11:33:06 <pjp_> #startmeeting APAC Ambassador's bi-weekly meeting 02 Nov 2017
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11:33:40 <pjp_> #topic Roll Call
11:33:43 <pjp_> .hello
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11:33:55 <pjp_> .hello pjp
11:33:56 <zodbot> pjp_: pjp 'None' <pj.pandit@yahoo.co.in>
11:34:51 <Amita> .hello amsharma
11:34:52 <zodbot> Amita: amsharma 'Amita Sharma' <amsharma@redhat.com>
11:37:29 <pjp_> Amita: Just two of us?
11:37:49 <Amita> pjp_, let's ping people who want to join
11:38:22 <Amita> paragan, sankarshan skamath sumantrom[m] ?
11:38:30 <skamath> .hello2
11:38:31 <zodbot> skamath: skamath 'Sachin S Kamath ' <sskamath96@gmail.com>
11:38:43 <skamath> Thanks for the ping Amita :)
11:38:52 <Amita> yw skamath :)
11:39:10 * skamath waves to pjp_
11:39:39 <Amita> pravins, may also want to join
11:39:41 <pjp_> skamath: Hi
11:39:49 <pravins> hi :)
11:40:02 <skamath> Amita should get the pingmaster badge :p
11:40:07 <skamath> Hi pravins o/
11:40:18 <Amita> skamath, :)
11:40:19 <pjp_> :)
11:40:31 <pravins> hi skamath :)
11:40:45 <Amita> pjp_, so 4 of us now, we are good to start
11:40:48 <pjp_> #Topic Swags request -> https://pagure.io/ambassadors-apac/issue/278
11:40:53 <pjp_> #link https://pagure.io/ambassadors-apac/issue/278
11:41:18 <pjp_> Going through the comments, I see we need more swags to distribute at events,
11:41:50 <pjp_> I'm okay with stickers/pens/pins etc. T-shirts doesn't sound reasonable
11:41:54 <skamath> Production and logistics is something we should discuss IMO
11:42:30 <skamath> We will also need banners, table spreads etc. I don't think we have it in India.
11:42:46 <pravins> pjp_: agree. T-shirt is very specific request and does not comes into common site swags.
11:43:32 <pjp_> skamath: We did produce them in the past, pravins Amita Could you please check in Pune office?
11:43:36 <Amita> I am +1 to produce the at one central location
11:43:54 <Amita> pjp_, check with whom?
11:44:24 <pjp_> Amita: Maybe Praveen/Gajendra/Rupali someone should know
11:44:46 <pjp_> pravins: ^^
11:45:12 <Amita> pjp_, Praveen provided few DVDs for FWD
11:45:21 <pravins> yeah, always make sense to product at one place.
11:45:30 <pravins> economy of scale :)
11:45:33 <pjp_> Yep
11:45:58 <pjp_> #action Amita/pravins to check about banners in Pune office
11:46:41 <pravins> sure.
11:46:42 <pjp_> I'm okay to produce stickers/badges/pens and distribute as usual.
11:47:00 <skamath> pjp_, What happened to the Pycon stall?
11:47:09 <skamath> No presence this year?
11:47:35 <pjp_> skamath: It's confirmed, we have booth space allotted this Sat 4'th Nov 2017 13:00 - 17:00 hrs.
11:47:41 <skamath> Sweet :D
11:47:47 <skamath> pjp++
11:48:35 <Amita> who all are going there for booth duty?
11:49:22 <pjp_> Amita: I'm going, also folks coming from Pune and other Fedora contributors can be there.
11:49:43 <Amita> pjp_, ok
11:50:12 <Amita> what is the plan, are we giving away DVDs
11:50:23 <Amita> badges to signup FAS
11:50:41 <skamath> It is not a good idea
11:50:45 <pjp_> Amita: Yes, we have bunch of F26 DVDs and stickers
11:50:58 <skamath> Never force people to signup for anything in exchange of swag
11:51:05 * sumantrom[m] is here
11:51:14 <pjp_> skamath: No, we don't ask to signup
11:51:14 <skamath> sumantrom[m], o/
11:51:17 <Amita> skamath, It has been done in FOSDEM last year
11:51:21 <pjp_> sumantrom[m]: Hi
11:51:31 <Amita> so I am asking
11:51:38 <skamath> Amita, I know. And there was a discussion about it somewhere on the ML about that.
