12:31:16 <bexelbie> #startmeeting Mindshare
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12:31:51 <bexelbie> #chair jsmith nb robyduck x3mboy sumantro mleonova jwf
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12:31:57 <bexelbie> #topic roll call
12:32:00 <bexelbie> .hello bex
12:32:01 <zodbot> bexelbie: bex 'Brian (bex) Exelbierd' <bexelbie@redhat.com>
12:32:07 <mleonova> .hello mleonova
12:32:08 <zodbot> mleonova: mleonova 'Maria Leonova' <marialeonova.design@gmail.com>
12:33:52 <bexelbie> sumantro, ??
12:34:45 <bexelbie> mleonova, I am a bit concerned that we won't get most of the non-EU/APAC folks today
12:35:01 <mleonova> bexelbie, where are they?
12:35:41 <bexelbie> I am not sure honestly - I get the impression that jsmith has some work things that are unexpectedly popping up that jwf is busy with school/internship that x3mboy and nb both have longer than expected commutes
12:35:59 <bexelbie> robyduck, is probably not going to make it as he has some things today
12:36:10 <bexelbie> As painful as finding a meeting time was, i think we may need to try again :(
12:36:16 <mleonova> yeah, I guess so
12:37:31 <mleonova> well, I see jsmith is coming, so let's give him a minute
12:37:41 <bexelbie> cool
12:38:54 * jsmith is finally here
12:39:03 <mleonova> hi jsmith !!
12:39:14 <jsmith> Hello!
12:39:28 <bexelbie> hola
12:39:35 <sumantro> yes here!
12:39:42 <bexelbie> do you have scroll back or should I repeat my comments about meeting time?
12:39:43 <sumantro> hey!!
12:40:16 <jsmith> bexelbie: And for the record, unexpected work stuff is next week :-)  This week is "driving son's car across the country after major engine repairs, and forgetting about time zones"
12:40:53 <jsmith> I'm fine with the current meeting time.  I'm also fine with changing it.
12:41:09 <sumantro> bexelbie, this time is fine with me as well!
12:41:23 <bexelbie> I suggest we put it to sumantro ... sumantro do you want to work on a new meeting time? If not, lets keep it here and hope that x3mboy and nb can resolve their conflicts
12:41:25 <bexelbie> wdyt?
12:41:26 <jsmith> My concern, as always, is that changing it to later in the day to accommodate the US folks makes it hard on the EU folks, and vice versa...
12:41:55 <mleonova> it's pretty early in the day here, so no worries if we go a bit later
12:41:57 <sumantro> I am fine with this one :)
12:42:05 <bexelbie> ok, let's table the meeting time for now
12:42:33 <bexelbie> I have put together a small agenda of things I think we should talk about - but I was out for the last meeting - and may miss the next two due to travel -- so are there priorities I don't know about?
12:42:33 <jsmith> WORKSFORME :-)
12:43:09 <jsmith> Documentation for the results of the Ambassadors discussion should be our number 1 priority, I think
12:43:17 <bexelbie> yes, it was on my list
12:43:18 <jsmith> At least, from my perspective here.
12:43:20 <bexelbie> lets start there
12:43:30 <bexelbie> #topic Ambassadors discussion
12:43:43 <bexelbie> Can anyone give us a firm status? My mind is not on top if it - I am sorry about that
12:43:48 <jsmith> Sure... I can.
12:43:51 <bexelbie> please
12:44:21 <jsmith> There wasn't a lot of specific opposition to the changes we proposed... but the number one takeaway was that Ambassadors wanted documentation in a central location that they could point other people to.
12:44:57 <jsmith> There was also some general grumpiness about reimbursements and budgets, but when I pressed those people for details, they went silent :-(
12:45:14 <jsmith> I get the feeling they were just grumpy, but I wish I had more details to know for sure.
12:45:38 <bexelbie> sounds to me like we should start documenting in our repo and should move forward assuming that reimb. and budgets are either being fixed or will reveal actionable problems.  WDYT?
12:45:39 <jsmith> (I also specifically ask them to talk to bexelbie about any remimbursements they thought they were missing)
12:45:48 <jsmith> +1 from me.
12:45:55 * bexelbie is working through his Finance folder today as much as today allows
12:46:39 <bexelbie> Does anyone have bandwidth to start hte docs knowing we will amend them as we go?
12:46:52 <jsmith> Not for the next three weeks :-(
12:47:18 <sumantro> I can help if I have a bit more context :)
12:47:26 * jsmith is driving much of this week, and has work travel for the two following weeks
12:47:35 <jsmith> sumantro: OK, let me give you the context.
12:47:54 <bexelbie> sumantro, we need to turn the document we wrote about events (ambassadoring) into a set of processes
12:47:55 <jsmith> sumantro: On the Ambassadors mailing list, I made a set of proposed changes to the Ambassadors program, and asked for feedback from the community
12:48:10 <jsmith> I'll find the link in a second.
12:48:14 <bexelbie> If you have time to take a pass at it that would be great both because you have time but also because you represent "fresh eyes"
12:48:25 <bexelbie> we should put those processes into our pagure repo as adoc files
12:48:30 <bexelbie> we can fix those up for publication later
12:48:37 <jsmith> But the gist is that we need to now document the changes in a bit more detail, put them up for review, etc.
