13:02:19 <bkp> #startmeeting Fedora Marketing meeting (2016-09-06)
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13:02:30 <bkp> #meetingname marketing
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13:02:37 <bkp> #chair bkp
13:02:37 <zodbot> Current chairs: bkp
13:02:51 <bkp> #topic Agenda
13:03:03 <bkp> #link
13:03:11 <bkp> #topic Roll Call
13:03:21 <bkp> #info Name; Timezone; Other sub-projects / interest areas
13:03:37 <bkp> Yo, all! Who's here this fine day?
13:04:20 <bkm_> Hi
13:04:37 <mailga> #info mailga timezone:UTC+2 sub:projects:various other projects mainly ambassadors, mktg.
13:04:45 <bkp> #info Brian Proffitt, UTC+4, marketing/social media
13:05:15 <bkp> #info Brian Proffitt, UTC-4, marketing/social media
13:05:23 <bkm_> bkm UTC+3, learning about mktg
13:06:08 <bkp> Because I am not in Central Russia
13:06:48 <bkp> x3mboy: You around?
13:06:53 <mailga> bkp: don't you like Central Russia? :-D
13:06:55 <x3mboy> Yes
13:07:00 <x3mboy> Sorry
13:07:02 <x3mboy> ,fas x3mboy
13:07:05 <x3mboy> .fas x3mboy
13:07:05 <zodbot> x3mboy: x3mboy 'Eduard Lucena' <>
13:07:25 <bkp> #chair mailga bkm_ x3mboy
13:07:25 <zodbot> Current chairs: bkm_ bkp mailga x3mboy
13:07:53 <bkp> I got no problems with Cntral Russia. I am just not in that timezone.
13:08:04 <bkp> Okay, anyone else?
13:08:16 * mailga was kidding.
13:08:25 * bkp knows
13:08:44 <bkp> We Hoosiers are sardonic.
13:09:13 <bkp> Does not look like anyone else is joining, though I know jflory will be in later.
13:09:24 <bkp> #topic Announcements
13:09:30 <bkp> #info === Marketing Trac migrated to Pagure ===
13:09:36 <bkp> #link
13:09:46 <bkp> #info Last night, the Fedora Marketing Trac was migrated over to Pagure. As of today, the Pagure is the official place for tickets, creating tasks, and working on issues. Please be sure to update any of your bookmarks or shortcuts to point to the Pagure instead of the Trac.
13:10:00 <bkp> (Yay)
13:10:07 <bkp> #info === "Announcing the release of Fedora 25 Alpha!" ===
13:10:14 <bkp> #link
13:10:22 <bkp> #info "The Fedora Project is pleased to announce the availability of the Fedora 25 Alpha, an important milestone on the road to our Fedora 25 release in November."
13:10:28 <bkp> #info === "Welcoming our new Fedora Community Action and Impact Coordinator" ===
13:10:35 <bkp> #link
13:10:43 <bkp> #info "Good news, everybody! I’m pleased to announce that we have completed our search for a new Fedora Community Action and Impact Coordinator, and he’ll be joining the Open Source and Standards (OSAS) team to work with Fedora as of 3 October. Please give a warm welcome to Brian Exelbierd (bexelbie)!"
13:10:59 <bkp> (Also yay!)
13:11:11 <x3mboy> #info x3mboy; UTC-3; Ambassadors, Magazine, G11N
13:11:15 <bkp> Any questions or comments about these announcements?
13:11:20 <x3mboy> Sorry, I have a delay
13:11:28 <bkp> NP x3mboy
13:11:48 <mailga> bkp: nope, only good wishes to bexelbie
13:12:00 <x3mboy> No comments for now
13:12:08 <bkp> Yeah, I had heard about this while I was at LinuxCon and was very happy about it.
13:12:24 <bkp> Right then, moving on.
13:12:38 <bkp> #topic Action items from last meetings
13:12:45 <bkp> #link
13:12:58 <bkp> #info How This Works: We look at past #action items from the last meeting for quick follow-up. If a task is completed, we move on to the next one. If it isn't, we get an update and re-action it if needed. If no status, we'll try to get a quick update and move forward.
13:13:03 <bkp> #info How This Works: We look at past #action items from the last meeting for quick follow-up. If a task is completed, we move on to the next one. If it isn't, we get an update and re-action it if needed. If no status, we'll try to get a quick update and move forward.
13:13:07 <bkp> Yerg
13:13:11 <bkp> #info === bkp to sync with mattdm on F25 alpha announcement ===
13:13:20 * bexelbie pokes his head in .. reads back and smiles ... thank you
13:13:43 <x3mboy> bexelbie, Good luck and congrats!
13:13:48 <bkp> Yeah, yeah, bexelbie, soak up all the glory now.
13:13:51 <bkp> :P
13:13:59 <bexelbie> and all the paperwork starting 3 October :P
13:14:20 <bexelbie> unrelated - your pagure link looks broken and I am interested in how that is going to work out as a trac replacement
13:14:47 <bkp> On this: they pushed out the Alpha release literally 5 minutes after we stopped last week's meeting, so I will work with mattdm on the beta and general announcements.
