05:30:08 <vishalvvr> #startmeeting i18n
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05:30:17 <vishalvvr> #meetingname i18n
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05:30:23 <vishalvvr> #topic agenda and roll call
05:30:53 <mfabian>05:30:55 <vishalvvr> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/I18N/Meetings/2021-05-31
05:30:59 <tagoh> hi
05:31:08 <andi89gi> morning folks
05:32:34 <paragan> hi
05:33:28 <vishalvvr> #chair mfabian tagoh andi89gi paragan
05:33:28 <zodbot> Current chairs: andi89gi mfabian paragan tagoh vishalvvr
05:33:34 <priyam_> Hi
05:33:46 <vishalvvr> #chair priyam_
05:33:46 <zodbot> Current chairs: andi89gi mfabian paragan priyam_ tagoh vishalvvr
05:33:54 <vishalvvr> Welcome eveyone to our first meeting on libera.chat.
05:33:59 <paragan> :)
05:34:12 <vishalvvr> s/eveyone/everyone
05:34:20 <vishalvvr> There was lot of things going on with the network change/migration last week and finally we all have managed to migrated here.
05:34:30 <vishalvvr> Thank you everyone for all the efforts :)
05:34:51 <vishalvvr> #link https://fedoramagazine.org/irc-announcement
05:35:03 <paragan> yes thanks all who manage to join here today
05:35:53 <vishalvvr> lets start with today's meeting.
05:36:27 <epico> hi
05:36:37 <vishalvvr> #chair epico
05:36:37 <zodbot> Current chairs: andi89gi epico mfabian paragan priyam_ tagoh vishalvvr
05:36:40 <vishalvvr> #topic Upcoming schedule
05:36:49 <vishalvvr> #info 2021-06-23 Change Checkpoint: Proposal submission deadline (Changes requiring infrastructure changes)
05:36:58 <vishalvvr> #info 2021-06-29 Change Checkpoint: Proposal submission deadline (Changes requiring mass rebuild)
05:37:09 <vishalvvr> #info 2021-06-29 Change Checkpoint: Proposal submission deadline (System Wide Changes)
05:37:17 <vishalvvr> #info 2021-07-20 Change Checkpoint: Proposal submission deadline (Self Contained Changes)
05:37:25 <vishalvvr> #link https://fedorapeople.org/groups/schedule/f-35/f-35
05:38:11 <vishalvvr> anyone has any upcoming schedule to be mentioned here?
05:39:43 <vishalvvr> okay let's move onto next topic then
05:39:45 <vishalvvr> #topic issues
05:39:53 <vishalvvr> #info #136: Fedora 35 i18n test day
05:39:59 <vishalvvr> #link https://pagure.io/i18n/issue/136
05:40:49 <paragan> nothing particular to discuss here. When time comes we will have more discussion on this.
05:41:10 <vishalvvr> priyam_, have proposed 31st aug as i18n test cases review date
05:42:45 <vishalvvr> okay then moving onto the next ticket
05:43:21 <vishalvvr> #info #133: Transtats in fedora planning
05:43:27 <vishalvvr> #link https://pagure.io/i18n/issue/133
05:44:33 <vishalvvr> sundeep has  some trouble in connecting to the meeting, may be can discuss more on this in openfloor
05:45:14 <vishalvvr> oh suanand is here :)
05:45:28 <suanand> hello, sorry - I was lost
05:45:35 <vishalvvr> suanand, no problem :)
05:45:44 <vishalvvr> we were on your ticket
05:45:45 <vishalvvr> #link https://pagure.io/i18n/issue/133
05:45:50 <vishalvvr> #chair suanand
05:45:50 <zodbot> Current chairs: andi89gi epico mfabian paragan priyam_ suanand tagoh vishalvvr
05:46:00 <suanand> nothing to discuss this week
05:46:17 <suanand> if anyone has anything please feel free to share
05:48:01 <vishalvvr> great, everyone feel free to comment on the ticket if any
05:48:29 <vishalvvr> moving onto the next ticket if nothing more to discuss here
05:48:46 <vishalvvr> #info #132: refresh I18N/Fonts
05:48:51 <vishalvvr> #link https://pagure.io/i18n/issue/132
05:49:24 <vishalvvr> any update on this ticket ?
05:50:51 <tagoh> Not particularly this week
05:51:22 <vishalvvr> thanks tagoh for the update
05:51:49 <vishalvvr> let move onto next ticket
05:51:56 <vishalvvr> #info #127: Fedora 32 Bug triaging
05:52:02 <pravins> Hi All :)
05:52:03 <vishalvvr> #link https://pagure.io/i18n/issue/127
05:52:09 <vishalvvr> #chair pravins
05:52:09 <zodbot> Current chairs: andi89gi epico mfabian paragan pravins priyam_ suanand tagoh vishalvvr
05:52:26 <vishalvvr> priyam, are we good to close this ticket ?
05:52:40 <priyam> all the bugs triage for F32.we can close the ticket :)
05:53:16 <vishalvvr> sure would be great if you can close the ticket with an comment.