12:48:47 * linuxmodder lurks
12:48:51 <jsmith> I can help, especially since I soft-of grok the documentation side of things
12:48:56 <bexelbie> linuxmodder, you can also talk :)
12:49:03 <jsmith> But I can't take the lead on it, because I just have no time :-)
12:49:13 <jsmith> (or very little time, to be more accurate)
12:49:19 <linuxmodder> bexelbie,  mindshare is as clear as muddy water to me, lurking to learn
12:49:23 * bexelbie can also help sumantro -- and starting next week I am closer to your timezone, iirc
12:49:32 <bexelbie> linuxmodder, we prefer the term "clear as tea" :D
12:50:05 <jsmith> sumantro: The link is https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/ambassadors@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/6SC3GOJ4TXFOCKSQVNSS5XSMHZ2M6NLQ/
12:50:29 <sumantro> sure, I will read through , I remember reading the thread, I can lead and convert it into steps/processes and pass them to you folks for review
12:50:41 * sumantro bookmarks
12:50:54 <jsmith> sumantro: Great -- please reach out to me if something doesn't make sense, or you need help.  I really do want to help as much as I can
12:50:57 <bexelbie> +1
12:51:15 <jsmith> sub_pop[m]: I don't want tyou to feel like you have to tackle this all by yourself :-)
12:51:35 <sumantro> i will reach out to both of you :)
12:51:42 <jsmith> :-)
12:51:55 <bexelbie> anymore conversation on this? We seem to have a great action plan
12:52:05 <jsmith> Nothing further on this item from me.
12:52:48 <bexelbie> #topic Mailing List descriptions
12:52:49 <bexelbie> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/12
12:53:10 <bexelbie> I'd like to start lazy consensus by Friday for accepting jwf's PR to council-docs and closing this issue as complete
12:53:20 <bexelbie> I believe his text is good and I don't think the announcement is required anymore
12:53:28 <bexelbie> Any objections now?
12:53:31 <bexelbie> conversation?
12:53:37 * jsmith reads quickly
12:53:46 * mleonova looks
12:54:21 <bexelbie> #proposal lazy consensus.  Assuming 3 +1s and no -1s by Friday, the PR will be merged and this ticket closed.
12:54:35 <jsmith> +1 from me :-)
12:54:39 <mleonova> +1
12:54:45 <sumantro> +1 from me  too
12:55:11 <bexelbie> ok
12:55:34 <bexelbie> #topic Redirect wiki page
12:55:37 <x3mlinux> .hello x3mboy
12:55:37 <bexelbie> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/24
12:55:38 <zodbot> x3mlinux: x3mboy 'Eduard Lucena' <eduardlucena@gmail.com>
12:55:40 <bexelbie> o/
12:55:46 <x3mlinux> o/
12:55:54 <bexelbie> jwf has suggested we redirect our wiki page.  I vote yes too :P
12:56:00 <x3mlinux> +1
12:56:03 <bexelbie> so I propose we do it again by lazy consensus by Friday
12:56:08 <bexelbie> objections now?
12:56:10 <bexelbie> conversation?
12:56:22 <mleonova> +1
12:56:27 <bexelbie> #proposal We are going with lazy consensus.  Assuming 3 +1s and no -1s by Friday, the wiki will be redirected and this ticket closed.
12:56:31 <sumantro> i vote yes
12:56:46 <jsmith> +1
12:56:52 <bexelbie> cool
12:57:03 <bexelbie> last thing I had on my short list was
12:57:15 <bexelbie> #topic April Update
12:57:16 <bexelbie> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/17
12:57:41 <bexelbie> I think jwf has a good point that monthly may have been too aggressive given our bandwidth
12:57:45 <bexelbie> does quarterly sound more reasonable?
12:57:54 <mleonova> I think so
12:58:01 <jsmith> Let's do quarterly for now, and then try to push for every-other month.
12:58:07 <bexelbie> I like that
12:58:07 <jsmith> (if bandwidth allows)
12:58:20 <bexelbie> so next update due in July about quarter ending in June?
12:58:42 <jsmith> WORKSFORME
12:58:44 <sumantro> quarterly for now sounds fine
12:59:09 <bexelbie> ok, let me upate the ticket
12:59:48 <x3mlinux> Sounds good
12:59:56 <x3mlinux> sumantro welcome!
12:59:57 <bexelbie> #topic open floor
13:00:06 <bexelbie> that was all I had on my short list with my post-PTO brain
13:00:09 <bexelbie> what did I miss?
13:00:27 <x3mlinux> Can I ask about the part of the meeting I missed
13:00:30 <sumantro> x3mlinux thanks :)
13:00:31 <x3mlinux> ?
13:01:15 <bexelbie> x3mlinux, we discussed the amby update - sumantro is taking point on turning it into procedure
13:01:29 <bexelbie> we discuseed the changes for the mailing list proposed by jwf -- we have lazy consensus to accept them on friday
13:01:44 <bexelbie> we discussed redirecting the wiki page - lazy consensus by friday
13:01:48 <bexelbie> I think that is it
13:03:08 <bexelbie> if we don't have other topics, I move we close early so folks can get started on things :)
13:03:14 * jsmith has to run... thanks everyone, and welcome sumantro!
13:03:15 <x3mlinux> Cool
13:03:20 <x3mlinux> Close it
13:03:21 <bexelbie> Thank you all
13:03:27 <mleonova> thanks!
13:03:28 <x3mlinux> I will read the log
13:03:31 <bexelbie> #endmeeting