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21:00:16 <ryanlerch> .hello ryanlerch
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21:00:18 <stickster> #topic Roll call
21:00:22 <stickster> .hello pfrields
21:00:23 <puiterwijk> .hello2
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21:00:34 <stickster> I think ryanlerch tries to beat me to the Roll call topic every week :-D
21:00:50 <stickster> #chair ryanlerch asamalik cverna
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21:01:00 <stickster> asamalik: did you want me to hand over the gavel?
21:01:08 <asamalik> .hello2
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21:01:10 <sub_pop[m]> .hello linkdupont
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21:01:36 <asamalik> stickster: ah I haven't responded! sure!
21:02:58 * stickster hands over gavel non-ceremoniously by tossing it like a dowel rod
21:03:10 <stickster> go for it asamalik!
21:03:27 <cverna> hello o/
21:03:50 <ryanlerch> inanimate carbon rod?
21:04:22 <stickster> lol
21:04:43 <asamalik> haha
21:04:50 <asamalik> all right! let's do this!
21:04:51 <asamalik> #topic Last week's stats
21:05:02 <asamalik> #info Week of November 19: > 74.3K pageviews -- no longer getting the F29 traction, but still good numbers!
21:05:56 <asamalik> and higher than the four weeks right before the release
21:06:40 <stickster> That's not bad
21:06:42 <ryanlerch> yeah, the year is above last year's total already, with a whole month to go too
21:06:55 <stickster> We've been hovering in "low/normal" weeks at 60K-ish
21:07:09 <stickster> Maybe this is the new normal -0
21:08:12 * ryanlerch hopes so!
21:08:27 <asamalik> yes! :-)
21:08:34 <asamalik> #topic Pending review posts
21:08:34 <asamalik> #link
21:08:47 <asamalik> #info no pending review
21:08:59 <asamalik> #topic Drafts to review
21:08:59 <asamalik> #link
21:09:39 <asamalik> #info --- Fedora Classroom: Containers 101 with Podman ---
21:09:55 <asamalik> #link
21:10:11 <stickster> suggestion... we should remove debris here... someone was supposed to move phracek's post to communityblog, anyone know whether that went out?
21:10:26 <stickster> ^ (hmm, was I supposed to do it? if so, I don't remember)
21:10:49 * stickster checks to keep meeting on track
21:10:50 <asamalik> stickster: I did move it, we got some technical feedback on it, waiting for phracek to reply / edit
21:10:54 <stickster> Oh! good
21:11:06 <stickster> #proposed #action stickster trash old PyPI post
21:11:11 <asamalik> +!
21:11:12 <asamalik> +1
21:11:20 <cverna> easy +1
21:11:22 <ryanlerch> +1
21:11:22 <stickster> #action stickster trash old PyPI post
21:11:44 <stickster> +1 on Podman post, no brainer!
21:11:46 <ryanlerch> the classroom post is a +1 from me
21:12:09 * stickster does a quick edit pass while we meet
21:12:41 <asamalik> stickster++
21:12:48 <asamalik> and +1 for the article
21:13:36 <asamalik> so that looks good
21:14:22 <asamalik> #info --- i3wm instead of traditional Desktop Environmets ---
21:14:30 <asamalik> #link
21:14:51 <asamalik> this one looks like a pitch we've approved, but no progress made, yet, I think
21:15:19 <asamalik> do we want to ping the author, or just wait?
21:15:27 <cverna> I thought we voted -1 on this one since we have already one about i3
21:15:42 * cverna might be wrong
21:15:49 <stickster> cverna: you're right
21:15:59 <asamalik> cverna: ah you're right
21:16:00 <stickster> #info stickster finished edit on classroom post
21:16:07 * cverna might be right then
21:16:09 <asamalik> so the three that are there can be all removed, right?
21:16:34 <stickster> I asked the author for new ideas and he said he'd come back with them, but nothing further yet. I did follow up with him once again already.
