12:43:25 <bexelbie> #startmeeting Mindshare
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12:43:56 <nb> .hello2
12:43:57 <zodbot> nb: nb 'Nick Bebout' <nick@bebout.net>
12:44:30 <bexelbie> .hello bex
12:44:31 <zodbot> bexelbie: bex 'Brian (bex) Exelbierd' <bexelbie@redhat.com>
12:44:40 <mleonova_> .hello mleonova
12:44:41 <zodbot> mleonova_: mleonova 'Maria Leonova' <marialeonova.design@gmail.com>
12:45:00 * bexelbie waits for sumantro
12:45:25 * sumantro is here!
12:46:19 <bexelbie> #topic ticket review
12:46:51 <bexelbie> let's go in assignee order, ok?
12:47:31 <mleonova_> ok
12:48:09 <bexelbie> briefly then on to what we said we
12:48:13 <bexelbie> 'd do last week
12:48:18 <bexelbie> ugh, couldn't talk and type - sorry
12:48:39 <bexelbie> #topic #17 Mindshare monthly update for April
12:49:07 <bexelbie> this one needs me to open a new ticket - I'll take care of that
12:49:39 <bexelbie> #topic #12 Explain the two mailing lists (mindshare and mindshare-announce) in the Docs
12:49:44 <bexelbie> we still need a +1 here ...
12:49:51 <bexelbie> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/12
12:50:14 <sumantro> done
12:50:15 <sumantro> :)
12:50:28 <bexelbie> ty
12:50:31 <bexelbie> #topic #6 Research other "representation" programs in other open source communities
12:50:33 <sumantro> np
12:50:35 <bexelbie> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/6
12:50:51 <bexelbie> this ticket has its information and looks complete.  I suggest we close and ensure that people like sumantro consider the notes when writing procedures
12:50:55 <bexelbie> shall we vote?
12:51:24 <nb> +1
12:51:27 <mleonova_> +1
12:51:40 <sumantro> bexelbie, yes this for sure a +1
12:51:50 <bexelbie> ok, let's close
12:52:01 <bexelbie> #topic #29 Write up a "What is Mindshare?" article draft
12:52:07 <bexelbie> let's skip this as jsmith is traveling, aiui
12:52:17 <bexelbie> #topic #9 Mindshare Design issues
12:52:23 <bexelbie> mleonova_, any update on the logo?
12:52:35 <mleonova_> I think everyone is happy
12:52:45 <mleonova_> we could start using it
12:52:47 <sumantro> mleonova_++
12:52:51 <mleonova_> where do we want it?
12:53:24 <mleonova_> I'll prep appropriately sized png's
12:54:04 <bexelbie> Can we get those pngs and then close the design ticket and update this ticket with a note.  I'll try to push the png into our docs with the other docs administriva I needed to do last week
12:54:28 <bexelbie> does that work for everyone?
12:54:58 <sumantro> yes works for me
12:55:14 <nb> sounds good
12:55:20 <mleonova_> sure, but what sizes)
12:56:17 <bexelbie> how about a web quality one that is roughly the size of a badge?
12:56:27 <bexelbie> I think that is probably all we need for now, as long as we have hte source file to do more later
12:56:32 <mleonova_> 256x256 then
12:56:34 <mleonova_> sure
12:56:59 * bexelbie believes you :D
12:57:04 <bexelbie> any more on this?
12:57:18 <mleonova_> not from me
12:57:34 <sumantro> nothing from my side
12:57:41 <bexelbie> #topic #14 Replace Docker with Container
12:57:43 <bexelbie> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/14
12:57:57 <bexelbie> this ticket looks like it is complete and shoudl be closed.  Thank you jwf for pointing that out
12:58:00 <bexelbie> can we vote on that?
12:58:04 <bexelbie> any conversation on it?
12:59:16 <sumantro> i think should be closed
12:59:29 <bexelbie> I am +1
12:59:35 <mleonova_> +1
13:00:16 <sumantro> +1
13:00:44 <bexelbie> closed
13:00:46 <bexelbie> #topic #13 Standard footer for fedora websites and webapps
13:00:52 <bexelbie> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/13
13:01:20 <bexelbie> this needs an answer from ryanlerch -- I think he is working on it, but I will try to ping him to be sure
13:01:24 <bexelbie> any other comments/thoughts?
13:02:19 <bexelbie> ok
13:02:30 <bexelbie> #topic Moving forward - #26
13:02:47 <bexelbie> sumantro, can you share what your thoughts are on proceeding (we just discussed them on a call they are awesome)
13:02:54 <bexelbie> sumantro, hope you don't mind me putting you on the spot
13:03:06 <sumantro> bexelbie, nah!
13:04:36 <sumantro> so there will be an email which will be sent out to the all the Amby who can choose to reply back in 30 days with an yes or a no ..post which a FaMa ticket will be created and those who wont respond will be moved to emeritus  status
13:06:04 <nb> sumantro, when do you want this email sent out? I assume fama will send it?
