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14:08:31 <Rhea> #meetingname dotnet
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14:08:33 <Rhea> #nick dotnet
14:08:52 <Rhea> #chair aslice omajid pcreech
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14:09:04 <Rhea> #chair bt0
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14:09:17 <Rhea> #topic Agenda
14:09:19 <Rhea> #info (1) Roll Call
14:09:20 <Rhea> #info (2) Announcements
14:09:45 <Rhea> #info (3)
14:09:55 <Rhea> #info (4) Packaging progress / Open Floor discussion
14:10:14 <Rhea> #topic Roll Call
14:10:36 <Rhea> Hi, my name is radka and I am anonymous weirdo.
14:10:43 <aslice> .hello aslice
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14:10:44 <Rhea> "Hello radka *clapping*"
14:10:46 <pcreech> .hello pcreech
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14:10:49 <pcreech> .hello pcreech17
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14:10:55 <bt0> .hello bt0dotninja
14:10:56 <zodbot> bt0: bt0dotninja 'Alberto Rodriguez Sanchez' <>
14:11:03 <Rhea> o.o
14:11:11 <aslice> Andrew Slice; EST; C#, C++, perl
14:11:28 <bt0> Hi Rhea :P
14:12:11 <omajid> hello!
14:12:14 <omajid> .hello omajid
14:12:15 <zodbot> omajid: omajid 'Omair Majid' <>
14:12:18 <aslice> Rhea, I think you're the least anonymous amongst all of us.
14:13:20 <aslice> I haven't come to a conclusion about the weirdness yet. We set a pretty strange and irregular bar for that around here.
14:13:23 <Rhea> meh
14:13:38 <Rhea> Where is Tom
14:13:43 <Rhea> Someone wake him up please :P
14:13:59 <aslice> He's listed as afk in the other channel.
14:14:09 <Rhea> pffft
14:15:26 <Rhea> #topic Announcements
14:15:35 <Rhea> Anyone got anything cool? :P
14:16:06 <aslice> Water in a thermally insulated cup.
14:16:30 <bt0> that is cool :)
14:17:17 <Rhea> There was .NET Conf - I didn't pay attention to it at all...
14:17:35 <aslice> There were some decent presentations.
14:19:11 <Rhea> Okay I can't find anything in my feeds and I don't remember anything either...
14:19:44 <Rhea> #info (3)
14:19:53 <Rhea> #undo
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14:20:01 <Rhea> #topic
14:20:36 <Rhea> On this... I'll be updating the IDEs description, do you have anything better to say about VS Code? How would *you* sell it to someone?
14:21:41 <aslice> This is a mixed bag given the audience, but it is officially microsoft supported.
14:21:53 <Rhea> hehe
14:21:59 <bt0> Git integration? easy to use? lots of complements? is black?
14:22:21 <Rhea> But none of that is unique in the IDE world...
14:22:27 <aslice> It has plugins for the official debugger and for intellisense.
14:22:33 <Rhea> I would mention that it's ... modular? plugin based?
14:22:49 <Rhea> What plugins should we link to?
14:22:59 <Rhea> C#, some nuget manager?
14:23:27 <aslice> This doesn't help your case any, but ahs anyone used F# in jetbrains?
14:23:58 <aslice> I heard some grumbling on reddit the other day that F# isn't very well supported in the VS line of editors?
14:24:07 <aslice> And by jetbrains, I clearly meant rider.
14:24:30 <bt0> maybe this
14:25:12 <bt0> and this
14:25:41 <Rhea> Well I'm not trying to sell vs code
14:25:48 <Rhea> I don't like it
14:25:52 <Rhea> I'm just trying to not be biased
14:25:54 <Rhea> :D
14:25:56 <bt0> :p
14:26:18 <aslice> One for opens-source argument is that the C# support in vscode is mostly powered by omnisharp, which is open source.