21:16:46 <stickster> asamalik: looks like so, unfortunately :-(
21:17:19 <cverna> +1 for the  cleanup
21:17:56 <stickster> +1 cleanup.
21:18:00 <asamalik> +1 yes
21:18:03 <ryanlerch> Maybe we could start using the editiorial comment feild to note if a #pitchapproved and other things?
21:18:23 <ryanlerch> i always get confused with if we have discussed a post or not
21:18:24 <asamalik> ryanlerch: I think that would help, yes!
21:18:27 <cverna> ryanlerch: good idea
21:18:30 <asamalik> yeah
21:18:31 <stickster> ryanlerch: I've been doing that lately myself. The WP instance *does* email people AFAIK!
21:18:38 <asamalik> ryanlerch++
21:19:11 <ryanlerch> sory for the diversion
21:19:18 <asamalik> so do we wanna go to the pitches and try that out? :-)
21:19:45 <stickster> asamalik: ryanlerch: should we then *not* move approved pitches to draft?
21:20:04 * stickster OK either way
21:20:16 <cverna> f27 is eol this week I think we need a quick newsy article
21:20:21 <ryanlerch> stickster: i think keep that, but just have a note as well
21:20:42 <ryanlerch> some posts appear in drafts, when they are in fact pitches still
21:21:56 <stickster> sounds good to me
21:22:32 <stickster> the note is probably the best clarity, yeah. We often get pitches in Drafts from people who are in the Authors role, and allowed to do that
21:22:54 <stickster> #agreed Editors agree, let's use Editorial Comments field to make an "approved pitch" note
21:22:58 <asamalik> yeah I think the note as an addition could sometimes help
21:23:05 <stickster> cverna: excellent idea!
21:23:35 <stickster> #idea cverna sez, let's do a F27 EOL article this week (Friday?)
21:24:10 <asamalik> +1
21:24:18 <ryanlerch> +1
21:24:47 <stickster> I guess we can #topic to pitches then?
21:24:50 <ryanlerch> usually we just use the wording from the last one, s/26/27/
21:24:59 <asamalik> #topic Pitches to approve
21:24:59 <asamalik> #link
21:25:00 <stickster> another easy one ;-D
21:25:21 <ryanlerch> oh, my dash to dock one was previously apprived
21:25:31 * ryanlerch moves it to drafts
21:25:42 <stickster> ryanlerch++
21:25:42 <zodbot> stickster: Karma for ryanlerch changed to 5 (for the current release cycle):
21:25:53 <asamalik> #info --- Fedora 29 on ARM on AWS ---
21:26:02 <asamalik> #link
21:26:10 <stickster> COOKIE PARTY!!!! 🍪 🍪 🍪
21:26:15 <asamalik> I've already went through this one and it looks really good!
21:26:29 <asamalik> I just found one typo, let me fix it right now
21:26:30 <cverna> ryanlerch++
21:26:36 <stickster> insta-+1 on ARM/AWS article
21:26:48 <cverna> +1
21:26:50 <stickster> esp since if we don't approve it mattdm will hunt us all down ;-D
21:26:57 <ryanlerch> +1 get this out ASAP!
21:26:59 <ryanlerch> :D
21:27:00 <cverna> lol
21:27:02 <asamalik> +1
21:27:33 <asamalik> confirmed with pbrobinson and puiterwijk it's ready to go out now
21:27:54 <ryanlerch> another newsy one really, but can make it one of the three if we are light on other stuff :D
21:28:03 <ryanlerch> IMHO
21:30:20 * ryanlerch does a featured image for it now
21:30:43 <asamalik> there are things about this on social media already, so I'd say we go with this out ASAP
21:31:00 * asamalik basically edited it right now, even though there was not really much to edit
21:31:23 <cverna> yes +1 for ASAP
21:31:44 <asamalik> +1
21:31:48 * asamalik moved it to drafts
21:32:05 <stickster> Indeed, we should push ASAP
21:32:07 <stickster> +1
21:32:10 <asamalik> stickster: would you publish... that
21:32:17 <asamalik> :D
21:32:36 <asamalik> ryanlerch: do you want to press the button when you have the image?
