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20:00:23 <stickster> #topic Roll call
20:00:25 <stickster> .hello pfrields
20:00:26 <zodbot> stickster: pfrields 'Paul W. Frields' <>
20:01:12 <jakfrost> Hello
20:01:14 <asamalik> .hello2
20:01:15 <zodbot> asamalik: asamalik 'Adam Samalik' <>
20:01:26 <jakfrost> .hello2
20:01:27 <zodbot> jakfrost: jakfrost 'Steven Snow' <>
20:01:31 <stickster> #chair jakfrost asamalik ryanlerch cverna
20:01:31 <zodbot> Current chairs: asamalik cverna jakfrost ryanlerch stickster
20:02:03 <stickster> o/  hi y'all
20:02:07 <ryanlerch> .hello ryanlerch
20:02:08 <zodbot> ryanlerch: ryanlerch 'Ryan Lerch' <>
20:02:20 <stickster> ryanlerch: thanks for making it, it's super gonzo early your time
20:02:36 <ryanlerch> stickster: coffee is friend
20:03:24 <stickster> indeed!
20:03:47 <cverna> hello
20:03:50 * stickster has been drinking it black daily since doing this intermittent fasting thing. I discovered I hate black coffee but yet I persist
20:04:04 <stickster> You know what I like? Dessert coffee
20:04:52 * cverna likes any kind of dessert :)
20:04:58 <asamalik> I drink coffee with cream
20:05:02 <jakfrost> pie
20:05:04 <asamalik> that's the best
20:05:50 <ryanlerch> long blacks with milk when at home for me
20:06:19 <ryanlerch> 6oz doubleshot flat white when out at the coiffee shop :)
20:06:28 <stickster> :-)
20:06:29 <cverna> I mostly drink tea, and only espresso when it comes to coffee
20:06:51 <stickster> I like tea too but esp with milk & honey
20:06:57 <asamalik> flat white indeed!
20:07:07 <stickster> can't help it, I have a sweet tooth. I blame my grandma
20:07:34 <stickster> #topic Last week's stats
20:07:48 <stickster> #info Week of March 4: 63.4K pageviews, slightly down from previous week but not bad
20:08:04 <stickster> It'd be cool if we were closer to 80K/week
20:08:48 * stickster makes a note to see what we did the week of 2019-Jan-28 that was an outlier, or 2018-Nov-26
20:10:17 <stickster> #topic Drafts to review
20:11:13 <stickster> #link
20:11:35 <stickster> I see something new from Laura, cool
20:12:00 <stickster> #info --- Setting kernel command line arguments ---
20:12:02 * asamalik made a note as well about looking at good weeks so we can possibly reproduce them :)
20:12:03 <stickster> #link
20:12:18 <stickster> asamalik: I used my todoist, are you proud of me? 😉
20:12:44 * asamalik is proud of stickster
20:12:45 <asamalik> :D
20:12:49 <stickster> This article isn't ready to review yet, but clearly this will be a good one. I love labbott's clear writing style
20:13:30 <asamalik> yes!
20:13:31 <stickster> better than my repetitive one ^  🤣
20:13:36 <asamalik> I'm really looking forward to it
20:14:04 <cverna> labbott++
20:14:04 <zodbot> cverna: Karma for labbott changed to 5 (for the current release cycle):
20:14:06 <jakfrost> Interesting and important topic
20:14:10 <stickster> labbott++
20:14:10 <zodbot> stickster: Karma for labbott changed to 6 (for the current release cycle):
20:14:18 <asamalik> labbott++
20:14:18 <zodbot> asamalik: Karma for labbott changed to 7 (for the current release cycle):
20:14:19 <cverna> COOKIES
20:14:27 <ryanlerch> labbott++
20:14:27 <zodbot> ryanlerch: Karma for labbott changed to 8 (for the current release cycle):
20:14:30 <jakfrost> labbott++
20:14:30 <zodbot> jakfrost: Karma for labbott changed to 9 (for the current release cycle):
20:14:33 <stickster> #info labbott still working on kernel command line args article, we'll check back next week
20:14:34 <asamalik> cookies and coffee!!!
20:14:36 <cverna> to dump into the coffee :)
20:14:40 <cverna> asamalik: :D
20:14:41 <stickster> #info --- C# part 2 ---
20:14:43 <stickster> #link
20:15:15 <stickster> #info stickster emailed Francisco and he was going to update the article to include a hangman game or another easy example to provide more valuable content
20:15:37 <asamalik> I think last time we wanted to make this more actionable?
20:15:52 <stickster> indeed
20:16:10 <stickster> something the user could follow and run that was useful as a demo
20:16:47 <jakfrost> I thought the author responded favourably to the ideas expressed by the editors.
