11:59:44 <gregbartholomew> #startmeeting Magazine editorial board
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11:59:44 <gregbartholomew> #topic Roll call
11:59:44 <gregbartholomew> #chair stickster ryanlerch cverna asamalik sub_pop gregbartholomew jakfrost
11:59:44 <zodbot> Current chairs: asamalik cverna gregbartholomew jakfrost ryanlerch stickster sub_pop
12:00:29 <gregbartholomew> .hello glb
12:00:29 <zodbot> gregbartholomew: glb 'Gregory Lee Bartholomew' <>
12:00:48 <asamalik> .hello2
12:00:48 <zodbot> asamalik: asamalik 'Adam Samalik' <>
12:00:49 <jakfrost> .hello jakfrost
12:00:51 <zodbot> jakfrost: jakfrost 'None' <>
12:01:03 <bcotton> .hello2
12:01:04 <zodbot> bcotton: bcotton 'Ben Cotton' <>
12:01:40 <gregbartholomew> #topic Agenda
12:01:40 <gregbartholomew> #link
12:01:40 <gregbartholomew> #info -- 1/ Last week's stats --
12:01:40 <gregbartholomew> #info -- 2/ In progress followup --
12:01:40 <gregbartholomew> #info -- 3/ Finished articles to review --
12:01:41 <gregbartholomew> #info -- 4/ Articles to edit --
12:01:43 <gregbartholomew> #info -- 5/ Publishing schedule --
12:01:45 <gregbartholomew> #info -- 6/ Article proposals to clarify / approve --
12:01:47 <gregbartholomew> #info -- 7/ Editor of the Week --
12:01:49 <gregbartholomew> #info -- 8/ Open floor --
12:02:04 <gregbartholomew> #topic 1/ Last week's stats
12:02:16 <gregbartholomew> #info Week of 2020-07-06>: 71K pageviews -- slightly up from the previous week
12:04:14 <jakfrost> Saturday was a busy day
12:04:22 <jakfrost> lots of views
12:04:45 <gregbartholomew> Yes, I think the DNS on was quite popular, based on comments.
12:04:51 <jakfrost> looks like we're popular on the weekends
12:05:23 <gregbartholomew> Maybe we should factor in that weekends are more popular when we schedule articles?
12:05:32 <gregbartholomew> Just a thought.
12:05:54 <gregbartholomew> #topic 2/ In progress followup
12:05:54 <gregbartholomew> #info Looking at the 'in progress' column, is there something that's been finished? Anything to follow up on with its author?
12:05:54 <gregbartholomew> #link Board:
12:06:17 <gregbartholomew> Only one in this column.
12:06:54 <jakfrost> #183 it needs work
12:07:04 <gregbartholomew> I created several great sounding specs from the discussion forum this week though, so I expect that there should be some really good content coming through soon. :)
12:07:39 <gregbartholomew> I think that was noted before.
12:07:50 <asamalik> cool!
12:08:03 <asamalik> and yeah I think we can just give 183 more time
12:08:25 <gregbartholomew> I was trying to find the last edit date in WP.
12:08:35 <jakfrost> just commenting on the topic
12:09:41 <gregbartholomew> I says last modified 2020/07/07.
12:10:14 <gregbartholomew> I wonder if that is just because someone (else) opened it in edit mode though.
12:11:00 <gregbartholomew> Well, moving on ...
12:11:09 <gregbartholomew> #topic 3/ Finished articles to review
12:11:09 <gregbartholomew> #info Looking at the 'review' column, let's decide which articles are good to go. Move each either to the 'to edit' (finished) or to the 'in progress' (needs more work) and provide feedback.
12:11:09 <gregbartholomew> #link Board:
12:11:32 <gregbartholomew> Plenty of stuff in this column. :)
12:12:29 <jakfrost> #206 looks good to me
12:13:18 <jakfrost> #197 is likely ready to edit
12:13:33 * gregbartholomew note to self, update/verify the preview links in kanban before meetings.
12:14:03 <bcotton> i can take 197
12:14:24 <gregbartholomew> thanks bcotton.
12:14:34 <gregbartholomew> bcotton++
12:14:58 <asamalik> I can take 206
12:15:02 <asamalik> I'm actually interested in that topic
12:15:03 <bcotton> looking at 168, i think it probably needs some more....there there
12:15:48 <gregbartholomew> I associated that card with some content that I found in pending review in wordpress earlier.
12:16:10 <jakfrost> #209 needs a bit of review, but it is an attached pdf, so this will need some help getting across to WP
12:17:21 <bcotton> 209 has a post in wP
12:17:29 <jakfrost> I did not see that
12:17:31 <bcotton>
12:17:46 <jakfrost> I moved #168 back to in progress
12:17:50 <jakfrost> is that okay
12:18:06 <bcotton> yeah, but you should leave the author a note as to why
12:18:08 <gregbartholomew> I took care of duplicating the content from #209 to wordpress just before the meeting.
