19:13:55 <nmilosev> #startmeeting Fedora DotNet (2016-11-22)
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19:14:18 <moto-timo> .hello ttorling
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19:14:24 <tpokorra> .hello tpokorra
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19:14:26 <nmilosev> #chair nmilosev tpokorra rmartinelli
19:14:27 <zodbot> Current chairs: nmilosev rmartinelli tpokorra
19:14:27 <rmartinelli> .hello rimolive
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19:14:33 <nmilosev> .fas nmilosev
19:14:34 <zodbot> nmilosev: nmilosev 'Nemanja Milosevic' <nmilosevnm@gmail.com>
19:14:43 <omajid> .hello omajid
19:14:43 * nmilosev doesn't know how this will go
19:14:44 <zodbot> omajid: omajid 'Omair Majid' <omajid@redhat.com>
19:14:56 <rkieley> .hello roddiekieley
19:14:57 <zodbot> rkieley: roddiekieley 'Roddie Kieley' <rkieley@unifiedsoftworx.com>
19:15:04 <tpokorra> nmilosev, you can follow the last meeting: https://meetbot-raw.fedoraproject.org/teams/dotnet/dotnet.2016-11-11-13.03.log.html
19:15:13 <nmilosev> Yes yes
19:15:20 <nmilosev> #topic Roll Call
19:15:24 <rsc> .hello robert
19:15:24 <zodbot> rsc: robert 'Robert Scheck' <redhat@linuxnetz.de>
19:15:46 <nmilosev> Let's wait for a couple of minutes for others to show up, and for me to see what we need to do.
19:16:32 <rkieley> nmilosev sounds good
19:17:02 <moto-timo> of course most of us roll called before the roll call topic ;)
19:17:14 <nmilosev> it's ok :)
19:17:25 <nmilosev> let's start (sorry if I mess something up)
19:17:28 <nmilosev> #topic Announcements
19:17:42 <nmilosev> Does anyone have anything to announce?
19:17:51 <rmartinelli> Fedora 25? =D
19:17:56 <tpokorra> I had an email on the monodevelop list: http://lists.dot.net/pipermail/monodevelop-list/2016-November/016519.html
19:18:34 <tpokorra> it was about the open source release of the PCL reference assemblies
19:18:42 <nmilosev> Let's write this down
19:18:46 <tpokorra> I believe this is needed for packaging dotnet and roslyn
19:18:58 <tpokorra> they are working on it, not there yet
19:19:02 <nmilosev> #info MonoDevelop list email about opening PCL's needed for Roslyn
19:19:15 <nmilosev> #link http://lists.dot.net/pipermail/monodevelop-list/2016-November/016519.html
19:19:15 <omajid> sorry if this is a silly question, but how does PCL relate to dotnet/standard: https://github.com/dotnet/standard ?
19:19:28 <omajid> are the sister projects or completely different?
19:19:35 <omajid> they, even.
19:19:43 <tpokorra> I know for building MonoDevelop I need roslyn, and for that I need PCL
19:20:01 <tpokorra> perhaps it is not needed for dotnet, I don't know
19:20:53 <nmilosev> I think the general issue is that we need binary dotnet to build dotnet :(
19:21:16 <nmilosev> Because the entire toolchain is written in .net
19:21:16 <omajid> if it's a one time thing, that shouldn't be a problem. we can get a one-time bootstrap exception from FESCO
19:21:31 <nmilosev> Yes, and in the future we can rely on our own builds maybe
19:21:42 <moto-timo> https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/articles/standard/library
19:22:16 <moto-timo> ".NET standard can be thought of as the next generation of Portable Class Libraries (PCL"
19:22:17 <tpokorra> https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/dotnet/2013/10/14/portable-class-library-pcl-now-available-on-all-platforms/: PCL provides a set of common reference assemblies that enable .NET libraries and binaries to be used on any .NET based runtime
19:22:21 <tpokorra> ah, ok
19:22:43 <nmilosev> #link https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/articles/standard/library
19:22:44 <moto-timo> I think it's all a bit messy sitll
19:22:53 <nmilosev> #link https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/dotnet/2013/10/14/portable-class-library-pcl-now-available-on-all-platforms/
19:23:25 <nmilosev> Did anyone by any chance check the new dotnet builds that should fix the libicu issues?
19:23:36 <Rhea> hey, im not feeling well
19:23:46 <rkieley> nmilosev not yet
19:24:03 <rkieley> Rhea hope you're feeling better soon
19:24:03 * moto-timo sends Rhea hot tea and chicken soup
19:24:07 <nmilosev> Hey Rhea, we got this don't worry
19:24:19 <Rhea> found https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:DotNet_2016-11-18 ?