21:32:42 <stickster> yeah, that ^
21:33:04 <mattdm> stickster: hunt you down and then make a really sad face at you
21:33:09 <stickster> hahaha
21:33:12 <asamalik> lol
21:33:29 <asamalik> all right
21:33:32 <asamalik> #info --- How to Secure NFS4 with Kerberos Authentication ---
21:33:44 <stickster> #action ryanlerch push ARM/AWS post once image is ready
21:33:50 <asamalik> #link
21:33:53 <asamalik> stickster: ah thanks!
21:34:52 <cverna> +1
21:34:57 <stickster> Oh, this NFS4/KRB is a great one -- is this the breakout we asked gbartholomew to do with his long netboot post?
21:35:08 <asamalik> stickster: I believe it is
21:35:50 <stickster> Man, he's a BEAST for writing this stuff!
21:36:02 <asamalik> right?!
21:36:26 <stickster> +100 from me
21:36:49 <asamalik> and there are even more followups.. well let's not skip ahead
21:37:00 <asamalik> yes +1 (or more) from me!
21:37:14 * stickster can edit this for next week
21:37:18 <asamalik> #agreed pitch How to Secure NFS4 with Kerberos Authentication approved
21:37:29 <stickster> I'm pretty sure this "pitch" is a finished draft
21:37:33 <asamalik> stickster++ 🍪🍪🍪
21:37:37 <ryanlerch> +1
21:37:39 <asamalik> yes :)
21:38:39 <stickster> #action stickster check with author that NFS4/KRB article is ready for editorial
21:38:50 <stickster> #action stickster if NFS4/KRB article is ready, edit and do an image for next week
21:39:29 <ryanlerch> arm image is done, publishing now
21:39:37 * ryanlerch is back now too lol
21:39:48 <stickster> go go ryanlerch gadget
21:39:57 <stickster> what's next asamalik?
21:40:05 <asamalik> #info --- Linux chmod command ---
21:40:10 <asamalik> #link
21:40:34 <asamalik> again, this rings a bell, have we just not moved it?
21:40:49 <asamalik> looks pretty good
21:41:22 <stickster> asamalik: This is a straight up plagiarism  😠
21:41:26 <stickster>
21:41:37 <asamalik> eh :/
21:41:52 <stickster> #proposed #action trash this pitch
21:42:04 <asamalik> +1 :(
21:43:04 <stickster> I wish we could put something out in our feed that says, "If you are thinking about copying someone else's nonfree article and publishing it here, DON'T."
21:43:27 <cverna> +1
21:43:49 <asamalik> #action asamalik trash the Linux chmod command pitch
21:43:53 <stickster> asamalik: However, I like the idea of an article about permissions. I can add a pitch for "How to share access to a folder" as a CLI tip article perhaps? What do you guys think?
21:44:38 <stickster> We need to spend some time figuring out how to fill up the second half of December with content that will auto-push, because many of us will be on vacation
21:44:50 <asamalik> stickster: good point, I like the idea, but we might want to not steal the content :-)
21:44:53 <stickster> so that article idea might be one I could do in advance :-)
21:44:58 <stickster> asamalik: agreed :-D
21:45:03 <stickster> I promise not to steal anything!!!!
21:46:16 <stickster> #action stickster file pitch for permissions article
21:46:23 <asamalik> #proposed #action stickster draft a "How to share access to a folder" article
21:46:30 <stickster> yup, I'll take that too
21:47:03 <asamalik> #action stickster draft a "How to share access to a folder" article
21:47:07 <asamalik> cool!
21:47:22 <asamalik> #info --- How to Build a Netboot Server, Part 2 ---
21:47:31 <asamalik> #link
21:48:01 <stickster> insta-+1 based on previous "Netboot Server" discussion
21:48:04 <asamalik> it's a follow-up for the "pitch" we've already approved
21:48:07 <asamalik> +1
21:48:23 <ryanlerch> +1 move to drafts!
