12:30:15 <bexelbie> #startmeeting Mindshare
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12:30:20 <bexelbie> #chair bex jflory7 jsmith mleonova nb robyduck x3mboy
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12:30:22 <bexelbie> .hello bex
12:30:23 <zodbot> bexelbie: bex 'Brian (bex) Exelbierd' <bex@pobox.com>
12:30:28 <jwf> .hello jflory7
12:30:29 <zodbot> jwf: jflory7 'Justin W. Flory' <jflory7@gmail.com>
12:30:33 <jsmith> .hello2
12:30:34 <zodbot> jsmith: jsmith 'Jared Smith' <jsmith.fedora@gmail.com>
12:30:58 <mleonova> .hello mleonova[m]
12:30:59 <zodbot> mleonova: Sorry, but you don't exist
12:31:04 <mleonova> .hello mleonova
12:31:05 <zodbot> mleonova: mleonova 'Maria Leonova' <mleonova@redhat.com>
12:31:11 <mleonova> cruel zodbot
12:31:12 <bexelbie> o/ jwf mleonova
12:31:20 <mleonova> heya, all!
12:31:32 <bexelbie> #topic Roll Call
12:31:32 <robyduck> .hello robyduck
12:31:33 <zodbot> robyduck: robyduck 'Robert Mayr' <robyduck@gmail.com>
12:31:36 <bexelbie> o/ robyduck
12:31:41 <robyduck> hi!
12:32:11 <bexelbie> That leaves jsmith nb x3mboy
12:32:32 <jsmith> I'm here :-)
12:32:38 <bexelbie> o/ jsmith
12:33:24 * bexelbie tries that trick again
12:33:28 <bexelbie> That leaves nb x3mboy
12:34:45 <bexelbie> ok, I'll start down our tickets.  This time we will go in numeric order from smallest to largest, as I had intended but failed to do last time :)
12:34:52 <bexelbie> #topic README
12:34:54 <bexelbie> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/1
12:35:15 <bexelbie> I don't see an update from x3mboy.  I propose we convert this to an easyfix, knowing he may still land the update
12:35:28 <bexelbie> Can anyone volunteer to be the point of contact for our easy fix tickets?
12:35:52 <bexelbie> This would be mostly playing traffic director - you aren't expected to know how to do them all .. just answer email and connect people
12:36:04 <jwf> For this ticket, I can do that
12:36:19 <bexelbie> it's all or none, unfortuantely, in our current easyfix system
12:36:23 <bexelbie> but right now this is our only easyfix
12:36:32 <jwf> Oh! For the easyfix web page?
12:36:35 <bexelbie> yeah
12:36:38 <jwf> Why not list the mailing list instead of an individual?
12:36:52 <bexelbie> becasue the idea is that hte person is confidently able to beleive someone will respond
12:37:00 <robyduck> jwf: i think you are eligible also for all tickets? :)
12:37:06 <bexelbie> mail to an ML is simultaneiously everyone's responsibility and no one responsibility
12:37:23 <bexelbie> so this person ideally directly helps, but if not connects them to the right person to help them
12:37:35 <jwf> bexelbie: True. I'm less keen on putting an individual's name in an obscure place we will have to remember to keep up to date (e.g. when I step back from May to August)
12:37:43 <x3mlinux> .hello x3mboy
12:37:44 <zodbot> x3mlinux: x3mboy 'Eduard Lucena' <eduardlucena@gmail.com>
12:37:50 <jsmith> If nobody else volunteers, I'll do it
12:38:02 <bexelbie> jwf, so perhaps you are not a good candidate or we need to just put an action on oru calendar to fix it in May
12:38:08 <bexelbie> o/ x3mlinux
12:38:15 <bexelbie> sorry o/ x3mboy
12:38:18 * jwf waves to x3mlinux
12:38:24 <x3mlinux> o/ team
12:38:27 <bexelbie> nb is running late and will join us in about 20 min
12:38:34 <x3mlinux> .thank jwb
12:38:34 <zodbot> x3mlinux thinks jwb is awesome and is happy they are helping! (Please don't forget to jwb++ also)
12:38:35 <bexelbie> so jwf do you want to do it until May?
12:38:48 <jwf> Sure, you can put me down for now
12:38:55 <x3mlinux> I'm walking to my office
12:38:55 <bexelbie> ok, anyone opposed
12:39:09 * jsmith isn't opposed
12:39:18 * robyduck is fine too
12:39:18 * x3mlinux neither
12:39:19 <bexelbie> #proposed Set ticket #1 to easy fix knowing x3mboy may still do it.  jwf is the point of contact until may
12:39:36 <bexelbie> is x3mlinux == x3mboy ?