19:24:28 <nmilosev> Yes, I'm following that one
19:24:32 <nmilosev> :)
19:24:38 <nmilosev> #chair Rhea
19:24:38 <zodbot> Current chairs: Rhea nmilosev rmartinelli tpokorra
19:24:52 <Rhea> and where are we at
19:25:06 <nmilosev> Let's continue, we are currently on announcements
19:25:22 <nmilosev> Do you have anything else prepared for today?
19:25:29 <nmilosev> I mean for announcements
19:25:32 <moto-timo> I suppose it's worth noting that I added a bunch of dotnet-* packages to Release Monitoring
19:25:33 <Rhea> Announcements are simple, 1.1 is out kinda...
19:26:46 <Rhea> Basically the only other thing that's'on agenda is libicu and dependancies...
19:27:07 <nmilosev> Ok, let's continue then while you are here
19:27:14 <nmilosev> #topic Action items from our previous meeting
19:27:25 <nmilosev> #link https://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/teams/dotnet/dotnet.2016-11-11-13.03.html
19:28:07 <nmilosev> Rhea: did you create the ticket for developer.fedoraproject.org?
19:28:21 <Rhea> there are no action items
19:28:34 <Rhea> #info === [INCOMPLETE] dotnet Discuss dependencies and modularity. ===
19:28:36 <Rhea> just that
19:29:11 <nmilosev> Oh I see, thank you
19:29:30 <Rhea> that's why i'm saying that basically there is nothing
19:29:46 <Rhea> And I'd jump to tickets, because it is related to this topic
19:29:50 <nmilosev> Ok, should we move to tickets?
19:29:53 <nmilosev> Ok ok
19:29:55 <Rhea> #topic Tickets
19:29:58 <Rhea> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-dotnet/issues?tags=meeting
19:29:59 <Rhea> #info === Ticket #4 ===
19:30:04 <Rhea> #info === "libicu" ===
19:30:08 <Rhea> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-dotnet/issue/4
19:30:16 * pcreech late
19:30:51 <Rhea> Basically the lovely PR that would fix the issue with dependencies did not make it into 1.1
19:31:04 <moto-timo> yeah
19:31:07 * moto-timo sighs
19:31:08 <Rhea> But it will be all fixed up for 1.2
19:31:17 <rkieley> Rhea what's the eta on 1.2 in that case?
19:31:19 <Rhea> So within next two months roughly
19:31:26 <rkieley> Rhea ahhh ok
19:31:32 <nmilosev> Is this pull merged to the nightly builds?
19:31:35 <rkieley> Rhea is that a regular cadence for 1.x releases?
19:31:39 <nmilosev> But this is great news
19:31:59 <Rhea> They said that they want to have thse problems sorted out "around the end of this year"
19:32:01 <omajid> 1.2 is supposed to be Q1 2017 / Q2 2017
19:32:09 <omajid> https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/dotnet/2016/07/15/net-core-roadmap/
19:32:31 <Rhea> So I'm going with "around the end of this year" being by the end of January
19:32:32 <omajid> i think there's a spring/fall (or summer/winter) cadence for releases
19:32:34 <nmilosev> Are we gonna wait then?
19:32:45 <nmilosev> For the 1.2?
19:32:45 <rmartinelli> right, so how should we proceed with the builds until 1.2?
19:33:10 <rmartinelli> Fedora 25 has just released and I understand we should also start some work for F26.
19:33:12 <nmilosev> One solution is to bundle libicu (which is terrible)
19:33:21 <moto-timo> not that
19:33:23 <pcreech> can we backport the fix? is that possible?
19:33:29 <nmilosev> We could backport
19:33:36 <moto-timo> better :)
19:34:10 <nmilosev> But still we will need a version for building
19:34:19 <nmilosev> OR we can build on F23 :D
19:34:28 <moto-timo> also, not that
19:34:31 <moto-timo> :)
19:34:54 <tmds> .net 1.1 releases link with the specific version provided by the distro, this can be done for f25 as well
19:35:21 <tmds> this rover tool (https://github.com/dotnet/core/pull/326) should allow to bootstrap a cli on f25 based on the one of f24 + binaries it builds
19:35:26 <nmilosev> Just to be clear here, they announced in 1.1 support for F24? Correct?
19:35:32 <Rhea> It can be done but the build process is a nightmare, hence it's really... meh
19:35:33 <omajid> nmilosev: yup.
19:35:38 <omajid> tmds++
19:36:10 <nmilosev> This is great tool
19:36:10 <tmds> I ran the rover tool, over all it was a nice experience
19:36:16 <nmilosev> #link https://github.com/dotnet/core/pull/326
19:36:17 <omajid> Rhea: i like what arch does. take dotnet build from upstream, build coreclr separately, use it to replace the coreclr in upstream build.