11:51:56 <skamath> I think it was something like -> Hey, signup for a FAS account and get a free Fedora tee.
11:52:05 <Amita> skamath, yes, and there are suggestions to do different things
11:52:11 <pjp_> So for ticket#278, we are okay to produce stickers/badges/pens as swag, no for T-shirts and banners for now.
11:52:14 <skamath> _1
11:52:17 <skamath> * +1
11:52:23 <pjp_> I think we should move to next ticket #279
11:52:44 <pjp_> #topic F27 release party -> https://pagure.io/ambassadors-apac/issue/279
11:52:46 <pjp_> #link https://pagure.io/ambassadors-apac/issue/279
11:53:07 <skamath> +1 Bangalore has always been an active spot for contributors
11:53:18 <sumantrom> we have one happening in BLR
11:53:38 <sumantrom> skamath, o/ has plans for RP in his region too :)
11:53:39 <skamath> sumantrom, Yep #279 is the topic \o/
11:53:44 <pjp_> sumantrom: stickers/buttons are okay, t-shirts would be expensive
11:53:58 <skamath> If the release doesn't slip, I can hold one.
11:54:26 <sumantrom> pjp_, I would also like to have banner. Its required to have *one* atleast in India.
11:54:46 <pjp_> sumantrom: We should have one/two in RH pune office,
11:54:55 <pravins> We are going to have one at Pune. This will be part of FAD i18n
11:54:58 <pjp_> Unless they are torn or something
11:55:07 <pravins> so only within members of FAD.
11:55:18 <skamath> I don't think banners are very expensive.
11:55:22 <pravins> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD_I18N_2017
11:55:46 <pjp_> pravins: Please open a ticket for budget
11:55:48 <pravins> i hope, FAD permits us time to do Fedora release celebration :)
11:56:05 <pravins> pjp_: yeah, presently working on preparing schedule
11:56:13 <pjp_> OKay
11:56:13 <skamath> A FAD after very long :D
11:56:17 <skamath> pravins++
11:56:17 <zodbot> skamath: Karma for pravins changed to 2 (for the f26 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
11:56:24 <sumantrom> pravins, sounds good :D
11:56:26 <pravins> once that done and release party fixed will do that. But mostly not required any budget
11:56:30 <sumantrom> pravins++
11:56:30 <zodbot> sumantrom: Karma for pravins changed to 3 (for the f26 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
11:56:34 <pravins> skamath: indeed :)
11:56:46 <pjp_> sumantrom: Let's first confirm about banners, before producing them,
11:57:07 <pjp_> For now, I'm okay with $100/- for release party,
11:57:31 <pjp_> All please update ticket #279 with your votes(+1/-1)
11:58:08 <sumantrom> I think we need track the existing ones , I will draft an email to @india list asking who has one and can they gives us the same, if no reply comes , we might need to produce one. thoughts ?
11:58:21 <skamath> +1
11:58:48 <pjp_> sumantrom: Amita and pravins are on to it
11:58:51 <pjp_> too
11:59:16 <sankarshan> (sorry. missed the times. reading backscroll)
12:00:06 <sumantrom> thats great pjp_ , we can just have their thoughts on it in the mailing list too .. say what Amita & pravins ?
12:00:17 * pravins leaving, will see if can login back soon.
12:00:33 <pravins> thanks all.
12:00:46 <Amita> sumantrom, thoughts for?
12:01:09 <sumantrom> I think we need track the existing ones , I will draft an email to @india list asking who has one and can they gives us the same, if no reply comes , we might need to produce one. thoughts ?
12:01:27 <Amita> yes, obviously
12:02:10 <pjp_> I think we can move on to next topic, < 30 mins to go
12:02:25 <pjp_> Amita: You've some to discuss, right?
