05:01:06 <pjp> #startmeeting APAC Ambassador's bi-weekly meeting 21 Jul 2017
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05:01:13 <jonatoni> hello pjp :)
05:01:19 <pjp> jonatoni: Hi,
05:01:36 <pjp> #topic Roll call
05:01:46 <pjp> .hello
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05:01:52 <pjp> .hello pjp
05:01:53 <zodbot> pjp: pjp 'None' <pj.pandit@yahoo.co.in>
05:02:17 <bexelbie> .hello bex
05:02:18 <zodbot> bexelbie: bex 'Brian (bex) Exelbierd' <bex@pobox.com>
05:02:18 <bexelbie> .hello bex
05:02:20 <zodbot> bexelbie: bex 'Brian (bex) Exelbierd' <bex@pobox.com>
05:02:25 <jonatoni> .fas jonatoni
05:02:26 <zodbot> jonatoni: jonatoni 'Jona Azizaj' <jonaazizaj@gmail.com>
05:04:41 <pjp> #chair bexelbie jonatoni
05:04:41 <zodbot> Current chairs: bexelbie jonatoni pjp
05:06:41 <bexelbie> Are there any other APAC ambassadors in attendance?
05:08:32 * sumatro is here
05:08:48 <pjp> praveenkumar: paragan skamath sumatro ^^
05:10:02 <paragan> pjp, sorry I have to give a presentation in 5 minutes so I will not be looking here.
05:10:07 <pjp> bexelbie: jonatoni What time is it for you guys? Quite early AM?
05:10:11 <bexelbie> according to the wiki there are 90 ambassadors in APAC
05:10:18 <jonatoni> 7am here :P
05:10:21 <bexelbie> 7am for me (which is early for me)
05:10:37 <pjp> paragan: Okay
05:11:04 <pjp> bexelbie: jonatoni ..boy!
05:11:36 <pjp> bexelbie: jonatoni doesn't look like we have much attendance,
05:12:12 <bexelbie> pjp, what country are you in?  You're coded as unknown in the wiki
05:12:13 * pjp don't mean to keep you hanging for long early morning
05:12:15 <sumantrom> do we have a specific agenda for today?
05:12:45 <pjp> sumantrom: various budget/funding requests
05:13:00 <pjp> #topic APAC budget requests -> https://pagure.io/ambassadors-apac/issues
05:13:14 <pjp> bexelbie: India.
05:13:19 <sumantrom> pjp ack :)
05:13:51 <bexelbie> pjp, you should probably fix whatever has needs to be in your profile to get your locatoin fixed
05:13:53 <bexelbie> in the wiki
05:14:04 <pjp> bexelbie: Okay
05:15:04 <bexelbie> You cannot judge by a single meeting, but I am concerned about APAC.  I have not heard from your combined treasurer/card holder since 2 June.
05:15:46 <bexelbie> I see 20 open tickets, of which at least 7 are current enough to be "immediate" in some sense
05:15:59 <bexelbie> the other 13 require reading to determine if they are still real
05:16:10 <pjp> bexelbie: That's another issue, Izhar holds the card, and hasn't been much responsive, maybe busy with work
05:16:22 <bexelbie> but given the number of F24s in the titles, I suspect they are now instant-close
05:16:46 <bexelbie> People get busy, it is understandable.  However it isn't clear that APAC has met in a long time
05:16:52 <pjp> bexelbie: Yes, those are older ones
05:17:08 <bexelbie> and having a combined treasurer/card holder makes it hard for the region to have consistent information and reimbursements
05:17:19 <pjp> Yep
05:17:45 <bexelbie> It sounds like there are only 2 people here who would vote today
05:18:02 <pjp> bexelbie: We did discuss about having another card in the region, but it couldn't be done for various reasons
05:18:02 <bexelbie> and you all submitted the majority of the tickets
05:18:11 <bexelbie> pjp, a second card is not the answer
05:18:25 <pjp> bexelbie: Yes
05:18:36 <bexelbie> when you have a two people doing hte work they can help each other and we have ways of getting reimbursemnts done with other cards, mine for example
05:19:04 <pjp> bexelbie: Isn't that for regional expenses ?
