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01:01:02 <award3535> #topic === FAmNA Roll Call ===
01:01:11 <award3535> #chair Juggler(m)
01:01:11 <zodbot> Current chairs: Juggler(m) award3535
01:01:21 <award3535> #chair kk4ewt
01:01:21 <zodbot> Current chairs: Juggler(m) award3535 kk4ewt
01:01:26 <juggler[m]> .hello juggler
01:01:28 <zodbot> juggler[m]: juggler 'Jagdish Prajapati' <prajapatijagdish22@gmail.com>
01:01:37 <juggler[m]> oops lol
01:01:42 <juggler[m]> .hello lajuggler
01:01:44 <zodbot> juggler[m]: lajuggler 'Perry Rivera' <juggler1@gmail.com>
01:01:52 <award3535> hey there you are
01:01:52 <juggler[m]> that's better
01:02:29 <award3535> we will give a few minutes to let more attend if possible
01:02:34 <juggler[m]> ok
01:05:59 <award3535> #topic === Announcements ===
01:06:35 <award3535> I would like to start by saying that the mindshare ticket system seems to be working with getting things pushed through for events!
01:07:28 <award3535> #chair reher
01:07:28 <zodbot> Current chairs: Juggler(m) award3535 kk4ewt reher
01:07:33 <award3535> evening reher
01:09:07 <juggler[m]> award3535 that does sound positive! I may require your assistance later on negotating all of the new ticketing for filing for our event if/when that does come to pass...
01:09:11 <award3535> the only things that you should know when completing tickets now, there is no requirement for an event page, all pertinent information must be entered in the mindshare ticket
01:10:09 <award3535> juggler(m) the only requirements is event reports and the reimbursement tickets for NA that I will pay upon completion of the event report.
01:10:28 <juggler[m]> LOL, I wish I knew that. carefully crafted a SCALE17x template page last night. sigh
01:11:19 <award3535> juggler(m) the same information (shortened) to fit.
01:11:19 <juggler[m]> question: in lieu of event pages, how do fedora people find out about new events?
01:12:03 <award3535> juggler use email to get attendees, and place all that will be attending in the mindshare ticket
01:12:17 <juggler[m]> I mean, how does the Fedora community find out about events that we were normally linking?
01:12:32 <award3535> of course if there is a reimbursement, event report  required
01:12:59 <award3535> juggler, the community will know with entering the mindshare ticket
01:13:28 <award3535> here's the catch, all ambassadors should join the mindshare mailing list
01:13:38 <juggler[m]> ok, I'll try to see how it works. :)
01:16:35 <award3535> the focus has shifted to more a centralized system, with the mindshare committee, it is designed to free up ambassadors to focus on the event vice all the administrative burden of planning and organizing everyone attending the event, then getting the region to approve it
01:17:08 <award3535> the mindshare meetings and emailing list are the primary communications between ambassadors worldwide
01:17:55 <juggler[m]> sounds like a step in the right direction
01:18:25 <award3535> our first event LISA 18 was approved quickly, and so was SEAGuL
01:20:00 <award3535> for the reimbursements, the pagure ticket for NA is still required so that I can preform the reimbursement. That ticket must include the mindshare ticket number so that I can reference the event report tracking by mindshare.
01:20:02 <juggler[m]> curious, how was the swag distribution in comparison....slower, faster or about the same?
01:20:53 <award3535> juggler that too is undergoing some changes, its going to be more centralized and shipped from one location to the event or event attendees residence
01:21:15 <juggler[m]> ah
01:21:37 <award3535> bex and the mindshare committed are working on what is available and time lines for distro
01:23:54 <award3535> so when we have meetings for NA now, tickets will be listed as the reimbursement pagure tickets and with any help needed.
01:25:17 <award3535> #topic == Open Floor ===
01:26:22 <juggler[m]> I've setup a new framework for SCaLE17x. The new link has been established here:
01:26:58 <juggler[m]> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Events#FY20_Q1_.28March_2019_-_May_2019.29
01:27:02 <juggler[m]> and here:
01:27:13 <juggler[m]> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SCaLE_17X_Event
01:27:40 <juggler[m]> should I delete the framework link as a result of the mindshare integrations at this point in time?
01:28:07 <juggler[m]> I added an FY20 Q1 section, but it might be obsolete as of this writing...thoughts?
01:29:00 <juggler[m]> other news, Paradox has volunteered to be event owner for SCaLE17x.
01:29:17 <award3535> Well, if it helps you plan it no, but one thing that will come up is Acosta, there have been lots of questions on attendees that require travel expenses, they more than likely be required to give a talk at the event
01:30:05 <award3535> and that talk must be fedora based along with something we do
01:30:07 <juggler[m]> ah
01:31:32 <award3535> there was a lot of discussions on attending with travel costs other than just working the booth. This was up at the council as well as the mindshare committee
01:31:35 <juggler[m]> is it not enough that he provides full coverage throughout most of the conference to field questions from the community at our vendor table? or would he need to do some formal talk?