14:26:26 * omajid doesnt like how it is basically proprietary software masquerading as open source
14:27:04 <Rhea> yup
14:27:12 * aslice agrees.
14:29:39 * pcreech too
14:29:52 <Rhea> So another point on the topic, I'll be working towards fliers and getting them stickers printed in two weeks, will be (probably) presenting dotnet in Fedora & CentOS  at BuildStuff Lithuana...
14:30:31 <Rhea> But that has two weeks time before I start, so no action required at this time... Later I'll be poking for help with text stuff again
14:34:03 <Rhea> #topic Packaging progress / Open Floor discussion
14:34:13 <Rhea> #info We have awesome packages.
14:34:19 <omajid> \o/
14:34:20 <Rhea> #agreed Our packages are awesome.
14:34:24 <Rhea> Anything else I'm missing?
14:34:24 <aslice> omajid++
14:34:25 <zodbot> aslice: Karma for omajid changed to 4 (for the f26 release cycle):
14:34:47 <Rhea> I've seen some effort in the source build recently, so that's good...
14:35:31 <omajid> anyone want to chim into from a fedora PVO, please go ahead
14:36:06 <omajid> POV*
14:36:13 <Rhea> Oh I didn't catch up with github notifications today yet
14:36:16 <Rhea> will do
14:37:44 <Rhea> Think that it will be "there" before devconf?
14:37:52 <Rhea> Like... *in* Fedora?
14:38:55 <omajid> in fedora proper? based on from a fedora PVO, please go ahead
14:38:58 <omajid> 10:36 < omajid> POV*
14:38:58 <omajid> oops.
14:39:14 <omajid> based on, i think it is a giant no
14:39:36 <Rhea> oh well
14:39:44 <Rhea> Hope dies last?
14:40:05 <omajid> they have a very different view of the world compared to fedora :(
14:40:28 <tmds> hi all
14:40:36 <tmds> waw meeting is still on-going :) !
14:40:57 <bt0> yep
14:41:05 <tmds> what topic are we at?
14:41:22 <aslice> Packaging and Open Floor Discussion
14:41:26 <Rhea> Hai Tom
14:41:34 <omajid> hello tmds!
14:41:37 <Rhea> We're on... a github thing that's going on today
14:41:42 <Rhea> link please o.o
14:41:46 <omajid>
14:41:54 <Rhea> That...
14:42:20 <Rhea> I don't even understand why does this ticket exist to be coldly honest.
14:42:35 <Rhea> That first sentence evokes feelings like "The f*?"
14:42:48 <tmds> when I first saw the issue, I thought about copying the stated goal of the readme...
14:42:53 <Rhea> They don't know why do we need source build or what?
14:43:05 <tmds> I think it has to do with other people working on source-build than before
14:43:08 <Rhea> Do they think that all the operating systems out there are gonna be happy with *their* packages?
14:43:19 <tmds> anyhow, it's better they raise the question than head of in the wrong direction
14:43:33 <omajid> Rhea: i have a strong feeling they think the answer to that question is "yes"
14:43:50 <Rhea> Well I have been *screaming* at them to shove them somewhere.
14:43:56 <Rhea> They're not packagers.
14:44:04 <tmds> I'm happy with the increased activity on the repo
14:44:40 <tmds> also these guys starting to contribute, they understand well how the different bits fit together
14:45:09 <tmds> I'm stating the positive things ;)
14:47:59 <aslice> tmds: And I think that is something to keep in mind. The overall direction is a positive one so far (even if the bar for positive is low). We just need to make sure they stay on that direction.
14:48:03 <Rhea> Lets end this meeting, i'm gonna work on a reply for that ticket...
14:48:10 <Rhea> Gonna make it clear what the goal is...
14:48:42 <tmds> hmmm, be positive!
14:48:59 <aslice> We need to make sure that we, in general, acknowledge the positive while keeping the pressure on. Constant brow-beating won't get us anywhere.
14:49:56 <Rhea> #endmeeting