19:04:00 <Rhea> #startmeeting Fedora DotNet (2017-01-17)
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19:04:04 <Rhea> #meetingname dotnet
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19:04:05 <omajid> hello!
19:04:07 <Rhea> #nick dotnet
19:04:12 <Rhea> #topic Agenda
19:04:18 <Rhea> #link
19:04:21 <Rhea> #info (1) Roll Call
19:04:24 <Rhea> #info (2) Announcements
19:04:30 <Rhea> #info (3) Action items and Tickets
19:04:32 <Rhea> #info (4) Packaging progress
19:04:36 <Rhea> #info (5) Open Floor
19:04:39 <Rhea> #topic Roll Call
19:04:44 <Rhea> #info Name; Timezone; Sub-projects/Interest Areas
19:04:46 <Rhea> #action dotnet New members, make sure you introduce yourself on the DotNet mailing list [ ]
19:04:50 <Rhea> If this is your first time at a DotNet meeting, feel free to introduce yourself to everyone and say hello! If anyone has any questions before we get started with the rest of the agenda, now is also a good time to ask.
19:04:55 <Rhea> #info Radka Janek; UTC+1; CommOps, Diversity, DotNet,...
19:05:02 <rmartinelli> .hello rimolive
19:05:03 <zodbot> rmartinelli: rimolive 'None' <>
19:05:17 <vukovinski> #info Filip Vukovinski; UTC+1;DotNet, Haskell
19:05:20 <Rhea> =)
19:05:21 <nmilosev> .fas nmilosev
19:05:22 <zodbot> nmilosev: nmilosev 'Nemanja Milosevic' <>
19:06:04 <omajid> .hello omajid
19:06:05 <zodbot> omajid: omajid 'Omair Majid' <>
19:06:12 <tmds> .hello tmds
19:06:13 <zodbot> tmds: tmds 'Tom Deseyn' <>
19:06:14 <moto-timo> .hello ttorling
19:06:16 <zodbot> moto-timo: ttorling 'Tim Orling' <>
19:06:29 <Rhea> Aaaand we haaave full house
19:06:32 <Rhea> :D
19:06:51 <Rhea> #topic Announcements
19:06:54 <Rhea> #info === "Engineering changes for corefx #15135" ===
19:06:55 <moto-timo> #info Tim Orling; UTC-9; DotNet, Modularity, Eclipse, Python, Perl
19:06:57 <Rhea> #link
19:07:00 <Rhea> #info Build from source, Package reduction (.NET Core is now 1 package instead of 100's of tiny packages) etc...
19:07:07 <Rhea> So click click
19:07:09 <Rhea> interesting news
19:07:12 <Rhea> if you didn't hear that yet
19:07:59 <Rhea> I don't'think that there was anything else happening
19:08:47 <nmilosev> this is great news
19:08:55 <moto-timo> indeed
19:08:57 <Rhea> Yup
19:09:35 <Rhea> And moving on! :]
19:09:37 <Rhea> #topic Action items and Tickets
19:09:41 <Rhea> #link
19:09:45 <Rhea> #link
19:09:48 <Rhea> #info How This Works: We look at past #action items from the last meeting for quick follow-up. If a task is completed, we move on to the next one. If it isn't, we get an update and re-action it if needed. If no status, we'll try to get a quick update and move forward.
19:10:02 <Rhea> #info === [COMPLETE] dotnet Attempt to create F25 package. ===
19:10:29 <Rhea> #link
19:10:40 <Rhea> eh eh...
19:11:15 <Rhea> #chair nmilosev moto-timo vukovinski rmartinelli omajid tmds
19:11:15 <zodbot> Current chairs: Rhea moto-timo nmilosev omajid rmartinelli tmds vukovinski
19:11:21 <rmartinelli> so I can now use dnf install to get .NET Core?
19:11:25 <Rhea> nmilosev: can you please throw in the link to copr?
19:11:29 <Rhea> I dont have it open
19:11:33 <rmartinelli> Or there is something else to do?
