20:00:13 <nmilosev> #startmeeting EMEA ambassadors 2016-12-07
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20:00:29 <nmilosev> #topic Roll Call
20:00:38 <nmilosev> .fas nmilosev
20:00:39 <zodbot> nmilosev: nmilosev 'Nemanja Milosevic' <nmilosevnm@gmail.com>
20:00:46 <jonatoni> .fas jonatoni
20:00:47 <zodbot> jonatoni: jonatoni 'Jona Azizaj' <jonaazizaj@gmail.com>
20:01:23 <nmilosev> Hi everyone and welcome to another regular meeting for the EMEA region. Let's wait a couple of minutes for others to show up. I will be chairing the todays meeting as Ardian is currently unavailable. :)
20:01:49 <jonatoni> nmilosev++
20:02:00 * nmilosev o/ jonatoni
20:04:49 <nmilosev> #topic Announcements
20:05:15 <nmilosev> #info Fedora 26 Release Dates are now announced. Check the release schedule for always up to date dates.
20:05:21 <nmilosev> #link https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/fedora-26-release-dates-schedule/
20:05:26 <nmilosev> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/26/Schedule
20:05:42 <nmilosev> #info Fedora 25 is now available on Digital Ocean!
20:05:49 <nmilosev> #link https://fedoramagazine.org/fedora-25-available-digitalocean/
20:05:58 <nmilosev> Don't forget you can get $10 credit (free VM for 2 months) when you register (they email you the promo code/credit card is necessary though).
20:06:08 <nmilosev> #info Elections 2016: Nominate community members to Fedora leadership
20:06:15 <nmilosev> #link https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/elections-2016-nominate-leadership/
20:06:24 <nmilosev> #info Alternative reimbursement methods
20:06:28 <nmilosev> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Reimbursements/Issues
20:06:43 <nmilosev> Please read the mailing list if you want to get more details. And thank giannisk for helping with this. :)
20:06:57 <nmilosev> Anyone else have any announcements?
20:07:10 * nmilosev o/ jflory
20:07:59 <nmilosev> Is it me or is very quiet today? :D
20:08:07 <nmilosev> it is*
20:08:09 * jflory7 waves
20:08:15 <jflory7> Okay, on my main client now. :P
20:08:23 <nmilosev> Got any announcements? :)
20:08:32 * jflory7 double-checks
20:09:09 <jflory7> #info === "Some preliminary Fedora 25 stats — and future release scheduling" ===
20:09:14 <jflory7> #link https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/devel@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/DTXEZ3UACKA6VIVMVNCPLTB336BXIFJI/
20:09:20 <jflory7> #info mattdm shared some statistics related to the recent release, along with a proposal that Fedora should consider a yearly release cycle instead of six months. More discussion follows in the thread.
20:09:30 <jflory7> #info === "Introducing Fedora Hubs" ===
20:09:35 <jflory7> #link https://fedoramagazine.org/fedora-hubs/
20:09:39 <jflory7> #info devyani7 provides an inside look into the future of Fedora contributions through Fedora Hubs. Get a high-level overview of the project and what it means on the Fedora Magazine.
20:09:51 <jflory7> <eof>
20:10:01 <nmilosev> Thank you jflory7++ :)
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20:10:14 <jflory7> Cookies! \o/
20:10:27 <nmilosev> Okay, moving on
20:10:33 <nmilosev> #topic Requests
20:10:38 <nmilosev> #link https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/report/1?sort=created&asc=0&page=1
20:10:44 <nmilosev> #link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IAt2udlv-gwTjUYfhqvNOnwL_1FH_NC4AhobdFH1tNU/edit#gid=0
20:10:54 <nmilosev> We have one leftover ticket which was missed last meeting.
