18:03:51 <Rhea> #startmeeting Fedora DotNet (2017-04-11)
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18:03:53 <Rhea> #meetingname dotnet
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18:03:56 <Rhea> #nick dotnet
18:04:37 <Rhea> #chair nmilosev omajid amitosh pcreech
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18:04:42 <Rhea> #topic Agenda
18:04:47 <Rhea> #link
18:04:52 <Rhea> #info (1) Roll Call
18:04:55 <Rhea> #info (2) Announcements
18:04:58 <Rhea> #info (3) Packaging progress
18:05:02 <Rhea> #info (4) GSoC
18:05:05 <Rhea> #topic Roll Call
18:05:09 <Rhea> #info Name; Timezone; Sub-projects/Interest Areas
18:05:12 <Rhea> #action dotnet New members, make sure you introduce yourself on the DotNet mailing list [ ]
18:05:16 <Rhea> If this is your first time at a DotNet meeting, feel free to introduce yourself to everyone and say hello! If anyone has any questions before we get started with the rest of the agenda, now is also a good time to ask.
18:05:18 <tmds> hi all
18:05:28 <Rhea> #chair tmds
18:05:28 <zodbot> Current chairs: Rhea amitosh nmilosev omajid pcreech tmds
18:05:33 <Rhea> #info Radka Janek; UTC+1; CommOps, Diversity, DotNet,...
18:05:35 <pcreech> .hello pcreech17
18:05:36 <zodbot> pcreech: pcreech17 'Patrick Creech' <>
18:05:44 <nmilosev> .fas nmilosev
18:05:45 <zodbot> nmilosev: nmilosev 'Nemanja Milosevic' <>
18:05:45 <omajid> hello!
18:06:06 <amitosh> .fas amitosh
18:06:07 <zodbot> amitosh: amitosh '' <>
18:08:53 <Rhea> #topic Announcements
18:08:55 <Rhea> #info === "Announcing the .NET Framework 4.7" ===
18:08:57 <Rhea> #link
18:09:07 <Rhea> #info === "Rider EAP update: .csproj-based .NET Core support (and how to migrate)" ===
18:09:12 <Rhea> #link
18:09:56 <Rhea> Not much of an announcement but I thought it interesting, haven't had the time to look at it myself yet tho...
18:10:06 <Rhea> #info === "Webinar recording: Exploring .NET’s memory management" ===
18:10:11 <Rhea> #link
18:10:18 <Rhea> There, anyone anything else? :]
18:11:02 <nmilosev> Good news with rider support for csproj
18:11:31 <Rhea> Still no debugging tho :p
18:12:51 <Rhea> anyway
18:12:53 <Rhea> #topic Packaging progress
18:14:43 <Rhea> Me: Did some stuff on git, i dont know what. Looking to dedicating some time in the next few weeks for building things for Fedora, I'll probably have some questions for the three of you (nmilosev, tmds, omajid)
18:15:00 <omajid> happy to help in any way i can.
18:15:06 <omajid> is this for 2.0 or 1.x?
18:15:09 <nmilosev> Same :)
18:15:14 <Rhea> I'm looking to write down like... fedora-howto-build-dotnet thing
18:15:24 <Rhea> Probably 2.0 things
18:15:41 <nmilosev> Spec file we have is a good starting point
18:15:44 * omajid hopes source-build starts working and is made public soon
18:16:08 <omajid> nmilosev: yup, just need to fix up the actual build steps so it builds everything on fedora.
18:16:09 <Rhea> "hopes it starts working"
18:16:11 <Rhea> :D
18:16:28 <omajid> it works for some platforms last i tried. but not for others.
18:16:36 <amitosh> And ARM ?
18:16:39 <omajid> don't know where f25 and f26 fall in that list
18:17:23 <omajid> arm 32 is in the works upstream:
18:18:33 <omajid> i have seen some arm64 packages for windows. no idea about the state on linux
18:19:53 * pcreech will probably be playing around with building things as well, to get familiar
18:19:56 <Rhea> I don't know how exactly will my time look like from now on, although I have all my major responsibilities behind me, I'm being thrown onto yet another RH team... I don't like not knowing the future >_<
18:20:24 <Rhea> nmilosev nothing new on your end?
18:20:36 <nmilosev> Busy lately with phd
18:20:46 <nmilosev> Didn't build anything new
18:20:58 <nmilosev> Packages seem to work :)
18:21:09 <nmilosev> If someone needs dotnet 2.0 bits
18:21:19 <nmilosev> There is dotnet dirty copr
18:21:45 <nmilosev> But it is dirty (credits to tmds for name :D)
18:21:53 <nmilosev> Not built from source
18:22:14 <Rhea> #action Rhea open ticket for update
18:22:18 <tmds> hmm, don't know why I get credits, but thanks :D
18:22:22 <Rhea> (Didn't'get to do that this week)
18:23:00 <nmilosev> You mentioned the name for old builds couple of meetings ago :D
18:23:04 <amitosh> some writing work ?
