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00:59:42 <award3535> #meetingname FAmNA
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00:59:58 <award3535> #topic === FAmNA Roll Call ===
00:59:59 <jwf> .hello jflory7
01:00:00 <zodbot> jwf: jflory7 'Justin W. Flory' <jflory7@gmail.com>
01:00:09 <award3535> #chair jwf
01:00:09 <zodbot> Current chairs: award3535 jwf
01:00:18 <jwf> Evening!
01:00:31 <award3535> evening, hope we have a showing tonight
01:00:37 * jwf hopes so too
01:00:54 <jwf> First meeting I've been able to make in a while :)
01:01:01 <award3535> summertime is hard to get people to show up
01:01:12 <award3535> #chair reher
01:01:12 <zodbot> Current chairs: award3535 jwf reher
01:01:17 <award3535> evening reher
01:01:33 <reher> Hi award3535
01:01:45 <award3535> reher you back home yet?
01:01:47 <jwf> Yeah, I figure those with kids are probably also balancing time out with them being out for the summer
01:02:11 <award3535> jwf, that is why I moved to bi weekly during the summer
01:03:01 <jwf> Makes sense.
01:03:30 <jwf> Not a whole lot of Linux events happening either, or at least ones that I know of
01:03:38 <jwf> Or ones that would make sense for us to go to
01:04:02 <jwf> reher: Hiya, long time no see :)
01:04:04 <award3535> Fosscon next month that mikedep333 is heading up, but thats it until end of september
01:04:13 * jwf nods
01:04:16 <jwf> Awesome.
01:05:03 <jwf> Oh, I did hear back from the HackMIT folks (but some reason they didn't see your email on CC) – I'd like to verbally discuss it quick, and if it sounds good, I'll start the ticket / wiki page process to bring it to a vote
01:05:07 <jwf> Need to read that email really quick
01:05:48 <award3535> jwf, are you aware of the new requirements with creating and discussing the wiki
01:05:58 <award3535> ref the OLF ticket
01:06:04 <jwf> award3535: Probably now is a good time for me to get familiar. :)
01:06:10 <jwf> I'll need to refresh and catch up then
01:06:45 <jwf> award3535: Do you have the links on-hand?
01:06:50 <award3535> the process is the same but the council has a little more before the budget is approved
01:07:10 <award3535> stand by.....
01:07:22 <jwf> I was reading through some of your tickets in the Council Pagure yesterday, but I didn't see what looked like a firm conclusion yet
01:08:58 <jwf> Hmm – if we don't hit quorum, I have three announcements we can at least put in the minutes for folks to read up on later. Looking like we might not meet
01:09:09 <jwf> * might not meet quorum
01:09:22 <award3535> #topic === Announcements ===
01:09:45 <jwf> Do you have any or want me to go ahead?
01:10:35 <award3535> https://pagure.io/Fedora-Council/tickets/issue/117 to start with new requirements
01:10:40 <award3535> jwf go
01:10:56 <jwf> award3535: Great, thanks, will read in a moment
01:11:00 <jwf> #info === "August 2017 Elections – Nomination period open" ===
01:11:07 <jwf> #link https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/elections-august-2017-nomination-open/
01:11:42 <jwf> #info The election rounds are getting started again, including three seats on the Ambassador Steering Committee (FAmSCo). Nominations are open until next week. Currently, award3535 is a nominated candidate from FAmNA!
01:11:50 <jwf> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAmSCo_nominations
01:12:02 <jwf> #info === "Fedora 27 release dates and schedule" ===
01:12:07 <jwf> #link https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/fedora-27-release-dates-schedule/
01:12:31 <jwf> #info The (tentative) release schedule for Fedora 27 is out. Perhaps this is the year we finally get a Halloween release… stay tuned for more info.
01:12:42 <jwf> #info === "Introducing the Python Classroom Lab" ===
01:12:46 <jwf> #link https://fedoramagazine.org/introducing-python-classroom-lab/
01:13:31 <jwf> #info "In case you missed it": The newest Fedora Lab to join the line-up is the Python Classroom Lab, intended to be a tool for computer science teachers and educators to have a Python programming environment ready to help teach students about programming with Fedora. A cool thing to consider for showing off at events!