20:11:04 <nmilosev> #info Ticket #618 Fedora Badges
20:11:08 <nmilosev> #link https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/ticket/618
20:12:10 <nmilosev> Sadly we won't be able to approve any ticket if more people doesn't show up as we need five (5) votes
20:13:00 <jflory7> We could have folks leave votes in the ticket in the meanwhile
20:13:32 <nmilosev> #agreed Ticket #618 - to be voted by EMEA ambassadors on the trac itself
20:14:01 <nmilosev> #chair jflory7
20:14:01 <zodbot> Current chairs: jflory7 nmilosev
20:14:22 <nmilosev> Now we have a couple of already approved tickets (time restrictions) which we will only mention for visibility.
20:14:41 <nmilosev> #info Ticket #628 Funding Request for Giannis Konstantinidis - 33C3
20:14:45 * jflory7 will refrain from voting until after spending some time on the ground in EMEA
20:14:53 <nmilosev> #link https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/ticket/628
20:15:01 <nmilosev> #info Ticket #630 Funding request for Zacharias Mitzelos - 33C3
20:15:06 <nmilosev> #link https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/ticket/630
20:15:11 <nmilosev> #info Ticket #634 Budget request for Fedora 25 release party in Tirana, Albania
20:15:15 <nmilosev> #link https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/ticket/634
20:15:36 <nmilosev> These are all approved on peer basis, but please read them when you can.
20:15:53 <nmilosev> Does anyone have something to add here?
20:16:05 <nmilosev> jflory7? :D
20:16:26 * jflory7 is looking over them
20:16:35 <jonatoni> It's approved :P
20:17:16 <nmilosev> Okay, let's move on to the remaining tickets
20:17:19 <jflory7> Ooh, gotcha. Yeah, then I think it's all set. I like that Giannis set some goals for the event... that's a good way to go into the event. :)
20:17:37 <nmilosev> Yeah it is a very good idea
20:17:42 <nmilosev> #info Ticket #635 Funding Request: Release Party in Novi Sad
20:17:47 <nmilosev> #link https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/ticket/635
20:18:35 <nmilosev> trac is very slow for me today
20:19:54 <jonatoni> I don't think we can vote, we ned to be at least 5 persons
20:19:55 <jonatoni> :/
20:20:09 <jonatoni> need*
20:20:17 <nmilosev> Yeah, so I think the best course of action is to do the same thing like with #618
20:20:48 <jflory7> Yup, voting in the ticket for now is probably best
20:20:50 <nmilosev> #agreed Ticket #635 - to be voted by EMEA ambassadors on the trac itself
20:21:12 <jonatoni> or FAmSCo can approve it
20:21:35 <nmilosev> Since it is this Sunday, I believe Sylvia should contact FAmSCo
20:21:36 <giannisk> .fas giannisk
20:21:36 <zodbot> giannisk: giannisk 'Giannis Konstantinidis' <giannis@konstantinidis.cc>
20:21:41 * giannisk waves at everyone
20:21:44 * nmilosev o/ giannisk
20:21:46 * giannisk just came back home
20:21:50 * jflory7 waves back
20:22:06 <nmilosev> Okay that's the requests sorted
20:22:14 <nmilosev> Anyone has something to add?
20:22:17 <giannisk> nmilosev: Did someone say the magic word (FAmSCo)? :P
20:22:20 <nmilosev> #chair giannisk
20:22:20 <zodbot> Current chairs: giannisk jflory7 nmilosev
20:22:27 <jonatoni> giannisk yes :P
20:22:29 <jonatoni> I did :p
20:22:32 <nmilosev> I wanted to say 'speaking of the devil' :D
20:22:42 <giannisk> jonatoni: what happened? :P
20:22:43 <nmilosev> Anyway, we have a couple of tickets but we can't vote
20:22:58 <nmilosev> Since there is now only 3 of us (with you) :D
20:23:14 <nmilosev> jflory7 is here also, but doesn't want to vote yet
20:23:23 <jonatoni> giannisk you can help to review the tickets that we cannot vote
20:23:25 <nmilosev> (although he could - that is still 4)
20:23:33 <giannisk> Oh sure, If you have any urgent requests feel free to let me know. I can review them on peer review basis.
