02:00:18 <juggler[m]> #startmeeting FAmNA West - 2018-04-30
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02:00:33 <juggler[m]> #meetingname FAmNA West
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02:00:40 <juggler[m]> #chair juggler
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02:01:01 <juggler[m]> hello all...
02:02:48 <juggler[m]> anyone here?
02:02:51 <jwf> .hello jflory7
02:02:52 <zodbot> jwf: jflory7 'Justin W. Flory' <jflory7@gmail.com>
02:03:03 <juggler[m]> #chair jwf
02:03:03 <zodbot> Current chairs: juggler juggler[m] jwf
02:03:08 * jwf waves to juggler[m]
02:03:51 <juggler[m]> or should I chair jflory instead?
02:03:59 * juggler[m] waves to jwf
02:03:59 <jwf> jwf works :)
02:04:35 <juggler[m]> awesome
02:04:59 <juggler[m]> #topic === FAmNA Roll Call ===
02:05:06 <juggler[m]> .hello lajuggler
02:05:07 <zodbot> juggler[m]: lajuggler 'Perry Rivera' <juggler1@gmail.com>
02:06:24 <juggler[m]> #topic === Announcements ===
02:06:29 <jwf> It may just be us tonight?
02:06:35 <juggler[m]> may be?
02:06:46 <juggler[m]> #info F28 around the corner
02:06:59 <juggler[m]> 5/1/2018:
02:06:59 <jwf> I have a few I can share too :)
02:07:01 <juggler[m]> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/28/Schedule
02:07:18 <jwf> \o/
02:07:21 <juggler[m]> please do jwf!
02:07:24 <juggler[m]> :)
02:07:31 <jwf> #info === "How to use Fedora Wiki as your wiki whiteboard" ===
02:07:37 <jwf> #link https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/how-to-fedora-wiki-whiteboard/
02:07:46 <jwf> #info Get a quick overview of using the Fedora Wiki and its syntax from wesleyotugo.
02:07:56 <jwf> #info === "Top Badgers of 2017: Carl George" ===
02:08:01 <jwf> #link https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/top-badgers-2017-carl-george/
02:08:18 <jwf> #info Check out the final post in 'Top Badgers of 2017' series!
02:08:25 <jwf> <eof>
02:10:06 <juggler[m]> excellent jwf, thank you for all the helpful info
02:10:18 <jwf> Yep!
02:10:32 <juggler[m]> #topic === Action Items from Last Time ===
02:11:12 <juggler[m]> Followed up on 2 blog posts w/ CommOps. bex advised me that he should be releasing the posts for publishing within the next few days.
02:11:44 <juggler[m]> #topic === Tickets ===
02:12:00 <jwf> Oh!
02:12:08 <jwf> About the CommBlog articles—
02:12:18 <juggler[m]> #link https://pagure.io/ambassadors-na/tasks/issues
02:12:41 <juggler[m]> sure, go ahead...
02:12:46 <jwf> For the future, make sure you let us know on the commops mailing list when they are done so we know to review them. I've noticed them as drafts but I didn't hear from you yet asking to review and schedule them.
02:13:05 <jwf> So make sure to drop a note when they're ready to publish, and we'll help get them out sooner for you :)
02:13:20 <jwf> nb and I noticed your email this morning, so we'll get them scheduled this week
02:13:33 <jwf> Maybe after the buzz of F28 tomorrow, so people will read the posts too :)
02:13:49 <juggler[m]> hmmm...I submitted them from the blog a few weeks ago. normally that was the process for getting the ball rolling for review. is there a new process?
02:14:08 <jwf> juggler[m]: Oh, did you write an email to the CommOps mailing list?
02:14:41 <juggler[m]> that was  advised by bex after not having heard anything... yeah.
02:14:47 <jwf> I saw your one from this morning
02:15:26 <jwf> juggler[m]: Ahh – it helps to confirm with the editors, either in IRC in #fedora-commops or on the mailing list, when an article is finished and ready for review.