13:06:55 <bexelbie> It'd be great if we could work on the language ont eh email before sending it to make it clear this isn't a punishment
13:07:03 <nb> true
13:07:22 <bexelbie> I think if FAMA has a process for this, we should use it (sending emails I mean).  It isn't clear to me how much administrative capacity FAMA actually has
13:07:37 <bexelbie> This is basically a "cookie licker"/active for consensus clean up
13:08:05 <sumantro> Advocates will begin opening tickets for events like release parties, FADs and all events they want to do based on their skillset ranging from $0-$100. The mindshare will look forward to reply in a pattern where it will say a yes or a no or a conditional approval depending on the contributors profile and activities. later when they apply for amby, we will have some grounds to accept or deny the request with their
13:08:05 <sumantro> overall project involvement.
13:08:52 <sumantro> nb if FAMA has one, I will use, I was thinking to send it manually to everyone and then asking them to reply in 30 days
13:09:24 <sumantro> bex as discussed I will send it for review :)
13:09:58 <bexelbie> if anyone needs a mailmerge program, I hvae one that works 85% great
13:10:18 <nb> sumantro, bexelbie that's what i was thinking, doing a mailmerge
13:11:12 <bexelbie> conversely if someone has a better mailmerge program, I'd love to know about it :D
13:12:26 <sumantro> Before flock, we will have 2 advocate running activities, atleast the first set of activities reported we will feature in the newsletter
13:13:57 <sumantro> TLDR, you become an advocate by virtue of the work you do and we consider potential Amby request when your project contributors are seen with a good set of events where you represented as advocate
13:14:08 <bexelbie> I like the use of devconf.in as a forcing function here -- I suggested to sumantro that he post a rough procedure set to mindshare list so we can all point out obvious issues then we just get the ball rolling
13:15:39 <sumantro> bexelbie, it will be done by tomo or day after. mleonova i will need the badges by 5th August for advocates ..please can you help?
13:16:27 <mleonova> sure, I'll try
13:16:36 <nb> sumantro, even if the badge isn't ready by then, it isn't really a big deal
13:16:37 <mleonova> it helps to know the date)
13:16:39 <bexelbie> the other is that we can late award the badges if they aren't ready on time
13:16:40 <nb> the badge can be added later
13:16:51 <mleonova> which ticket is that again?
13:16:59 <bexelbie> in fact, having the badges award with the first report is probably a good precedent to set
13:17:39 <sumantro> https://pagure.io/fedora-badges/issue/632
13:18:02 <mleonova> sumantro, gotcha
13:18:11 <sumantro> https://pagure.io/fedora-badges/issue/633
13:18:48 <mleonova> ok
13:19:17 <sumantro> bexelbie, yes the activities start on 4th and if the badges are ready by 5th, we can allot them and then work on the newsletter , we will have roughly 1 week before flock
13:19:39 <bexelbie> sumantro, it'd be nice to have the badge get awarded once the person files their event report
13:19:47 <bexelbie> so if it is ready on 5, great, if not once they are done
13:19:52 <bexelbie> that way we have a precedent for others
13:19:54 <bexelbie> no report == no badge
13:20:28 <sumantro> yes the reports will be done by 4th :) /me will personally monitor everything :)
13:21:16 <nb> do we need a FAS group for advocates?
13:21:28 <nb> and I assume we need one for ambassadors-emeriti?
13:21:41 <sumantro> nb yes here is what we need
13:22:45 <sumantro> FAS group of advocates and amby emeritus a badge of the same
13:23:03 <sumantro> a wiki page artwork for advocates (long term)
13:23:18 <sumantro> a ML for advocates
13:23:44 * nb intends to create "advocates" and "ambassadors-emeriti"
13:23:50 <nb> since emeriti is the plural of emeritus
13:24:12 <sumantro> a pagure budget repo fedora-budget somesort
13:24:46 <nb> sumantro, we could make mindshare/budget
13:24:53 <nb> or use fedora-budget that already exists
13:25:33 <nb> .members advocates
13:25:34 <zodbot> nb: Members of advocates: @nb
13:26:25 <bexelbie> I don't think we need an advocate email
13:26:28 <sumantro> a ticket structure to go with the a budget request for advocates and a report structure which is very easy for us to pick data from.
13:26:30 <bexelbie> let's not create more lists, lets have fewer
13:26:40 <bexelbie> until we have so much communication we need to split, we are just fracturing
13:26:48 <nb> yeah, i don't think we need separate ML
13:27:03 <bexelbie> I think we should focus on getting advocates working and doing things ... not on building infrastructure we may never need
13:27:07 <sumantro> nb bexelbie true
13:27:22 <bexelbie> let's use the mindshare repo
13:27:35 <bexelbie> again, we don't need new infra and right now we are the committee to approve these activities
13:27:40 <bexelbie> so let's make it obvious
13:27:48 <bexelbie> if we get so many we have a great problem and we can move them
13:28:28 <sumantro> okay we can have a advocate SOP right?
