14:00:21 <pbrobinson> #startmeeting Fedora IoT Working Group Meeting
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14:00:22 <pbrobinson> #chair pwhalen pbrobinson bcotton
14:00:22 <zodbot> Current chairs: bcotton pbrobinson pwhalen
14:00:22 <pbrobinson> #topic roll call
14:00:29 <pbrobinson> who do we have here today?
14:00:55 <bcotton> .hello2
14:00:55 * ipcloud here
14:00:56 <zodbot> bcotton: bcotton 'Ben Cotton' <bcotton@redhat.com>
14:01:09 <jsmith> .hello2
14:01:10 <zodbot> jsmith: jsmith 'Jared Smith' <jsmith.fedora@gmail.com>
14:01:41 * pwhalen is here
14:01:42 * tdawson is here
14:01:42 <jsmith> Gee, I sure wish there were some kind of IoT meeting going on to distract me from the SQL queries I'm writing....
14:01:45 <jsmith> .. oh, wait!
14:01:47 <jsmith> :-)
14:01:50 <pwhalen> :)
14:02:43 <pbrobinson> jsmith: happy to be of service ;-)
14:04:23 <pbrobinson> #topic 1) ==== Working Group process and admin  ====
14:04:47 <mboddu> stickster: Sure, I pinged in #fedora-mktg yesterday, but it was late I guess, I can ping them early on next time
14:05:05 <mboddu> Sorry, wrong meeting
14:06:01 <pbrobinson> the only item i have for this was bcotton was going to follow up around the web/design bits
14:06:16 <bcotton> oh hey that's me
14:06:33 <bcotton> i have done some pinging, but no responses. will continue to be annoying
14:06:49 <jsmith> bcotton: You can annoy without being annoying :-)
14:07:03 <jsmith> (Just like I can disagree without being disagreeable)
14:07:10 <bcotton> :-D
14:07:29 <pbrobinson> thanks bcotton
14:07:47 <pbrobinson> does anyone else have anything for WG admin?
14:09:17 * jsmith doesn't have anything
14:09:22 * pwhalen has nothing
14:09:42 <pbrobinson> #topic 2) ==== Fedora 30 ====
14:10:03 <pbrobinson> I don't really have anything of note for f30
14:10:18 <pbrobinson> has anyone been testing F-30 IoT and got any feedback?
14:11:31 <jsmith> I've installed it, but haven't really done much testing with it yet
14:11:38 <jsmith> It's on my (ever-growing) list :-)
14:11:54 <pbrobinson> I know that feeling all too well sadly
14:11:54 * pwhalen isn't aware of any issues
14:13:10 * asamalik , who just randomly appeared, is going to play with it on his raspberry pi, but haven't have time for that yet
14:13:34 <tdawson> I just updated to the latest 30 image (using update), and it appears to be working great
14:13:43 <pbrobinson> asamalik: thanks, looking forward to any feedback
14:14:16 <pbrobinson> #topic 3) ==== Fedora 31 planning ====
14:14:48 <pbrobinson> I need to go through the kanban and add/change/update for F-31 and priortise things
14:15:03 <pbrobinson> and also do some general F-31 features
14:15:28 <pbrobinson> does anyone have anything they're going to contribute here, or is interested in getting working
14:16:11 <tdawson> Other than an update for mozilla gateway, nothing from me.
14:16:19 <jsmith> If I had time, I'd love to do some tutorials...
14:16:27 <jsmith> "Here's how to run a simple MQTT server on Fedora IoT"
14:16:37 <jsmith> "Here's how to run Moz IoT Gateway on Fedora IoT"
14:16:44 <pbrobinson> jsmith: I have on my list a simple mosquitto container
14:16:48 <jsmith> "Here's how to use Fedora IoT to send data to another MQTT server"
14:17:05 <bcotton> those sound like great fedora magazine articles :-)
14:17:06 <jsmith> "Here's how to update/rollback the OS for Fedora IoT"
14:17:12 <jsmith> bcotton: Indeed...
14:17:44 <tdawson> jsmith: I just used Cockpit to do my update ... it makes it very easy.
14:19:25 <jsmith> tdawson: I know, but there are a lot of people who haven't tried Cockpit, etc.
14:19:45 <jsmith> tdawson: It usually helps to give them a reason to kick the tires, etc.
