10:01:56 <jibec> #startmeeting l10n
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10:02:13 <jibec> #chair jibec
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10:07:33 <semanticdesign> is somebody here?
10:07:46 <jibec> semanticdesign: yep
10:07:57 <semanticdesign> nobody else?
10:08:10 <jibec> looks like not :(
10:08:14 <semanticdesign> :)
10:08:43 <jibec> this schedule doesn't looks like a good one :/
10:08:49 <semanticdesign> indeed
10:09:21 <jibec> you're the german wanting to translate flatpak?
10:09:28 <semanticdesign> yep
10:09:53 <SpeedyGonzalez> I'm here but I'm very new to all of this. My first meeting ;)
10:09:59 <semanticdesign> me too
10:10:10 <SpeedyGonzalez> also german ^^
10:10:21 <jibec> ok :) welcome SpeedyGonzalez
10:10:37 <jibec> chair SpeedyGonzalez, semanticdesign
10:10:43 <jibec> #chair SpeedyGonzalez, semanticdesign
10:10:43 <zodbot> Current chairs: SpeedyGonzalez jibec semanticdesign
10:10:57 <semanticdesign> good. you can make a review on my translation then *only joking*
10:10:59 <jibec> let's do it anyway, so we share headlines with the list
10:11:08 <jibec> #topic Flock feedback
10:11:17 <jibec> #topic  #topic38 Host Zanata in Fedora infrastructure
10:11:31 <jibec> #info At Flock 2017, @bex and @mattdm publicly said they'll do there best not to rely anymore on Red Hat's IT team for Zanata's hosting, by hosting Zanata in community infrastructure.
10:12:02 <jibec> there is no update on this subject, bex will come back to me next week
10:12:24 <jibec> let's hope it will work, not upgrading Zanata is a blocker :(
10:12:41 <jibec> next?
10:12:56 <SpeedyGonzalez> yes
10:13:03 <jibec> #topic #39 Using Transtats to track out-of-schedule string change for F28
10:13:10 <jibec> #info At Flock 2017, @sundeep demonstrated a really interesting tool: http://transtats.xyz
10:13:40 <jibec> this is a tool that basically follows git repository and Zanata, and track out of sync translation
10:14:01 <jibec> #info transtats should enable out-of-schedule string change tracking for Fedora 28
10:14:15 <jibec> next?
10:14:36 <semanticdesign> yes, i am more in spectator mode for the moment
10:14:48 <jibec> #topic #40 The documentation system reboot & translation
10:14:59 <jibec> #info Thanks to @bex, @immanetize and @sanqui , we now have a new documentation system handling translations! It was demonstrated @ Flock.
10:15:16 <jibec> #info Last blocking point before publishing: we still have to translate pages titles & navigation bar. We have to convert yaml to po file
10:15:40 <jibec> next?
10:15:48 <semanticdesign> could you give a link to this one?
10:16:16 <SpeedyGonzalez> yeah. would be interesting
10:17:19 <jibec> probably: https://pagure.io/fedora-docs/docs-fp-o
10:17:59 <jibec> I asked Brian to help me to write an article about where to find the source and hack with it
10:18:20 <jibec> at the moment, I still recommand not to translate documentation until this system is running
10:18:25 <jibec> next?
10:18:29 <semanticdesign> i am aware of this
10:18:31 <semanticdesign> yes
10:18:32 <SpeedyGonzalez> yes
10:18:42 <jibec> #topic #32 T-shirts for active contributors of Translation group
10:18:47 <jibec> #info We have most information, with exception of the list sent last week (15 missing). We are waiting for a proof before starting the printing.
10:19:03 <semanticdesign> :)
10:19:13 <jibec> the action is handled by Kristyna and Jona
10:19:16 <jibec> next?
10:19:18 <semanticdesign> ok
10:19:20 <SpeedyGonzalez> yes ;)
10:19:29 <jibec> #topic #33 Create images for L10N roles
10:19:39 <jibec> #info Design team is done. https://pagure.io/design/issue/488
10:19:54 <jibec> I'll take this images, and bring them to the wiki
10:20:10 <jibec> next?
10:20:17 <SpeedyGonzalez> yes
10:20:20 <semanticdesign> ok
10:20:41 <jibec> #topic #35 FAS group for L10N #37 FAS group cleanup
10:20:52 <jibec> #info l10n-commits, l10n-editors and l10n-admin were disabled by infra team
10:21:35 <jibec> #info I suggest to rename cvsl10n to l10n, which will be explicit
10:21:49 <jibec> Blocking: #26 Badges for l10n team members and  Solving: #22 Mismatch in Zanata username and FAS name
10:21:53 <jibec> by the way, numbers are related to G11N's issues: https://pagure.io/g11n/issues
10:22:20 <semanticdesign> oh, i see
10:22:49 <jibec> there isn't enough people to vote on this, we'll discuss it to next meeting
10:22:57 <jibec> next?