20:23:41 <jflory7> If it's an urgent need, I can vote too
20:24:11 <nmilosev> I think it's best for #635 to have Sylvia contact giannisk if it is urgent
20:24:32 <giannisk> nmilosev: +1
20:24:32 <nmilosev> I will write her an email since I'm know the details of the ticket
20:24:42 <nmilosev> s/I'm/I/
20:24:53 <nmilosev> Anyways, lets move to the schedule
20:24:54 <giannisk> nmilosev++
20:24:58 <jflory7> nmilosev++ Sounds like a good plan
20:24:58 <zodbot> jflory7: Karma for nmilosev changed to 10 (for the f25 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
20:25:05 <nmilosev> #topic Ambassadors Schedule
20:25:11 <nmilosev> #link https://fedorapeople.org/groups/schedule/f-25/f-25-ambassadors-tasks.html
20:25:16 <nmilosev> #link https://fedorapeople.org/groups/schedule/f-26/f-26-ambassadors-tasks.html
20:25:43 * nmilosev can't wait for the release party reports :)
20:25:59 * giannisk needs to write one also.
20:26:03 * jflory7 can't either - with a new fancy badge too! ;)
20:26:23 <nmilosev> Let's move to events
20:26:38 <nmilosev> If no one has anything to add for the schedule
20:26:50 <jflory7> giannisk: Community Blog would love to have the event report, by the way. :)
20:27:05 <nmilosev> #topic Events
20:27:12 <nmilosev> Any events happening near you? Would you like to report from some event that you've been to?
20:27:14 <giannisk> jflory7: Sure :)
20:27:20 <nmilosev> giannisk, how was the release party? :)
20:27:28 <jflory7> ?
20:27:42 <nmilosev> Was it last weekend, or is it this weekend
20:28:10 <nmilosev> It isn't on the: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F25_release_events
20:28:15 <giannisk> nmilosev: It was last Saturday, yes.
20:28:46 <nmilosev> All go well? How many Fedorians?
20:29:00 <giannisk> It took place at the University of the Aegean, in Samos island, Greece. We organized it together with mitzie.
20:29:15 <giannisk> Approx 15 participants, students, 2 new contributors :)
20:29:28 <giannisk> Expect an event report pretty soon!
20:29:30 <nmilosev> Awesome!
20:29:32 <giannisk> eof
20:29:33 <nmilosev> giannisk++
20:29:51 <jflory7> giannisk++ mitzie++ for a successful release party. :)
20:29:51 <zodbot> jflory7: Karma for giannisk changed to 5 (for the f25 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
20:29:54 <zodbot> jflory7: Karma for mitzie changed to 1 (for the f25 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
20:30:04 <nmilosev> And thank you so much for the slides giannisk! I will definitely use them on Sunday on our release party
20:30:09 <giannisk> nmilosev: :D
20:30:19 <nmilosev> :)
20:31:07 <nmilosev> Okay, let's move on
20:31:08 <jflory7> ?
20:31:11 <nmilosev> Oh sorry
20:31:14 <nmilosev> jflory7, yes
20:31:25 <jflory7> I had a question about FOSDEM, if now is the right time to ask?
20:31:44 <nmilosev> Sure maybe we can help
20:31:49 <giannisk> jflory7: Feel free!
20:32:20 <jflory7> It'll be my first event in EMEA, and I was curious to know what steps I should know for filing a ticket for it, and also when the right time to do so would be.
20:33:17 <nmilosev> giannisk, you want to help with this or can I?
20:33:18 <giannisk> jflory7: 4-6 weeks in advance, we still use the EMEA Trac, reimbursements done via Paypal and processed a few weeks after the event
20:33:28 <nmilosev> (that's it) :D
20:33:33 <giannisk> #link https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/
20:33:47 * jflory7 nods
20:34:10 <jflory7> I'll be doing my initial bookings to Europe, so once I have those locked down, I'll file a FOSDEM ticket for me. Thanks!
