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20:00:30 <stickster> #topic Roll call
20:00:32 <stickster> .hello pfrields
20:00:34 <zodbot> stickster: pfrields 'Paul W. Frields' <>
20:00:45 <ryanlerch> .hello ryanlerch
20:00:46 <zodbot> ryanlerch: ryanlerch 'Ryan Lerch' <>
20:00:57 * stickster magically summons cverna sub_pop x3mboy
20:01:00 <ryanlerch> good morning!
20:01:09 <stickster> Hi Ryan, thanks for joining us bright and early down under :-)
20:01:18 <stickster> Boy, that week went fast
20:01:23 <ryanlerch> stickster: :)
20:01:23 <cverna> hi o/
20:01:42 <stickster> #chair ryanlerch cverna
20:01:42 <zodbot> Current chairs: cverna ryanlerch stickster
20:01:42 * ryanlerch gets to watch the sunrise out his window now!
20:02:43 <stickster> #topic Last week's stats
20:03:33 <stickster> #info Week of May 14: > 74.6K page views -- hardly any drop off from week before! Nice!
20:04:32 <stickster> May is on its way to being quite a good month but it will be difficult to top November 2017!
20:04:52 <stickster> If anyone has a barn-burner topic that will grab eyeballs, now is the time to pull it in :-)
20:04:58 <ryanlerch> we are averaging >10K per day atm
20:05:11 <ryanlerch> in the three weeks after the release
20:05:17 <cverna> and 8 days left in May
20:05:20 <stickster> ryanlerch: I've been very careful to check for <!-- more --> in the articles
20:05:32 <ryanlerch> 9.6K average for the year so far
20:05:37 <stickster> that's not too shabby
20:06:55 <stickster> We still have cverna Python dev article for Friday, hopefully
20:07:19 <ryanlerch> ooh cverna's python articles always do well!
20:07:20 <cverna> It is in the oven
20:07:20 <stickster> We might have had a security themed article for that new vulnerability, but it turns out to be a bit of a flabby one
20:07:22 * sub_pop appears in a puff of smoke
20:07:27 <stickster> #chair sub_pop
20:07:27 <zodbot> Current chairs: cverna ryanlerch stickster sub_pop
20:07:45 <stickster> cverna: excellent, be careful not to bump it so it doesn't fall
20:07:59 <stickster> (bad soufflé joke)
20:08:17 <cverna> stickster: :)
20:08:26 <stickster> OK, moving ahead...
20:10:01 <stickster> #topic Drafts to review
20:10:08 <stickster>
20:10:42 <stickster> I think everything here has been seen.  I did realize that my email to Roni about the electronics software never went out.
20:10:47 <stickster> Fixing that now...
20:10:59 <stickster> *sigh, too many things and lost track of that.
20:11:57 <sub_pop> :( We seem to be in a bit of a drought.
20:12:36 <stickster> It happens from time to time.
20:12:41 <ryanlerch> we have the EOL message coming up soon too IIRC
20:13:13 <stickster> ryanlerch: Ah right -- that would be next Thursday 31st?
20:13:17 <stickster> release day + 30
20:13:25 <stickster> or is it June 1st, one month
20:13:43 <ryanlerch> stickster: would have to check, but we usually get it out a few days before IIRC
20:14:15 <ryanlerch> that is an easy one for a new contributor is there are any lurking :)
20:14:34 * stickster adds a shell for it
20:15:06 <stickster> #info A new contributor could probably crib a lot from for this -- it almost writes itself!
20:15:42 <sub_pop> Yea, I imagine. Would it make sense to even add that to the release schedule steps that we talked about a couple weeks back?
20:16:03 <stickster> *nod -- this could be written and scheduled way in advance.
20:16:18 <stickster> sub_pop: do you want to email jkurik + list about it, as I did with another topic?
20:16:32 <sub_pop> Sure.
20:16:52 <stickster> #action sub_pop email jkurik + list to suggest release schedule item for EOL article
20:17:16 <stickster> If no one else touches it, I can throw this together on Monday while I'm lazing around the house.
20:17:25 <stickster> #action stickster pick up F26 EOL article if no one else does
20:17:50 * stickster notes, Monday is a USA holiday and it would be awesome if we could schedule something in advance for that day
20:17:54 <ryanlerch> #action ryanlerch to email magazine list with a CTA on the EOL article
20:18:17 <stickster> ryanlerch: nice. We could publish that notice as soon as we want, including Monday.  Doesn't have to go out the day F26 dies
20:18:47 <ryanlerch> stickster: yeah -- i can handle this one since you have a holiday!