01:13:34 <jwf> <eof>
01:13:56 <award3535> jwf thank you
01:14:10 <award3535> and for the rest of the information you asked about
01:14:12 <award3535> #link https://pagure.io/Fedora-Council/tickets/issue/126
01:15:08 <jwf> I read #126 but missed #117. Will go through #117 after the meeting.
01:15:51 <jwf> Thanks for the link.
01:16:10 <award3535> ticket 126 is where most of the meat is, since the vision was not in writing yet so most of us in NA were not aware of the changes and how the budget is allocated
01:16:31 * jwf nods
01:16:45 <jwf> I understand a lot of the sentiment in the ticket, even though I've been away for the past couple of months
01:17:15 <award3535> There is two tickets I entered because the information did not seem to flow down to me and I have to ask week after week, so I added myself to a few mailing lists to find the information
01:18:33 <award3535> I am going to continue on so that those who are not here can read the logs
01:18:44 <award3535> #topic === Tickets ===
01:18:58 <award3535> https://pagure.io/ambassadors-na/tasks/issues
01:19:24 <award3535> .famnaticket 181
01:19:25 <zodbot> award3535: Issue #181: FOSSCON 2017 - tasks - Pagure - https://pagure.io/ambassadors-na/tasks/issue/181
01:19:31 * kk4ewt is here but helping someone in #fedora
01:19:41 <jwf> award3535: Sounds good
01:19:46 * jwf clicks, read through ticket
01:19:47 <award3535> #chair kk4ewt
01:19:47 <zodbot> Current chairs: award3535 jwf kk4ewt reher
01:21:03 <award3535> mikedep333 is the event owner, and since the event is within a month, there is some work that needs to be done before we can vote
01:21:28 <award3535> Plus there needs to be a minimum of two ambassadors at the event
01:22:05 <jwf> Heh, funnily enough, I almost think I'll be driving through Philly on that very day
01:22:14 <jwf> But I'll be moving, so not feasible for me to attend
01:23:11 <jwf> Once it's all documented and prepped on the wiki, I think it would be a good event if we can meet minimum qualifications for attendance
01:23:36 <award3535> we as a group need to get better at planning events, mikedep333 I dont think has planned an event by himself yet
01:24:09 <award3535> and yes jwf, that is the hardest part and putting together how much for a budget so that I can enter it in the ledger
01:24:22 * jwf nods
01:24:29 <jwf> Wish mikedep333 was here tonight so we could discuss it
01:24:41 <jwf> Hopefully he will read the minutes and ask for any help if he needs it
01:25:15 <jwf> mikedep333: If you're reading through this later and need any guidance, don't be afraid to ask :)
01:25:15 <award3535> If I were available i would go with him, Because I have some family in the Philly area
01:25:57 <jwf> Is it only one day?
01:26:21 <award3535> yes but I would make a weekend trip out of it and stay a couple of days
01:26:29 <jwf> Ahh, wow, this is so tricky
01:26:45 <jwf> Let me make sure my route takes me through Philly first
01:27:03 <award3535> jwf are you refering to how much we have to include in the ticket and wiki
01:28:23 <jwf> Ohhh, no, never mind, I'm passing through Pittsburgh on the 26th, not Philadelphia. Even if I wanted it wouldn't be… easily doable
01:28:45 <jwf> No, I was just trying to see if it was something I could try to make at all since I'm planning to drive through Pennsylvania around that time
01:29:11 <award3535> jwf, I may be able to get there, but he needs to ask for help if needed. I think I can swing the trip.
01:29:16 * jwf nods
01:29:33 <jwf> Hopefully he will reach out to you then, I had read it that you weren't available during that period. :)
01:30:29 <jwf> If he can't find anyone closer, it will be good to know you could make the trip at a slightly higher travel cost, but given the low sponsorship fee, I think it would be feasible
01:30:51 * jwf does need to get caught up on where the budget for FAmNA currently is – hasn't kept up with finances so far this FY
01:30:54 <award3535> I would have to take some time off from work, and the following month I have to take two weeks, one going to San Antonio for my son's pilot wings pinning ceremony, and the other OLF
01:31:15 <jwf> Oh, wow! Busy time for you too then.