20:34:17 <nmilosev> The wiki page looks alright, so just make a ticket :)
20:34:44 <giannisk> jflory7: Sure, if there's anything more specific you'd like to know feel free to ask
20:34:47 <nmilosev> Don't forget to assign the ticket when you upload the receipts
20:35:13 * jflory7 nods
20:35:25 <nmilosev> (I believe jsimon still does the reimbursements for EMEA)
20:35:30 <giannisk> Tickets are assigned to "jsimon", the EMEA CC holder
20:35:30 <jflory7> giannisk: Thanks, probably will soon. :)
20:35:37 <jflory7> Ahh, okay, good to know.
20:35:56 <nmilosev> eof?
20:37:07 <jflory7> eof, yes, sorry.
20:37:15 <nmilosev> Okay, let's move on
20:37:25 <nmilosev> #topic Action items from previous meetings
20:37:34 <nmilosev> #link https://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/teams/emea_ambassadors/emea_ambassadors.2016-11-23-20.00.html
20:38:00 <nmilosev> #info 1. giannisk reach out to FAMA, ask for a notice to be added on the EMEA Trac regarding deadline to submit requests.
20:38:09 <nmilosev> Any luck on this?
20:38:15 <giannisk> nmilosev: Ooops, bad contributor
20:38:24 <giannisk> nmilosev: Please re-assign this, totally forgot about it
20:38:34 <nmilosev> We forgive you all! :D
20:38:48 <nmilosev> #action giannisk reach out to FAMA, ask for a notice to be added on the EMEA Trac regarding deadline to submit requests.
20:39:03 <nmilosev> #info 2. giannisk reach out to the ambassadors ML regarding the issues w/ getting reimbursed
20:39:15 <nmilosev> #info 3. giannisk create a wiki page to gather information regarding the issues w/ getting reimbursed
20:39:22 <nmilosev> Awesome work on both of these! :)
20:39:45 <giannisk> Yeap, we're making progress!
20:40:21 <jonatoni> .thank giannisk
20:40:21 <zodbot> jonatoni thinks giannisk is awesome and is happy they are helping! (Please don't forget to giannisk++ also)
20:40:32 <giannisk> Fingers crossed folks
20:40:58 * nmilosev crosses all the fingers
20:41:30 <jflory7> .thank giannisk
20:41:30 <zodbot> jflory7 thinks giannisk is awesome and is happy they are helping! (Please don't forget to giannisk++ also)
20:41:35 <nmilosev> Anything to add here? I've already linked the wiki in the announcements of this meeting to give it more visibility :)
20:43:25 <giannisk> nmilosev: Nothing in particular
20:43:35 * jflory7 doesn't have anything
20:44:04 <nmilosev> Okay, moving on
20:44:12 <nmilosev> #topic Open Floor
20:44:15 <giannisk> Oh, by  the way
20:44:19 <nmilosev> Anything goes here
20:44:25 <giannisk> #link https://pagure.io/Fedora-Council/tickets/issue/76
20:44:30 <giannisk> #link https://pagure.io/Fedora-Council/tickets/issue/77
20:44:53 <giannisk> We're working together w/ the Council to tackle those issues down
20:45:44 * jflory7 is happy to hear
20:45:48 <jflory7> :)
20:45:50 <nmilosev> This is great
20:46:06 <jflory7> ? (different topic)
20:46:13 <nmilosev> jflory7, go :)
20:48:22 <jflory7> Something I wanted to mention now and follow up on later. For the duration that I am in Europe, I am hoping to be an active part of the Fedora community and helping find creative ways to tell our story to a wide audience. I was interested in taking the torch on the storyteller position. I reached out to Elijah Hanson, the current storyteller, if it's a position he wants to relinquish. Once or if I hear back from him, I was hoping to bring up the
20:48:22 <jflory7> idea to EMEA.
