14:01:36 <pbrobinson> #startmeeting Fedora IoT Working Group Meeting
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14:01:36 <pbrobinson> #chair pwhalen pbrobinson jsmith
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14:01:36 <pbrobinson> #topic roll call
14:02:09 <pbrobinson> hello everyone, who is here for some IoT discussion?
14:02:11 <pwhalen> .hello pwhalen
14:02:12 <zodbot> pwhalen: pwhalen 'Paul Whalen' <pwhalen@redhat.com>
14:02:14 * jsmith is here
14:02:20 <jsmith> (multi-tasking)
14:02:24 * pwhalen is here
14:02:24 <notkhris> .hello kthebyrd
14:02:25 <zodbot> notkhris: kthebyrd 'Khristian Byrd' <contact@khris.io>
14:02:36 <ianuj03> hello
14:02:37 <faffolter> .hello faffolter
14:02:38 <zodbot> faffolter: Sorry, but you don't exist
14:02:45 <faffolter> .hello fab
14:02:47 <zodbot> faffolter: fab 'Fabian Affolter' <mail@fabian-affolter.ch>
14:03:55 <pbrobinson> firstly apologies for the last meeting, I had technical issues that stopped me from getting online :-/
14:04:15 <pbrobinson> #topic 1) ==== Working Group process and admin  ====
14:05:05 <pbrobinson> I've not done too well here, the plan is to get stuck into this next week when I'm back in Europe timezones
14:05:32 <pbrobinson> anyone have any queries, suggestions or other comments around WG bits?
14:06:09 * pwhalen has none
14:06:10 <jsmith> Some additional documentation would be nice (documenting the WG, the goals, etc.)
14:06:28 <jsmith> But that will come naturally, I think
14:07:00 <pbrobinson> jsmith: completely agree! Have you got a few cycles to assist me with this process by chance? I suspect a second person would be very useful here
14:07:21 <jsmith> pbrobinson: Probably not for at least two or three weeks...
14:07:41 * jsmith just drove 2400 miles earlier this week, and the summer craziness is just getting started
14:07:55 <ianuj03> Anyway I have a doubt, is there any distribution of Fedora that can be used in cheap & small embedded devices like NodeMCU.
14:08:09 <pbrobinson> jsmith: that might work for review, it'll give me a carrot to produce stuff for you to review :)
14:08:28 <pbrobinson> ianuj03: got a link to HW?
14:08:55 <ianuj03> aahhhhh!!
14:08:56 <faffolter> I think that he is talking about ESP8266/32
14:09:06 <pbrobinson> ianuj03: I think NodeMCU is mostly esp8266 bits?
14:09:12 <ianuj03> yeah
14:09:15 <pbrobinson> and the answer to that is no
14:09:22 <ianuj03> oops
14:09:38 <ianuj03> so for any other esp modules do we have
14:10:35 <pbrobinson> think more Raspberry Pi scale, acting as a gateway to NodeMCU sort of stuff, NodeMCU is more Zephyr (http://zephyrproject.org/) sort of RTOS stuff
14:11:48 <ianuj03> Yeah but the idea was to decrease the cost, something similar to raspberry-pi would be useless in terms of resources
14:12:27 <pbrobinson> ianuj03: sure, but we're not aimed at that level of the market
14:12:47 <ianuj03> oops, i didn't knew that
14:13:48 <ianuj03> fine will go on with something else
14:14:07 <ianuj03> Anyway, Thanks:)
14:14:34 <pbrobinson> ianuj03: there's no generic linux distro that could go that low, I know there's work to run 'linux' on stuff like that, look at the TinyLinux stuff
14:14:48 <pbrobinson> anything else for Working Group
14:14:57 <ianuj03> okay
14:15:05 <pbrobinson> #topic 2) ==== Nightly builds  ====
14:15:30 <pbrobinson> we had a few issues with libdnf regressions, this week they're back running OK
14:15:45 <pbrobinson> after I worked around a few issues
14:15:58 <pbrobinson> I plan to get rawhide nightlies running next week
14:16:33 <pbrobinson> #info a few issues with f28 nightly builds due to libdnf bug, worked around and back OK this week
14:16:41 * pwhalen has tested IoT-28-20180610
14:17:02 <pbrobinson> #info rawhide nightly builds planned for next week once 4.18rc1 is out
14:17:52 <pbrobinson> has anyone played with nightly builds? I would love some feedback and thoughts around them
14:18:52 <pbrobinson> faffolter: thoughts?
14:20:13 <pwhalen> I have, for x86 I've used qemu and aarch64 on the rpi3. I've mostly just kicked the tires - did an upgrade, added a layered package. Played with podman a bit
14:20:41 <faffolter> I've tested Fedora-IoT-28-20180610.0 for ARM. It's working after a couple of tries and now I'm stuck with podman
14:21:23 <pbrobinson> faffolter: OK, let me know how I can help, interested in thoughts and feedback on podman
14:21:46 <faffolter> the installer often stopped with Error: mount /dev/mmcblk0p4 /tmp/root failed
14:22:10 <pbrobinson> for which device?