12:03:17 <Amita> and I am also not going to each and everyone's desk to ask :P (time is the issue) I will also send mail to people which pjp_ mentioned
12:03:36 <Amita> pjp_, I wanted to talk about release party at Pune
12:03:57 <Amita> and want to know if someone in Pune wants to collaborate with me for that
12:04:05 <pjp_> Amita: Sure, pravins just mentioned about one during FAD above
12:04:18 <pjp_> <pravins> i hope, FAD permits us time to do Fedora release celebration :)
12:04:20 <Amita> pjp_, yeah I had discussion with him
12:04:37 <Amita> yes, I know (I am just replying to you for <pjp_> Amita: You've some to discuss, right?)
12:04:39 <Amita> :)
12:04:46 <pjp_> Okay,
12:05:18 <Amita> we may need little budget, but that part I have not discussed yet with pravins
12:05:27 <pjp_> Amita: Please file a ticket if there is budget requirement, I've asked PravinS too
12:05:36 <Amita> pjp_, Sure
12:05:37 <skamath> Amita, I think you can go ahead and open a ticket about this after discussing with Pravin on Pagure
12:05:39 <skamath> Ah
12:05:49 <skamath> pjp was faster :p
12:05:56 <pjp_> :)
12:06:12 <pjp_> Amita: You had another topic too?
12:06:21 <skamath> Mindshare I guess.
12:06:25 <pjp_> Yes
12:06:36 <Amita> pjp_, also I would like to know if people in India know about mindshare
12:06:47 <pjp_> I don't
12:06:52 <Amita> and how it will impact events in future
12:07:00 <Amita> sumantrom, do you have some idea
12:07:13 <Amita> as this is the new initiative in Fedora
12:07:33 <sumantrom> Amita, yesterdays meeting we discussed.
12:07:48 <sumantrom> there we will be an election
12:08:16 <Amita> sumantrom, ok, do you know how it will impact
12:08:44 <Amita> specifically the procedural changes in organizing events?
12:08:52 <Amita> or marketing - if any?
12:09:00 <pjp_> I saw an email about elections I think
12:09:38 <sumantrom> So FOSCO will be in mostly with each group having one representative
12:09:48 * sumantrom searches for the wiki link
12:10:30 <pjp_> #topic Fedora Mindshare
12:10:37 <sumantrom> ttps://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Mindshare/Representatives
12:10:43 <sankarshan> The split of responsibilities between Mindshare and FAmSCo are well described on Mindshare page. However, this is a new group and set of responsibiltieis forming. So, at this point things may be still in fluid state
12:10:43 <Amita> thanks suanand
12:10:48 <sumantrom> Dear Ambassadors,
12:10:48 <sumantrom> during our FAmSCo meeting we agreed to set up a starting procedure in order to collect nominations for the Mindshare Comittee.
12:10:49 <sumantrom> As you might know, Mindshare will have two dedicated seats for Ambassadors; these are not elected but just get appointed by the team, means by the Ambassadors. As the Ambassadors group is a rather big group and we have people all around the world and in different time zones, we have created a page where to collect nominations [1].
12:10:49 <sumantrom> Each Region can then discuss the nominations and agree on one or two candidates. Once each region has expressed its preferences, the final discussion could be done directly in the list or in a specific ticket on pagure. FAmSCo (same as FAmA) would indeed avoid to go through a votation, we should rather discuss and come to a common decision rather than vote without trying to choose our most suitable representatives.
12:10:51 <pjp_> Amita: sumantrom What's it about?
12:10:57 * pjp_ reads...
12:11:32 <Amita> so let's nominate one from India
12:12:04 <Amita> as we are a big region and we have many ambassdors
12:12:21 <pjp_> Amita: I'd suggest send an email to -india list, now sure how many folks know about it
12:12:23 <Amita> it will be good to have one person in mindshare so that we will be informed about it
12:12:50 * sumantrom concurs Amita
12:12:55 <sumantrom> *with
12:12:55 <pjp_> Amita: CC -apac list too
12:12:57 <Amita> pjp_, yes, sumantrom can do that
12:13:07 <pjp_> sumantrom: ^^
12:13:09 <Amita> as he has better idea about it
12:13:15 <sankarshan> There's a set of questions for the candidates desiring to be in the Mindshare group, please look at that as well so as to have a depth in discussion around the topic.
