12:00:02 <asamalik> #startmeeting Magazine editorial board
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12:00:02 <asamalik> #meetingname magazine
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12:00:02 <asamalik> #topic Roll call
12:00:02 <asamalik> #chair stickster ryanlerch cverna asamalik sub_pop gregbartholomew jakfrost misc rwaltr bcotton
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12:00:16 <bcotton> .hello2
12:00:16 <zodbot> bcotton: bcotton 'Ben Cotton' <>
12:00:20 <asamalik> .hello2
12:00:21 <zodbot> asamalik: asamalik 'Adam Samalik' <>
12:00:26 <gregbartholomew> .hello glb
12:00:27 <zodbot> gregbartholomew: glb 'Gregory Lee Bartholomew' <>
12:02:17 <stickster> .hello pfrields
12:02:18 <zodbot> stickster: pfrields 'Paul W. Frields' <>
12:02:31 <asamalik> good morning, good afternoon, good evening!
12:03:02 <gregbartholomew> good morning from here :)
12:03:04 <asamalik> happy Wednesday and Thursday!
12:03:54 <stickster> o/
12:04:15 <gregbartholomew> happy day of war and lightning to you to asamalik :)
12:04:50 * bcotton thought "Day of War and Lightning" was a Czech holiday for a moment
12:05:18 * asamalik had a similar thought "Have I forgot something?"
12:05:28 <gregbartholomew> Not sure about Thursday being lightning -- I think it derives from Zeus somehow.
12:06:00 <asamalik> we had quite a lot of thunderstorms recently, so I'll take that :P
12:06:11 <asamalik> #topic Agenda
12:06:11 <asamalik> #link
12:06:11 <asamalik> #info -- 1/ Last week's stats --
12:06:11 <asamalik> #info -- 2/ In progress followup --
12:06:11 <asamalik> #info -- 3/ Finished articles to review --
12:06:11 <asamalik> #info -- 4/ Articles to edit --
12:06:11 <asamalik> #info -- 5/ Publishing schedule --
12:06:12 <asamalik> #info -- 6/ Article proposals to clarify / approve --
12:06:12 <asamalik> #info -- 7/ Open floor --
12:06:29 <asamalik> #topic 1/ Last week's stats
12:06:35 <asamalik> #info Week of 8 Jun: 63k pageviews -- basically the same as last week
12:07:57 * stickster wiggles hand back and forth "meh"
12:09:01 <asamalik> #topic 2/ In progress followup
12:09:01 <asamalik> #info Looking at the 'in progress' column, is there something that's been finished? Anything to follow up on with its author?
12:09:01 <asamalik> #link Board:
12:11:01 <asamalik> I think 158 is done, the author is just looking at the formatting at this point
12:11:07 <bcotton> yeah, it's pretty close
12:13:46 <gregbartholomew> strange, I must be looking at the wrong one -- it comes up blank for me in wp
12:15:00 <bcotton> permissions error, maybe? asamalik, i know there are at least some editors who can't schedule articles, so we may need to audit our roles/permissions in WP
12:15:16 <bcotton> (and by "we", i mean asamalik and stickster, because i don't have admin privs in WP)
12:15:16 <jakfrost> hello2
12:15:27 <jakfrost> sorry Im late
12:16:06 <asamalik> bcotton: yeah, let's look at that
12:16:35 <bcotton> #action asamalik to audit WordPress roles and privileges to ensure all editors have appropriate privileges
12:16:47 <asamalik> bcotton: I can make you an admin for sure :)
12:16:57 <asamalik> thanks
12:17:08 <bcotton> ooh, delegation!
12:18:29 <asamalik> gregbartholomew: I've made you an editor, did it help?
12:18:49 <gregbartholomew> I was looking at the wrong one, sorry. I had 183 open :),
12:19:03 <asamalik> bcotton: and you're an admin, now!
12:19:09 <bcotton> curses!
12:19:22 <asamalik> gregbartholomew: ha, ok, well, you're an editor now, anyway, use your powers wisely!
12:19:50 <asamalik> all right, back to in progress
12:20:05 <gregbartholomew> asamalik: thanks
12:20:34 <gregbartholomew> I'll try to be careful :)
12:20:46 <asamalik> bcotton: you said 158 is pretty close, is there something you still miss there?
12:21:17 <bcotton> asamalik: i haven't looked since the author's latest edits, but it looks like it's ready to move forward now
12:21:31 <asamalik> that was my feeling, too, cool!
12:21:42 <asamalik> moved
12:21:56 <asamalik> anything else in In Progress before we progress to the next topic?
