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15:34:01 <Rhea> #meetingname dotnet
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15:34:04 <Rhea> #nick dotnet
15:34:25 <Rhea> #topic Roll Call
15:34:32 <pcreech> .hello pcreech17
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15:34:45 <Rhea> #chair omajid tmds pcreech aslice
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15:35:03 <aslice> .hello aslice
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15:35:09 <omajid> .hello omajid
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15:35:31 <Rhea> #topic
15:36:27 <Rhea> Any ideas what should be on a small business card type of a flyer about .net-in-fedora?
15:36:39 <Rhea> Or well a little bigger than business card eh
15:36:42 <Rhea> :D
15:37:00 <aslice> "It totally works you guys! For serious!"
15:37:44 <Rhea> heh
15:38:05 <aslice> Serious suggestion: ".NET under your hat at last."
15:38:41 <Rhea> Well what has to be there... the logo thing, link, maybe one sentence what's there... "Find out about developing C# applications in Fedora at" or something...
15:39:21 <Rhea> I'm terribad at coming up with these things tho heh
15:39:53 <tmds> hi all
15:40:01 <pcreech> \o
15:40:11 <aslice> Maybe add in a reference to the fedora-dotnet IRC?
15:40:43 <aslice> And discord too, I guess, if there is enough space.
15:41:07 <aslice> Or maybe the young whipper snappers would prefer discord over IRC.
15:41:24 * aslice makes disgruntled old man noises.
15:41:37 * pcreech grunts in agreement
15:41:58 <tmds> what's the discord ui?
15:43:07 <tmds> ah, it's a chat tool with many uis
15:43:52 <aslice> Yeah, it's the newer, hipper IRC (that still totally uses the IRC protocol for text, but don't let the trendy new people know that).
15:44:43 <Rhea> o.o
15:45:01 <Rhea> Irc and discord could work but people hate Discord so
15:45:13 <Rhea> I'm not sure if that's a good idea.
15:45:45 <Rhea> The whole FedoraFreedom - DiscordProprietarySpookySource
15:45:47 <aslice> Well, old timers hate discord. But younger people like it. And chances are good that we're going to have a better time attracting new people than old timers.
15:46:05 <aslice> That is actually a good point.
15:46:29 <Rhea> (But then, nothing is truly open sourced yet... Not even VSCode)
15:46:31 <aslice> I'd say both but it sounds like we have limited space to work with, and we don't want to overcrowd it.
15:47:40 <tmds> does discord allow you to chat on irc?
15:47:50 <tmds> like, can you join this channel from discord?
15:47:56 <Rhea> What we can go with is two sides of the thing. One side with bigger logo and just the link, back side with irc, discord, maybe even `dnf copr enable & install...` and/or list of IDE's?
15:48:08 <DiscordBridge> <Rhea> Yes.
15:48:13 <DiscordBridge> <Rhea> Through a bridge bot.
15:48:45 <Rhea> You can take a look at
15:48:46 <aslice> That's true about two sides.
15:49:07 <Rhea> I'm not sure if they still allow using it without an account tho, they used to.
15:49:19 <aslice> I think we need a slogan to go with the "Fedora Loves .NET" message and logo.
15:50:19 <Rhea>
15:50:22 <tmds> what's our topic?
15:51:00 <aslice> Maybe that is enough.
15:51:19 <tmds> nice logo
15:51:22 <aslice> tmds: Slightly larger than business card sized fliers.
15:51:29 <tmds> why does it have fedora twice?
15:51:42 <aslice> One is the fedora logo with brand.
15:52:04 <tmds> can't we put the little logo on the top fedora?
15:52:49 <Rhea>
15:53:22 <Rhea> Apparently the transparency goes white.
15:53:52 <Rhea> Anyway, it's the same thing but with Fedora. Every Fedora is trademarked, has to have a logo followed by Fedora and TM
15:53:54 <Rhea> Or something.
15:53:59 <Rhea> The design for that is final.
15:54:09 <Rhea> And we can't change it without getting further approval
15:54:43 <Rhea> Something that would change the trademarked part, the Fedora logo would have to be talked about
15:55:02 <Rhea> What we would do for this thing, depending on its orientation, is separate the two and change where they are...
15:55:15 <Rhea> So the question is... flyer with both logos, and a link ""
15:55:19 <Rhea> What orientation?
15:55:24 <Rhea> Portrait or landscape.
15:55:42 <Rhea> Not too big in size, maybe like two-business-cards size...
15:55:52 <Rhea> That's actually kinda square I guess
15:55:56 <Rhea> Square shape?
15:56:18 <Rhea> jwf: Are you online? :]
15:56:49 <aslice> If not, square, I would think landscape.
15:57:10 <aslice> While the primary logo is square, the test information on the back will benefit from landscape (I think).
15:57:21 <aslice> Hard to say without  mockup.
