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02:00:47 <award3535> #topic === FAmNA Roll Call ===
02:00:56 <juggler> .hello lajuggler
02:00:57 <zodbot> juggler: lajuggler 'Perry Rivera' <juggler1@gmail.com>
02:01:20 <award3535> #chair juggler
02:01:20 <zodbot> Current chairs: award3535 juggler
02:01:24 <jsandys> .hello jsandys
02:01:25 <zodbot> jsandys: jsandys 'Jeff Sandys' <jpsandys@gmail.com>
02:01:32 <juggler> hello award, jsandys
02:01:34 <award3535> #chair jsandys
02:01:34 <zodbot> Current chairs: award3535 jsandys juggler
02:01:38 <award3535> evening all
02:02:04 <juggler> evening
02:02:50 <award3535> we will give a few minutes to see if anyone else shows up
02:03:16 <juggler> ok. brb
02:05:14 <award3535> jsandys, is everything on track for your upcoming event
02:06:02 <jsandys> Still need authorization for the booth?
02:06:45 <award3535> ok, we have some time, I will announce that to the group so that they can be here for the next meeting
02:06:49 <jsandys> and still looking for someone who knows the security spin.
02:07:07 <award3535> well, that is linuxmodder and myself
02:07:30 <award3535> but the timing is wrong for me to travel out west
02:07:36 <jsandys> maxmillion in texas?
02:08:02 <award3535> yes, but he is hard to get out of the state
02:08:18 <jsandys> OK
02:08:42 <jsandys> The rest of the security spin maintainers are in Germany
02:09:27 <award3535> you may want to see if linuxmodder is up to travel there, I have an event the same weekend as yours
02:09:51 <jsandys> Jeff F. is studying Computing Security will be there.
02:10:42 <award3535> that is a positive, I am currently working on my CCISP
02:11:02 <award3535> got Sec plus and CEh done
02:11:15 <juggler> CISSP?
02:11:37 <award3535> juggler yes sorry misspelled
02:11:59 <award3535> #topic === Announcements ===
02:12:00 <juggler> nice..way to go, award!
02:12:10 <juggler> no worries :)
02:12:45 <award3535> ok I do have one thing to put out, thanks to jflory7 for getting my article out https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/north-america-fedora-year-review/
02:13:57 <juggler> excellent
02:14:21 <award3535> Also banners have been received, one shipped to west coast, ticket has tracking information
02:14:35 <jsandys> Nice article, thanks for the NW mentions
02:15:10 <award3535> jsandys, you have two major events every year, kudos to you
02:15:36 <award3535> I only plan one a year and on rare occasions two
02:15:58 <juggler> banners heading to paradox?
02:16:04 <award3535> juggler yes
02:16:26 <award3535> also new table clothes are being made as we speak
02:16:57 <juggler> I hope paradox has some older tablecloths in the box...
02:17:36 <juggler> older -> previous :)
02:17:36 <award3535> if he does, after your event the old ones will be going to nb
02:17:49 <award3535> ok moving on
02:17:52 <award3535> #topic === Tickets ===
02:18:07 <award3535> https://pagure.io/ambassadors-na/tasks/issues
02:18:34 <award3535> .famnaticket 169
02:18:35 <zodbot> award3535: Issue #169: Proposal for FAmNA Requests Trac migration - tasks - Pagure - https://pagure.io/ambassadors-na/tasks/issue/169
02:18:53 <award3535> I think we need more folks here to discuss this ticket
02:19:05 <award3535> it deals with private info in tickets
02:19:18 <juggler> ah, should we postpone that tkt?
02:20:37 <award3535> I will leave it in the state its in now, but we do need to discuss it next week (excluding scale folks unless you guys can attend)
02:21:39 <juggler> unsure at this time, we'll see.. :)
02:21:54 <award3535> .famnaticket 164
02:21:56 <zodbot> award3535: Issue #164: Event Box Request - tasks - Pagure - https://pagure.io/ambassadors-na/tasks/issue/164
02:22:10 <award3535> juggler is this one on track
02:23:09 <juggler> paradox tells me that he should have enough swag for the event. I'll follow up with him to re-confirm.
02:23:42 <award3535> ok, good luck with your event, I will be looking forward to the report, lots of pictures please
02:24:28 <award3535> ok that was the last one
02:24:29 <juggler> btw, just added to the event was a Fedora Half Day. should be good for marketing :)
02:24:56 <juggler> are we squared away with tkt166?
02:25:47 <award3535> I thought that was squared two weeks ago, you lowered the budget correct? and nb not attending
02:26:08 <juggler> yeah, adjusted the budget down
02:26:53 <award3535> ok then we are good, just remember all receipts and expenses to me. Reimbursements will be in FY18 budget
02:27:05 <juggler> there's a small party person in me that wants to get a bunch of pizzas for the Fedora Half Day, but not sure how that might fly, so I left that out. :)
02:27:38 <juggler> so does that mean I get reimbursed for SCaLE 2017 in 2018?
02:27:56 <award3535> no, the FY18 Budget starts in march
02:28:08 <juggler> ah, cool.
02:28:16 <award3535> #topic == Open Floor ===
02:28:48 <award3535> anything for the open floor?
02:28:59 <juggler> I think I'm good here.
02:29:09 <juggler> how about you and jsandys?
02:29:12 <award3535> jsandys
02:30:18 <jsandys> I want to talk to marketing about Spin Your Exhibit.
02:31:17 <award3535> by all means, you also can leave a ticket with marking as well
02:31:30 <jsandys> What type of metrics could you get for our fest attendance?
02:32:15 <jsandys> I tried to look at the downloads of the spin I featured but the data istoo noise
02:32:44 <award3535> jsandys I usually have a comment sheet that I have those that are interested fill out, and I keep a running tab of how many visit our booth
02:33:12 <award3535> I also ask the event organizer for the number in attendance to compare the two numbers
02:33:38 <jsandys> I want to automate vwbuguy's kiosk to read the QR code on the LFNW badges
02:34:17 <jsandys> Then a person could quickly enter their ID and comment
02:35:34 <award3535> I would caution with collecting that information, you must include a legal statement that the information will not be released and is only used for improving our service and product
02:36:18 <award3535> I do on the paper I have them fill out
02:36:50 <award3535> would recommend that they are aware, we dont want a privacy breach situation
02:37:04 <jsandys> LFNW guests control their ID when they register, the QR is just a hash to their LFNW profile.
02:37:37 <award3535> jsandys even better, so the information is not stored with us....
02:37:46 <juggler> well folks, gonna commute out to my next meeting. have a good night everyone. :)
02:38:07 <award3535> juggler, good night and enjoy your event next week
02:38:09 <jsandys> Just the hash and the comment
02:38:26 <juggler> thanks award
02:38:35 <award3535> jsandys good idea, numbers are always good
02:38:58 <jsandys> Thanks for the great article
02:40:08 <award3535> anything else for the meeting before I close it
02:40:33 <jsandys> Thanks for your support.
02:41:26 <award3535> jsandys no problem, I appreciate your event planning and expertise there in the NW!
02:42:02 <award3535> Since I am down here in the SE corner of the country
02:42:20 <award3535> ok I will end the meeting and get the email out.
02:42:24 <award3535> #endmeeting