20:48:54 <nmilosev> Can you remind us what exactly does a storyteller do?
20:49:05 <nmilosev> (I remember reading about it)
20:49:43 <jflory7> nmilosev: Funny question... ;) https://pagure.io/Fedora-Council/tickets/issue/66
20:49:57 <giannisk> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Budget.next#Regional_Delegates
20:49:59 * nmilosev :D
20:50:20 <giannisk> ^But the description was very "vague"
20:50:32 <jflory7> nmilosev: There would probably be some creative flexibility with it for now, but I think bexelbie will likely help develop the position further in coming months. I have some ideas of my own that I might want to try to help lead on, e.g. a quarterly or semi-annual report, and a few other things
20:51:52 <nmilosev> Well, in my opinion, you have already proven yourself as an excellent editor of the Fedora Magazine so this should be a walk in the park for you. :) Good luck!
20:53:35 <nmilosev> Anyone else? I have also a question if you guys are finished
20:54:00 * giannisk doesn't have anything else for now
20:54:42 <nmilosev> jflory7? jonatoni?
20:54:44 <jflory7> nmilosev: Okay, awesome. I'll bring it back up again once January rolls around. :)
20:54:49 <jflory7> Nothing else from me.
20:54:51 <nmilosev> jflory7, sure! :)
20:55:05 <jonatoni> I dont have something to add.
20:55:15 <nmilosev> Okay, my turn
20:55:47 <nmilosev> Anyone going to DevConf.cz in Brno in January? I've been accepted as a speaker there so wanted to see if someone else is coming :)
20:56:06 <nmilosev> (I'm talking about .NET in Fedora)
20:56:10 <Southern_Gentlem> in short the storyteller is suppose to run the meetings and write up the reports
20:57:52 <jflory7> nmilosev: I will see you there. :)
20:58:05 <nmilosev> jflory7, Yay!!!
20:58:24 <jflory7> I'm also a speaker... "What open source and J.K. Rowling have in common". Stay tuned... ;)
20:58:28 <jflory7> Southern_Gentlem++
20:58:50 <nmilosev> jflory7, that sounds awesome but I know the answer
20:58:54 <nmilosev> MAGIC
20:58:56 <nmilosev> :D
20:59:14 <jflory7> Heh, yes, and even more! :)
20:59:20 * jflory7 is super excited for the topic too
20:59:25 <nmilosev> Can't wait to hear it! jflory7++
20:59:43 <nmilosev> And thank you Southern_Gentlem for the explanation
20:59:48 <Southern_Gentlem> effects were composed on the linux cluster
21:00:21 <nmilosev> In the movies you mean?
21:00:57 <jflory7> I could believe that too!
21:02:02 <nmilosev> Okay, if that's all I will be ending the meeting in three (3) minutes. Thank you all for coming!
21:02:18 <jflory7> .thank nmilosev
21:02:19 <zodbot> jflory7 thinks nmilosev is awesome and is happy they are helping! (Please don't forget to nmilosev++ also)
21:02:21 <jflory7> Thanks for chairing :)
21:02:34 <nmilosev> (hope I didn't mess something up)
21:03:15 <giannisk> nmilosev: Thanks for chairing - it was really good!
21:03:19 <jonatoni> .thank nmilosev
21:03:19 <zodbot> jonatoni thinks nmilosev is awesome and is happy they are helping! (Please don't forget to nmilosev++ also)
21:03:30 <giannisk> nmilosev++ jflory7++ jonatoni++ Southern_Gentlem++
21:03:31 <zodbot> giannisk: Karma for jflory7 changed to 12 (for the f25 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
21:03:33 <jonatoni> nmilosev see you at devconf :)
21:03:34 <zodbot> giannisk: Karma for jbwillia changed to 3 (for the f25 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
21:03:47 <nmilosev> jonatoni, you're coming? Awesome!
21:04:03 <jonatoni> nmilosev yep :)
21:05:02 <nmilosev> #endmeeting