12:23:21 <asamalik> #topic 3/ Finished articles to review
12:23:21 <asamalik> #info Looking at the 'review' column, let's decide which articles are good to go. Move each either to the 'to edit' (finished) or to the 'in progress' (needs more work) and provide feedback.
12:23:21 <asamalik> #link Board:
12:24:59 <bcotton> at quick glance, #182 looks ready for edit. it just needs an explanation of what a "functional programming language is"
12:25:11 <asamalik> looking at 182, I just modified the board perms so anyone can comment
12:26:59 <asamalik> bcotton: I think the first paragraph does that very briefly
12:27:05 <gregbartholomew> I see people using markdown. Is that ideal?
12:27:07 <asamalik> we could extend it slightly during the edit?
12:27:14 <bcotton> okay, i just skimmed it, so i may have missed it
12:27:23 <gregbartholomew> I had a slight issue with that on the last article I edited.
12:27:25 <bcotton> something for the assigned editor to figure out
12:27:44 <bcotton> gregbartholomew: something to hold for open floor maybe?
12:27:49 <gregbartholomew> ok
12:27:54 <asamalik> fair enough! moving it forward then?
12:27:59 <bcotton> asamalik: ack
12:28:13 <bcotton> for #178, i there's no preview link and i'm not finding it in WP
12:28:35 <bcotton> this may have been accidentally moved out of article spec
12:29:00 <gregbartholomew> maybe:
12:29:17 <jakfrost> I couldn't even find a post for #178 on WP
12:29:47 <gregbartholomew> sorry, that was a different music player.
12:29:47 <asamalik> yeah can't find it either
12:29:54 * bcotton will move it back to Article Spec and assign the author who proposed it
12:30:11 <asamalik> bcotton: thanks!
12:30:27 <asamalik> #topic 4/ Articles to edit
12:30:27 <asamalik> #info Looking at the 'to edit' column, assign an editor and a cover image creator.
12:30:27 <asamalik> #link Board:
12:30:59 <asamalik> 4 here, 2 from the last week, already assigned a publishing date
12:31:37 <asamalik> 188 has been published
12:31:39 <asamalik> so we have 3
12:32:10 <asamalik> 184 is assigned and scheduled
12:32:16 <jakfrost> to edit?
12:32:23 <asamalik> yes, from last week
12:32:35 <asamalik> 182 we looked at today, who would like to edit and image it?
12:32:48 <jakfrost> sure
12:34:23 <asamalik> and 158 the same :)
12:34:33 * asamalik is happy to take either of these, to both edit and iamge
12:35:10 <jakfrost> asamalik: I'll take 182 do image and edit, you can take #158
12:35:19 <asamalik> jakfrost: deal!
12:35:33 <asamalik> #action jakfrost image + edit #182
12:35:40 * jakfrost shakes
12:35:42 <asamalik> #action asamalik iamge + edit #158
12:36:51 <asamalik> jakfrost: don't worry, images are easy, all you need to do is to stare at a screen for a while until drops of blood form on your forhead :P
12:37:08 <asamalik> or was that writing?
12:37:14 <asamalik> anyway
12:37:19 <jakfrost> asamalik: I think for both
12:38:40 <asamalik> true
12:38:41 <asamalik> #topic 5/ Publishing schedule
12:38:41 <asamalik> #info Looking at the 'queued' and 'to edit' columns, decide the publishing schedule for the next week period.
12:38:41 <asamalik> #info If there is not enough content, we might also need to look at the 'in progress' or even the 'article spec' columns come up with additional content.
12:38:41 <asamalik> #link Board:
12:39:42 <gregbartholomew> FYI, I notice that there is another latex article that looks nearly done. It doesn't have a card yet.
12:39:56 <jakfrost> I saw that too
12:40:03 <jakfrost> Same author
12:40:21 <asamalik> Fri 19 Jun 2020: #184 Fedora 32 and Docker (image: DONE, edit: sysoplab) -- Mon 22 Jun 2020: #158 How to block network access by country with firewalld (image: asamalik, edit: asamalik) -- Wed 24 Jun 2020: #182 Get started with Haskell (image: jakfrost, edit: jakfrost)
12:40:47 <bcotton> +1
12:41:06 <asamalik> gregbartholomew: oh! is it missing a card? could you please add it so we can see it?
12:41:31 <gregbartholomew> Sure, I'll do that, give me a sec ...
12:43:01 <jakfrost> Yeah, it looks done
12:43:37 <asamalik> any other +1's for the publishing schedule?
12:43:42 <bcotton> is that part 2?
