18:29:36 <smooge> #startmeeting EPEL
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18:29:36 <smooge> #meetingname EPEL
18:29:36 <smooge> #chair smooge nirik Evolution bstinson avij
18:29:36 <smooge> #topic aloha
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18:29:36 <zodbot> Current chairs: Evolution avij bstinson nirik smooge
18:29:58 <nirik> morning
18:30:09 <smooge> This is a short meeting due to centos people being in Europe dojo and my not getting time changes to meetings correct
18:30:37 <smooge> hello
18:30:49 <avij> .hello avij
18:30:49 <zodbot> avij: avij 'Anssi Johansson' <rhbugs@miuku.net>
18:31:14 <smooge> #statuses
18:31:19 <moto-timo> .hello ttorling
18:31:20 <zodbot> moto-timo: ttorling 'Tim Orling' <ticotimo@gmail.com>
18:31:40 <smooge> I haven't gotten very far on cleanup of documentation for EPEL.
18:32:01 <smooge> We had a person come into #epel who has been very helpful about getting nagios updated
18:32:30 <nirik> cool.
18:32:48 <avij> that's always pleasant
18:32:49 <nirik> did we want to keep this meeting at 18UTC? or move with the silly time change?
18:33:05 <avij> it was agreed to keep it at 18UTC in the previous meeting
18:33:23 <moto-timo> today was just a special case
18:33:25 <smooge> I am +0 for a time change. If it causes problems with nirik and avij showing up we can move it
18:33:49 <nirik> ok, fair enough
18:34:00 <smooge> I have fixed my calender so it is not having me try to get to the meeting at 5pm mountain time
18:34:01 <avij> it does not matter much for me either
18:34:21 <smooge> ok then for the time being we stick to 18:00 UTC
18:34:39 <smooge> does anyone have any other status items?
18:35:00 <moto-timo> too early for me to report on python34 in EL6
18:35:12 <moto-timo> (the rest of the packages that is)
18:35:18 <smooge> ah ok
18:35:49 <moto-timo> I need to do a handy query to list all the python* packages that have python3 verbage in them
18:36:21 <smooge> from the command line or from a gui?
18:36:29 <moto-timo> agnostic :)
18:36:37 <smooge> and in which release?
18:36:45 <moto-timo> EL6
18:38:46 <avij> there are some EPEL7 packages that will need to be retired now that RHEL 7.3 is out. once CentOS 7.3's packages are available to the general public (in the CR repo) I'll work on getting those packages retired.
18:38:59 <nirik> excellent.
18:39:33 <orionp> Any ETA on centos 7.3?
18:39:39 <smooge> moto-timo, the only package with python3 in it is python3-rpm-macros-3-11.el6.noarch.rpm there are a bunch with 34
18:39:56 <smooge> orionp, the people who know that are in Paris
18:40:10 <bmbouter> we're waiting on the Django14 retirement decision until the python34 can be reported on yeah?
18:40:25 <smooge> orionp, I expect it is something from "when it is done" to "sometime soon"
18:40:37 <avij> and the ETA would be "there's no ETA" in any case. released when it's ready.
18:40:50 <smooge> I thought we decided last week that Django14 was to be retired
18:40:53 <moto-timo> smooge: the problem is where the spec has python3-devel, it needs to be %{python3_pkgversion}-devel
18:41:32 <moto-timo> err. python${python3_pkgversion}-devel
18:42:15 <smooge> moto-timo, there are 245 packages with 34 in their names and 768 packages without python3 or python34 in their name
18:42:25 <smooge> moto-timo, there are 25 packages with 34 in their names and 768 packages without python3 or python34 in their name
18:42:30 <smooge> sorry mistyped
18:42:31 <orionp> sed -i -e '1,/%changelog/s/python3-/python%{python3_pkgversion}-/g' *.spec
18:42:58 <bmbouter> smooge: I think we decided we want to retire Django14, but the timeline is key
18:42:59 <orionp> I need to alias that...
18:43:51 <bmbouter> I'm hoping for a longer retirement timeline for Django14 to allow django deps that are not python34 compatible to have time to port themselves to python3
18:44:02 <smooge> hahahahahaha
18:44:21 <smooge> sorry, that didn't come across as funny.
18:44:42 <bmbouter> it's almost laughable I know :-)
18:44:48 <smooge> bmbouter, people have been waiting years for that to happen
18:44:48 <orionp> I'm poking at - https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/g/python/python2.7_epel6/
18:44:48 <bmbouter> as if things haven't had enough time to port to Python3
18:45:13 <smooge> orionp, oooh
18:45:29 <moto-timo> bmbouter: my main $dayjob tool is finally python3 as of this month's release :)
18:46:07 <moto-timo> we've been talking about it for more than two years
18:46:56 <bmbouter> yes but I never expected the runtime environment to switch in EL6
18:47:11 <moto-timo> you can blame me for that
18:47:33 <bmbouter> really I can thank you for that, you're making a good improvement
18:47:46 <smooge> ok I am going to retire Django14 no earlier than Jan 31, 2017
18:48:34 <smooge> and no later than March 31, 2017
18:48:42 <smooge> when I retire EL5
18:48:47 <moto-timo> nice window :)
18:49:59 <smooge> .whoowns Django14
18:49:59 <zodbot> smooge: mrunge (smooge in Fedora EPEL)
18:51:03 <smooge> that gives orionp and moto-timo a while to get whatever replacement sets can be made of trees
18:51:24 <smooge> does that sound good to everyone?
18:51:28 <moto-timo> \o/
18:51:31 <moto-timo> +1
18:51:36 <smooge> bmbouter, ?
18:51:39 <bmbouter> this will work for us
18:51:52 <bmbouter> +1 to this plan
18:52:01 <avij> yea
18:53:04 <smooge> ok I will list this on the mailing list later this week.
18:53:19 <smooge> #topic open floor
18:53:51 <smooge> does anyone have for the open floor at the moment?
18:54:14 <avij> nothing else for now
18:54:17 <bmbouter> thank you smooge and moto-timo
18:54:26 * nirik has nothing off hand
18:54:31 <moto-timo> sometime before the end of the year I will file a ticket for proven-packager status...
18:54:35 <smooge> I will close the meeting in about a minute
18:54:46 <smooge> cool moto-timo
18:55:24 <smooge> #endmeeting