18:23:16 <amitosh> for ?
18:24:29 <Rhea> amitosh: we need to look at the page for C# which is mono only stuff, and throw in some ideas what should it look like now (split it into two pages or keep it in one? list new IDEs like rider and vscode, eclips+plugin, etc...) and of course explain what is netcore, how to get it (point to our wiki for that)
18:25:04 <Rhea> So I was thinking of a tracking ticket where we can do the drafting and ideas part of it
18:25:09 <amitosh> seems sort of interesting ...
18:25:48 <Rhea> I think that i'll prioritize this, and push source build towards May on my schedule...
18:26:30 <Rhea> #topic GSoC
18:26:48 <Rhea> Big question, nmilosev you sure you can't mentor one project?
18:27:21 <nmilosev> No, sorry. I would like to accept and be unavailable
18:27:35 <nmilosev> That's the reason why I didn't sing up as a student
18:27:37 <Rhea> I've emailed infra about that as well, since it's a bit in their sandbox... where a mentor from their side would provide help with ipsilon and I would take care of the code and deployment...
18:27:47 <nmilosev> Have a lot of stuff to do
18:28:02 <nmilosev> Wouldn't *
18:29:18 <Rhea> Well as I said I would be there for the most part, if any of you would be up for being mentor please poke me after the meeting anywhere, and I'll explain everything. The time requirement would be really minimal with me sharing the burden.
18:29:38 <Rhea> #info Looking for a mentor
18:30:15 <Rhea> Anyone has anything else they would like to discuss today?
18:30:38 <amitosh> Yes
18:31:16 <Rhea> Hm?
18:31:25 <amitosh> I was wondering if we could make a change to our time and make "this time" the time for meeting
18:32:42 <amitosh> We generally have meetings at 20:00 UTC, could we change it to 19:00 instead ?
18:32:57 <amitosh> (The current time)
18:33:17 <Rhea> Not sure I follow, the meeting time is supposed to be 19:00 utc winter time, but following DST
18:33:28 <Rhea> amitosh do you guys have daylight saving time?
18:33:35 <amitosh> Nope
18:34:01 <Rhea> Yeah so you're the first here I believe... >_<
18:34:26 <Rhea> I'm not sure how to solve this problem, probably just sticking to what's majority of people doing
18:34:58 <amitosh> Previously we had meetings at 20:00 right ?
18:35:01 * omajid is okay with moving this time foward/backward by an hour (or 2).
18:35:26 <Rhea> I know that tmds nmilosev omajid and myself are dst
18:35:52 <Rhea> amitosh: nope, 19:00 UTC in winter, which moves back an hour for you to 18:00 UTC for summer
18:36:04 <nmilosev> We switched to cet / cest
18:36:06 <Rhea> So now it's an hour earlier than it used to
18:36:07 <amitosh> understood
18:36:11 <nmilosev> In EMEA meeting times
18:36:16 <nmilosev> It was a bit easier
18:36:27 <nmilosev> But this isn't European only meeting :)
18:36:37 <Rhea> I updated the invite in fedocal to say english timezone, as that is essentially UTC that follows the daylight thing
18:37:09 <Rhea> No it is not, we have omajid who is not from Europe and now also amitosh :p
18:37:28 <Rhea> There is also pcreech from USA who will now get super active, right? ;D
18:37:41 <pcreech> sorry, afk'ed for a sec
18:37:50 * rkieley waves - from Canada here
18:38:04 <pcreech> and yeah!  Can work half day a week-ish on work time
18:38:07 <Rhea> Just saying, you've got the deal with your manager to dedicate some time
18:38:12 <Rhea> :]
18:38:20 * omajid waves from Toronto
18:39:25 * pcreech been digging trying to get familiar w/ everything again
18:39:34 <Rhea> Okay anyway, is this meeting time okay then? 19:00 UTC | 20:00 CET/CEST | 14:00 ET/EST | 11:00 PT/PST
18:39:35 <pcreech> i've been out of the .net world for a bit :)
18:39:43 * pcreech is fine with it
18:40:17 <amitosh> time is confusing
18:40:28 <nmilosev> I'm fine with this time
18:40:29 <Rhea> And that would be ... 23:30 in summer, and 00:30 in winter, for amitosh
18:40:44 <Rhea> If my brain-calculator did the numbers right
18:41:09 <amitosh> yeah
18:41:38 <Rhea> I don't know why do they sell watches with multiple timezones...
18:41:47 * Rhea puts on sunglasses
18:41:52 <Rhea> Okay, lets call it then :D
18:41:57 <Rhea> #endmeeting