20:17:58 <stickster> ack
20:18:13 <jakfrost> ack, ack phfitt
20:18:37 <asamalik> so probably just needs more time
20:18:51 <stickster> nothing left to do here but wait, unfortunately
20:19:00 <stickster> #info we'll need to check back on this draft too
20:19:24 <stickster> That's the end of drafts, unfortunately. :-(
20:19:34 <stickster> #topic Pitches to approve
20:19:36 <stickster> #link
20:19:57 <stickster> is the badges post from cverna new or did we already +1 that last week? I feel like we did.
20:20:23 <jakfrost> Ditto
20:20:42 <ryanlerch> i think we +1'ed it already
20:20:46 <stickster> #info Nothing new in pitches 😢
20:20:52 <cverna> :(
20:21:12 <stickster> OK, this means we need to get not only our thinking caps, but our writing gloves, and get to work for this week
20:21:12 <ryanlerch> labbott just started ediing the kernel post again
20:21:42 <jakfrost> I have been working on the Borg Backup on Silverblue, and today did my first backup from my heavily modified script
20:22:06 <jakfrost> I need to get s bit more info for a basic article about it on Silverblue
20:22:08 <ryanlerch> are there any features landing in f30 that are worth an quick post about?
20:22:11 <jakfrost> a bit
20:22:14 <stickster> jakfrost: That's cool! You talked about that topic last week IIRC.
20:22:24 <jakfrost> Certainly did
20:22:44 <jakfrost> I'm shooting for early next week a draft
20:23:44 <jakfrost> It's a pretty cool scriptable software for backing up with encryption and de-dup'ng.
20:24:00 <stickster> jakfrost++ keep going!
20:24:08 <stickster> the sooner the better :-D
20:24:20 <stickster> In the meantime... I'm looking at our Starter Pitches queue as well.
20:24:27 <stickster> #link
20:24:47 <stickster> These are all cool article ideas, *pre-approved*, that someone can pick up and write without much labor
20:25:25 <stickster> A few of them are esoteric but we kept them because they didn't seem complex.
20:27:09 <stickster> ryanlerch: what about something(s) from ?
20:27:21 <stickster> I see a few things that might make user visible speed differences
20:27:30 <ryanlerch> stickster: gnome 3.32 was / is released today
20:27:37 <ryanlerch> i can do a post about that
20:27:56 <stickster> ryanlerch:🤯
20:28:33 <stickster> ryanlerch: Yes! Worth noting that the pre-release is already in pre-F30 branch, and final will have it as well
20:28:56 <ryanlerch> doenst look like it is released yet
20:29:03 <asamalik> what about the Pantheon desktop change?
20:29:23 <ryanlerch> i can do a post today, and post on friday
20:29:52 <asamalik> if I remember correctly, for example the article about i3 was one of the top we had in terms of views... so maybe desktops are cool to write about?
20:30:23 <jakfrost> Certainly can stir up interest.
20:30:46 <jakfrost> People tend to get particular about their DE
20:30:50 <ryanlerch> asamalik: never heard of pantheon
20:30:56 <asamalik> me neither :D
20:31:02 <asamalik>
20:31:18 <asamalik> I just googled some screenshots and it looks really nice
20:31:35 * asamalik would be happy to play with it and write about it
20:31:43 <stickster> asamalik: +1
20:32:06 <stickster> Alternate desktops are interesting to lots of readers
20:32:16 <stickster> ryanlerch: +1 on your plan as well
20:32:27 <stickster> #action ryanlerch write post on GNOME 3.32 release to pump it up as well as F30
20:32:38 <jakfrost> Did you notice the GnuPG2 is replacing GnuPG1?
20:32:45 <asamalik> but do we wanna do it even though it's not out yet?
20:32:45 <stickster> #action asamalik write post on Pantheon desktop option in Fedora
20:33:13 <stickster> asamalik: let's see if it's actually available and works
20:33:40 <asamalik> yeah
20:33:46 <stickster> Hmm, I see some parts still missing, not just a few packages but some of the plumbing backend like dnf/PackageKit
20:34:08 <asamalik> it looks like it's in f29 also...
20:35:40 * asamalik is booting up a VM
20:35:44 <stickster> asamalik: Maybe you should just run it in a VM, and report on it to the extent it does work (and mention what doesn't)
20:35:46 <stickster> *jinx
20:35:53 <stickster> lol
20:37:31 <asamalik> haha
20:39:34 <ryanlerch> lolz
20:41:23 <ryanlerch> .hello
20:41:23 <zodbot> ryanlerch: (hello <an alias, 1 argument>) -- Alias for "hellomynameis $1".
20:41:38 <stickster> #action stickster pick a topic on the starter pitches and go to town
20:41:48 <stickster> I think I may do the terminal multiplexers since no one's done it yet.
