01:59:40 <award3535> #startmeeting FAmNA
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01:59:51 <award3535> #meetingname FAmNA
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02:00:01 <award3535> #topic === FAmNA Roll Call ===
02:00:14 <jsandys> .hello jsandys
02:00:15 <zodbot> jsandys: jsandys 'Jeff Sandys' <jpsandys@gmail.com>
02:00:21 <award3535> #chair jsandys
02:00:21 <zodbot> Current chairs: award3535 jsandys
02:00:31 <award3535> evening jsandys
02:04:01 <juggler> o/
02:04:09 <award3535> #chair juggler
02:04:09 <zodbot> Current chairs: award3535 jsandys juggler
02:04:13 <jsandys> It looks like the people who helped at SeaGL will be able to help at LFNW
02:04:19 <award3535> evening juggler
02:04:31 <juggler> evening award, js
02:04:34 <award3535> jsandys great!
02:04:52 <award3535> looks like it will be another successful event
02:05:32 <jsandys> I still need the PO info from bex
02:06:15 <award3535> jsandys did you get a hold of bex
02:06:47 <jsandys> Sent email a week (or two) ago
02:07:02 <award3535> did he acknowledge the email
02:07:12 <jsandys> No
02:07:43 <award3535> ok, I will follow up, can you forward me the email so that I can tackle it
02:07:55 <juggler> #chair paradoxguitarist
02:07:55 <zodbot> Current chairs: award3535 jsandys juggler paradoxguitarist
02:07:57 <jsandys> OK
02:08:18 <juggler> evening pg
02:08:23 <award3535> juggler, please dont get a head of the chair
02:08:51 <juggler> apologies...didn't know that was a rule
02:10:43 <paradoxguitarist> hey folks
02:10:43 <award3535> juggler just a courtesy and since he hasn't announced himself yet he really may not be here
02:10:51 <paradoxguitarist> I'm here
02:10:56 <award3535> evening PG
02:11:10 <juggler> ok
02:11:12 <award3535> #topic === Announcements ===
02:11:39 <award3535> I would like to ask if anyone has read the FAmSCO minutes from this week
02:11:54 <paradoxguitarist> The short version
02:12:00 <award3535> PG you should have seen a few emails from me as well
02:12:08 <paradoxguitarist> didn't read the transcripts, though I saw your email award3535
02:12:58 <juggler> not yet from this side
02:12:58 <paradoxguitarist> still meaning to go back and read the comments you referenced at the beginning
02:13:03 <award3535> FAmSCO is going to clean up the ambassadors/mentors list, a task that has needed to be done for some time
02:13:12 <juggler> oh that, yeah I read that
02:13:40 <award3535> I agree with the process, but the lack of Communications with NA was disturbing to me
02:13:41 * kk4ewt no
02:13:42 <paradoxguitarist> They've been talking about that for some time now (years) iirc
02:13:59 <award3535> #chair kk4ewt
02:13:59 <zodbot> Current chairs: award3535 jsandys juggler kk4ewt paradoxguitarist
02:14:06 <award3535> evening kk4ewt
02:14:49 <award3535> The process will not delete them, nor will it remove them from the group
02:14:59 <award3535> It will just mark them as inactive
02:15:03 * kk4ewt here but working on homework form class
02:16:24 <award3535> I made the point (as well as Jflory7 first mentioned) that the lack of involvement with FAmNA  really is a lack of communications
02:16:59 <award3535> Lets move one to the tickets
02:17:10 <award3535> #topic === Tickets ===
02:17:21 <award3535> https://pagure.io/ambassadors-na/tasks/issues
02:17:45 <award3535> .famnaticket 167
02:17:46 <zodbot> award3535: Issue #167: LFNW2017 May 6-7 - tasks - Pagure - https://pagure.io/ambassadors-na/tasks/issue/167
02:18:01 <award3535> jsandys do you have anymore on this
02:18:19 <award3535> your budget was set last week at 2.5K
02:18:19 <jsandys> Design is working the tickets
02:18:43 <juggler> btw jsandys, do you need more help or do you think you are covered?
02:18:47 <paradoxguitarist> relevent to this: when is 26 scheduled for release?
02:19:08 <award3535> and as we discussed earlier, forward me the request you sent to bex
02:19:21 <jsandys> I always want more help, but it looks like we have enought staff for the booth
02:20:10 <juggler> I'll see what my schedule looks like around that time and consult with you in a few days..
02:20:11 <award3535> F26 I saw a snippet but didnt keep the email
02:20:42 <paradoxguitarist> Biggest complaint we had from SCaLE was the the optical media. Spot mentioned he thinks he has USBs he might be able to ship to LFNW so the release can be current.
02:20:59 <award3535> Its usually around End of May first of June
02:21:18 <paradoxguitarist> Ok, I thought it was April/May
02:21:49 <award3535> the release always effects SELF so we end up making our own distros
02:22:00 <paradoxguitarist> jsandys, can you follow up with me if you would like USB media vs F25 disks?