12:39:42 <jsmith> Yes :-)
12:39:42 <x3mlinux> Yes
12:39:50 <jwf> +1
12:39:52 <x3mlinux> Sorry, I'm on mobile
12:39:59 <bexelbie> #agreed Set ticket #1 to easy fix knowing x3mboy may still do it.  jwf is the point of contact until may
12:40:13 <bexelbie> #action bex to set up the easy fix tag and website
12:40:33 <bexelbie> #info Ticket 3 is blocked - https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/3
12:40:53 <bexelbie> #info ticket 5 is the same https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/5
12:41:07 <bexelbie> #topic Research by CommOps
12:41:10 <bexelbie> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/6
12:41:19 <bexelbie> jwf, did we get agreement from Commops to do this work?
12:42:02 <x3mlinux> Yes, we did
12:42:22 <jwf> Yes. I wasn't able to run our meeting last week because of a work meeting, but hope to bring it up today. I'm not sure if the info is helpful if it's an extra week or two from today for deliverable
12:42:30 <bexelbie> cool - jwf or x3mlinux if there is a ticket in commops can you all update our ticket with a link?
12:42:43 <jwf> Yes, I will do that now.
12:42:44 <bexelbie> jwf, it can still inform the resulting discussion
12:42:47 <bexelbie> jwf, thank you
12:42:54 <bexelbie> other comments on this ticket?
12:43:06 <bexelbie> otherwise I crack the whip to the next ticket :D
12:43:09 <x3mlinux> Not from me
12:43:24 <robyduck> yeah, next
12:43:26 <bexelbie> #topic FAD Outbound report
12:43:29 <bexelbie> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/7
12:43:41 * jsmith still needs to give feedback on that, hopefully today
12:43:42 <bexelbie> x3mlinux, has posted a fantastic draft.  I know that several people have edited it
12:43:55 <x3mlinux> https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/Mindshare_Report
12:43:59 <bexelbie> I see a few open questions, including a major change proposed by me (that affect jsmith)
12:44:54 <bexelbie> #proposed let's try to wrap up edits today and post on Wednesday or Thursday?
12:45:03 <jsmith> WORKSFORME
12:45:23 <jsmith> (and for the record, I agree with bexelbie's statement regarding the Ambassador portion)
12:45:33 <x3mlinux> I won't be able to review until tomorrow, Wednesday works for me
12:45:39 <jwf> Wednesday or Thursday? :P
12:46:00 * robyduck agrees, but not later than thursday, let's get out to the community what we did.
12:46:16 <bexelbie> I am not hearing opposition
12:46:20 <jwf> I can probably take a closer look on Wednesday too
12:46:31 <x3mlinux> For publishing Wednesdays, today and tomorrow for reviews and editing
12:46:51 <jsmith> +1
12:46:57 <robyduck> +1
12:47:02 <x3mlinux> +1
12:47:20 <mleonova> +1
12:47:49 <bexelbie> cool
12:48:11 <bexelbie> #topic ambassador conversation kickstart
12:48:13 <bexelbie> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/8
12:48:28 <bexelbie> jsmith, anything we should know?  everthing still looking good for this friday?
12:48:48 <jsmith> bexelbie: I'm a little behind on the draft, but it's my second priority today :-)
12:49:07 <bexelbie> cool - please let us know early if things get behind so we can help or make adjustments
12:49:34 <bexelbie> #topic open design tickets
12:49:35 <bexelbie> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/9
12:49:40 <bexelbie> mleonova, can you update us?
12:50:16 <mleonova> sure! I'm working on the badge and have posted first drafts for the logo
12:50:42 <mleonova> https://pagure.io/fedora-badges/issue/603 - here I would make them different
12:50:51 <bexelbie> coo
12:50:55 <bexelbie> cool too
12:51:02 <mleonova> https://pagure.io/design/issue/580 this I just started, suggestions welcome
12:51:08 <bexelbie> any questions? comments on the specifics requested in the tickets
12:51:59 <bexelbie> ok
12:52:02 <bexelbie> #topic open floor
12:52:05 <mleonova> assuming the logo will be similarly used https://pagure.io/designassets/blob/master/f/Banners/Wiki_Banners/CommOps_wiki_banner.png
12:52:12 <mleonova> on the wiki
12:52:24 <mleonova> but also can be separate
12:52:25 <x3mboy> Let me check the last updates
12:52:34 <bexelbie> #undo
12:52:34 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Topic object at 0x7f9b0cc3c890>
12:52:47 <bexelbie> mleonova, or on the docs site?
12:52:56 <jwf> mleonova: For what it's worth, from your sketches, I really liked the idea of the logo surrounded by the trio of thought clouds
12:53:08 <mleonova> jwf, it's my favorite, too!