01:31:22 <jwf> Well, hopefully mikedep333 will reach out early then. :)
01:31:44 <jwf> If you are able to make it and the wiki pages and budget look good, I would definitely be +1 for this
01:32:20 <award3535> jwf, the budget is controlled by the council, input by me, I have no set quarterly budget, thats what makes it difficult
01:33:07 <jwf> Ohhhh. Okay. I had understood it that we were still in limbo waiting for the quarterly allocations and the current situation was temporary
01:33:13 <jwf> I guess I have a lot of reading up to do then
01:33:49 <jwf> award3535: Actually, if you have a couple of minutes, I'd like to do a check-in really quick to know your thoughts on the HackMIT bid I have, based on where we are with finances now, since I'm really behind
01:34:34 <award3535> jwf, this is the way it will be run from now on, a good solid event wiki write up, justification and attendance with supporting event reports will keep us out of trouble
01:34:44 * jwf nods
01:34:51 <jwf> Oh, okay, that's definitely something I can do then
01:35:07 <jwf> I think HackMIT worked really well for us last year, so I am confident I could justify our impact to go again.
01:35:08 <award3535> there is funds, I just dont and wont get numbers
01:35:08 * juggler waves
01:35:18 * jwf waves to juggler!
01:35:19 <award3535> #chair juggler
01:35:19 <zodbot> Current chairs: award3535 juggler jwf kk4ewt reher
01:35:24 <award3535> evening juggler
01:35:38 <juggler> evening. sorry, stuck at work. :P
01:35:52 <juggler> got here as fast I could
01:36:38 <jwf> award3535: In that case, I'll go ahead and try to prep the wiki page and ticket over the weekend or early next week. I'm not sure when they need a definite answer, but I'll follow up with them to find out. I don't know if you saw my first email to them, but I asked for a $750 sponsorship cost that would include a table, tech talk, and a featured logo on website / printed material
01:37:08 <jwf> This is a really sweet package too, because their lowest tier is $3k and doesn't even include a table. Last year, we went with Red Hat, but they were not planning to go again this year
01:37:18 <jwf> I'll go ahead and start on the planning process for this
01:37:36 <jwf> As a general note, the dates are September 16-17, for reference: https://hackmit.org/
01:37:42 <jwf> I'll be sure to get this all into the wiki
01:37:45 <award3535> jwf, it is not too difficult to get events funded, you just have to get a strong sense of accomplishment in the end with metrics
01:38:10 <jwf> Yeah, I think this is definitely an event we can do that with. I was surprised about how things went last year and I felt it was valuable for us to be there
01:38:16 <award3535> jwf if I remember RH is not attending this year
01:38:53 <jwf> award3535: Correct, which is why I asked for a lower bid and tried to make a justification for us as an open source community. Fortunately, it worked :)
01:39:08 <jwf> Exciting then, I will definitely get started on this over the weekend
01:39:20 <jwf> I'll CC you on my reply back to them, for some reason, I guess you were dropped in the reply
01:39:54 <jwf> Anyways, that's all I had on that
01:40:00 <jwf> Thanks for letting me bounce ideas really quick
01:40:06 <award3535> jwf just make sure you include all items (questions) that mattdm/bex requires in both the ticket and the wiki
01:40:17 <jwf> Acknowledged.
01:40:51 <award3535> jwf remember there must be a minimum of two ambassadors present, did you read the logs from Jun
01:40:58 <jwf> #action jwf Start HackMIT wiki / ticket per regular guidelines and feedback from mattdm / bexelbie for justification
01:41:16 <award3535> NA imposed a two person rule
01:41:21 <jwf> award3535: I checked in with cprofitt to see if the dates were good with him, and he said he should be available, but need to confirm.
01:41:41 <jwf> award3535: Ahh, for some reason I always thought that was a rule. Two people makes sense and should be feasible for this event.
01:41:42 <award3535> jwf great, that will solve that problem
01:41:54 <award3535> jwf I will pm you
01:42:04 <jwf> I'll do my best to be timely and early on this so we don't hit crunch time later on.