12:18:22 <jakfrost> will do now
12:18:22 <bcotton> gregbartholomew++ for initiative :-)
12:18:45 <gregbartholomew> jakfrost: do you want to also follow-up with the author of #168 about the status of the article?
12:19:12 <jakfrost> just doing that now
12:19:19 <gregbartholomew> jakfrost++
12:20:15 <gregbartholomew> asamalik: I just noticed that you volunteered for #206
12:20:18 <gregbartholomew> asamalik++
12:20:51 <gregbartholomew> Bear with me a bit here guys, I have only one screen and I'm toggling a lot.
12:21:06 <jakfrost> me too
12:21:11 <gregbartholomew> ... and fumbling a lot ... this isn't my best hour of the day ...
12:21:40 * gregbartholomew is known to bump into walls at this hour
12:21:53 <jakfrost> The author of the podman article is not setup on Taiga I'll have to contact them through the pagure issue tracker
12:22:58 <gregbartholomew> BTW, I also created an account in WP for #209. I hope I did that right; first time I've tried to create an account in WP.
12:23:09 <jakfrost> or the mailing list
12:23:11 <bcotton> don't create an account in wordpress for people
12:23:20 <bcotton> have them log in with their FAS account
12:23:29 <gregbartholomew> Oh, sorry about that then.
12:23:56 <gregbartholomew> That was the one who uploaded their content to Taiga as a PDF attachment.
12:24:24 <jakfrost> bcotton: can I search a FAS user to get contact info somewhere?
12:24:38 <gregbartholomew> So they just need to log in and nothing else is needed on our part?
12:24:51 <bcotton> jakfrost:  /query zodbot .fasinfo fasid
12:24:57 <bcotton> for example:
12:25:03 <bcotton> .fasinfo bcotton
12:25:04 <zodbot> bcotton: User: bcotton, Name: Ben Cotton, email:, Creation: 2009-05-19, IRC Nick: bcotton, Timezone: America/Indiana/Indianapolis, Locale: en, GPG key ID: D9CD1319AB46AA74, Status: active
12:25:07 <zodbot> bcotton: Approved Groups: cla_fedora cla_done fedorabugs cla_fpca packager marketing @gitfedora-project-schedule @elections @community-blog @commops communishift web gitfedora-web summer-coding +wikiedit @council advocates
12:25:31 <bcotton> (you can do it in a public channel like i did, i generally prefer to do it an a query to zodbot to avoid spam and unnecessary pings)
12:25:33 <jakfrost> vg but what if I know their name but not FAS id
12:25:33 <gregbartholomew> So many groups!
12:25:48 <bcotton> the .fas command does a search
12:25:53 <bcotton> so, for example:
12:25:54 <bcotton> .fas cotton
12:25:54 <zodbot> bcotton: cottonhead42 'Rachel Wilson' <> - bcotton 'Ben Cotton' <> - aldinni701 'Alvin Cotton' <>
12:26:03 <jakfrost> thats cool
12:26:21 <bcotton> but if they commented on a pagure issue, then you know their FAS id :-)
12:26:41 <jakfrost> the issue may be closed, I'll check them first
12:27:07 <bcotton> #action bcotton to add some editorial sop to the docs that includes instructions on account creation in the various tools
12:28:21 <asamalik> bcotton++
12:28:57 <jakfrost> the issue was created by me, the author has written for the mag before, at least one article
12:29:54 <asamalik> You can also click on their name below their article, it’ll show their page, and the username is in the URL
12:30:22 <gregbartholomew> OK, moving on ...
12:30:37 <gregbartholomew> #topic 4/ Articles to edit
12:30:37 <gregbartholomew> #info Looking at the 'to edit' column, assign an editor and a cover image creator.
12:30:37 <gregbartholomew> #link Board:
12:31:20 <gregbartholomew> I moved the 2 volunteered articles over. You may need to refresh if you don't see the changes.
12:32:48 <gregbartholomew> I think that we alreay have plent of content for the upcoming week.
12:33:02 <jakfrost> mondays article is scheduled
12:33:20 <jakfrost> Monday July 20
12:33:40 <gregbartholomew> right, and one was already bumped from this week to Wednesday of next week.
12:33:50 <gregbartholomew> So we only need one for Friday.
12:33:59 <jakfrost> and the following monday
12:34:19 <jakfrost> and ....
12:34:23 <gregbartholomew> Oh, right, we need to do the following Monday too.
12:34:44 <gregbartholomew> And Wednesday, since the meeting is early.
12:34:58 <asamalik> Next Wednesday is scheduled
12:34:59 <gregbartholomew> Like I said, this isn't my best hour of the day.