19:36:22 <nmilosev> tmds++
19:36:50 <tmds> didn't get a working cli out of it yet though, so no first time right
19:37:11 <tmds> I think mainly because the tool is now picking some versions which don't match
19:38:27 <tmds> I assumed it would do something smart, but you can just dive in and pick the right versions of the repos
19:38:40 <tmds> if they match the cli tar you provided e.g. f24 1.1
19:38:45 <nmilosev> Ok we should investigate if we can use this tool for initial bootstrap
19:38:46 <tmds> it should work
19:39:21 <nmilosev> Rhea can we make an action?
19:39:37 <nmilosev> Or will you create a ticket?
19:39:56 <Rhea> I've no idea what about
19:40:00 * Rhea is dead
19:40:20 <nmilosev> Okay lets create an action for now, and we can open issue later
19:40:29 <nmilosev> #action Check if we can use rover tool for bootstraping
19:41:03 <nmilosev> I can open a ticket for it with link for the next meeting
19:41:18 <nmilosev> Anyone have anything to add or we can move to open floor?
19:42:43 <rmartinelli> nothing from me
19:42:53 <nmilosev> Let's move on
19:42:56 <nmilosev> #topic Open Floor
19:43:21 <nmilosev> So let's just sum it up for this meeting
19:43:47 <nmilosev> We need to find a way to bootstrap dotnet for building: one option is to backport that pull, another is to try this rover tool
19:44:11 <nmilosev> With that pull, our libicu issue is pretty much resolved I hope
19:44:31 <nmilosev> Then we can talk about concrete packages
19:44:43 <nmilosev> (when Rhea gets better :) )
19:44:44 <moto-timo> the backport sounds like the best option to me
19:44:49 <nmilosev> +1
19:45:03 <nmilosev> tmds please check the rover tool if you can
19:45:09 <nmilosev> Maybe we can use it somehow
19:45:10 <rkieley> +1
19:45:11 <tmds> will do
19:45:18 <nmilosev> Thank you!
19:45:30 <moto-timo> you should action that
19:45:54 <nmilosev> #action tmds to check rover tool https://github.com/dotnet/core/pull/326
19:46:13 <nmilosev> Anything else to add here? (sorry for being a terrible chair)
19:46:26 <moto-timo> I think you did a good job, actually
19:46:30 <tpokorra> ++
19:46:30 <rmartinelli> +1
19:46:34 <pcreech> +1
19:46:44 <nmilosev> I prefer Rhea :D
19:46:54 <moto-timo> and I want a pony :)
19:47:10 <nmilosev> Anyway if that's it we can finish the meeting in a couple of minutes
19:47:17 <nmilosev> Hope you get better soon Rhea
19:47:21 <Rhea> im sorry
19:47:21 <nmilosev> Rhea++
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19:47:24 <rmartinelli> Just wanted to know if we have something documented about the dotnet builds for Fedora 24
19:47:29 <Rhea> oh new cookies
19:48:00 <Rhea> nmilosev++ rmartinelli++ tmds++ moto-timo++ tpokorra++ omajid++ pcreech++ rkieley++
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19:48:20 <pcreech> mmm COOKIES!
19:48:39 <moto-timo> nmilosev++ for chairing dotnet meeting :)
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19:48:53 <nmilosev> rmartinelli: for F24 I believe we have only my copr (which is pretty terrible)
19:48:59 <nmilosev> no documentation :(
19:49:06 <moto-timo> Rhea++ for just being awesome (and dotnet :)
19:49:06 <zodbot> moto-timo: Karma for rhea changed to 2 (for the f25 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
19:49:07 <Rhea> .thank dotnet team
19:49:09 <zodbot> Rhea thinks dotnet team is awesome and is happy they are helping! (Please don't forget to dotnet team++ also)
19:49:37 <Rhea> okay im gonna run off aagain.,..
19:49:41 <nmilosev> Okay guys let's close up
19:49:42 <omajid> Rhea++
19:49:42 <zodbot> omajid: Karma for rhea changed to 3 (for the f25 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
19:49:42 * Rhea dies
19:49:47 <nmilosev> Bye Rhea take care :)
19:49:59 <tpokorra> get better soon!
19:50:13 <rmartinelli> nmilosev: which worked liked a charm! =D
19:50:16 <moto-timo> thank you all for making the meeting time better for us west coast Americans
19:50:36 <nmilosev> The time works for europe too, I think :)
19:50:45 <rkieley> not a bad time east coast NA either
19:50:56 <rmartinelli> So lots of things to do, but many blockers ahead.
19:51:07 <nmilosev> rmartinelli: exactly :(
19:51:14 <moto-timo> yep. let's pick the first one and squash it
19:51:16 <nmilosev> We can do it, I believe! :)
19:51:16 <moto-timo> :)
19:51:19 <rmartinelli> nmilosev: Good, means lots of contributions.
19:51:29 <nmilosev> Okay, let's end
19:51:31 <nmilosev> #endmeeting