21:48:28 <asamalik> #agreed How to Build a Netboot Server, Part 2 pitch approved
21:48:46 <asamalik> ryanlerch: noo the author's editing it, so we can't!
21:49:19 <asamalik> #action asamalik moves How to Build a Netboot Server, Part 2 to drafts when it's not being edited
21:49:29 <stickster> asamalik++
21:49:30 <asamalik> #info --- How to Build a Netboot Server, Part 3 ---
21:49:36 <asamalik> #link
21:49:43 <asamalik> finally a real pitch!
21:49:44 <stickster> no, I'm *definitely* -1 on this
21:49:49 <stickster> JUST KIDDING!!!!
21:49:51 <stickster> +1 :-)
21:50:00 <ryanlerch> +1 lol
21:50:11 <asamalik> lol
21:50:12 <asamalik> +1
21:50:30 <asamalik> #agreed pitch How to Build a Netboot Server, Part 3 approved
21:50:37 <cverna> -1 +2 :)
21:50:44 <asamalik> moved to draft
21:51:18 <asamalik> #info --- Develop Cloud Native apps on Fedora (Series)  ---
21:51:31 <asamalik> we've approved this one already, right?
21:51:45 <cverna> yes, and I have not started working on it
21:51:56 <cverna> we can move to draft
21:52:10 <asamalik> draft it is
21:52:43 <asamalik> OK anything on the list?
21:52:58 * asamalik can't see anything
21:53:21 * stickster shortcuts possible publishing schedule to help adam
21:53:51 <asamalik> #topic Publishing schedule
21:54:06 <stickster> now: ARM/AWS... Fri: EOL f27... Mon: NFS4/KRB... Wed: Classroom Podman...
21:54:31 <stickster> (the classroom isn't until Dec 13 so it's plenty of time)
21:54:45 <ryanlerch> +1
21:54:58 <asamalik> +1
21:55:29 <stickster> oh hey... ryanlerch, I had a suggestion for images in our repo
21:55:40 <stickster> it's off-topic, I can wait until we get to open floor
21:56:25 <stickster> oh, +1 btw
21:56:38 <cverna> +1
21:57:34 <ryanlerch> me has a few he needs to check in actually
21:58:10 <asamalik> OK I have the names wrong likely: #proposed #agreed PUBLISHING SCHEDULE: now, Fedora 29 on ARM on AWS (asamalik:edit/ryanlerch:image) -- Fri Nov 30, f27 EOL (stickster) -- Mon Dec 3, How to Secure NFS4 with Kerberos Authentication (stickster) -- Wed Dec 5, Fedora Classroom: Containers 101 with Podman (stickster)
21:58:40 <stickster> ha
21:58:51 <asamalik> sorry
21:58:58 <stickster> the good thing is I have three things there and only one is actual work ;-)
21:59:02 <stickster> it's all fine with me, +1
21:59:19 <stickster> I look like a superhero when I'm just a flabby couch potato
21:59:25 <asamalik> lol
21:59:49 * asamalik remembers this trick about getting names wrong for next time as well
21:59:52 * stickster has to run in 60sec, but is good with this!
22:00:12 * stickster shakes fist at asamalik
22:00:35 <asamalik> #agreed PUBLISHING SCHEDULE: now, Fedora 29 on ARM on AWS (asamalik:edit/ryanlerch:image) -- Fri Nov 30, f27 EOL (stickster) -- Mon Dec 3, How to Secure NFS4 with Kerberos Authentication (stickster) -- Wed Dec 5, Fedora Classroom: Containers 101 with Podman (stickster)
22:00:58 <asamalik> stickster: lol
22:01:00 <asamalik> #topic All other business (open floor)
22:01:15 <asamalik> nothing from me
22:01:19 <asamalik> 3
22:01:19 <asamalik> 2
22:01:25 <asamalik> 1
22:01:39 <asamalik> #endmeeting