12:59:53 <asamalik> #startmeeting Magazine editorial board
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12:59:53 <asamalik> #meetingname magazine
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12:59:57 <asamalik> #topic Roll call
12:59:57 <asamalik> #chair stickster ryanlerch cverna asamalik sub_pop gregbartholomew bcotton misc rwaltr
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13:00:07 <stickster> .hello pfrields
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13:00:08 <asamalik> .hello2
13:00:10 <zodbot> asamalik: asamalik 'Adam Samalik' <>
13:00:12 <rwaltr> .hello2
13:00:13 <zodbot> rwaltr: rwaltr 'Ryan W Walter' <>
13:00:14 <gregbartholomew> .hello glb
13:00:17 <zodbot> gregbartholomew: glb 'Gregory Lee Bartholomew' <>
13:00:50 <asamalik> hi everyone!
13:01:10 <cverna> hello :)
13:01:19 <gregbartholomew> o/
13:01:23 <jakfrost> o/
13:02:13 <asamalik> #topic Agenda
13:02:17 <asamalik> #link
13:02:17 <asamalik> #info -- 1/ Last week's stats --
13:02:17 <asamalik> #info -- 2/ In progress followup --
13:02:17 <asamalik> #info -- 3/ Finished articles to review --
13:02:17 <asamalik> #info -- 4/ Articles to edit --
13:02:17 <asamalik> #info -- 5/ Publishing schedule --
13:02:17 <asamalik> #info -- 6/ Article proposals to clarify / approve --
13:02:18 <asamalik> #info -- 7/ Open floor --
13:02:44 <asamalik> and let's go right for the first one!
13:02:45 <asamalik> #topic 1/ Last week's stats
13:03:17 <asamalik> not starting with the best news, though :(
13:03:22 <asamalik> #info Week of 17 Feb: 57.5K pageviews -- lower than last week, which was the lowest for a few months
13:03:59 <cverna> I wanted to help with twitter but I was away most of last week
13:04:08 <cverna> I ll try to be more useful this week
13:04:48 <stickster> I did some messaging for some articles, or at least I thought I did
13:04:52 <gregbartholomew> I've never done any of the Facebook/Twitter promotion. Is there a writeup somewhere on how that should be done?
13:05:09 <asamalik> could we maybe use IFFFT to post stuff for us automatically to various channels when there is a new article?
13:05:16 <asamalik> I'm sure it has a Wordpress integrationm
13:05:33 <stickster> gregbartholomew: There is not.
13:05:59 <stickster> But anyone can send out info to groups or Twitter at any time
13:06:03 <asamalik> sorry, IFTTT :)
13:06:15 <jakfrost> asamalik: That would be ideal would it not?
13:06:25 <rwaltr> How about RSS feeds.does ifttt able to monitor rss?
13:06:50 <asamalik>
13:07:20 <asamalik> looks like it should work with Wordpress!
13:08:11 <asamalik> maybe we could talk about it in the end, or on the list
13:08:32 <asamalik> let's try to get the schedule done first
13:08:37 <asamalik> #topic 2/ In progress followup
13:08:44 <asamalik> #link Board:
13:09:48 <asamalik> #info --- #108 Fedora - The Origins ---
13:12:00 <asamalik> we keep beating this one for months now... :)
13:12:44 <jakfrost> Where is the hold up? I haven't read what the article contains (since the link is no longer valid)
13:13:06 <asamalik> jakfrost: I fixed the link:
13:13:36 <asamalik> sometimes deleting everything after the "P=NNNN" fixes it
13:14:43 * stickster looks
13:15:35 <stickster> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
13:15:52 <jakfrost> asamalik: I just signed in to Wordpress to find it
13:17:35 <asamalik> so to get some constructive feedback: telling history is hard, and I believe that such writings should be full of references, especially when facts are presented
13:17:48 <asamalik> I'm not saying this does a good / bad job at telling the history
13:18:28 <asamalik> I just feel that at this current form, it looks like history as seen by the author (which is totally fine!) rather than by Fedora... and that might be a great material for a personal blog
13:18:59 * asamalik hopes this doesn't sound unfriendly or hostile... I'm just really forcing myself to make a decision here
13:19:37 <asamalik> we keep discussing this for months and can't get to the end
13:19:42 <jakfrost> I get your perspective and tend to agree with same. Although there is a good amount of content and some judicious editing could help the flow.