05:19:32 <bexelbie> pjp, the regional cards are primarily used for a specific regions expenses, however all regional cards can be used to help out other regions
05:19:37 <bexelbie> I also have a card that can be used for the same
05:19:46 <pjp> bexelbie: Okay
05:19:51 <bexelbie> the idea is that if we run out of limit on a card or there is another problem, then other regions help each other out
05:19:59 <bexelbie> APAC, like the other regions, is not a separate island
05:20:02 <bexelbie> we are a single project
05:20:17 <pjp> bexelbie: Yes, true.
05:20:50 * sumantrom concurs with bexelbie
05:21:08 <bexelbie> jonatoni, I think it is time for FAmSCo to act and figure out how to work with APAC to get the ambassador structure working again here or to determine that the last 1.5 months is a seasonal anomaly
05:21:10 <skamath> o/
05:21:12 * skamath is late
05:21:14 <skamath> .hello skamath
05:21:16 <skamath> I am in my college and was finding a stable net to hop onto IRC
05:21:16 <zodbot> skamath: skamath 'Sachin S Kamath ' <sskamath96@gmail.com>
05:21:36 <bexelbie> hi
05:21:45 <sumantrom> hi skamath
05:21:54 <skamath> Hi bex!
05:22:00 <skamath> sumantrom, o/
05:22:12 <skamath> Reading the scrollback
05:22:34 <bexelbie> I think we are going to have to send all the tickets to FAmSCo to approve ...
05:22:59 <pjp> bexelbie: Yes, I have opened a ticket for it,
05:23:14 <bexelbie> It isn't exactly ethical to have only hte people who opened the tickets voting for them
05:23:19 <bexelbie> :)
05:23:21 <jonatoni> yes bexelbie, that's why I wanted to be part of this meeting to see how is the situation with APAC, and will talk with other FAmSCo members about this
05:23:28 <bexelbie> or at least it looks bad
05:23:40 <bexelbie> even if everyone acts ethically
05:24:41 <pjp> bexelbie: Yes
05:25:00 <sumantrom> jonatoni: that will be good
05:25:50 <bexelbie> jonatoni, ty
05:26:17 <pjp> bexelbie: Recently quite a few active ambassadors left due to relocation and/or other reasons,
05:26:27 <skamath> pjp, a lot of them.
05:26:35 <pjp> skamath: Yes
05:27:08 <skamath> I pulled data of all the ambassadors and I could see a *lot* of inactive people.
05:27:19 <pjp> There has not been much of guiding support for newer ones to get going..
05:27:45 <skamath> sankarshan is going a great job. I onboarded a couple of months back and he was really responsive.
05:27:47 <skamath> sankarshan++
05:27:47 <zodbot> skamath: Karma for morpheus changed to 1 (for the f26 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
05:27:59 <sumantrom> pjp: I think its practically possible to record these bi-weekly meetings cz I never found a single log, so even if someone misses it , they can go through what happened https://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/sresults/?group_id=apac&type=team needs updating, can you please do it?
05:28:18 <sumantrom> Yes sankarshan has been a great mentor too.
05:28:22 <skamath> sumantrom, If the meeting name is set, it will automatically be logged.
05:28:24 <sumantrom> sankarshan++
05:28:24 <zodbot> sumantrom: Karma for morpheus changed to 2 (for the f26 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
05:28:30 <bexelbie> This is a situation where FAmSCo can help
05:28:53 <pjp> sumantrom: Meeting are logged when they happen,
05:29:31 <sumantrom> skamath: i see 2014 latest meeting logs. meetings happened after that ....  I guess
05:29:35 <skamath> For the meetings to aggregate, I think you need to set the same .meetingname everywhere
05:30:15 <skamath> everywhere = for all the meetings
05:30:24 <bexelbie> yes, meetbot's search and aggregation needs to be improved
05:30:32 <bexelbie> I suspect it is just waiting on a patch :)
05:31:32 <skamath> sumantrom, maybe the meetingname was not set or meetings did not happen at all
05:32:28 <sumantrom> skamath: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Ambassadors_Asia_Pacific_(FAMAPAC) maybe we should spend some time updating the wikis.