15:57:21 <Rhea> Bigger or smaller, could also be literally standard business card. :D
15:57:37 <Rhea> Well you can't make mockup without idea :P
15:57:43 <omajid> i was watching a gdc talk, they reccomended business-card-sized flyers
15:57:52 <Rhea> Reaaally
15:57:56 <Rhea> Okay we can try that.
15:57:57 <aslice> Yes, I was talking about which orientation would be better.
15:58:06 <aslice> I like business card sized ones too.
15:58:47 <Rhea> I'm gonna open design ticket about it then, and I'll ask about business card sized fliers, front just our logo, Fedora logo, and link... Link be in monospaced font me thinks.
15:58:58 <Rhea> Back size: - dnf instructions - yes/no?
16:00:00 <aslice> Depends on how crowded that makes it. With a landscape orientation you can do two column.
16:00:09 <aslice> Left being links, right being dnf.
16:00:14 <Rhea> + this: IRC: #fedora-dotnet at Freenode
16:00:25 <Rhea> + this: Discord:
16:00:44 <Rhea> Not very crowded, dnf is two lines, links are two lines...
16:00:55 <omajid> Rhea:
16:00:57 <Rhea> Even too empty I would say eh
16:01:11 <Rhea> I'll check that out.
16:01:14 <aslice> I'd put the website link on the back as well, and keep the front being just the logo.
16:01:18 <Rhea> Run to our meeting guys I'll wrap this up :)
16:01:29 <omajid> thanks!
16:01:51 <Rhea> Thanks omajid I'll look at that after the meeting.
16:02:35 <Rhea> Yeah aslice that would be good, like upper middle, maybe even add http to make it obvious link, and front without http?
16:02:48 <Rhea> And then two columns in bottom half, smaller font size than the link
16:03:36 <Rhea> #idea business-card sized flyers
16:03:59 <Rhea> #idea front side: our logo, Fedora logo, and label (monospace?)
16:04:00 <aslice> I'm on the fence about the http.
16:04:28 <aslice> On the one hand, I don't like how to looks as a title. On the other hand, it might not otherwise be obvious it is a website url. :/
16:05:03 <Rhea> #idea back side: Top half, (bigger font); Bottom half, two columns: a) two lines dnf instructions, b) IRC & Discord.
16:05:45 <Rhea> #action Rhea open design ticket for flyers
16:06:08 <aslice> Maybe on the back, the top line should be something like: "Learn more at" or "Join us at"?
16:06:35 <Rhea> omajid: one more question, do we already have a meta package to install the latest SDK? I'm not sure now
16:06:52 * Rhea always uses dotnet-something-2.0.....
16:07:49 <Rhea> aslice: yep, that maybe with some sentence, I'll ask some marketing folks what do they suggest as a "go here <link>" text
16:08:08 <Rhea> (Get started at
16:08:14 <Rhea> Hmm.
16:08:21 <aslice> Rhea: That sounds like a plan. Also, I like that sentence better.
16:08:43 <Rhea> #idea back side top, the link should also have a "go here" text, such as "Get started at"
16:09:02 <Rhea> I hope that these #idea's work eh, haven't used them in an eternity
16:09:20 <aslice> If not, I log all IRC chats, so you can ask me for the log. :)
16:12:37 <Rhea> x3mboy: Hi, are you aruond right now?
16:12:52 <x3mboy> Rhea, Yes
16:14:05 <Rhea> x3mboy: Oh awesome, what are your thoughts on a flyer, business-card size, front will have logos, back info - top part "Get started at" and bottom some dnf instructions and irc... Emphasis being on the link
16:14:22 <Rhea> Thinking about what's the best sentence to use in the top part...
16:14:41 <Rhea> "Get started at " or "Find more info here " ....
16:15:02 <x3mboy> It sounds awesome
16:16:21 <x3mboy> In the front sounds better "Get started at" in the back is better "Do it in this way:" and the commands
16:16:24 <Rhea> Get started is okay? Sounds like it delivers the message and purpose of the site well, it's basically Fedora developer portal containing references to different IDEs people can use, how to install dotnet and mono, documentation reference...
16:16:58 <x3mboy> Find more info sounds to be intended for someone that already knows about the topic and wants to go deeper
16:17:13 <Rhea> x3mboy: Then it's a question how to fit the square logo there eh -
16:17:57 <Rhea> Maybe design guys will come up with something too... I'll throw all these ideas at them in a ticket :D
16:18:51 <Rhea> #idea Alternative is to have "Get started at" in front, and details in the back.
16:19:07 <x3mboy> Well, that's will be a design issue
16:19:13 <x3mboy> How to fit it in the card
16:19:27 <Rhea> Yeah okay thank you =)
16:19:32 <x3mboy> Anytime
16:19:43 <Rhea> #endmeeting