02:15:27 <juggler[m]> yeah, historically, I create a post, and then I hit the button to submit, and then some magic occurs. :)
02:15:51 <jwf> Or if you're on Matrix, then #freenode_#fedora-commops:matrix.org :)
02:16:13 <juggler[m]> I figured you might be busy with marketing issues, so didn't want to bother :)
02:16:18 <jwf> Since you're here, I wanted to note it for next time. :D
02:16:31 <jwf> juggler[m]: Oh, no please be sure to ping us! There are also other editors than only me, even if I am the most active one
02:16:57 <jwf> juggler[m]: Please please please don't be nervous to ask when the article is done, we want to help you get that out ASAP :-)
02:17:39 <juggler[m]> so to summarize the new process, submit the post, then send e-mail or post on the matrix link above, correct?
02:18:19 <juggler[m]> no worries, I figure it will eventually get published crosses fingers
02:18:52 <juggler[m]> Returning to tickets:
02:18:52 <juggler[m]> https://pagure.io/ambassadors-na/requests/issue/447
02:18:53 <jwf> You should set the article to pending review, and then let someone know when it's ready. The steps are detailed here too, if you want to bookmark this page: https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/writing-community-blog-article/
02:19:06 <juggler[m]> correction:
02:19:11 <juggler[m]> #link https://pagure.io/ambassadors-na/requests/issue/447
02:19:59 <jwf> Hmmm, this gives me a 404. Maybe a private ticket?
02:20:02 <juggler[m]> Executive summary: the event box has now moved on to steelaworkn
02:20:36 <juggler[m]> We confirmed shipment to him. Hopefully all is set with their team up there.
02:21:00 <jwf> Awesome
02:21:07 <jwf> Are you able to open this ticket URL?
02:21:24 <juggler[m]> I think this ticket (relating to SCaLE16x) is ready to close, pending award3535's decision
02:22:24 <juggler[m]> next ticket:
02:22:30 <juggler[m]> #link https://pagure.io/ambassadors-na/tasks/issue/192
02:22:52 <juggler[m]> any stakeholders here for this?
02:23:03 <jwf> Okay, good to know. I wasn't able to open the last ticket, but I am guessing it was a private ticket you filed
02:23:38 <juggler[m]> I think it's a private ticket. unsure why...maybe because of shipping addresses? shrug
02:23:50 <jwf> Okay, as long as you were able to open it then.
02:23:56 <juggler[m]> we'll call it private-ish
02:23:57 <jwf> Probably private for that reason, yeah.
02:24:14 <jwf> juggler[m]: I think the LFNW ticket just finished
02:24:19 <jwf> I think it was this past weekend
02:24:44 <juggler[m]> excellent..they're probably decompressing from that
02:24:46 <jwf> I'll guess that they are probably in the post-event phase now. Hopefully we'll see an event report out soon then!
02:24:48 <jwf> Yup.
02:24:58 <juggler[m]> how about:
02:25:00 <juggler[m]> #link https://pagure.io/ambassadors-na/tasks/issue/194
02:25:21 <juggler[m]> any stakeholders for that?
02:26:26 <jwf> I think this one is another one in progress for planning. Looks like it was approved and the event is in early June
02:26:41 <juggler[m]> ok. how about:
02:26:41 <juggler[m]> #link https://pagure.io/ambassadors-na/tasks/issue/195
02:27:31 <juggler[m]> I'm not sure if we have enough people here for a quorum, but please feel free to advise us how you would like this to proceed..
02:28:05 <jwf> I think since the time is running close on this one, ticket votes might be easier
02:28:28 <jwf> The full, detailed information about the event is in the original ticket I linked at the top of this one.
02:28:53 <jwf> This was hoping to see if NA would meet in the middle for an event I was accepted to speak at in Europe.
02:28:54 <juggler[m]> #action All Ambassadors: Please provide ticket votes to issue https://pagure.io/ambassadors-na/tasks/issue/195
02:29:13 <jwf> juggler[m]: Thanks!
02:29:37 <juggler[m]> I hope I notated that last action correctly...
02:30:08 <jwf> Yep, that will work, since you are actioning it broadly, not to a specific user.
02:30:34 <jwf> juggler[m]: Also, you might find this a useful resource, for all the different commands. :-) I wrote this up a while back: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:Guide
02:31:19 <juggler[m]> haha I think I've been using that so far, so it's been very helpful.