19:11:37 <nmilosev> just a sec
19:11:42 <vukovinski> I will
19:11:59 <Rhea> rmartinelli instructions are there in the copr, you have to first enable nmilosev's repo and then yes
19:12:16 <vukovinski> #link
19:12:25 <Rhea> thats the one
19:12:50 <nmilosev> #link
19:13:00 <Rhea> slowpoke
19:13:07 <Rhea> :P
19:13:11 <omajid> :)
19:13:18 <Rhea> So basically where do we stand with it?
19:13:25 <rmartinelli> alrighty
19:13:25 <rmartinelli> =D
19:13:26 <Rhea> What were the issues you guys discussed already?
19:13:41 <nmilosev> Well, as omajid pointed out it's not a complete from-the-source build
19:13:53 <nmilosev> which should be much easier now with vertical build system
19:13:54 <moto-timo> sweet. it installed this time :)
19:14:09 <nmilosev> which you mentioned in the announcements
19:14:23 <nmilosev> I will look into how to do it, and adjust the spec file
19:14:34 <omajid> more issues here:
19:14:59 <moto-timo> Hello World! :)
19:15:02 <omajid> nmilosev: i don't think the vertical build system has propagated to release branches. this only affects .net core 2.0
19:15:11 <nmilosev> Yeah, just reading the issue
19:15:20 <nmilosev> Can we pretty please work together on this :)
19:15:34 <nmilosev> Or shall we wait for .net core 2.0?
19:15:47 <nmilosev> I don't know if this package is acceptable for fedora repos
19:16:00 <nmilosev> since it doesn't build 100% from source, but uses RHEL binary payload
19:16:13 <moto-timo> can that payload be built with wine?
19:16:17 <nmilosev> Rhea, maybe we should check if this is acceptable until .net core 2.0 :)
19:16:24 <nmilosev> moto-timo, highly doubt it
19:16:30 <nmilosev> afaik .net 4.6 doesn't work in wine
19:16:35 <moto-timo> nmilosev: me too, but I had to ask
19:16:48 * moto-timo wants a pony
19:16:51 <omajid> :)
19:17:06 <nmilosev> omajid, do we need windows to build it with the new build system can you tell
19:17:20 <omajid> nmilosev: any ideas how to work together? i will be looking at the vertical build soon, as soon as this other stuff is off my plate
19:17:30 <nmilosev> omajid, however you want :)
19:17:49 <Rhea> I was thinking of aiming to get dotnet into F26...
19:17:49 <omajid> nmilosev: i built it only on RHEL. no Windows. but it uses lots of prebuilt binaries, which i don't think is okay for fedora :(
19:18:25 <nmilosev> yeah, so this vertical build system will be our lord savior :D
19:18:29 * nmilosev hopes
19:18:40 * moto-timo sees a flying pony
19:19:06 <omajid> it may not be, but i do know that microsoft is working on other bulid changes with the goal to  satisfy distributions.
19:19:15 <moto-timo> nmilosev++ for f25 dotnetcore build
19:19:30 <moto-timo> meh. no new cookies
19:19:33 <nmilosev> I think we have to fully build it from source and then it can go in the repo
19:19:57 <nmilosev> Rhea, do you maybe know who should we ask about the legality of a package like this?
19:19:58 <vukovinski> I agree
19:20:23 <moto-timo> maybe just a ticket for FESCO
19:20:25 <omajid> the other thing: once we have it in the repo, we lose the bootstrap exception. so for next release/bugfix update we will have to build using the already-packaged binaries. and .net core doens't like that.
19:20:53 <nmilosev> yeah :( need the payload
19:21:11 <nmilosev> we could hack it like hell, like package the needed files on the go :D
19:21:20 <nmilosev> but that's just silly
19:21:36 <bt0> nmilosev++
19:22:05 <Rhea> As to who to ask about it...
19:23:00 <nmilosev> Ah, makes sense
19:23:23 <Rhea> hmm
19:23:43 <nmilosev> So this is the best we can have until .net core 2.0 lands
19:23:49 <nmilosev> -or- build unstable packages
19:23:53 <moto-timo> seems that way
19:23:57 <nmilosev> with the new build system
19:24:14 * moto-timo is just happy to see it builds hello world
19:24:29 <omajid> i would +1 build unstable packages (at least in copr)
19:24:29 <Rhea> Yep, as I said i would like to aim and focus our attention towards 2.0
19:24:34 <nmilosev> :)
19:24:34 <Rhea> When is F26?