14:21:04 <pbrobinson> I'm looking at cockpit bits as a management API for iot for third party daemons to talk to
14:21:15 <asamalik> jsmith: would it help if someone else wrote those for the Magazine and maybe you could do a review?  (we're always looking for ideas)
14:21:20 <tdawson> jsmith: It's nice because it gives you information about the image if you want to roll back.
14:21:21 <pbrobinson> we'll see how far that goes, I need to look at a few other bits around it
14:21:36 <jsmith> asamalik: I'm always happy to edit/review...
14:22:03 <jsmith> pbrobinson: Interesting... you had me at API :-)
14:22:33 <pwhalen> tdawson sounds pretty cool, will take a look
14:23:08 <tdawson> pwhalen: Yep, it gives you everything from when it was installed, to what packages it changed.
14:23:23 <pwhalen> nice
14:23:37 <tdawson> Although I think I've derailed F31 ... this is more open floor stuff.
14:24:06 <pbrobinson> tdawson: it's fine
14:25:00 <pbrobinson> anyone else anything they would like to discuss around f31?
14:26:21 <pbrobinson> #topic 4) ==== Flock IoT planning ====
14:26:25 <asamalik> jsmith: cool! I could submit those as pitches and maybe even write one or two (while learning) if you agree (but don't want to steal your thunder, that's why I'm asking!) :-)
14:27:12 <pbrobinson> asamalik: sounds good to me, happy to assist in review if jsmith is swamped too
14:28:41 <pbrobinson> so for flock I'm planning on submitting a hackfest, I've already got a bunch of interest around that
14:28:44 <jsmith> asamalik: Please, go for it!
14:28:57 <pbrobinson> I should probably also submit a couple of talks
14:29:09 <jsmith> asamalik: I don't have a lot of time to write these days (thanks to grad school and a demanding job)... so you're not stealing my thunder at all.
14:29:13 <pwhalen> pbrobinson, anything in particular you want to hack on?
14:29:13 <pbrobinson> is anyone else interesting in presenting (or co-presenting) on anything?
14:29:26 <jsmith> pbrobinson: I'd love to co-present or present on something IoT related.
14:29:52 <jsmith> pbrobinson: I just haven't figured out exactly what yet
14:29:56 <asamalik> jsmith, pbrobinson: sounds like a plan, taking a note, will be in touch!
14:30:40 <pbrobinson> #info Flock CFP closes on June 1st
14:30:46 <pbrobinson> #link https://flocktofedora.org/
14:31:06 <pbrobinson> jsmith: we can chat out of band, we've got a few days
14:31:46 <jsmith> pbrobinson: ACK
14:31:58 <pbrobinson> pwhalen: there's probably a bunch of things, CI/CD related thing, HW enablement, testing, and particular use cases
14:32:20 <pbrobinson> I suspect things will change and move between now and then a little
14:33:37 <pwhalen> pbrobinson, sounds good
14:36:08 * tdawson will probrubly not be at Flock this year.
14:38:01 <pbrobinson> tdawson: sad pandad face
14:39:42 <pwhalen> tdawson :(
14:39:46 <pbrobinson> anyone else got anything for flock
14:40:34 <pbrobinson> #topic 5) ==== Open Floor ====
14:42:27 <jsmith> pbrobinson: Might be helpful to have some hardware to play with at Flock for testing -- I may be able to get a few small appliance-type boxes from work, if you don't have another angle on hardware.
14:42:33 * jsmith has nothing else for the open floor
14:42:46 <tdawson> I just found out that I'll be able to go to the OSS / Embedded Linux conference
14:43:00 <tdawson> (It's in San Diego, so much cheaper to send me there than FLOCK)
14:43:13 <tdawson> Does anyone else know if they will be able to make it to that conference?
14:43:36 <pbrobinson> jsmith: I could probably bring enough from my own collection :-D
14:44:32 <jsmith> pbrobinson: Well, then...
14:46:55 <pbrobinson> jsmith: we can work that out as we work out the schedule there
14:47:22 <pbrobinson> #action pbrobinson to submit IOT hackfest to flock
14:48:05 <pbrobinson> anyone have anything else?
14:49:36 <tdawson> Nope, I already brought up my cockpit news/excitement ... that was mostly all I had.
14:50:21 <jsmith> #action jsmith to gladly review/help edit any Fedora Magazine posts on Fedora IoT
14:50:43 <pbrobinson> #action jsmith to gladly review/help edit any Fedora Magazine posts on Fedora IoT
14:53:37 <pbrobinson> thank you all
14:53:37 <pbrobinson> #endmeeting