13:20:53 <cverna> +1 to try to edit this to make it more magazine friendly, we could check with the author first if they are happy with a more intrusive editing
13:21:04 <stickster> There are some historical parts here that don't seem researched, it's more of a personal view, agreed asamalik
13:21:08 <cverna> maybe even ask the author to review the edited version before publishing
13:21:16 <jakfrost> The point would come back to the mandate of the magazine to me, and in that mandate the article is well in the wheelhouse
13:22:33 <asamalik> I'm all for editing this and getting it out, if someone (hi jakfrost and cverna! :D) is willing to get it done! Just want to reach a conclusion soon :)
13:23:10 <jakfrost> I can talk with the author and try to move this along if you want
13:23:16 <gregbartholomew> I think it is understandable that Fedora would want something written at an above-average professional level if it is going to reflect on the organization's image.
13:23:17 <jakfrost> And edit it too.
13:24:03 <asamalik> jakfrost: that would be fantastic!
13:24:15 <cverna> jakfrost++
13:24:15 <zodbot> cverna: Karma for jakfrost changed to 1 (for the current release cycle):
13:24:25 <asamalik> jakfrost++
13:24:26 <jakfrost> gregbarththolomew: Indeed, if it were titled "The History of Fedora" I would lean heavily on more research into details.
13:24:27 <zodbot> asamalik: Karma for jakfrost changed to 2 (for the current release cycle):
13:24:32 <asamalik> new cookies?!
13:24:45 <jakfrost> Munch munch
13:26:03 <asamalik> #action jakfrost volunteered to work with the author of #108 to get the article finished. That includes adding links to resources to back up facts, etc.
13:26:38 <asamalik> jakfrost: sounds good? :)
13:26:48 <jakfrost> asamalik: Sounds good
13:26:56 <asamalik> excellent! thanks again
13:26:58 <asamalik> #topic 3/ Finished articles to review
13:27:04 <asamalik> #link Board:
13:27:20 <asamalik> #info --- #137 Manage your to Do list on Fedora with Taskwarrior ---
13:27:28 <gregbartholomew> sorry all, I lost my connection for a bit there.
13:27:43 <rwaltr> Still working on #137 :/
13:28:10 <asamalik> gregbartholomew: no worries, I added comment to #108 and now we're looking at #137
13:28:19 <asamalik> rwaltr: ok, I'll move it to in progress then!
13:28:28 <rwaltr> Perfecto
13:28:59 <asamalik> #topic 4/ Articles to edit
13:29:06 <asamalik> #link Board:
13:29:22 <asamalik> #info --- #117 Fedora's gaggle of desktops ---
13:31:20 <asamalik> I like this one, even though it's "just" a list... it might make people explore what Fedora has to offer, and maybe motivate some of them to write a full article about some desktops :)
13:32:04 <jakfrost> I know it is a question I have read from peoples comments whenever DE's are written about on the mag
13:32:06 <stickster> That latter point is a really good one :-)
13:32:20 <jakfrost> stickster: for sure
13:33:01 <asamalik> anyone wants to edit / image this one?
13:33:07 * asamalik is happy to do either of those
13:34:11 <jakfrost> Sorry asamalik, I got the origins article to push and am still working through my Quarkus one
13:34:18 <stickster> I would be happy to edit/image this one
13:35:11 <asamalik> excellent!
13:35:25 <asamalik> #action stickster edit/image #117
13:35:47 <asamalik> that's all we have on the board
13:35:52 <jakfrost> stickster++
13:35:53 <zodbot> jakfrost: Karma for pfrields changed to 4 (for the current release cycle):
13:36:04 <asamalik> anything in Wordpress that missed the process?
13:36:18 <asamalik> (although that shouldn't happen anymore, thanks to our lovely banner) :D
13:36:37 <jakfrost> asamalik++
13:36:39 <zodbot> jakfrost: Karma for asamalik changed to 5 (for the current release cycle):
13:37:16 <gregbartholomew> I added a Tic-Tac-Toe, Part 2 to the proposals tracker. Not sure if each part is supposed to go there.
13:37:25 <asamalik> cookies go well with tea! good I have a cup right here! \o/
13:37:47 <asamalik> gregbartholomew: I already +1'd that one!
13:37:51 <jakfrost> I like cookies
13:38:05 <gregbartholomew> Thanks asamalik
13:38:13 <stickster> asamalik: -- this was an article Curt started on mhddfs
13:38:36 <stickster> did that have a matching issue or card?