14:22:11 <faffolter> I guess that as usual is the issue at my end
14:23:00 <faffolter> I will try again with F28. Was using F27
14:23:01 <pwhalen> faffolter, that should be fixed (or improved) with 2.4
14:23:29 <faffolter> pwhalen, thanks
14:24:14 <pbrobinson> faffolter: let us know if you have issues on the iot channel
14:24:19 <pwhalen> you can mostly ignore it, the image is written fine for the rpi, but it wont have tweaks like resizing the filesystem, adding ssh key
14:26:08 <pbrobinson> #topic 3) ==== IoT Use cases, feature request and requirements ====
14:27:59 <pbrobinson> I've got nothing specific here for this week
14:29:04 <pbrobinson> faffolter: I'd be interested about your thoughts with home assistant and how it can be useful there, might be a discussion for flock
14:29:23 <notkhris> I guess this is less a “feature” request and more a “platform “ request. are there any thoughts/works in supporting HardKernels’ Odroid soc ?
14:31:12 <faffolter> pbrobinson: running Home Assistant on Fedora-IoT seems pretty straight-forward. Pull the image and start the container. Bringing the Hass.io stuff to Fedora IoT will most likely require some work
14:31:17 <pbrobinson> notkhris: well it depends on if they want to engage, we have enough problems with supporting exynos in Fedora on ARM in general because neither samsung nor the company behind odroid cares about upstream suuport
14:31:58 <pbrobinson> faffolter: I've seen bits around hass.io but I've not had time to look into what it actually is
14:32:57 <pbrobinson> but I've got on my list to look at their container stuff on top of Fedora IoT across various architectures
14:33:52 <notkhris> ahh ok i gotcha
14:33:57 <pbrobinson> notkhris: so my general opinion is until they want to engage I'll recommend other hardware
14:34:26 <pbrobinson> because there's a LOT of other HW
14:34:42 <pwhalen> faffolter, podman issues were related to deploying Home Assistant?
14:36:14 <faffolter> pbrobinson: We can always adjust the things we do in Hass.io to make it fit for other environment and not only resin
14:37:04 <pbrobinson> faffolter: are you going to be @ Flock? Might be a good discussion for there
14:38:02 <faffolter> pwhalen: no, the pulling of an image in general. 3 out of 5 times the download stops when it's over 90 % and always when it's somewhat over 90 % never at 80 %
14:39:23 <pbrobinson> that's weird, not had that problem, even the last 2 weeks in Aus where I'm on satellite connections in the middle of no where!
14:39:29 <pwhalen> faffolter, interesting.. which device?
14:39:36 <faffolter> pbrobinson: not sure about Flock
14:39:56 <pbrobinson> OK
14:40:04 <faffolter> pwhalen: Rasp Pi 3 B
14:40:05 <pbrobinson> #topic 4) ==== IoT Testing ====
14:40:20 <pwhalen> faffolter, thanks. will try so more there as well
14:40:57 <pbrobinson> so at least pwhalen and faffolter have been testing which is awesome
14:41:22 <pbrobinson> does anyone else have any issues or feedback or questions about testing?
14:42:06 <pbrobinson> #info any queries or suggestions around the getting started guide?
14:42:07 <faffolter> pwhalen: I don't see the same issue on x86_64 with podman pull.
14:42:35 <pbrobinson> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/InternetOfThings/GettingStarted
14:43:41 <pwhalen> I dont think I hit any issues, just pulling down the fedora images for a basic test on the rpi3, but I'll try again with a newer image
14:46:51 <pwhalen> pbrobinson, is there anything specific you would like us to test at this stage?
14:47:53 <pbrobinson> at the moment devices people are interested in, functionality people are interested in and feedback around the functionality in the base OS
14:48:20 <pbrobinson> #info please test devices people are interested in, functionality people are interested in and feedback around the functionality in the base OStree OS
14:48:30 <pbrobinson> #topic 5) ==== Flock conference ====
14:48:34 <pwhalen> ok, thanks!
14:49:14 <pbrobinson> #link https://flocktofedora.org/
14:49:36 <pbrobinson> #info the Flock call for papers is open
14:49:45 * pwhalen will be at flock
14:50:12 <pbrobinson> #info if any company is interested in sponsorship of flock feel free to reach out to pbrobinson
14:50:54 <pbrobinson> #info we'll have a bunch of IoT sessions, BoFs and hackfests
14:51:21 <pbrobinson> anyone else want to mention anything around flock or ask questions?
14:52:58 <pbrobinson> #topic 6) ==== Open Floor ====
14:53:16 <pbrobinson> any one have general discussion or queries?
14:54:02 * pwhalen has nothing else
14:56:43 <pbrobinson> thank you all
14:56:43 <pbrobinson> #endmeeting