01:42:11 <jwf> Okay, sounds good
01:42:51 <award3535> #topic == Open Floor ===
01:44:14 <award3535> anyone have anything for the open floor
01:44:23 <juggler> nothing from this side
01:44:35 <jwf> HackMIT was all I had. :)
01:44:47 <juggler> :)
01:45:09 <award3535> our next meeting will be on August 10th at 2100
01:45:40 <juggler> curious will the bi-weekly span remain indefinitely?
01:45:59 <reher> award3535, not sure if you know, but seems Fossetcon has been retired
01:46:33 <juggler> bi-weekly==every other week
01:46:50 <jwf> juggler: I think the intent was just for the summer, since folks with kids have them on their hands for the summer and some people might plan their vacations for around now
01:47:01 <juggler> got it
01:47:15 <jwf> Sounds good for August 10th, I should be here for that one, but probably not on August 24th
01:47:24 <award3535> I have no information eitherway on the event, hopefully not, but out of my control
01:47:47 <reher> I got to speak with Garrett briefly at SELF. He did not give me details, but said it would not be taking place any longer.
01:48:45 <award3535> jwf just have your event ready to go
01:48:58 * jwf nods
01:49:00 <reher> Hopeful it comes back sometime.
01:49:06 <jwf> Will work on having it early and thorough
01:49:34 <award3535> reher, I forgot that you talked to him, and I hope that someone can bring it back
01:50:34 <juggler> heading out to my next meeting folks. I wish all a good night.
01:50:43 <jwf> juggler: Good night! Catch you around :)
01:50:50 <juggler> jwf likewise ;)
01:50:56 <award3535> thank you juggler, please read the full logs to catch up on what you missed
01:50:57 <juggler> tc all
01:51:04 <juggler> will do!
01:51:39 <jwf> juggler: Don't miss the elections :)
01:52:00 <award3535> jwf, I did not see the template
01:52:00 <jwf> Coming up soon. :)
01:52:08 <award3535> for the questions that is
01:52:21 <jwf> award3535: It'll be sent out right before the campaign period begins on August 1st. But if you want an earlier preview, they're here:
01:53:07 <jwf> . https://pagure.io/fedora-commops/blob/add/election-aug17-templates/f/templates/elections/2017/08/interview-famsco-august-2017.html
01:53:20 <jwf> Just know that more questions could be added before August 1st and then the template will have to be updated
01:53:34 <jwf> But I have a feeling it's probably not going to change much
01:53:56 <award3535> so just copy and past the text in
01:53:59 <jwf> award3535: Also also, just as an FYI, the CommBlog editor is broken right now… we're hoping to have a fix before the campaign period starts
01:54:21 <jwf> award3535: Essentially, yeah. If you put it into a plaintext file on your computer and type into it there, you can paste it in once we get the editor fixed
01:54:58 <award3535> already done with existing questions, just waiting for the official template
01:55:09 <jwf> Oh, awesome, then it should be copypaste, done for you. :)
01:55:31 <jwf> In the event it's not fixed by August 1st, we'll make sure you get your interview published on time
01:55:31 <award3535> ok I think we should end here
01:55:37 <jwf> Yep, sounds good to me :)
01:55:45 <jwf> Hopefully you don't have too early of a morning tomorrow this time!
01:56:01 <award3535> at work at 6am
01:56:13 <award3535> get off at 4
01:56:21 <award3535> then off to job #2
01:56:24 <jwf> Phew, then time to go to bed! :)
01:56:30 <jwf> award3535++ Thanks as always for chairing!
01:56:30 <zodbot> jwf: Karma for award3535 changed to 1 (for the f26 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
01:56:39 <jwf> Oh, even get to give you a new karma cookie this time :)
01:57:04 <award3535> #info next FAmNA meeting is 10 August 2017 at 2100 east
01:57:25 <jwf> See you folks then!
01:57:49 <reher> Good night all.
01:57:53 <award3535> thank you for coming jwf, juggler, reher, kk4ewt see you in two weeks....
01:57:57 <award3535> #endmeeting