qa/blocker-review/issue/473
17:06:03 <bcotton_> #info Accepted Blocker, blivet-gui, VERIFIED
17:06:06 <adamw> oh god everybody run
17:06:16 <bcotton_> this one is VERIFIED, anyone care to object?
17:06:26 <adamw> #agreed release is no-go due to excessive sgallagh humor level
17:06:41 <bcotton_> adamw: you forgot the scare quotes around humor
17:06:46 <StephenGallagher> … that’s fair
17:06:57 <bcotton_> adamw: also, you forgot to spell it Canadianly
17:07:05 <nirik> ok, eh
17:07:19 <mboddu> adamw: ack
17:07:25 <bcotton_> okay, i'm not hearing any objections (to the bug, not the StephenGallagher)
17:07:27 <bcotton_> #topic (2005625) gnome-keyring does not work correctly in gnome-initial-setup session (causes delay on user creation, incorrect login keyring password, failure to connect to wifi network...)
17:07:29 <bcotton_> #link https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2005625
17:07:30 <bcotton_> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-qa/blocker-review/issue/463
17:07:32 <bcotton_> #info Accepted Blocker, gnome-keyring, MODIFIED
17:07:50 <frantisekz> it seems to be fixed? at least the delay part
17:08:29 <bcotton_> anyone want to disagree?
17:08:31 <adamw> this is verified fixed in rc2
17:08:42 <adamw> just need to update it
17:08:44 <geraldosimiao> Yes
17:08:58 <lruzicka2> nope, do not disagree
17:09:04 <bcotton_> geraldosimiao: yes you want to disagree, or yes it is fixed
17:09:34 <lruzicka2> i could add fedora account, I could connect to a wifi and the delay seems to be gone
17:10:21 <bcotton_> #info This is verified to be fixed in rc2
17:10:32 <bcotton_> #topic (1989726) [abrt] gnome-shell: cogl_texture_get_gl_texture(): gnome-shell killed by SIGSEGV
17:10:34 <bcotton_> #link https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1989726
17:10:35 <bcotton_> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-qa/blocker-review/issue/399
17:10:37 <bcotton_> #info Accepted Blocker, mesa, NEW
17:10:39 <bcotton_> so. this one is not fixed
17:11:05 <bcotton_> but it's also not likely to be fixed in a reasonably-fast timeframe
17:12:11 <Southern_Gentlem> considering g41 just released things should be a little rough around the edge
17:12:49 <Southern_Gentlem> beta i say wave, final would be a different story
17:12:53 <bcotton_> proposed #agreed BZ 1989726 is waived under the "Difficult to fix blocker bugs" exception
17:13:07 <frantisekz> ack
17:13:14 <lruzicka2> ack
17:13:16 <bcotton_> Southern_Gentlem: fwiw, this appears to be more of a mesa issue than a gnome issue
17:13:39 <pwhalen> ack
17:13:57 <Southern_Gentlem> ack
17:13:57 <adamw> so. move on?
17:14:08 <bcotton_> #agreed BZ 1989726 is waived under the "Difficult to fix blocker bugs" exception
17:14:26 <StephenGallagher> Is the aarch64 SIG okay with this decision?
17:14:42 <lruzicka2> poor jetson users :)
17:14:43 * StephenGallagher looks at pwhalen
17:14:48 <mboddu> bcotton_: Better than waived, mark it as pushed to Final
17:14:53 <bcotton_> StephenGallagher: pwhalen acked it
17:14:57 <bcotton_> #topic (2006028) Non-root user cannot join a domain through Cockpit
17:14:58 <bcotton_> #link https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2006028
17:14:59 <StephenGallagher> ok, good
17:15:00 <bcotton_> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-qa/blocker-review/issue/465
17:15:02 <bcotton_> #info Proposed Blocker, cockpit, POST
17:15:04 <adamw> er, i missed the last ten minutessomehow
17:15:22 <adamw> mboddu: waiving automatically means 'pushed to next milestone'
17:15:28 <bcotton> adamw: the bridge is a little rickety today
17:15:53 <bcotton_> #info Ticket vote: BetaBlocker (+0,0,-2) (-bcotton, -sgallagh)
17:15:54 <mboddu> adamw: Right, I forgot about that
17:15:54 <bcotton_> #info Ticket vote: FinalBlocker (+3,0,-0) (+bcotton, +adamwill, +sgallagh)
17:15:56 <bcotton_> #info Ticket vote: BetaFreezeException (+3,0,-0) (+bcotton, +adamwill, +sgallagh)
17:16:15 <geraldosimiao> <bcotton_> "geraldosimiao: yes you want to..." <- Yes fixed. The bridge here is too slow. I'll only watch. 🙂
17:16:47 <nirik> yeah, -1 betablocker
17:17:07 <bcotton_> so the general consensus here is that there's a workaround and that's good enough for now. this your opportunity to say otherwise
17:17:26 <mboddu> -1 BetaBlocker, +1 FinalBlocker
17:17:27 <adamw_> fine, here i am on irc
17:17:40 <bcotton_> welcome to the present, adamw_
17:17:45 <lruzicka2> I would not hold beta for this, so -1 BB
17:17:48 <frantisekz> -1 betablocker
17:17:53 <Southern_Gentlem> -1 bb, +1FB
17:18:27 <adamw_> i think the 'refresh the page' workaround is OK for beta, so -1 beta / +1 final.