19:24:38 <nmilosev> June?
19:24:39 <Rhea> was it june or july or which one?
19:24:47 <nmilosev> Or even sooner
19:24:53 <Rhea> June... that *might* be in time for 2.0
19:24:57 <omajid> .net unstable package are really unstable, though. there were huge changes between 1.0 RC2 and 1.0.
19:24:58 <Southern_Gentlem> may but if it pushes june
19:25:01 <Rhea> we will see if we can make it before F26 then
19:25:02 <nmilosev> I am also +1 for building unstable
19:25:24 <nmilosev> omajid, worst week of my life rc2 to 1.0 :D
19:25:49 <moto-timo> maybe we can help push some infra changes upstream so it is easier to build?
19:26:06 <Rhea> Yeah, i mean... I know for a fact that there should be some kind of preview of 2.0 bfore F26 and it should be frozen and all... so at that point we could focus it down to build the package out of whatever is available, to make it into F25
19:26:07 <omajid> moto-timo: +1
19:26:10 <Rhea> F26**
19:26:26 <omajid> moto-timo: but until recently any suggestion was being met with "wait for the new build system"...
19:26:36 <rmartinelli> Does .NET Core comes with ASP.NET too? Or it is a different package?
19:26:47 <moto-timo> omajid++ for trying to nudge upstream dotnet along
19:26:58 <nmilosev> new build system is out now, so we should build unstable I think for the time being
19:26:59 <omajid> rmartinelli: ASP.NET is availalbe via nuget. not part of .net core
19:27:05 <rmartinelli> ah
19:27:07 <vukovinski> you just install a couple of NuGets
19:27:13 <Rhea> tmds++ for implementing missing feature and submitting PR :]
19:27:27 <moto-timo> we should be looking at RPM macros...
19:27:39 <moto-timo> like %mvn_build %mvn_install equivalent
19:27:57 <omajid> maybe once we are ready to package .net applications?
19:28:16 <moto-timo> yep
19:28:26 <moto-timo> +1 for unstable builds in the meantime
19:28:32 <nmilosev> yay for unstable
19:28:33 <vukovinski> what about self-contained applications?
19:28:53 <moto-timo> that's a packaging committee issue
19:29:10 <moto-timo> they won't like bundled binaries though
19:29:26 <nmilosev> omajid, the new build system should be much easier, correct?
19:29:30 <moto-timo> they'll say leave it on COPR
19:29:31 <Rhea> I'm open to see if we can make it with unstable, get our process nailed down, prepare for 2.0 / F26
19:29:35 <omajid> interesting for anyone who wants to see upstream's perspective on how distrbiutions should package .net core applications
19:30:02 <vukovinski> omajid++
19:30:05 <omajid> nmilosev: in theory. havent tried it. i know it doesn't build on rhel 7.3, so that was not very encouraging.
19:30:35 * moto-timo hears the circus coming to town
19:30:45 <nmilosev> what does it build on?
19:31:02 <omajid> 7.2. not 7.3. :/
19:31:09 <moto-timo> bummer
19:31:27 <omajid> maybe the patches are trivial? no idea.
19:31:46 <nmilosev> okay, so definitely need to look into the new build system soon
19:32:03 <Rhea> #action dotnet Look into the new build system and see if we can build unstable
19:32:12 <omajid> vukovinski: credit goes to tdms for following the discussion :)
19:32:12 <nmilosev> until then, use dotnet-clean :)
19:32:25 <nmilosev> yeah, tmds++ also for rover instructions
19:32:25 <zodbot> nmilosev: Karma for tmds changed to 4 (for the f25 release cycle):
19:32:33 <vukovinski> then tmds++
19:32:33 <zodbot> vukovinski: Karma for tmds changed to 5 (for the f25 release cycle):
19:33:01 <nmilosev> omajid, I will let you know how the build goes on F25
19:33:08 <omajid> nmilosev: thanks!