13:28:31 <bexelbie> I also vote we not create new artwork repositories and instead work with design on exposing their approved work.  This is the same pool of work to be used by ambassadors
13:28:32 <nb> .fasinfo ambassadors-emeriti
13:28:33 <zodbot> nb: User "ambassadors-emeriti" doesn't exist
13:28:42 <bexelbie> sumantro, I hope you're writing that right now :D
13:28:43 <nb> .members ambassadors-emerit
13:28:44 <zodbot> nb: Members of ambassadors-emerit:
13:28:44 <nb> .members ambassadors-emeriti
13:28:46 <zodbot> nb: Members of ambassadors-emeriti: @nb @robyduck
13:28:49 * nb cannot type today.........
13:28:49 <mleonova> bexelbie, agreed
13:28:56 <sumantro> bexelbie, yes :D
13:29:00 <nb> sumantro, groups are created :)
13:29:08 <sumantro> nb thanks :)
13:29:23 <sumantro> SOPs will be coming out shortly!
13:29:23 <bexelbie> let's see the draft SOP ASAP so we can have you use it for the devconf.in stuff
13:29:32 <bexelbie> that will require approved mindshare tickets, etc.  Let's fiind all the kinks
13:31:19 <sumantro> bexelbie, https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/MembershipService/Verification#APAC_.28163.29 this page might require an update
13:32:11 <sumantro> Vipul siddharth is an amby and is the current storyteller and his name is not here. Should I raise a FAMA ticket?
13:33:16 <nb> sumantro, well, what really needs to happen is someone needs to fix the script
13:33:48 <bexelbie> why don't we fix the script after the first round of amby emeritus emails
13:33:59 <bexelbie> this way we can figure out both if it works, add emeritus if needed
13:34:06 <bexelbie> and what our goals are with this information
13:34:17 <bexelbie> as apparently it is desired that we not use this as a contact list
13:34:20 <bexelbie> so why are we publishing it?
13:36:26 <sumantro> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Mentors/NewMentors also requires few modification as Famsco doesn't exist anymore... we need to think over the wordings in a better way
13:37:43 <bexelbie> sumantro, should we prioritize the SOP as your first few folks are friendlies who know they are guinea pigs?
13:37:54 <bexelbie> then we can move those docs around and update the at the same time based on what we learned?
13:37:57 <bexelbie> possibly during Flock?
13:38:15 <nb> what is the status of mindshare being responsible for all the regional budget?
13:38:37 <nb> because AFAIK we are in Q2 and the regions only got 1/4 the budget, so we need to figure out what todo about the remaining 3/4
13:39:37 <sumantro> bexelbie,  sure SOP in next 2 days then the emails to go out for aby emiti and then the docs to be moved and updated
13:41:08 <sumantro> nb good question....
13:42:37 <nb> it looks like effectively NA EMEA and LATAM are pretty much out of money
13:42:43 <nb> according to budget site
13:43:13 <nb> I think we should either 1) announce that mindshare will be handling future budget requests, or 2) allocate another 1/4 to each region and delay until next quarter
13:43:26 <nb> I would prefer to go ahead and ask people to come to us with event proposals
13:46:33 <bexelbie> we need to be moving requests to mindshare
13:46:40 <bexelbie> I think the hold up has been that mindshare hasn't announced how to do that
13:46:45 <bexelbie> so hgue +1 to that
13:47:02 <bexelbie> this SOP should get us 50%+ there
13:48:40 <sumantro> +1 budget reqs to come to mindshare
13:49:16 <bexelbie> So is a plan, get the SOP from sumantro, test it at devconf, refine it at flock and announce it post-flock?
13:49:59 <sumantro> yes!
13:59:36 * nb has something to discuss
14:00:04 <nb> NA has historically had a presence at SouthEast LinuxFest every year (I think since it started 10 years ago).  It's a great event.  See https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/fedora-tackles-southeast-linux-fest-2018/ for more info
14:00:12 <sumantro> go ahead nb
14:00:16 <nb> Jeremy Sands (organizer of the event) is attempting to secure sponsorships earlier this year
14:00:31 <nb> Usually NA sponsors aas bronze sponsor $500.  We did not last year, Jeremy gave us free sponsorship
14:00:55 <nb> Jeremy is wanting to amke sure he can get enough sponsors for next year (this year he was down, mainly because TXLF conflicted
14:01:27 * nb is wondering if we could look at committing to give him some amount of money for next year (I don't think he necessarily needs to be paid yet, just to know how much he will be getting ins sponsorships
14:02:14 <nb> he has mentioned moving back to a college campus if he can't get enough in committments by like october i t hink it is
14:03:03 <Southern_Gentlem> aug 1st
14:03:43 <Southern_Gentlem> free event for attendees
14:04:00 <nb> actually, i just checked, and according to the /topic of their channel , he has enough now to return to the hotel. But i'd still like us to look at giving him some amount for next year, even if it isn't the full $500 that we historically have
14:11:30 <nb> I guess everyone is gone now
14:11:55 <nb> shall we endmeeting?
14:12:15 * bexelbie reads back
14:12:46 <bexelbie> I think we need to put it through mindshare, but I don't see why it can't be considered early
14:12:57 <bexelbie> yes to end meeting - sorry I had to step away unexpectedly
14:13:20 <bexelbie> thank you all
14:13:22 <nb> bexelbie, I will file a ticket
14:13:22 <bexelbie> #endmeeting