10:23:00 <semanticdesign> ok
10:23:02 <SpeedyGonzalez> ok
10:23:16 <jibec> #topic Open floor
10:23:37 <jibec> anything you would like to discuss about or ask? ;)
10:23:48 <semanticdesign> yes
10:24:25 <jibec> go ahead
10:24:53 <semanticdesign> how much is zanata connected to projects that are under pagure? what i am thinking about is: flatpak is on github hosted and under the umbrella of freedesktop
10:25:14 <semanticdesign> is there a change the translation will be done one day in zanata?
10:25:50 <jibec> as far as I know, it is not connected, any project (using whatever source code platform) can use Zanata
10:26:31 <jibec> what's their answer to your ticket on github?
10:26:56 <semanticdesign> till now? no reaction. i will be patient. i am going through the git-stuff now, before doing nothing
10:27:26 <semanticdesign> i have made a mess there, for sure. i was running through the docs  the last week
10:27:54 <semanticdesign> thx to rafal. this was a good one. there is a german translation, so i can read it side-by-side
10:28:06 <semanticdesign> this will help me a lot
10:28:14 <jibec> you opened it two days ago, you may wait one or two more days to ping them on IRC
10:28:33 <jibec> oh, no, 8 days ago ;)
10:28:39 <semanticdesign> yes :(
10:28:46 <jibec> you should go on IRC to ask them to discuss about it
10:29:15 <semanticdesign> sounds like an idea
10:29:38 <semanticdesign> i have no reaction from the german team also
10:29:41 <jibec> please note some freedesktop apps use the gnome localization infrastructure: https://l10n.gnome.org/releases/freedesktop-org/
10:30:05 <jibec> and there is other translation platform like hosted.weblate.org/
10:30:46 <jibec> whatever they would agree to use would be fine for us, the goal is to make it easy for translators ;)
10:30:47 <semanticdesign> oh nice.ö i have to check this
10:30:55 <jibec> next?
10:31:27 <semanticdesign> yes again: the missing reaction from german team. is there somebody?
10:32:13 <jibec> I see some answer to your message: https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/trans-de@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/A46HUW3GEER3N5JIS6UQGRXHB5ZE5LVH/
10:33:04 <semanticdesign> do you remember that i have mentioned the missing postings in my threads?
10:33:13 <jibec> nope
10:33:25 <semanticdesign> they are there now with a few days delay
10:33:39 <semanticdesign> it is hyperkitty
10:34:33 <jibec> you can go on https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N_Teams
10:34:51 <jibec> and try to reach your coordinator:  	RomanSpirgi (bigant)
10:35:24 <jibec> maybe he is too busy at the moment, or is travelling, or don't want to coordinate anymore
10:35:56 <jibec> this is how I started two years ago, and translation mailing list are never really really active
10:36:26 <semanticdesign> okay, but all this will help. also i see now the replies in german team. i have to read them.
10:36:26 <jibec> doest it help?
10:36:37 <semanticdesign> perfect
10:36:59 <SpeedyGonzalez> you should have got those mail anyway. just hyperkitty didn't update ;)
10:37:15 <jibec> next?
10:37:26 <SpeedyGonzalez> is there any chance that the gnome localization infrastructure moves to zanata? I think gnome and red hat are very close so they could share the same infrastructure. It would be easier to translate for both Gnome and Fedora
10:37:49 <jibec> no, there is no chance ;)
10:37:57 <SpeedyGonzalez> ok :D
10:38:12 <jibec> gnome has a platform that is focused on team review process
10:38:37 <jibec> Zanata is for translator efficiecy, and if you want, you can make a review, but it's not mandatory
10:39:00 <jibec> the paradigms are too far from each other
10:39:16 <SpeedyGonzalez> ok
10:39:26 <jibec> next? :p
10:40:09 <SpeedyGonzalez> I'm good. Don't have any more questions
10:40:34 <jibec> ok
10:40:39 <jibec> #topic Next meeting
10:41:01 <jibec> at least we have two newcomers :) welcome ;)
10:41:24 <semanticdesign> i feel happy now :)
10:41:34 <SpeedyGonzalez> thx ;)
10:41:40 <jibec> semanticdesign++
10:41:41 <zodbot> jibec: Karma for semanticdesign changed to 1 (for the f26 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
10:41:51 <jibec> for Flatpak translation <3
10:42:09 <semanticdesign> i need some karma indeed
10:42:22 <jibec> I'll ask the mailing list about the next schedule, if we have to change it earlier or later in the day
10:42:40 <jibec> #endmeeting