20:18:50 <stickster> "And we were singing bye bye..."
20:19:04 <ryanlerch> either way, i will do the featured image for it
20:19:06 <sub_pop> haha that went into my head too
20:19:18 <stickster> ryanlerch: Actually, I'll still pull it together... it's not a big job
20:19:22 <ryanlerch> #action ryanlerch to do the featured image for 26 EOL article
20:19:40 <stickster> ryanlerch: then we can plan to push it Monday, if you could see your way clear to do the socials for it, would help
20:20:03 <stickster> assuming no one else does... again, I'll yield to a new contributor here :-)
20:20:26 <stickster> sub_pop: How is your color calibration article coming?
20:21:24 <sub_pop> It's gonna be a slow one. hughsie is interested in helping and feeding me info, but he's (in his own words) running around like a crazy man the next couple weeks. So it'll be on hold for a bit.
20:21:59 <stickster> OK, gotcha
20:22:13 <sub_pop> Maybe I can crank out something on the new Boxes Download-and-install an OS feature.
20:22:15 <stickster> #info hughsie helping sub_pop with color calibration article, may take a few weeks still.
20:22:34 <stickster> sub_pop: OH! That would be AMAZING. I'm not sure I even remembered that was a thing until now.
20:22:48 <ryanlerch> sub_pop: +1 that sounds awesome
20:22:49 <sub_pop> That's my kind of article too.
20:22:57 <stickster> Have we even told people they can get a free RHEL developer subscription and install it there?
20:23:10 <ryanlerch> even just a quick artile on that would be awesome!
20:23:17 <sub_pop> I'll cover that one, plus the other stuff that's in osinfo
20:23:34 <sub_pop> Can you get a *subscription* or just an image?
20:23:56 <stickster> It lets you sign up right there in the UI, sub_pop!
20:24:00 <stickster> pretty amazing
20:24:19 <stickster> OMG, I'm trying these other download options. This is SICK
20:24:40 <sub_pop> I know you can get RHEL installs, but I didn't see anything about it enabling a subscription in subscription-manager.
20:25:21 <stickster> I think once you have an account, you use that info to enable the guest.
20:25:29 <stickster> Anyway, worth discovering :-)
20:25:40 * stickster is downloading Endless right now to check it out
20:26:23 <stickster> #action sub_pop pull together article on downloading images straight into Boxes
20:26:56 <stickster> HEY! I have good news too. Remember how I couldn't do my next article on CD burning because python-eyed3 wasn't built for py3? Well it is now! So I can start on that.
20:27:58 <sub_pop> haha CD burning. How retro :)
20:27:58 <ryanlerch> stickster awesome!
20:28:51 <stickster> sub_pop: I know, old folks still buy these (or have a lot of them)
20:29:20 * sub_pop raises his hand
20:29:37 <stickster> #action stickster start working on next CD burning script article
20:31:28 <stickster> #topic Pitches to review
20:31:39 <stickster> #link
20:31:51 <stickster> Unfortunately nothing new here, either :-(  but...
20:32:18 <stickster> #info --- list idea: TermySequence ---
20:32:56 <sub_pop> Yea, I like that idea.
20:33:42 <stickster> Seems pretty cool to me. His blog posts are fairly dense, but he writes well and I think the topic would be cool
20:33:49 <stickster> did I mention cool?!?
20:34:18 <sub_pop> Yep for sure.
20:34:45 <ryanlerch> yeah, this would do well i think!
20:35:06 <cverna> +1 too :)
20:35:07 <stickster> #agreed TermySequence pitch approved
20:35:24 <stickster> OK... I responded on list but will send another email that this was officially approved and ask him for a draft
20:36:29 <stickster> #action stickster notify TermySequence author of pitch approval and ask for draft
20:37:02 <stickster> So it seems like we have... Fri: Python dev, Mon: F26 EOL. Ryan, how about your Fractal article?
20:37:09 <stickster> oops ryanlerch ^
20:37:53 <ryanlerch> stickster: yeah i can get it done!
20:38:10 <ryanlerch> does anyone know much about riot/matrix?
20:38:18 <stickster> ryanlerch: I don't -- but I think mizmo does
20:38:25 <ryanlerch> i kinda understand it, but not really
20:38:37 * stickster not even using it -- but sub_pop[m] apparently is!