05:53:23 <vishalvvr> Thanks priyam
05:53:36 <priyam> sure vishalvvr
05:54:08 <priyam> thanks everyone for triagging the bug :)
05:54:46 <vishalvvr> okay then moving onto the next ticket
05:54:50 <vishalvvr> #info #138: F35 cycle meeting chairperson
05:54:55 <vishalvvr> #link https://pagure.io/i18n/issue/138
05:55:39 <vishalvvr> as per discussion and comment on the ticket priyam would like to volunteer chairing f35 cycle meeting
05:56:37 <vishalvvr> any comments ?
05:57:02 <paragan> priyam, thanks for volunteering
05:57:14 <vishalvvr> does everyone agree to it or should we wait for one more week to confirm?
05:57:37 <paragan> agree it
05:57:52 <andi89gi> agree
05:58:02 <tagoh> agree
05:58:06 <mfabian> agree
05:59:05 <vishalvvr> +1
05:59:22 <priyam> :)
05:59:44 <vishalvvr> we have got maximum vote so okay lets confirm priyam as chair for next meetings in f35 cycle :)
06:00:28 <vishalvvr> lets move onto next ticket then
06:00:31 <vishalvvr> #info #135: Fedora 33 Bug triaging
06:00:37 <vishalvvr> #link https://pagure.io/i18n/issue/135
06:00:58 <vishalvvr> thanks paragan for creating the ticket
06:02:35 <vishalvvr> lets keep triaging our bugs for f33
06:02:59 <priyam> yes :)
06:03:10 <pravins> +1 from me as well :)
06:03:17 <andi89gi> +1 ;)
06:03:38 <vishalvvr> move on next ticket
06:03:48 <vishalvvr> #info #134: Tracker for Fedora 35 Changes
06:03:53 <vishalvvr> #link https://pagure.io/i18n/issue/134
06:04:08 <vishalvvr> If you are working on some features that will be part of Fedora 35 development then please submit them as Changes for Fedora 35.
06:04:56 <vishalvvr> do we have anything else to discuss here ?
06:05:29 <andi89gi> from my side no
06:06:07 <vishalvvr> okay then moving onto next ticket
06:06:11 <vishalvvr> #info #131: review/update @fonts group default packages: non-language specific extra fonts etc
06:06:16 <vishalvvr> #link https://pagure.io/i18n/issue/131
06:07:07 <vishalvvr> There is no reply on the mail that jens posted on devel list
06:07:32 <vishalvvr> any comment on this tickets ?
06:08:14 <petersen> I think we could make a PR to drop those two fonts then from default in rawhide
06:08:28 <petersen> from comps I mean
06:09:27 <tagoh> yep
06:10:38 <vishalvvr> okay then let's make this change and update the ticket
06:11:21 <vishalvvr> anything more to discuss here in this ticket ?
06:12:25 <vishalvvr> okay then moving onto next topic in agenda
06:12:30 <vishalvvr> #topic Open Floor
06:12:35 <vishalvvr> #link https://fedoramagazine.org/fedora-podcast-is-back
06:13:17 <vishalvvr> #link https://podcast.fedoraproject.org
06:14:06 <andi89gi> Yea Fedora Podcast is back- I am from the Fedora Podcast team ;) Really glad and happy aobut it
06:14:15 <paragan> nice
06:14:29 <petersen> hi andi89gi
06:14:37 <andi89gi> petersen: hi
06:14:42 <petersen> Maybe a Fedora i18n podcast? :-)
06:15:08 <andi89gi> Let me check if we have it in our pagure as ticket ;)
06:15:47 <vishalvvr> wow that would be really interesting :)
06:16:00 <vishalvvr> A big  +1
06:17:31 <andi89gi> Nope, we haven't it yet open a ticket for it. But it would be really nice, if we can do an episode with i18n ;)
06:17:49 <pravins> i remember 3 years back we created one podcast for Fedora localization, it will be definitely good to have something more focused on internationalization
06:17:59 <petersen> yes
06:18:40 <andi89gi> it will be and don't worry - we will have also a refresh episode with the D&I team - but I will now open a ticket
06:18:54 <andi89gi> Who wants to be interviewed :P
06:19:02 <andi89gi> so I can add maybe some names already
06:21:37 <andi89gi> Maybe some questions already ? - otherwise I will add hackpd/etherpad
06:21:41 <petersen> I don't mind volunteering unless someone else is keen to do it
06:21:42 <andi89gi> in the ticket
06:22:14 <andi89gi> petersen: great!  thx
06:22:16 <petersen> We can certainly prepare some draft questions sure
06:22:42 <petersen> andi89gi: thanks!
06:22:53 <pravins> Thanks andi89gi
06:23:03 <andi89gi> petersen: welcome! Thanks as well!
06:23:12 <andi89gi> pravins: welcome ;)
06:23:28 <vishalvvr> andi89gi ++
06:23:32 <vishalvvr> andi89gi++
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06:23:45 <vishalvvr> petersen++
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06:25:43 <vishalvvr> Okay then, let's close the meeting if nothing more to discuss
06:26:08 <andi89gi> Yep ;)
06:26:25 <vishalvvr> Thank you all for joining this meeting :)
06:26:32 <vishalvvr> #endmeeting