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14:33:08 <Rhea> #nick dotnet
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14:34:17 <Rhea> #topic Packaging progress / Open Floor discussion
14:35:26 <omajid> quick status update: i built 2.1.5/2.1.403 in copr:
14:35:45 <omajid> 2.0 is eol now. i dont know if that's something we should document anywhere
14:35:54 <omajid> packages are still present in repo, so they can be installed
14:35:55 <Rhea> Hmm.
14:36:26 <Rhea> Yeah I was thinking about that, came up with... like a table on dev portal "our packages" where we will note 2.0's eol
14:36:40 <Rhea> dunno if that's the best solution / idea though :D
14:37:13 <Rhea> Hi dseefeld_: if you're around you could introduce yourself quickly :)
14:37:50 <dseefeld_> Hi.  This is my first meeting.
14:37:53 <omajid> dseefeld_: crummel: welcome!
14:38:32 <dseefeld_> I'm working on the source-build project at msft.
14:38:45 <crummel> Thanks!  Also my first meeting.  We're both mostly working on the source-build repo and hoping to get things up to your standards  :)
14:39:11 <aslice> crummel++ dseefeld_++
14:39:16 <pcreech> \o/ Welcome !
14:39:29 <Rhea> Oh welcome crummel as well
14:39:37 <crummel> Thanks!
14:40:16 <Rhea> How would you like to get started with that, do you have a list of blockers for example?
14:40:41 <Rhea> And by that I mean Issues blocking the packages from Fedora proper repos
14:40:55 <dseefeld_> We've got a plan to try to do 2 things:
14:41:09 <dseefeld_> 1. Setup toolset bootstrapping
14:41:21 <dseefeld_> 2. Eliminate the prebuilt packages we have.
14:41:57 <dseefeld_> There's a doc that describes this:
14:42:24 <Rhea> yup
14:43:10 <omajid> do you have a release in mind that you are targetting?
14:43:23 <omajid> is the plan to get it into all versions of fedora, asap?
14:43:54 <dseefeld_> We're targeting the release/2.1 branch currently.
14:45:53 <Rhea> Hmm...
14:46:15 <Rhea> omajid: do you mean like... getting it into F28 & F29 & rawhide?
14:46:26 <omajid> Rhea: yeah
14:46:26 <Rhea> "all versions of fedora"
14:46:32 <omajid> or just selected ones?
14:46:36 <Rhea> (Ignoring soon to EOL 27)
14:46:51 <omajid> right. i just wanted to understand what the plan is
14:47:20 <Rhea> It just made me think what's gonna break in the next version, besides the neverending ssl related issues
14:47:33 <omajid> dseefeld_: hey, just a heads up. the general packaging process means that dotnet would have to go into rawhide (the latest development version of fedora) before we can add it to the released versions
14:47:52 <dseefeld_> I didn't really have a target in mind.  I was hoping for feedback from you all.
14:49:23 <dseefeld_> omajid: Good to know about rawhide.  So we need to make sure we build for rawhide?  Maybe we should add CI for this?
14:49:25 <omajid> dseefeld_: we should probably focus on getting it into rawhide first. then adding it to previous branches is a no-op process-wise.
14:49:33 <Rhea> Well I guess that which versions would we be able to get into depends on when will rawhide be a success :P
14:50:15 <omajid> dseefeld_: yeah, ci would be useful. but only if the ci system can stay up to date. rawhide can break^Wchange very often
14:50:41 <Rhea> yup
14:51:50 <dseefeld_> Yeah.  May need to come up with a plan to periodically update.
14:51:51 <Rhea> I'll need check what's rawhide like in our jenkins infrastructure...
14:53:32 <crummel> We could maybe build on the Docker image if that's up to date, updating full VM images is a little painful for us
14:54:02 <Rhea> aslice: is there like a rawhide docker image built?
14:54:30 <omajid> last update was a month ago:
14:55:13 <aslice> Rhea: I believe so.
14:55:18 <omajid> Rhea:
14:55:34 <omajid> FROM fedora:rawhide
14:55:47 <aslice> that^
14:56:22 <omajid> Rhea: copr packages are built for rawhide too
14:56:36 <omajid> so, current 2.1 build fine there:
14:57:26 <Rhea> yup
14:57:26 <omajid> oops. there's another meeting i need to run off to
14:57:39 <dseefeld_> omajid: regarding your question on "asap" - Looking through the issues, we think it will take us until early February to complete the work we have defined.
14:58:01 <Rhea> (our infra does not have rawhide, trying to avoid as well it cause it's too much trouble)
14:58:23 <omajid> dseefeld_: thanks for that. let us know if there's anything we can do
14:58:40 <Rhea> ^
14:58:41 <dseefeld_> Will do.
14:59:06 <Rhea> Anyone got anything toadd quickly before other meetings? :)
15:00:28 <Rhea> In that case thank you all, dseefeld_ crummel please don't hesitate to get in touch with us in our #fedora-dotnet channel outside of these meetings =)
15:00:47 <dseefeld_> Great.  Thanks!
15:00:54 <omajid> thanks, everyone!
15:00:56 <crummel> Sounds good, thanks!
15:01:00 <Rhea> #endmeeting