05:33:05 <sumantrom> the meetbot links ahref-ed with this wiki itself.....
05:34:16 <skamath> Well, if the meetingname is set as apac after starting the meeting, it will automatically be logged over there
05:34:28 <skamath> Was meeting name set for this meeting? My scrollback is limited
05:34:31 <bexelbie> #topic apac
05:35:24 <skamath> bexelbie, it should be #meetingname apac
05:35:26 <sumantrom> bexelbie: thanks, now it will start logging. :)
05:35:45 <pjp> bexelbie: It was set when  the meeting started :)
05:35:49 <pjp> sumantrom: ^^
05:36:18 <skamath> Idk why i'm getting a limited scrollback :/
05:36:33 <sumantrom> skamath: same here :\
05:36:37 <sumantrom> bexelbie jonatoni pjp skamath is there by anychance we cand do an weekly than an bi-weekly meeting?
05:36:43 <bexelbie> #meetingname apac
05:36:43 <zodbot> The meeting name has been set to 'apac'
05:36:58 <sumantrom> can*
05:37:35 <jonatoni> sumantrom: the problem is to have more people attending the meeting
05:37:41 <pjp> Well, currently people are not showing up twice a month, I doubt they would every week
05:37:43 <skamath> sumantrom, I don't think we will have a lot of tickets to discuss it it is a weekly meeting
05:38:43 <skamath> bexelbie, jonatoni : I can pull up a list of active people in the ambassador list (using datagrepper)
05:39:02 <skamath> Using that, I think we should ping them and ask if they are still interested in being part of the ambassador program
05:39:18 <sumantrom> jonatoni : that can be fixed
05:39:32 <sumantrom> skamath: thanks for typing exactly what i wanted to say
05:39:45 <skamath> :D
05:40:06 <sumantrom> pjp: do you know of someone who looks after swags in the region?
05:40:10 <skamath> We need a definition for 'active'
05:40:13 <bexelbie> The other question is to figure out if this is the right time for a meeting
05:40:23 <pjp> I think waning attendance/interest has also to do with clear agenda when we meet, otherwise meetings mostly digress elsewhere, which may not be of interest to all
05:40:29 <skamath> The current time is a -1 for me
05:40:37 <sumantrom> bexelbie: this is not.
05:40:40 <sumantrom> -1 from me too
05:41:00 <pjp> sumantrom: I have done that in the past, still doing DVDs regularly
05:41:05 <bexelbie> it's a large region with a lot of timezones - we need to find out if there is a better time choice
05:42:29 <skamath> We can use http://whenisgood.net/
05:42:54 <skamath> If no one wants to take it up, I'll start a thread on the ML asking APAC ambassadors to fill it up
05:42:59 <sumantrom> pjp: I am talking about buttons , stickers , shirts and banners. I have been told that fedora India banner is lost while some ambassdor was shifting. We needed one here for events and I am sure skamath would definetly want one if there was one.
05:43:09 <bexelbie> an interesting way to test activity would be to send it to the ambassadors directly and see who responds
05:43:29 <sumantrom> skamath: whenisgood or doodle is doable
05:43:36 <pjp> sumantrom: Folks in Pune used to get that done prior to events like FUDCon
05:43:55 <jonatoni> agree with bexelbie
05:44:15 <skamath> bexelbie++ That's a nice idea
05:44:29 <sumantrom> bexelbie++ , that would be great
05:44:29 <zodbot> sumantrom: Karma for bex changed to 2 (for the f26 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
05:44:29 <pjp> bexelbie: Time too has been discussed multiple times, it's surprised that we can not find a common time to maximise attendance
05:44:59 <skamath> pjp, I am pretty sure bex's solution will work out.