13:38:45 * asamalik looks
13:39:05 <asamalik> no issue
13:39:13 <asamalik> no card
13:39:18 <asamalik> at least nothing matching "mhddfs"
13:40:14 <stickster> I would say the most efficacious thing would be just to establish cards for these and go forward
13:40:19 <stickster> I can do that
13:41:13 <asamalik> +1
13:41:42 <gregbartholomew> +1
13:41:46 <asamalik> gregbartholomew: how confidend do you feel about Monday for your part2? :)
13:41:47 <stickster> I'll reach out to Curt and get him to make a Taiga login too
13:41:52 <asamalik> *confident even
13:42:06 <asamalik> stickster++
13:42:19 <gregbartholomew> Monday should be easy. I could even do Friday in a pinch
13:42:35 <gregbartholomew> It is already half done and I'm trying to keep them short and sweet.
13:43:02 <asamalik> Monday it is, then! to give the editor and imager some time, too
13:43:07 <asamalik> gregbartholomew: I'll make a card for you, sir!
13:43:22 <gregbartholomew> thanks asamalik!
13:44:24 <gregbartholomew> I'll email to the list when it is ready for an editor to review.
13:44:54 <asamalik> gregbartholomew: #143
13:46:07 <asamalik> and I can edit + image it for you!
13:46:35 <asamalik> #topic 5/ Publishing schedule
13:46:36 <gregbartholomew> I'll try to CC you directly on the email notice then.
13:46:59 <asamalik> gregbartholomew: thanks!
13:47:11 <asamalik> so we have two articles so far:
13:47:13 <asamalik> Fri 28 Feb 2020: #117 Fedora's gaggle of desktops (image: stickster, edit: stickster)
13:47:14 <asamalik> Mon 02 Mar 2020: #143 Demonstrating PERL with Tic-Tac-Toe, Part 2 (image: asamalik, edit: asamalik)
13:47:30 <asamalik> any proposals for Wednesday? or should we ask on the list?
13:48:04 <jakfrost> cverna++
13:48:05 <zodbot> jakfrost: Karma for cverna changed to 20 (for the current release cycle):
13:48:14 <jakfrost> cverna: you need cookies too
13:48:20 <cverna> :) thanks
13:49:27 <asamalik> #proposed #agreed PUBLISHING SCHEDULE: Fri 28 Feb 2020: #117 Fedora's gaggle of desktops (image: stickster, edit: stickster) -- Mon 02 Mar 2020: #143 Demonstrating PERL with Tic-Tac-Toe, Part 2 (image: asamalik, edit: asamalik) -- Wed 04 Mar 2020: TBD
13:49:32 <gregbartholomew> the schedule looks good to me.
13:49:52 <cverna> +1
13:49:59 <jakfrost> +1
13:50:24 <asamalik> #agreed PUBLISHING SCHEDULE: Fri 28 Feb 2020: #117 Fedora's gaggle of desktops (image: stickster, edit: stickster) -- Mon 02 Mar 2020: #143 Demonstrating PERL with Tic-Tac-Toe, Part 2 (image: asamalik, edit: asamalik) -- Wed 04 Mar 2020: TBD
13:50:24 <asamalik> #action asamalik asks on the list about an article for Wednesday 04 March
13:50:50 <asamalik> #topic 6/ Article proposals to clarify / approve
13:50:55 <asamalik> #link Article proposals:
13:51:18 <asamalik> and we can spend some time commenting on proposals again, unless someone has anything for the open floor :)
13:51:42 * asamalik is making a card for #57
13:52:37 <stickster> I just made cards for Curt's other articles
13:52:48 <stickster> Also I got Curt signed up in the Taiga as well :-)
13:54:58 <asamalik> stickster++
13:55:12 <asamalik> thanks, greedbot :D
13:55:17 <asamalik> I mean zodbot
13:55:29 <asamalik> we need more cookies
13:55:38 <jakfrost> The smaller containers article looks good and relevant
13:55:39 <stickster> lol
13:55:54 * stickster has to run in a moment, but will definitely get article edited for Friday
13:55:54 <jakfrost> I need more coffee
13:56:16 <asamalik> I also need more coffee!
13:56:31 <asamalik> sounds like a great time to say thanks everyone for coming!
13:56:42 <jakfrost> It's 47 feet away from my present location, my arms are too short
13:56:55 <gregbartholomew> o/
13:57:18 <asamalik> jakfrost: that's horrifying! although mine doesn't even exist, yet... how's that? :P
13:57:29 <asamalik> (to be fair, it's almost 3 PM here, so...)
13:57:55 <asamalik> I've already had two! anyway...
13:57:59 <asamalik> thanks all!
13:58:01 <asamalik> #endmeeting