17:18:39 <pwhalen> -1 bb, +1FB
17:19:00 <StephenGallagher> I was -1 BetaBlocker, +1 FinalBlocker in the ticket
17:19:16 <bcotton_> proposed #agreed 2006028 - RejectedBlocker(Beta) - A suitable workaround is available and fixes can arrive in a post-releease update. (We'll leave FinalBlocker status for the Usual Process™)
17:19:19 <StephenGallagher> In the event of a respin, I'd be in favor of FE
17:19:29 <nirik> ack
17:19:31 <mboddu> ack
17:19:31 <kk4ewt[m]> ack
17:19:34 <frantisekz> ack
17:19:38 <StephenGallagher> ack
17:19:42 <JanKuparinen[m]> ack
17:20:02 <pwhalen> ack
17:20:04 <adamw_> ack
17:20:07 <kk4ewt[m]> yes i am on both sides
17:20:10 <bcotton_> #agreed 2006028 - RejectedBlocker(Beta) - A suitable workaround is available and fixes can arrive in a post-releease update. (We'll leave FinalBlocker status for the Usual Process™)
17:20:22 <bcotton_> #topic (1999321) DNS often stops resolving properly after FreeIPA server upgrade to Fedora 35 or 36
17:20:24 <bcotton_> #link https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1999321
17:20:25 <bcotton_> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-qa/blocker-review/issue/419
17:20:27 <bcotton_> #info Proposed Blocker, freeipa, NEW
17:20:28 <bcotton_> #info Ticket vote: BetaBlocker (+0,1,-1) (kparal, -bcotton)
17:20:53 * nirik waits for bugzilla
17:21:29 <lruzicka2> This is the one that held me busy for a couple of days and I still did not see anything on my local machine.
17:21:34 <bcotton_> last time i looked, we couldn't reproduce this outside of openQA so there may be an acutal bug somewhere but who can really say?
17:21:43 <adamw_> so, i think it's reasonable to -1 this at least for Beta
17:21:49 <StephenGallagher> So, basically the assumption right now is that there's something specifically about the openQA setup that causes this
17:21:55 <adamw_> it seems to be hard to reproduce outside of fedora infra
17:22:03 <adamw_> StephenGallagher: more so the environment it's running in
17:22:04 <lruzicka2> agreed, we could warn in Common bugs
17:22:05 <StephenGallagher> With no confirmation in any other environment, I'm -1 BetaBloacker
17:22:15 <StephenGallagher> adamw_: Right, I misspoke.
17:22:43 <nirik> yeah, -1 BB here... but very odd.
17:22:45 <adamw_> there is also a workaround - disable dnssec - though i don't actually know how to do that for an existing deployment; i'll check that with ab for commonbugs purposes
17:23:13 <nirik> the unreachable root servers there are all ipv6... there's no ipv6 in that dc. ;)
17:23:24 <adamw_> nirik: it's not the unreachable ipv6 ones that are the problem
17:23:37 <adamw_> nirik: it's the dnssec chain issues with the ipv4 addresses further down
17:23:47 <bcotton_> proposed #agreed 1999321 - RejectedBlocker(Beta) - This has not been reproduced outside of the openQA environment, so it doesn't seem reasonable to block the Beta release for
17:24:14 <frantisekz> ack
17:24:20 <Southern_Gentlem> ack
17:24:23 <adamw_> ack
17:24:27 <nirik> ack
17:24:32 <JanKuparinen[m]> ack
17:24:34 <pwhalen> ack
17:24:40 <bcotton_> #agreed 1999321 - RejectedBlocker(Beta) - This has not been reproduced outside of the openQA environment, so it doesn't seem reasonable to block the Beta release for
17:24:47 <nirik> huh, weird.