05:45:13 * sumantrom nods
05:45:47 <bexelbie> I am not surprised, APAC spans a lot of timezones and people have personal preferences, meeting time is hard
05:46:23 <skamath> bexelbie, Let's experiment with what you said.
05:46:33 <pjp> bexelbie: Sorry, send what to ambassadors directly?
05:46:54 <pjp> BTW, we are in the last 15 mins of the meeting...(just reminder)
05:46:58 <skamath> pjp, Asking them to fill out a whenisgood/doodle link asking them what works best.
05:47:16 <skamath> re: meeting time
05:47:26 <pjp> skamath: Ah, okay,
05:48:11 <bexelbie> it sounds like jonatoni is going to help engage famsco with everyone here.  I am happy to help as well
05:48:11 <skamath> That way, we will know 2 things. Count of active ambassadors and (maybe) a better meeting time
05:48:33 <pjp> bexelbie: jonatoni Okay,
05:48:39 <sumantrom> pjp: we need to fix swags for APAC. I haven't heard on my release party swag request . skamath  did you?
05:48:57 <jonatoni> definitely yes
05:49:00 <skamath> I'm still waiting for budget approval :P
05:49:19 <jonatoni> skamath when is your release party?
05:49:19 <pjp> sumantrom: skamath Yes, Famsco would likely provide that,
05:49:27 <skamath> jonatoni, https://pagure.io/ambassadors-apac/issue/272
05:49:37 <pjp> jonatoni: July 26 IIRC
05:49:46 <skamath> 28th
05:51:24 <jonatoni> skamath I will check again your ticket, what we did with sumantrom's ticket is that we approved it for 100$, and i think we can do the same even for you
05:51:43 <jonatoni> but I will check it again later
05:51:46 <skamath> jonatoni++ , That'd be great.
05:51:47 <pjp> jonatoni: Yes,
05:51:47 <zodbot> skamath: Karma for jonatoni changed to 1 (for the f26 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
05:52:17 <sumantrom> thank you jonatoni++ for approving my budget req
05:52:18 <zodbot> sumantrom: Karma for jonatoni changed to 2 (for the f26 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
05:52:32 <bexelbie> jonatoni, we need to get those recorded against the budget
05:52:39 <bexelbie> otherwise we have problems with spending tracking
05:52:50 <bexelbie> If famsco is going to approve tickets they need to own budget recording too
05:52:56 <bexelbie> I can help, but only if I know about it :)
05:54:44 <jonatoni> bexelbie yes, I will need your help with the budget and will ask you later about this
05:55:13 <bexelbie> cool
05:55:34 <sumantrom> pjp: skamath lets open up a re-meeting time ticket and proceed. thoughts?
05:55:51 <skamath> +1
05:55:57 <pjp> sumantrom: ticket ?
05:56:19 <pjp> sumantrom: mail to -apac -india lists should do, no?
05:56:39 <skamath> pjp, I think he meant we'll open a tracker ticket for the issue
05:56:50 <sumantrom> yes pjp ,  a pagure issue that is to track
05:57:11 <pjp> sumantrom: Not sure how that'd work, but okay
05:57:45 <pjp> We are nearing the endmeeting, 3 mins to go...
05:58:25 <skamath> I've got nothing
05:58:26 <skamath> eof
05:58:41 <pjp> bexelbie: jonatoni ...?
05:59:17 <skamath> The next meeting here is in ~10 hours
05:59:20 <bexelbie> I have nothing else
05:59:32 <jonatoni> nothing from my part
05:59:41 <pjp> Okay, let's take further discussion on the -ambassador's lists maybe
05:59:45 <skamath> +1
05:59:56 <sumantrom> +1
06:00:04 <skamath> pjp++ Thanks for chairing!
06:00:05 <pjp> bexelbie: jonatoni skamath sumantrom  Thank you so much for joining in!
06:00:15 <pjp> Going..1
06:00:16 <bexelbie> pjp thanking you for pushing this issue
06:00:26 <pjp> Going...2
06:00:37 <pjp> Going...3
06:00:39 <pjp> #endmeeting