01:32:23 <juggler[m]> he is quite an invaluable resource, especially with our Spanish speaking community
01:33:51 <award3535> even though he does support everything at the booth, the cost of travel and lodging would raise questions, and I can tell you that it probably wont get approved without being a speaker at the event, even for language barrier that is not 100%
01:35:00 <award3535> the focus is to have local ambassadors that will work the booth, traveling ambassadors giving talks get funding for travel and lodging
01:35:42 <juggler[m]> I guess another question would also be if he is unable to make it based on that restriction who might be sharing the hotel room with me..
01:37:05 <award3535> that is the question, there are many question that yet have to be answered in the mindshare documentation that is not out yet, but you must include a strong pitch to get that kind of funding now
01:37:41 <juggler[m]> well, the CFP for the event will be closing in less than a week. I'll try to chat w/ aa to discuss things.
01:38:04 <juggler[m]> hopefully he'll also read this log later..
01:38:21 <award3535> for example, SELF, it will require kk4ewt, and Myself to give talks since we are representing all ambassadors in the south east
01:39:05 <award3535> and require both travel and lodging
01:39:47 <juggler[m]> so if travel and lodging then must be a formal speaker?
01:39:56 <kk4ewt> yep
01:40:28 <award3535> that is what we get out of all the reading of minutes and from the prior events that we just completed.
01:40:36 <juggler[m]> but the ambassador can't just be a facilitator, like say for a roundtable discussion?
01:41:38 <award3535> that may work, but you will have to make it strong, but you can also call for a FAD for ambassadors in your area, that too may work
01:42:29 <juggler[m]> I think ultimately we'd like to. The bigger question is if that could be funded, as that might require $$ to get a room for more than 45 minutes.
01:42:59 <award3535> yes that could pose a problem
01:43:38 <juggler[m]> I'll ask Paradox to review this log later to ask for his feedback on how to proceed...
01:44:09 <juggler[m]> how quickly is the turnaround time for approvals, based on prior events. days, weeks, months?
01:44:44 <award3535> like I said they are looking for local ambassadors whether they are as active as us or not to attend events, for example seattle, where stealaworkn is
01:45:09 <juggler[m]> ah
01:45:23 <award3535> the turn around depends on how many votes you need to get it approved. that depends on the amount of money you are asking for
01:45:54 <award3535> for example SELF will require 5 mindshare committee members to approve
01:46:20 <award3535> because it will exceed 1K
01:46:58 <juggler[m]> if we keep it under 1K, is that easier to approve then? or not necessarily
01:47:55 <award3535> thats why I put a ticket in asking for status of the documentation from Mindshare, it is still an unknown/unapproved process right now
01:48:22 <juggler[m]> ah
01:49:17 <award3535> I would say that if it is over $500.00 that it will required at least five positive votes, and that is why it is some important to make your pitch strong
01:50:15 <juggler[m]> got it
01:51:46 <award3535> my feelings are that it's going to be hard to convince some of the mindshare committee for anything over 1K, since most in other countries cost almost nothing compared to ours
01:52:01 <juggler[m]> any other open floor news?  thanks for the feedback btw award and kk4
01:52:44 <award3535> juggler(m) ensure you join the mindshare mailing list and it wouldn't hurt to join the council mailing list as well
01:54:46 <award3535> I am always available to help, just email me and if I can chat I will help
01:55:59 <juggler[m]> thank you
01:56:34 <juggler[m]> is the council list: council-discuss or council-private?
01:56:56 <award3535> council discuss
01:57:08 <award3535> you do not have access to the private
01:57:29 <juggler[m]> added and added
01:58:50 <award3535> ok if no one has anything else I will end the meeting
01:59:04 <juggler[m]> I've e-mailed aa and Paradox to please follow up with log reading.
01:59:16 <juggler[m]> thanks for presiding. next meeting will be....?
01:59:31 <juggler[m]> (hopefully not Thanksgiving week)
01:59:47 <award3535> no the week before....
01:59:51 <juggler[m]> whew
02:00:16 <kk4ewt> thanksgiving everyone will be in turkey coma
02:00:21 <juggler[m]> lmk if you'd like me to cover that one
02:00:28 <juggler[m]> kk4 haha indeed
02:00:38 <juggler[m]> or tofurky coma in some cases
02:00:54 <award3535> juggler, sure just let me know what day and time.....
02:01:50 <juggler[m]> the thursday 6p pacific slot seems to be working out. please remind me the day before, just in case :)
02:02:02 <juggler[m]> thank you
02:02:03 <award3535> ok
02:02:15 <award3535> thank you all for showing up....
02:02:38 <juggler[m]> likewise you, kk4, and reher
02:03:13 <award3535> next FAmNA meeting will be Nov 15th at 9pm east
02:03:33 <award3535> #endmeeting