19:33:12 <moto-timo> tmds++ for dotnet issue 680
19:33:12 <zodbot> moto-timo: Karma for tmds changed to 6 (for the f25 release cycle):
19:33:19 <nmilosev> and please let me know if you manage to do it on RHEL7
19:33:50 <Rhea> #topic Packaging progress
19:33:59 <Rhea> #info nmilosev created an F25 package using the discussed RHEL+Rover approach.
19:34:02 <Rhea> #link
19:34:10 * moto-timo needs to go
19:34:16 <nmilosev> Meanwhile, if we really want to have dotnet in F26 we have to check if we can get this one package in the repos
19:34:17 <moto-timo> I'll read the logs
19:34:22 <nmilosev> bye moto-timo
19:34:53 <Rhea> #info We will have another fas group for packagers that will serve as permission to commit to our pagure repo.
19:35:24 <Rhea> Pagure branches.
19:35:50 <Rhea> Any opinions about suggested f:n branches?
19:35:59 <nmilosev> I like it
19:36:07 <Rhea> (n being fedora version)
19:36:27 <vukovinski> I also like it
19:36:38 <Rhea> Eventually we could make the master branch to be rawhide or something
19:37:03 <Rhea> or keep that separate
19:37:09 * Rhea shrugs
19:37:34 <nmilosev> not sure about the rawhide, but fN seams like the obvious way here
19:37:48 <nmilosev> maybe in the future we won't even need multiple branches :)
19:38:01 <nmilosev> if you peaked at my spec file it also can build on F26
19:38:11 <nmilosev> It's completely the same
19:38:26 <omajid> is there a link to the suggestion (with description)?
19:38:29 <Rhea> #agreed Pagure branches should follow the F:n naming scheme
19:38:40 <nmilosev> (there are some other issues sadly which prevent us from building for F26)
19:38:47 <Rhea> omajid I just replied with that in an email the other day
19:39:30 <tmds> nmilosev: what issues?
19:39:56 <omajid> Rhea: got it. thanks.
19:39:59 <nmilosev> tmds,
19:40:08 <nmilosev> I should write a patch for this
19:40:17 <nmilosev> It's already fixed in the upstream as omajid pointed out
19:43:05 <nmilosev> Rhea, we should probably move the issues from github to pagure?
19:43:24 <Rhea> yeah, no idea how tho heh
19:43:32 <vukovinski> cp?
19:43:42 <nmilosev> yeah
19:43:57 <nmilosev> the issues are also a repository in pagure I think
19:44:37 <Rhea> they are and i bet that there is a script to do that
19:44:41 <Rhea> ...somewhere
19:45:17 <Rhea> Any volunteers for this task? :P
19:45:38 <nmilosev> I can look into it for one (1) cookie
19:45:41 <nmilosev> :D
19:45:48 <omajid>
19:46:04 <omajid> oops. sorry, didn't mean to steal cookies ;)
19:46:08 <nmilosev> darn my cookie
19:46:11 <nmilosev> :D
19:46:12 <threebean> nmilosev++ omajid++
19:46:12 <zodbot> threebean: Karma for nmilosev changed to 12 (for the f25 release cycle):
19:46:15 <zodbot> threebean: Karma for omajid changed to 4 (for the f25 release cycle):
19:46:17 <omajid> nmilosev: you can still do the actual work :)
19:46:26 <Rhea> #action Rhea Create the dotnet-packagers fas group
19:47:02 <nmilosev> omajid, I guess :) this is a powerful script
19:47:15 <nmilosev> tool*
19:48:51 <Rhea> #action Rhea import issues to pagure, create tags, etc... ref:
19:49:06 <Rhea> Anything else you guys have to talk about?
19:49:14 <Rhea> #topic Open Floor
19:49:15 <nmilosev> thanks Rhea
19:49:52 <nmilosev> I have to run, see you all next meeting
19:50:11 <omajid> bye!
19:50:12 <Rhea> mkay, thank you all for a productive one :]
19:50:27 <vukovinski> bye!
19:50:59 <Rhea> nmilosev++ omajid++ tmds++ vukovinski++ moto-timo++ rmartinelli++
19:51:12 <Rhea> Dammit you cookiebot..
19:51:18 <Rhea> #endmeeting