20:38:44 <ryanlerch> so someone to fact-check that part would be good
20:38:57 <ryanlerch> but other than that, i can get it done for wednesday
20:39:00 <sub_pop> I use it, yea. But I don't run an instance or anything.
20:39:07 <cverna> I used it for a while before coming back to plain irc :)
20:39:34 <sub_pop> I like it because it connects my non-FOSS-friendly smartphone to "IRC"
20:39:58 <ryanlerch> yeah, its mailiny what the difference between matrix and riot
20:40:10 <ryanlerch> anyhoo, i can get it done
20:40:18 <cverna> matrix is the protocol I think
20:40:31 <sub_pop> Oh, Matrix is the protocol, Riot is a client that connects to a server implementing the Matrix Protocol.
20:40:38 <sub_pop> Fractal is a client, too.
20:40:40 <stickster> Yeah, that ^
20:40:54 <sub_pop> Synapse is the reference implementation of Matrix, IIRC.
20:40:56 <stickster> Like the diff between IRC and Hexchat
20:40:58 <ryanlerch> see! i'll get you two to fact check my claims :)
20:41:25 <sub_pop> Much like D-Bus <-> dbus-daemon <-> uh, gdbus
20:41:44 <stickster> sub_pop: Do you think you can pull together the Boxes article by next Wednesday? Then I could edit that for publishing Friday
20:41:57 <sub_pop> Yea, that seems fairly reasonable.
20:42:00 <stickster> cool!
20:42:14 <stickster> #action ryanlerch Finish Fractal article for publishing Wed May 30
20:42:23 * sub_pop has Monday off too, but with 3 little kids at home, so zero free time ^_^
20:42:24 <stickster> #action sub_pop Finish Boxes article for publishing Fri Jun 01
20:42:29 <stickster> yeah, I hear you
20:42:49 <stickster> So that means:
20:42:55 <stickster> #topic Publishing schedule
20:43:57 <stickster> #proposed #agreed Fri May 25: Python debugger (cverna) -- Mon May 28: F26 EOL (pfrields/TBA) -- Wed May 30: Fractal (ryanlerch) -- Fri Jun 01: Boxes (sub_pop)
20:44:13 <cverna> works for me
20:44:14 <sub_pop> 👍
20:44:35 <ryanlerch> sounds good!
20:44:39 <stickster> #agreed Fri May 25: Python debugger (cverna) -- Mon May 28: F26 EOL (pfrields/TBA) -- Wed May 30: Fractal (ryanlerch) -- Fri Jun 01: Boxes (sub_pop)
20:44:48 <stickster> #topic All other business (open floor)
20:44:55 <stickster> That leaves us with open floor time!
20:45:12 * ryanlerch tries to dance
20:45:31 <cverna> dance floor or open floor ?
20:45:39 <sub_pop> A bit of anecdotal feedback on the Magazine. I was called "the Fedora dude" in a Telegram group for an podcast I listen to.
20:45:44 <stickster> 🕺
20:45:57 <stickster> Ha, nice!
20:46:29 * ryanlerch has nothing elese
20:46:32 <sub_pop> He said he read my articles and was motivated to try Fedora. Woo hoo!
20:46:42 <stickster> Even better! Maybe he'll come by the Magazine :-)
20:46:53 <sub_pop> hah yea.
20:46:57 * stickster has nothing else either
20:47:38 <stickster> Everybody try to grab one person in the next week, and get them to write for us :-)
20:48:01 <sub_pop> Oh yea, author outreach is a good idea.
20:48:07 <ryanlerch> and keep an eye out for newsy posts!
20:48:18 <ryanlerch> anything and everything!
20:49:08 <stickster> indeed
20:49:30 <stickster> I feel like the security one the other day was a bit flabby so I didn't charge after it
20:50:13 <stickster> Plus we still should be getting a modularity post from sgallagh &co
20:50:25 <sub_pop> Yes, that will be great
20:51:13 <stickster> OK then, I guess we're done. Thanks for coming, everyone!
20:51:24 <cverna> thanks everyone
20:51:25 <sgallagh> stickster: we got delayed a little bit. Should have a pitch and first draft on Friday, I hope.
20:51:29 <cverna> thanks stickster
20:51:35 <stickster> sgallagh: that's awesome, thanks
20:51:46 <stickster> #endmeeting