12:53:17 <jwf> This one: https://screenshots.firefox.com/ywZNX855fwDL5SqY/pagure.io
12:53:23 <bexelbie> #info Feedback on the design tickets is encouraged in the tickets
12:53:37 <mleonova> bexelbie, exactly :)
12:53:41 <bexelbie> and that was not directed at jwf :)
12:53:46 <bexelbie> that was for our minutes
12:53:47 <x3mboy> LOL
12:53:49 <mleonova> ^_^
12:53:52 <jwf> :-)
12:54:03 <bexelbie> ok, so any remaining comments?
12:54:12 <x3mboy> Not from me
12:54:23 <jwf> Not from me on the design tickets
12:54:25 <jwf> .thank mleonova
12:54:25 <zodbot> jwf thinks mleonova is awesome and is happy they are helping! (Please don't forget to mleonova++ also)
12:54:27 * jsmith has nothing.
12:54:30 <bexelbie> #topic Open Floor
12:54:46 <bexelbie> I have a potential topic: Feedback from reps from teams about how their teams handled our suggestions
12:54:48 * x3mboy dances on the Open Floor!!!!
12:54:50 <bexelbie> other potential topics?
12:55:10 <jwf> bexelbie: I've been blocking on that because I want to share the event report as an introduction to the conversations
12:55:22 <jwf> Hard to relay everything we did at the FAD over mailing list / IRC
12:55:25 <bexelbie> fair point :)
12:55:34 <bexelbie> did anyone else share yet? otherwise I'll hold that topic
12:55:34 <x3mboy> Marketing is pretty ok about the Mindshare information
12:55:37 <x3mboy> ;-)
12:56:05 <mleonova> I communicated concerns to the Design team
12:56:16 <mleonova> we're working on some issues already
12:56:43 * robyduck has one question
12:56:43 <bexelbie> cool - any specific feedback we should know about mleonova ?
12:56:49 <jwf> !
12:56:52 <mleonova> there's an open ticket to clean up deprecated stuff from wikis, and another one to create a list of approved swag
12:56:53 <robyduck> nope, not for mleonova
12:57:08 <bexelbie> jwf is your comment about this topic?
12:57:13 <jwf> No, different topic
12:57:17 <bexelbie> cool
12:57:19 <bexelbie> thank you mleonova
12:57:23 <bexelbie> robyduck, you're up
12:57:27 <robyduck> I know we are not set foto hand release stuff, but are outreach teams ready for Beta next week or do they need anything? Release Notes?
12:57:34 <robyduck> foto??
12:57:42 <robyduck> s/foto/to
12:58:04 <bexelbie> regarding Release Notes - tickets are open and being worked in docs
12:58:21 <bexelbie> beta doesn't really require them, iirc, but we will be publishing them as they finish regardless
12:58:22 <jwf> CommOps is not waiting / blocking on anything for the release
12:58:28 <jwf> Or pre-release
12:58:31 <robyduck> (just because websites wtill need to start working on it)
12:58:55 <jwf> Although, since it came up, I can mention an interesting detail about release schedules
12:59:08 <x3mboy> Marketing is working on their normal tasks, I need to ping mattdm about the Release announcenments, but normally the Beta announcenment is up to me (or mailga) so, I need to check on that today
12:59:28 <bexelbie> jwf, ?
12:59:53 <jwf> I forgot to do it on time for Fedora 28, but I always publish this post on the Community Blog because it's our most-read posts every year. Thousands and thousands of views:
12:59:55 <jwf> #link https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/?p=5425&preview=1&_ppp=aa1df99942
13:00:06 <jwf> This one is scheduled for Friday, only because a lot of other content is also landing this week
13:00:26 <jwf> Not sure if it would make sense to integrate this into some calendaring or workflow
13:00:40 <jwf> I remember we talked about it briefly at the FAD but I forgot where we with it
13:00:50 <jwf> * where we went with it
13:00:55 <bexelbie> jwf this sounds like somethign that we should get jkurik or his successor to add to the release schedule
13:00:58 <bexelbie> as it is release related
13:01:05 <bexelbie> not independent
13:01:09 * jwf nods
13:01:23 <bexelbie> unrelated/related, I am hoping to start a non-release related dates calendar for things like GSoC, etc.
13:02:01 <x3mboy> !
13:02:07 <bexelbie> x3mboy, go
13:02:16 <jwf> bexelbie: We do have one, although it fell out of use: https://apps.fedoraproject.org/calendar/onboarding/
13:02:37 <bexelbie> jwf, I'll review that
13:02:38 <x3mboy> I have an issue related with budget and ambassadors, that I like to bring here
13:03:20 <bexelbie> ok, hold that for a moment
13:03:27 <bexelbie> anything else on this topic from robyduck ?
