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01:00:08 <jsandys> .hello jsandys
01:00:09 <award3535> #meetingname FAmNA
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01:00:09 <zodbot> jsandys: jsandys 'Jeff Sandys' <jpsandys@gmail.com>
01:00:19 <award3535> #topic === FAmNA Roll Call ===
01:00:25 <award3535> #chair jsandys
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01:02:08 * kk4ewt 
01:02:17 <award3535> #chair kk4ewt
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01:02:55 <reher> .hello reher
01:02:56 <zodbot> reher: reher 'Rosnel Echevarria' <rosnel.echevarria@gmail.com>
01:03:06 <reher> hi all
01:03:43 <jsandys> award3535, you can't do paypal either?
01:03:48 <award3535> #topic === Announcements ===
01:04:29 <award3535> jsandys my card is shut down, RH hasn't shifted the account (lost in the weeds in accounting)
01:04:42 <jsandys> sad
01:05:35 <award3535> yes, they havent paid the account in 3 months so.....
01:05:57 <award3535> #info F26 Alfa is a go  https://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting-2/2017-03-30/f26-alpha-go-no-go-meeting-3rd.2017-03-30-17.00.log.html
01:07:12 <award3535> #chair reher
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01:07:35 <danofsatx> .hello dmossor
01:07:36 <zodbot> danofsatx: dmossor 'Dan Mossor' <danofsatx@gmail.com>
01:08:06 <award3535> #chair danofsatx
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01:08:44 <award3535> jsandys for your issue you will need to contact bex
01:09:26 <nb> .hello nb
01:09:27 <zodbot> nb: nb 'Nick Bebout' <nb@nb.zone>
01:09:35 <award3535> #chair nb
01:09:35 <zodbot> Current chairs: award3535 danofsatx jsandys kk4ewt nb reher
01:09:59 <jsandys> I did.  I can cover it, and they can switch the payment before they are shipped in three weeks.
01:10:39 <nb> I finally got hexchat fixed so i can actually get connected to my znc from home
01:11:29 <award3535> jsandys sorry, it seems there was a problem with all the accounting shifts and a few accounts are in limbo, so I have no idea when the problem is going to get fixed
01:11:48 <award3535> #topic === Tickets ===
01:12:06 <jsandys> And it seems to happen every year around this time
01:12:39 <award3535> it happened with they shifted everything in Fedora to bex
01:12:44 <award3535> https://pagure.io/ambassadors-na/tasks/issues
01:13:02 <award3535> .famnaticket 167
01:13:03 <zodbot> award3535: Issue #167: LFNW2017 May 6-7 - tasks - Pagure - https://pagure.io/ambassadors-na/tasks/issue/167
01:13:23 <award3535> jsandys do you have anything to add tonight for the group
01:13:28 <jsandys> Every thing seems OK
01:13:50 <jsandys> I need the bevent box and banners in time, May 6-7
01:14:26 <award3535> jsandys did you get a hold of ParadoxGuitarist
01:14:42 <award3535> he has the new banner and tablecloth in the west coast box
01:15:09 <jsandys> Will do.
01:15:48 <award3535> ok, moving on to open floor
01:15:51 <award3535> #topic == Open Floor ===
01:15:55 <jsandys> I can only get 300 dice so the cost is lower.
01:16:13 <jsandys> And it should be enough.
01:17:02 <juggler> o/
01:17:12 <award3535> I have nothing new to add this week other than everyone please be patient with my card status as bex gets it cleared up
01:17:29 <award3535> #chair juggler
01:17:30 <zodbot> Current chairs: award3535 danofsatx jsandys juggler kk4ewt nb reher
01:17:50 <jsandys> I am posting the note I sent to the booth team about the Security Lab spin, in ambassadors and marketing
01:18:16 <award3535> jsandys good idea
01:19:15 <kk4ewt> jsandys,  a week before ping me or linuxmodder  and we will be sure you have an updated security spin
01:19:42 <jsandys> Will do.
01:21:25 <juggler> Btw, jflory has scheduled my Fedora@SCaLE post for Friday morning this week. Here's a community preview link:
01:21:26 <juggler> https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/?p=3513&preview=1&_ppp=1422fccf80
01:22:33 <award3535> Also note that FAmSCO has been active in checking ambassador status and placing those they cannot get a hold of making them inactive
01:22:46 <award3535> juggler, thank you for that information
01:23:15 <juggler> glad I can help! :)
01:26:10 <jsandys> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:Fedoradie.jpg
01:26:43 <juggler> those look awesome
01:27:00 <award3535> jsandys looks nice, I would like a set if you have any left over
01:27:07 <juggler> likewise ;)
01:27:29 <jsandys> This is the sample Cheesix made
01:28:37 <award3535> very nice
01:29:11 <jsandys> Two years ago we had a gross of guitar picks and had some left over.
01:30:08 <award3535> I remember the items presented back then...
01:30:26 <juggler> wish I were here two years ago...
01:30:27 <juggler> :)
01:30:46 <jsandys> I will use regular dice for passphrase generation so these don't stolen
01:31:21 <juggler> dice and passphrase generation? hm?
01:31:24 <kk4ewt> i want a set for monthly battletech game
01:34:06 <juggler> and a hush falls over the room..
01:34:43 <jsandys> Do you know about Hacker Highschool?
01:34:56 <juggler> no
01:35:29 <award3535> there is not much to discuss tonight, the next couple of months since everything is already voted on
01:35:53 <juggler> ah
01:35:56 <jsandys> Developed by ISECOM it uses Fedora Security Lab to teach security
01:35:59 <juggler> btw, sent jsandys a pm
01:37:19 <kk4ewt> award3535,  i perfer we are a head of the wave than behind the eight ball
01:37:53 <award3535> kk4ewt I totally agree, but since my card is off, the wave may overtake us
01:37:54 <juggler> sounds great that they chose that instead of a competitor's..
01:38:34 <jsandys> In my post there is a fudcon talk where Hacker High school was used by the Tibet to guard from Chinese hacking.
01:38:45 <juggler> btw, vote will be closing soon on this. apologies if it was mentioned earlier: https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/fedora-26-supplementary-wallpapers-vote-now/
01:39:22 <award3535> juggler thank you for reminding the group, I already voted
01:39:47 <jsandys> wallpaper, the fun vote
01:39:58 <juggler> me too, earlier. some really nice ones in the lot.
01:41:03 <juggler> jsandys thx for the info on HH
01:41:57 <award3535> does anyone have anything else before I close this meeting
01:42:25 <juggler> good here. meet next Thursday?
01:44:29 <award3535> ok folks thank you for showing up, see everyone next week
01:44:31 <award3535> #endmeeting