12:35:06 <gregbartholomew> I guess we need one more article then.
12:35:07 <asamalik> It’s my article from this week that got moved
12:35:25 <bcotton> realistically, we need to schedule one article for friday. the rest can be done in next week's meeting
12:35:45 <bcotton> (friday being next friday)
12:36:10 <gregbartholomew> Right, I thought something seemed off.
12:36:29 <gregbartholomew> I wasn't accounting for the meeting in the middle of the week.
12:36:55 <gregbartholomew> So we just need one for Friday.
12:37:12 <jakfrost> wheres stickster, taking some PTO?
12:37:49 <bcotton> in an internal meeting
12:37:51 <shehroz> hi everyone
12:37:59 <gregbartholomew> hi shehroz
12:38:06 <jakfrost> hello sheroz
12:38:15 <gregbartholomew> welcome to the meeting :)
12:38:16 <jakfrost> hello shehroz
12:38:54 <shehroz> jakfrost: hey. thanks
12:39:21 <jakfrost> shehroz: hey. welcome!
12:39:29 <gregbartholomew> I should have started the scheduling section by now ...
12:39:33 <gregbartholomew> #topic 5/ Publishing schedule
12:39:34 <gregbartholomew> #info Looking at the 'queued' and 'to edit' columns, decide the publishing schedule for the next week period.
12:39:34 <gregbartholomew> #info If there is not enough content, we might also need to look at the 'in progress' or even the 'article spec' columns come up with additional content.
12:39:34 <gregbartholomew> #link Board:
12:40:11 <gregbartholomew> bcotton, asamalik which of you thinks you can get your article edited by the 24th?
12:40:29 * bcotton arm wrestles asamalik
12:40:35 <bcotton> i can do it
12:40:45 <gregbartholomew> bcotton++
12:40:57 <jakfrost> maybe #197 for Friday, what do you think bcotton?
12:41:04 <asamalik> I could do that,too!
12:41:35 <jakfrost> asamlik++
12:41:40 <jakfrost> asamalik++
12:41:40 <gregbartholomew> I think we work on a first-come-first serve principle.
12:41:54 <gregbartholomew> If you want the cookie, you'll have to be faster. :)
12:42:00 <jakfrost> I think i'm going to exchange this keyboard
12:43:31 <gregbartholomew> I'm a bit confused on the schedule. Let me try out Adam's new tool and see if that presents it in a clear way for me ...
12:43:57 <shehroz> .hello shehroz
12:43:58 <zodbot> shehroz: shehroz 'Shehroz Kaleem' <>
12:44:11 <bcotton> my kingdom for a calendar view like Trello has :-(
12:44:18 <asamalik> there might be cards missing on the board if they're already scheduled... that column hides them... but the script will see them
12:44:45 <gregbartholomew> Ah, I see, I need to assign someone to do the image for #197
12:45:06 <gregbartholomew> Oh wait, that one the author was doing the image for, I think???
12:45:51 <bcotton> there's an image that's being used for the series
12:46:33 <gregbartholomew> bcotton, I think there are some notes from Paul about the image in the Taiga card.
12:46:44 <bcotton> okay, i'll take a look when i get to it
12:47:11 <gregbartholomew> I'll put you down for doing the image, but the author may have something in mind.
12:47:17 <bcotton> yep, that works for me :-)
12:47:38 <jakfrost> I think stickster had volunteered to make it for the article
12:47:48 <jakfrost> If needed
12:48:15 <gregbartholomew> I think bcotton will have to ask Paul for clarification on that one.
12:48:45 <gregbartholomew> So, is this where I paste the output from asamalik's tool?
12:48:48 <jakfrost> his comment on the card was pretty clear
12:48:57 <asamalik> gregbartholomew: yep!
12:49:07 <gregbartholomew> Here it goes ...
12:49:18 <gregbartholomew> #proposed #agreed PUBLISHING SCHEDULE: Fri 17 Jul 2020: #205 How to configure an ssh proxy server (image: DONE, edit: DONE) -- Mon 20 Jul 2020: #195 Spam Classification with ML-Pack (image: DONE, edit: DONE) -- Wed 22 Jul 2020: #203 Rsync for scp users (image: asamalik, edit: DONE) -- Fri 24 Jul 2020: #197 LaTeX Typesetting – Part 3 (Formatting) (image: bcotton, edit: bcotton)
12:49:31 <bcotton> +1
12:49:37 <jakfrost> +1
12:49:39 <asamalik> +1
12:49:57 <asamalik> so basically the whole next week is already done :D
12:50:07 <gregbartholomew> asamalik++ for the awesome tool!