13:03:43 <robyduck> no, I think it's all fine, thanks
13:03:50 <bexelbie> jwf you were next (then x3mboy )
13:04:09 <bexelbie> #info robyduck checked on beta/pre-release tasks/blockers
13:04:09 <jwf> If anyone has spare cycles, a review of this PR would be awesome:
13:04:10 <jwf> https://pagure.io/fedora-commops/pull-request/146
13:04:15 <jwf> https://bryn.justinwflory.com/commops.html
13:04:29 <jwf> Thanks bexelbie for taking a look, hoping to dig deeper in later to your feedback
13:04:40 <jwf> If anyone else has feedback, it's also appreciated and welcome
13:04:42 <jwf> <eof>
13:05:31 <bexelbie> #info jwf requested reviews of https://pagure.io/fedora-commops/pull-request/146
13:05:31 <bexelbie> I hope everyone will put your comments in the PR
13:05:31 <bexelbie> x3mboy, you're up
13:06:07 <x3mboy> Last year, FLISoL had a lot of budget spent in flights. That's not a problem itself, but it generates a lot of discussion and anger, because it's supossed that there is a per country event. I know that is could/should be solved by the region, but is there a recommendation that we could give them?
13:06:44 <x3mboy> The main issue was that people having FLISoL on their countries, got flights to other countries to attend the same event
13:07:01 <bexelbie> I am not trying to speak for everyone, but if the flights were international, I'd like to see justification.  If they were domestic it could make sense
13:07:19 <x3mboy> International flights, I meant
13:07:51 <bexelbie> It is not indefensible.  If FLISOL represents an opportunity to jumpstart things in a new country.  However, we need to know the goals and follow up plans to understand it
13:08:22 <jwf> I feel the same. I am curious to know the reasoning / justification for an international flight request.
13:08:31 * robyduck agrees with bexelbie
13:08:32 <bexelbie> Also, right now there isn't a formal budget passed, so there shouldn't be big allocations happening without council approval anyway
13:08:53 <x3mboy> Mmmm ok...
13:09:44 <robyduck> I think the base rule should be: ambassadors -> nearest Flisol event, unless there is a concrete reason and plan to bring a specific person to another country
13:09:47 <bexelbie> especially for spending htat exceeds 25% of the original full year budget
13:09:56 <bexelbie> not, in the case of LATAM, the budget plus the swag allocation
13:10:07 <x3mboy> Well, I have no problems with people flying to attend events, but it really generates a lot of anger. I hope this year people think better about their choices regarding FLISoL
13:10:32 <bexelbie> It sounds like there are two problems here
13:10:36 <bexelbie> 1) Justifications not being clear
13:10:53 <bexelbie> 2) People getting angry about things.  Could their anger also be inappropriate?
13:11:46 <jsmith> My best guess is "yes" and "yes"...
13:11:47 <x3mboy> For 1, yes, ther should be beeter justifications, normally tickets about FLISoL get approval without too much hesitation
13:12:34 <x3mboy> 2) Also yes, people last year was really disconforming with a lot of stuff. I think we addressed a lot of this disconfort with the Latam FAD
13:12:50 <x3mboy> I was just trying to get advice before the situation happens
13:13:23 <bexelbie> I hope that our contributors in LATAM will consider how quickly approving any FLISOL request without jsutification reflects on whether they should be allowed to run a budget
13:13:59 <bexelbie> and some of that may be helped by the ambassadors conversation we are going to be having here
13:14:08 <bexelbie> with all of our ambassadors
13:14:22 <x3mboy> Ok, good. That's enough for me
13:14:24 <x3mboy> eof
13:14:27 <bexelbie> other comments on the FLISOL question?
13:14:40 <jwf> None from me
13:14:42 <bexelbie> #info x3mboy asked about whether we had guidance for FLISOL international airfare tickets in LATAM
13:14:45 <robyduck> nope
13:14:49 <bexelbie> other open topics?
13:15:27 <bexelbie> #proposed close the meeting?
13:15:54 <jwf> Just one: https://i.imgur.com/GfCTiTS.jpg
13:16:03 <jwf> :P
13:16:06 <jwf> +1 to close out
13:16:08 <x3mboy> +1
13:16:10 <mleonova> +1
13:16:11 <jwf> bexelbie: Thanks for chairing
13:16:15 <jwf> .thank bexelbie
13:16:15 <zodbot> jwf thinks bexelbie is awesome and is happy they are helping! (Please don't forget to bexelbie++ also)
13:16:18 <robyduck> +1
13:16:26 <bexelbie> Thank you all!
13:16:29 <bexelbie> #endmeeting