17:25:01 <bcotton_> #topic Current status - blockers
17:25:13 <bcotton_> #info All accepted blockers are verified or waived
17:25:17 <bcotton_> yay!
17:25:31 <bcotton_> #topic Current status - test matrices
17:25:32 <bcotton_> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Category:Fedora_35_Test_Results
17:25:53 <bcotton_> Okay, QA friends, how are our tests?
17:26:00 <adamw_> i have just been massaging them
17:26:02 <adamw_> so they're great!
17:26:27 <adamw_> uh, but seriously folks. a couple of small things. we don't have cloud tests in a real cloud on x86_64 (we do on aarch64 though, thanks pwhalen for that)
17:26:29 <StephenGallagher> adamw_: Relaxed, if nothing else :)
17:27:28 <adamw_> we don't have USB UEFI checked off for one of the aarch64 installer images, which is required...
17:28:01 <adamw_> though it passed in openQA and the disk images boot, so hard to think it'd be busted.
17:28:10 <pwhalen> I guess this is new, not done USB testing in a while.
17:28:12 <geraldosimiao> Rc 1.2 is looking good so far
17:28:25 <adamw_> pwhalen: i don't think it's changed? let me check the previous release matrices
17:29:01 <adamw_> it was the same for f34...jlinton checked it for final
17:29:01 <adamw_> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Results:Fedora_34_RC_1.2_Installation?rd=Test_Results:Current_Installation_Test#Default_boot_and_install_.28aarch64.29
17:29:16 <adamw_> welp, i guess i can go find a jumper and see if i can avoid frying this jetson...:D
17:29:39 <pwhalen> I dont think its going to work there adamw_
17:30:20 <bcotton_> "Hardware not molten. Test passes"
17:30:22 <pwhalen> I think the OpenQA results should suffice. I'll make note to do this too for final. Too much in such little time
17:31:51 <adamw_> jetson will only work from a disk image?
17:32:43 <adamw_> okay, so aside from that, the only holes are a few cases where we have things tested for one arch but not another, i think they're all cases we don't need to worry about
17:32:51 <adamw_> no reason it'd work on one but not on the other (artwork stuff for e.g.)
17:33:24 <mboddu> We can throw them under "This is Beta" bus :)
17:34:20 <nirik> This. Is. Beta!
17:34:40 <pwhalen> adamw_: right, I'll try to cover this shortly, unlikely before the decision
17:34:54 <adamw_> pwhalen: hey, sometimes it's x86_64 that isn't covered :D
17:35:33 <bcotton_> anything else on the test matrices?
17:36:18 <adamw_> that's it, i'd say coverage is acceptable
17:36:30 <bcotton_> #info Tetst coverage is acceptable
17:36:34 <bcotton_> #undo
17:36:34 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: INFO by bcotton_ at 17:36:30 : Tetst coverage is acceptable
17:36:40 <bcotton_> #info Test coverage is acceptable
17:36:52 <bcotton_> typos are for the announcement emails, not the meeting logs
17:36:53 <StephenGallagher> Nah, leave the other one. The irony is delicious.
17:37:07 <bcotton_> #topic Current status - RC
17:38:01 <bcotton_> do i recall correctly that RC2 reached the vaunted FINISHED status?
17:38:10 <mboddu> Yup
17:38:18 <nirik> it did.
17:38:23 <pwhalen> IoT - https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Results:Fedora-IoT_35_RC_20210922.0_General
17:38:39 <bcotton_> #info RC2 is the current candidate. All artifacts built successfully
17:39:37 <bcotton_> anything else to add on the RC?
17:40:06 <adamw_> not a sausage
17:40:08 <Southern_Gentlem> it built, it tested
17:40:11 <bcotton_> #topic Go/No-Go decision
17:40:13 <bcotton_> I will poll each team. Please reply “go” or “no-go”
17:40:16 <bcotton_> FESCo?
17:40:18 <nirik> GO
17:40:32 <bcotton_> #info FESCo is GO
17:40:36 <bcotton_> Releng?