02:22:36 <jsandys> probably disks
02:23:04 <paradoxguitarist> sorry I guess they're both disks
02:23:12 <award3535> PG; that is what we were trying to do last year get away from all the media production and go to more modern, but keep a few CD media for those who would require them
02:23:19 <paradoxguitarist> F25 USB drives to give out or F25 DVDs
02:23:48 <award3535> jsandys that would be great if spot would bring some they have a bigger budget
02:24:20 <paradoxguitarist> We would probably need to pay shipping but not the $4 for each 8GB usb drive
02:25:12 <award3535> I would like to have some to give out at all events for those who are truly interested in Fedora
02:25:22 <jsandys> I'll make a few usb sticks with the security spin
02:25:49 <paradoxguitarist> I have more to say about the USB but I don't want to get off topic
02:26:05 <award3535> PG hold until open floor
02:26:15 <award3535> moving to next ticket
02:26:28 <award3535> .famnaticket 166
02:26:29 <zodbot> award3535: Issue #166: Fedora Event: SCaLE 15x - Pasadena, CA - tasks - Pagure - https://pagure.io/ambassadors-na/tasks/issue/166
02:27:16 <juggler> event went well. currently writing up report and putting together reimbursement packet
02:27:22 <award3535> Ok scale folks I am looking for reports and reimbursement tickets, ensure for reimbursements you follow the guides and also in pagure make sure you mark the ticket private
02:27:40 <juggler> the banner and tablecloth are beautiful!
02:28:03 <paradoxguitarist> Alejandro and juggler should be the only ones that will be filling out reimbursements
02:28:04 <award3535> juggler, glad they made it as well
02:28:18 <paradoxguitarist> vwbusguy and myself paid our own way.
02:28:18 <juggler> might need someone's help later to figure out how to mark stuff private..
02:29:15 <kk4ewt> paradoxguitarist, we will get together next week about sending the old  tablecloth
02:29:34 <paradoxguitarist> I still need to try to get the stain out of it.
02:29:44 <award3535> juggler, the right side with metadata, edit and mark as private
02:29:56 <juggler> award: btw, is the 1w deadline for reports/reimbursement firm?
02:29:57 <kk4ewt> paradoxguitarist,  new stain or the old one ?
02:30:24 <paradoxguitarist> no idea, this is the first time I've been shipped the tablecloth.
02:30:25 <award3535> juggler you have 14 days
02:30:34 <juggler> whew, awesome
02:30:46 <juggler> the old one kk4ewt
02:31:06 <paradoxguitarist> well it was old by the time we got it
02:31:22 <kk4ewt> paradoxguitarist,  i will take it a dry cleaners when it gets back
02:31:24 <award3535> PG now you have a new one!
02:31:25 <juggler> kk4ewt pg is going to try some special detergent to see if we can get any remaining extra lives out of the previous tablecloth
02:31:37 <juggler> pg no kidding!!!
02:32:02 <award3535> PG you also were the first group to use it as well, that one stays in your event box
02:32:11 <award3535> east has their own
02:32:37 <paradoxguitarist> We should just buy central one and toss the old one imho
02:32:49 <kk4ewt> award3535,  i sent the old tablecloth out as per our discussion
02:33:03 <paradoxguitarist> kk4ewt, Spot brought the new one
02:33:05 <award3535> kk4ewt ok
02:33:18 <kk4ewt> paradoxguitarist, huh?
02:33:20 <award3535> PG yes I arranged that
02:33:27 <kk4ewt> oh Spot brought
02:33:33 <paradoxguitarist> award3535, my abundant thanks
02:33:38 <kk4ewt> i thought it was Ruth
02:33:39 <juggler> kk4ewt brought, not bought :)
02:34:03 <kk4ewt> paradoxguitarist,  how many events does Central do ?
02:34:17 <award3535> Ruth was going to but she mentioned that she or spot would
02:34:27 * paradoxguitarist my battery is about to die
02:34:36 <award3535> #topic == Open Floor ===
02:34:56 <award3535> PG email me with would you would like to discuss about USBs
02:35:42 <paradoxguitarist> I'll actually make a ticket for a future meeting
02:35:56 <paradoxguitarist> if that's ok
02:36:04 <award3535> Also I will be out next week for the local Lug on thursday, do we want to have a meeting
02:36:09 <award3535> PG that is fine as well
02:36:25 <award3535> or do we want to skip
02:36:33 <paradoxguitarist> barring a pressing ticket, let's plan to skip
02:37:10 <juggler> ok
02:37:31 <award3535> Ok, I will post it and email the change out as well on the weekly email
02:37:42 <paradoxguitarist> thanks award3535
02:37:57 * paradoxguitarist needs to leave before his battery explodes
02:38:02 <juggler> thx award3535
02:38:07 <juggler> tc pg
02:38:07 * paradoxguitarist waves
02:38:08 <award3535> PG have a good evening
02:38:12 <paradoxguitarist> nite all
02:38:31 * juggler will be heading out to my next meeting.
02:38:37 <juggler> Have a good night all as well..
02:39:03 <award3535> ok, looks like we can end the meeting as well, thank you all for attending.
02:39:13 <jsandys> Thanks
02:39:17 <juggler> thx for presiding award
02:40:24 <award3535> #endmeeting