02:31:55 <juggler[m]> #topic == Open Floor ===
02:32:15 <jwf> Awesome! I'm glad it was useful then. :D
02:32:27 <juggler[m]> offhand, do you know if the MindShare draft is wiki editable, or is it restricted to certain authors?
02:32:36 <jwf> juggler[m]: Hmmm. Mindshare draft?
02:32:39 <juggler[m]> indeed it was
02:32:50 <juggler[m]> one moment while I retrieve a link..
02:33:31 <juggler[m]> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Mindshare
02:33:38 <juggler[m]> er:
02:33:40 <juggler[m]> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Mindshare
02:34:22 <juggler[m]> I observe  a few feedback or spelling errors here..
02:35:00 <jwf> juggler[m]: Actually, this wiki page should be deprecated now. This page now lives in the Fedora Docs site. https://docs.fedoraproject.org/fedora-project/subprojects/mindshare/mindshare.html
02:36:02 <juggler[m]> got it.
02:36:02 <jwf> The source for it lives here: https://pagure.io/Fedora-Council/council-docs/blob/master/f/subprojects/mindshare/mindshare.adoc
02:36:08 <jwf> #link https://docs.fedoraproject.org/fedora-project/subprojects/mindshare/mindshare.html
02:36:13 <juggler[m]> is that page wiki editable, or restricted?
02:36:20 <jwf> Eventually, the wiki page will redirect to the docs site.
02:36:36 <jwf> Already, the wiki page is outdated from the docs site version, so we need to hurry and do that…
02:37:18 <juggler[m]> so whom do I advise for feedback changes, or do I just keep that to myself? :)
02:37:32 <jwf> juggler[m]: You can either edit it yourself at the source (https://pagure.io/Fedora-Council/council-docs/blob/master/f/subprojects/mindshare/mindshare.adoc), or…
02:37:52 <jwf> juggler[m]: You can also file a new issue to report a problem on the Mindshare docs page: https://pagure.io/Fedora-Council/council-docs/new_issue
02:39:07 <juggler[m]> hmmm..would I need to use git to edit it at the source?
02:39:19 <juggler[m]> Or just Fork and edit?
02:39:43 <jwf> You might be able to use a web interface? I actually haven't tried. I normally use git to fork the repo and edit it on my system.
02:39:47 <jwf> But I think a web UI exists now
02:40:38 <juggler[m]> I'll try it with the web UI. I hope it's intuitive!
02:41:18 <jwf> If not, I'd be curious to know what you think about it.
02:41:42 <juggler[m]> #action lajuggler Try to update Mindshare documentation at: https://pagure.io/Fedora-Council/council-docs/blob/master/f/subprojects/mindshare/mindshare.adoc
02:42:52 <juggler[m]> The document sounds good so far. I'm not sure about the word targets in the Introduction.
02:43:26 <juggler[m]> I think the Intro could also maybe define what a Mindshare is, but that's my two cents. :)
02:43:43 <jwf> Any feedback you can provide will be helpful. Even if you aren't sure how to write it, please file an issue if something is unclear!
02:44:06 <juggler[m]> excellent, thanks for that.
02:44:15 <jwf> And actually, if it's not an easyfix like a typo, but instead something missing or not making sense, it would be better to file an issue on the Mindshare Pagure itself:
02:44:15 <jwf> https://pagure.io/mindshare/
02:44:36 <jwf> The repo I linked above is the place where the docs exist, but the real conversation about Mindshare and what is going on is happening here ^^
02:44:46 <jwf> So it will be responded to and noticed much quicker than in the council-docs repo
02:45:45 <juggler[m]> acknowledged.
02:46:11 <juggler[m]> Any other Open Floor items, before we adjourn?
02:46:20 <jwf> Nothing from me!
02:46:28 <jwf> Thanks for chairing, juggler[m]. juggler++
02:46:40 <jwf> Or maybe lajuggler++ ?
02:46:40 <zodbot> jwf: Karma for lajuggler changed to 1 (for the f27 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
02:46:43 <jwf> \o/
02:46:56 <juggler[m]> #endmeeting