17:41:26 <bcotton_> the suspense is killing me
17:41:28 <StephenGallagher> I'll also say GO with my FESCo hat on :-)
17:41:38 <mboddu> Go
17:41:39 <nirik> 🏎️go go go
17:41:41 <bcotton_> #info Releng is GO
17:41:43 <bcotton_> QA?
17:41:44 <frantisekz> GO
17:41:48 <adamw_> per QA rules, we're go
17:41:49 <bcotton_> #info QA is GO
17:41:59 <bcotton_> #agreed Fedora Linux 35 Beta is GO
17:42:00 <bcotton_> #info Fedora Linux 35 Beta will release on 2021-09-28
17:42:07 <mboddu> Yay
17:42:12 <bcotton_> #action bcotton to announce decision
17:42:19 <bcotton_> #topic Open floor
17:42:19 <zlopez> cg
17:42:21 <bcotton_> Anything else we need to discuss before closing?
17:42:21 <lruzicka2> how much time do we have for final?
17:42:40 <frantisekz> freeze is on 5th?
17:42:46 <bcotton_> lruzicka2: early final target is 2021-10-19 https://fedorapeople.org/groups/schedule/f-35/f-35-key-tasks.html
17:42:49 <frantisekz> planned release 19th
17:42:59 <bcotton_> frantisekz: correct. freeze starts on the 5th
17:43:08 <frantisekz> check the packager dashboard lruzicka! :D
17:43:18 <adamw_> pfft who uses that thing :P
17:43:19 <lruzicka2> we do not have much time then
17:43:34 <mboddu> bcotton_: Wont the freeze gets pushed to 12?
17:43:34 <Southern_Gentlem> lruzicka2, which might be to our advantage
17:43:35 <lruzicka2> let's better not start anything big :D
17:43:49 <lruzicka2> just polish what we have :D
17:43:55 <frantisekz> it's already baking in u-t though... :D
17:43:55 <mboddu> bcotton_: I thought the policy is to have 2 weeks in between beta release and final freeze
17:43:56 <Southern_Gentlem> exactly
17:44:02 * nirik has to run, but thanks everyone for your hard work.
17:44:09 <frantisekz> thanks, \o nirik
17:44:16 <mboddu> thanks nirik
17:44:25 <lruzicka2> thanks
17:44:31 <bcotton_> mboddu: not necessarily. f32 had immediate freeze, iirc
17:44:44 <JanKuparinen[m]> mboddy 19-5 == two weeks
17:44:55 <lruzicka2> which is true
17:45:25 <Southern_Gentlem> Jan would be 28-5
17:45:37 <mboddu> bcotton_: Right, but I thought it was a special case, anyway if adamw_ is okay with, I am fine with it
17:46:18 <adamw_> i'm busy looking at air conditioner reviews over here
17:46:47 <adamw_> uhh, freeze on 5th gives us...12 days? yeah, it's a bit tight i guess
17:46:59 <adamw_> we've got a whole gnome version to land
17:47:00 <lruzicka2> adamw_, get a sinclair
17:47:02 <adamw_> dunno what else people have lined up
17:47:28 <Southern_Gentlem> 7days but that gives time to fix stuff we didnt have in beta
17:47:55 <bcotton_> the freeze-to-early-release window hasn't changed in...at least since i started as fpgm, iirc
17:48:02 <Southern_Gentlem> instead of introducing a bunch of unknows
17:48:23 <Southern_Gentlem> ns
17:48:29 <adamw_> bcotton_: well, the thing is when we slip beta without changing the final dates that window gets tighter
17:48:32 <bcotton_> the start of final freeze is keyed to the final release target, not the beta release
17:48:47 <adamw_> we used to slip the whole schedule when beta slipped, iirc
17:48:55 <adamw_> anyhoo
17:49:35 <bcotton_> anything else before i start sending emails?
17:50:17 <lruzicka2> i guess not, just adamw_  should get a sinclair :d
17:50:54 <bcotton_> #action adamw_ to get a sinclair
17:50:58 <adamw_> no, just i think mboddu has a reasonable concern, and we will reserve the right to say i told you so :P
17:51:04 <JanKuparinen[m]> :)
17:51:19 <mboddu> I am getting a feeling that F35 final will be postponed as well, it will come down to Gnome 41 is important and we cannot ship F35 final with it
17:51:32 <mboddu> s/with/without/
17:51:33 <bcotton_> happy to discuss the concern post-meeting in a venue of your choosing :-)
17:51:55 <bcotton_> #endmeeting