12:50:14 <stickster> I can do that image during a break today. Sorry folks, in an all-day meeting today
12:50:25 <bcotton> stickster: don't worry, i can get it when i do the editing
12:50:46 <bcotton> i'd hate to rob you of your break from what is surely a bundle of fun
12:50:57 <jakfrost> a gaggle even
12:51:31 <gregbartholomew> If everyone is happy with the schedule, we
12:51:36 <gregbartholomew> ll move on.
12:51:55 <gregbartholomew> #topic 6/ Article proposals to clarify / approve
12:51:55 <gregbartholomew> #info Review the the article proposals and decide about what's next — a new article spec? more discussion?
12:51:55 <gregbartholomew> #link Article proposals in our forum:
12:52:20 <gregbartholomew> This is largely done already too I think.
12:52:50 <gregbartholomew> I was doing some of this already as part of my editor of the week job.
12:53:08 <gregbartholomew> But maybe I've missed something.
12:53:36 <gregbartholomew> One thought, how are old issues closed on the new discussion forum?
12:53:49 <asamalik> gregbartholomew: you also want to record the schedule by removing the #proposed part
12:54:09 <asamalik> when it starts with "#agreed" it gets recorded in the log
12:54:11 <gregbartholomew> Ah, I see.
12:54:21 <gregbartholomew> Thanks asamalik.
12:54:25 <gregbartholomew> Doing that now ...
12:54:32 <asamalik> the #proposed doesn't do anything, it's just something we use to see it before actually recording it :)
12:54:39 <gregbartholomew> #agreed PUBLISHING SCHEDULE: Fri 17 Jul 2020: #205 How to configure an ssh proxy server (image: DONE, edit: DONE) -- Mon 20 Jul 2020: #195 Spam Classification with ML-Pack (image: DONE, edit: DONE) -- Wed 22 Jul 2020: #203 Rsync for scp users (image: asamalik, edit: DONE) -- Fri 24 Jul 2020: #197 LaTeX Typesetting – Part 3 (Formatting) (image: bcotton, edit: bcotton)
12:55:02 <gregbartholomew> So the output at the end may be a bit out of order on this one.
12:55:06 <gregbartholomew> Oh well.
12:55:20 <jakfrost> glb++
12:55:32 <gregbartholomew> It looks like we are about out of time.
12:55:54 <jakfrost> edotir of the week
12:55:54 <gregbartholomew> It looks to me like there are plenty of great proposals in the works.
12:56:08 <jakfrost> editor of the week I meant
12:56:10 <gregbartholomew> jakfrost are you volunteering?
12:56:17 <jakfrost> no im cool
12:56:37 <gregbartholomew> But it went so well the last time you did it?! :)
12:56:38 <jakfrost> besides, can't take all the glory
12:56:58 <gregbartholomew> I guess I should go ahead and advance the section.
12:57:04 <gregbartholomew> #topic 7/ Editor of the Week
12:57:05 <gregbartholomew> #info XXXX will be Editor of the Week next week
12:57:21 <gregbartholomew> Oops, probably shouldn't have pasted the XXX part.
12:57:37 <asamalik> you can #undo :)
12:57:38 <gregbartholomew> Any volunteers?
12:57:50 <gregbartholomew> Oh, thanks asamalik
12:58:03 <gregbartholomew> #undo #info XXXX will be Editor of the Week next week
12:58:03 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: INFO by gregbartholomew at 12:57:05 : XXXX will be Editor of the Week next week
12:58:34 <jakfrost> cverna: you should do EOW
12:58:40 <gregbartholomew> I should probably have been adding several of those info tags as we went along too.
12:58:50 <bcotton> (you just need the #undo part, but it's nice that meetbot knows what you meant)
12:59:20 <asamalik> I can take it next week!
12:59:27 <gregbartholomew> Thanks for the tip bcotton -- I'd hate to crash meetbot!
12:59:35 <jakfrost> asamalik++
12:59:36 <gregbartholomew> asamalik++
12:59:53 <gregbartholomew> #info asamalik will be Editor of the Week next week
13:00:04 <asamalik> \o/
13:00:11 <gregbartholomew> #topic 8/ Open floor
13:00:20 <gregbartholomew> I think we are out of time.
13:00:38 <asamalik> we finished exactly on time, good work gregbartholomew!
13:00:47 <gregbartholomew> I suggest anything else be brought up on the discussion forum.
13:00:51 <asamalik> now we should leave in case thre is another meeting here and they
13:00:55 <asamalik> 're waiting for us :P
13:01:11 <gregbartholomew> Is that just the / leave command for me?
13:01:20 <gregbartholomew> I don't want to loose the output at the end.
13:01:24 <bcotton> gregbartholomew: #endmeeting
13:01:36 <gregbartholomew> Oh, right, it's in the docs.
13:01:41 <gregbartholomew> #endmeeting