12:13:51 <pjp_> #action Amita/Sumantrom to send email to -india/-apac lists about Fedora Mindshare nominations
12:13:54 <sumantrom> sankarshan, I will read it :)
12:14:09 <Amita> and how the voting will be?
12:14:26 <Amita> we can decide among ourselves whom we want to be from India
12:14:36 <Amita> and vote accordingly in the main voting
12:14:44 <sankarshan> If we have covered the topic of Mindshare, could we discuss the topic of how the communication plans for events in and around India are at this point?
12:15:16 <sumantrom> https://pagure.io/famsco/issue/440 Amita tracks the move :)
12:15:16 <pjp_> #topic communication plans for FOSS event in/around India
12:15:59 <pjp_> .. 15 mins to go ..
12:16:04 * sumantrom believes we have a strong community and the events we do needs to be in Community Blog , which is not happening due to people not *having* admin rights.
12:16:28 <sankarshan> I'd like to understand where the events are communicated and widely circulated
12:16:48 <sankarshan> And since I don't see much, are there impediments
12:16:58 <pjp_> I don't think they are,
12:17:16 <Amita> Community Blog is the place
12:17:18 <sumantrom> skamath, now has the rights and will be able to help but more the merrier, so I think , we should have another one person from India/APAC
12:17:25 <sankarshan> What is the workflow around publishing reports of events/announcements of upcoming events to the Community Blog?
12:17:25 <Amita> where most of the events are being communicated
12:17:30 <Amita> and also published
12:17:58 <sankarshan> These release parties that we discussed above, have these been published on the blog as well? The announcements ...
12:18:05 <Amita> sankarshan, it was usually (pinging) admins
12:18:15 <sumantrom> sankarshan, ML for planning --> Wiki to have the event drafted --> Personal blog post event report --> winder audience reach , the commblog and fedora planet
12:18:32 <sankarshan> Where do announcements for upcoming events go?
12:18:50 <skamath> I will be able to review articles :)
12:18:58 <skamath> I can help with the CommBlog as much as I can
12:19:11 <sumantrom> the mailing list and community blog , like RP announcement is pending for a month
12:19:25 <sankarshan> As in pending on moderation?
12:19:37 <skamath> If there is something you need me to look into, I can do it.
12:19:43 <skamath> sumantrom, PM me after the meeting?
12:19:49 <sumantrom> yes requires someone to just publish it , its peer-reviewed by jonatoni
12:19:55 <sumantrom> skamath, sure :)
12:21:19 <sankarshan> ok. i don't have anything additional to ask. i guess we are sorted
12:21:54 <pjp_> Cool!
12:22:01 * sumantrom believes that we should have people from IN who can publish on community blog
12:22:07 <pjp_> #topic Open floor
12:22:39 <sumantrom> pjp who and when can help responsible for swags pins/pens/stickers ....
12:22:40 <sumantrom> ?
12:22:52 <pjp_> sumantrom: ?
12:23:06 <pjp_> sumantrom: I'm okay to produce them here and distribute,
12:23:23 <Amita> I just want to let everyone know about https://pagure.io/fedora-diversity/issue/41
12:23:35 * pjp_ clicks
12:23:36 <sumantrom> great , by when can we expect the distribution to begin ?
12:23:51 <Amita> Outreachy Intern (diversity team is going to give $6,500 budget for this)
12:24:13 <Amita> if anyone wants to be a mentor, please submit application by 9th Nove
12:24:34 <sumantrom> Amita, will ping you once this is over :)
12:24:43 <sumantrom> this===meeting
12:24:45 <Amita> sumantrom, Sure
12:25:15 <Amita> for more info - https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/outreachy-2017-mentors-ideas/
12:26:14 <sumantrom> pjp_, by when will the distribution begin ?
12:26:34 <pjp_> sumantrom: When do you need swag?
12:27:12 <sumantrom> I guess that ASAP, before RP will be great :)
12:28:04 <pjp_> Okay, I can try
12:28:10 <pjp_> 2 mins to go
12:28:36 <pjp_> Let's take further discussion on lists
12:28:47 <sumantrom> pjp_,
12:29:29 <pjp_> Thank you all for joining in.
12:29:32 <pjp_> Going..1
12:29:49 <pjp_> Going...2
12:30:02 <pjp_> #endmeeting