#fedora-meeting: Magazine editorial board

Meeting started by stickster at 12:00:34 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. Roll call (stickster, 12:00:40)
    1. No one else showed up :-( (stickster, 12:11:20)

  2. Let's try to assemble a publishing schedule for next week (stickster, 12:11:38)
    1. Unsure of release status -- there *could* be a Tuesday release, and we have posts mostly ready for that if/when needed (stickster, 12:12:09)
    2. Fri Nov 3 - COPR for November (stickster, 12:12:53)
    3. Mon Nov 6 - if no release, could publish VSCode article (needs edit, will need ryanlerch to do this one since Paul is AFK starting Friday morning until Monday morning) (stickster, 12:14:38)
    4. Wed Nov 8 - if no release, hoping for cverna article to be finished; if not, Paul will write something small/quick (stickster, 12:18:05)
    5. Fri Nov 10 - either HDYF interview or a quick article from ryanlerch (stickster, 12:23:12)
    6. if release happens Tue Nov 7, will substitute that for Nov 6/8 publishing here, and push everything back accordingly (stickster, 12:23:49)

Meeting ended at 12:23:55 UTC (full logs).

Action items

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People present (lines said)

  1. stickster (19)
  2. zodbot (6)
  3. ryanlerch (0)

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