20:42:03 <ryanlerch> stickster++
20:42:19 <stickster> I know screen and tmux, I think there's also terminator/tmuxinator and a couple others.
20:42:38 <stickster> Oh, byobu
20:42:46 <cverna> also tilix or something like that
20:43:15 <stickster> I think tilix is a window manager though? Maybe I'm remembering wrong, though
20:43:30 <cverna>
20:43:37 <stickster> maybe no different than terminator actually
20:43:49 <cverna> yeah kind of like terminator
20:44:35 <jakfrost> I think Terminator is based on tmux
20:44:50 <jakfrost> or a fork at some point
20:45:27 <jakfrost> I use Terminator, it is a pretty good tabbed terminal multiplexer
20:46:08 <stickster> ryanlerch: Can I hand you the gavel? I'm trying to fix something for labbott
20:46:20 <stickster> feel free to go to publishing schedule if needed
20:46:22 <jakfrost> Tmux, and Terminator go well with zsh
20:46:29 <stickster> #info stickster is trying to fix the public post preview issue
20:50:03 <stickster> fixed!
20:50:15 <stickster> I take it ryanlerch either ran out of coffee or is writing his post
20:50:27 <stickster> I'll move ahead to publishing schedule so as not to keep everyone here
20:50:31 <stickster> #topic Publishing schedule
20:50:51 <cverna> Oh also on the community blog they have the SEO and Writing plugin working
20:51:01 <ryanlerch> back now! sorry had some connection issues
20:51:02 <stickster> cverna: I'll take a look at those as well!
20:51:06 <cverna> not sure how they did it but it nice
20:51:09 <cverna> cool :)
20:51:38 <stickster> #proposed #agreed Fri 2019-Mar-15: GNOME 3.32 (ryanlerch) -- Mon 2019-Mar-18: Pantheon (asamalik) -- Wed 2019-Mar-20: Term-muxers (stickster) -- Fri 2019-Mar-22: TBD
20:51:57 <ryanlerch> termuxers FTW
20:52:00 <ryanlerch> +1 from mer
20:52:02 <ryanlerch> me
20:52:04 <stickster> heh
20:52:43 <stickster> cverna: I think they are doing what I did. Logged in via SSH and manually unzipped new plugin versions. It's a bit clumsy compared to how I do it on my own self-hosted WP. I just log in there and manage via the interface.
20:52:53 <asamalik> I'm wondering it it's not too early for the Pantheon article... it works somehow but it doesn't feel done... it doesn't even have any settings, I can't change the background... I feel like writing about it now will just prevent us from writing about it when it's ready... :(
20:52:59 <stickster> It might be a permissions thing is wrong in our ansible playbook.
20:53:15 <asamalik> sorry for taking too long, I had to update that VM and was waiting for scriplets and things
20:53:57 <asamalik> I could write about DWM window manager — a super simple tiling VM
20:54:07 <cverna> stickster: oh ok, yes I am not a wordpress expert so not sure why we can just use the interface
20:54:44 <asamalik> we mentioned DWM in the "5 cool tiling VMs" article, but just briefly
20:54:51 <asamalik> *WMs
20:55:11 <ryanlerch> asamalik: i'm on board with that!
20:55:18 <cverna> +1
20:55:40 <stickster> asamalik: +1, also a great idea. Let's change the schedule accordingly ;-)
20:55:51 <stickster> #proposed #agreed Fri 2019-Mar-15: GNOME 3.32 (ryanlerch) -- Mon 2019-Mar-18: DWM (asamalik) -- Wed 2019-Mar-20: Term-muxers (stickster) -- Fri 2019-Mar-22: TBD
20:56:00 <asamalik> let's do this! :D
20:56:10 <ryanlerch> +1
20:56:49 <jakfrost> I'll try to have the borg thingy assimilated by this weekend
20:56:52 <asamalik> +1
20:57:03 <cverna> +1
20:57:11 <jakfrost> +1
20:57:13 <stickster> #agreed Fri 2019-Mar-15: GNOME 3.32 (ryanlerch) -- Mon 2019-Mar-18: DWM (asamalik) -- Wed 2019-Mar-20: Term-muxers (stickster) -- Fri 2019-Mar-22: TBD
20:57:52 <asamalik> and people say magic doesn't exist
20:58:54 <stickster> lol
20:59:02 <stickster> #topic All other business / open floor
20:59:07 <stickster> Leaving open for 1 minute :-)
20:59:28 <stickster> #info stickster looking at whether we can "fix" our Wordpress, or at least upgrade some plugins
21:02:02 <stickster> OK, thanks for coming everyone!
21:02:04 <stickster> #endmeeting