12:43:43 <jakfrost> +1
12:43:52 <gregbartholomew> +1
12:44:00 <jakfrost> yes it looks as if it is
12:44:06 <gregbartholomew> It appears so.
12:44:07 <jakfrost> cover tables
12:44:10 <asamalik> #agreed PUBLISHING SCHEDULE:  Fri 19 Jun 2020: #184 Fedora 32 and Docker (image: DONE, edit: sysoplab) -- Mon 22 Jun 2020: #158 How to block network access by country with firewalld (image: asamalik, edit: asamalik) -- Wed 24 Jun 2020: #182 Get started with Haskell (image: jakfrost, edit: jakfrost)
12:44:12 <jakfrost> covers
12:44:37 <gregbartholomew> should I archive the proposal now that it has a card?
12:45:07 <asamalik> gregbartholomew: you can, I've just +1'd it, it has two votes, so approved in a standard way :)
12:45:16 <asamalik> thanks!
12:45:32 <asamalik> which brings us to...
12:45:33 <asamalik> #topic 6/ Article proposals to clarify / approve
12:45:33 <asamalik> #info Review the the article proposals and decide about what's next — a new article spec? more discussion?
12:45:33 <asamalik> #link Article proposals:
12:45:58 <asamalik> let's give this 5 mins now, so we still have time for open floor for gregbartholomew
12:46:56 <jakfrost> #82 has 2 +1's and should move to spec
12:47:42 <asamalik> jakfrost: do you want to create it, or do you want me to do that?
12:48:08 <jakfrost> I haven't done such, where are ther instructions so i can read them
12:48:27 <jakfrost> #86 as well has 2 +1's
12:49:43 <asamalik> doing 86
12:50:09 <jakfrost> Okay so I am in add a tag now
12:52:03 <jakfrost> I added issue # 82 as Tag #196
12:52:17 <bcotton> for issue 93, i'm just going to create cards for all of the entries since we approved the series as issue 90
12:52:37 <asamalik> jakfrost: thanks
12:52:43 <asamalik> bcotton: ok, cool, thanks
12:52:51 <asamalik> #topic 7/ Open floor
12:52:57 <asamalik> gregbartholomew: it's all yours
12:53:18 <gregbartholomew> I just had a quick question or two.
12:53:48 <gregbartholomew> With regard to markup blocks, when they have hyperlinks, the links don't open in a new tab.
12:54:52 <asamalik> oh, now I see it, I didn't know it can do Markdown!
12:54:54 <gregbartholomew> I have always been setting them to open in a new tab so people don't lose the magazine if they are browsing.
12:55:00 <asamalik> heh, that's weird, maybe there's a setting somewhere?
12:55:30 <gregbartholomew> with html blocks, there is a "open in new tab" option for hyperlinks.
12:55:41 <asamalik> do we even have guidance about this? I was never concerned in setting links this way. Is that the default behaviour outside of Markdown?
12:55:51 <gregbartholomew> I just converted them to html in the last article.
12:56:11 <gregbartholomew> no, it is not default behavior.
12:56:40 <gregbartholomew> I think I saw others doing it at one time though and I've been doing likewise all along.
12:57:11 <asamalik> I don't have strong feelings here... also heard the opposite, that when people want to open a new tab, they do so, but when they don't want to, it shouldn't do that for them
12:57:19 <jakfrost> I see, so converting the markdown to html solves the default WP setting for the block
12:57:46 <jakfrost> You can right click for opening options in the browser
12:58:00 <gregbartholomew> especially in articles that have lots of references (as mine tend to), I think it is better to have them open in new tabs.
12:58:14 <jakfrost> by default
12:58:21 <gregbartholomew> the right click still works if you do that by habit of course.
12:58:36 * asamalik always middle clicks to get a new tab anyway in these cases, so I wouldn't notice the setting
12:58:42 <gregbartholomew> but if you forget to right-click a link, you don't lose your place so to speak.
12:59:15 <jakfrost> I think it does keep the article in focus, so to speak
12:59:24 * gregbartholomew always right-clicks, the middle button tends to scroll on him and he doesn't like that.
12:59:44 * jakfrost has four buttons
12:59:47 <asamalik> running out of time and I have another meeting... but do we want to continue on the list?
12:59:57 <asamalik> whatever we choose, we should be consistent
13:00:16 <jakfrost> I have to run
13:00:25 <gregbartholomew> I guess it is already inconsistent, but maybe an area to improve.
13:00:29 <gregbartholomew> bye. :)
13:00:33 <asamalik> yep!
13:01:18 <asamalik> #endmeeting