13:15:18 <bkp> bexelbie: Noted. Though what do you mean broken?
13:15:24 <bkp> It works for me.
13:16:02 <bkp>
13:16:08 <bexelbie> bkp, n/m it just completed - got a host error at first
13:16:17 <bexelbie> sorry for distracting the meeting
13:16:18 <bkp> K. Whew.
13:16:26 <mailga> bkp: it didn't work befora (error 500) now it works fine.
13:16:26 <bkp> NP
13:16:33 <bkp> #info === x3mboy to take on ticket 237 ===
13:17:01 <bkp> x3mboy: Want to go over this in the Tickets section of the meeting or now?
13:17:20 <x3mboy> bkp, on action. ETA 09-06-2016 22:00 UTC-3
13:17:33 <bkp> Noted.
13:17:49 <bkp> Moving on!
13:17:50 <bkp> #topic Tickets
13:17:51 <x3mboy> bkp, it's date notation right?
13:17:58 <x3mboy> MM-DD-YYYY???
13:17:59 <bkp> x3mboy: Yes
13:18:01 <x3mboy> Ok
13:18:17 <bkp> #link
13:18:47 <bkp> #info === Ticket #231 ===
13:18:54 <bkp> #info "Create Fedora 25 talking points"
13:18:59 * mailga thinks that for the beta release announcement a ticket (or issue) is mandatory, isn't it?
13:19:06 <bkp> #link
13:19:24 <bkp> Yeah, hang on.
13:20:55 <bkp> Stand by please, workmen just arrived
13:21:16 <mailga> bkp: workmen?
13:22:32 <x3mboy> For F25 talking points on cloud, they request to us to wait 2 weeks (last week, so there is 1 week remainin), because major changes are happening in Fedora Council and it seems that Cloud will change a lot
13:23:40 <mailga> x3mboy: yes, If I have correctly understood, cloud and server will join, a sort of. Or not?
13:24:33 <x3mboy> mailga, i'm not sure, they said something about atomic and and the container cloud, but I don't have details
13:24:56 <bkp> mailga: Yeah, my basement flooded two weeks ago.
13:25:04 <bkp> Sorry about that, thought they were coming later
13:25:31 <bkp> From the agenda: Talking points are beginning to look more complete. Some follow-up needed by some groups (looks like Workstation and Cloud might expand more), but this is looking much better. Anyone have anything to add in here? Otherwise, we can begin using this info for compiling the Beta release announcement.
13:25:33 <mailga> bkp: sorry to hear that.
13:25:43 <bkp> No worries.
13:25:56 <bkp> Be glad you aren't here to hear the noise.
13:26:31 <mailga> bkp: IMO it's better wait a bit more. Any change in TP will reflect in the RA.
13:27:03 <mailga> bkp: it's better follow changes few times instead of lots.
13:27:04 <bkp> Wait to compile the release announcement, mailga?
13:27:13 <mailga> bkp: yes, sorry.
13:27:14 <bkp> (Just clarifying)
13:27:30 <x3mboy> +1 to wait at least one more week
13:27:47 <bkp> #action Will continue to gather TP info for one more week.
13:28:06 <bkp> Sounds good.
13:28:15 * mailga meant follow few changes instead of lots, of course.
13:28:29 <bkp> I gotcha.
13:28:30 <bkp> #info === Ticket #235 ===
13:28:39 <bkp> #info "Marketing group list FAS cleaning"
13:28:47 <bkp> #link
13:28:58 <bkp> From agenda: mailga was leading this one. Going through members of the FAS group, identifying who still wishes to contribute, removing those who do not respond or no longer interested. Any help needed on this one, mailga?
13:29:46 <mailga> I gave one week for any objection. A week is passed so I can start to send mails. Anyone has anything to say about it?
13:30:02 <bkp> I do not
13:30:31 <mailga> ok, in a couple of days I proceed.
13:31:03 <mailga> of course when done I'll update the ticket with steps.
13:31:21 <mailga> eof
13:31:28 <bkp> #action Ticket #235 mailga will proceed in a couple of days and will update the ticket as needed
13:31:36 <bkp> Okay.
13:31:42 <bkp> #info === Ticket #237 ===
13:31:49 <bkp> #info "Review Firefox Bookmarks For Update"
13:31:55 <bkp> #link
13:33:04 <bkp> #action x3mboy working on this, ETA 09-06-2016 22:00 UTC-3
13:33:13 <mailga> bkp: I opened the ticket but I can't assign to me, is there anyone who want pick up yhis issue?
13:33:31 <mailga> ups, ok. Let's assign to x3mboy
13:33:31 <bkp> mailga: Which issue? 237?
13:33:36 <x3mboy> Same with 237
13:33:49 <bkp> x3mboy picked this up last week
13:33:57 <mailga> bkp: yes (I still don't know if call it issue or ticket).
13:34:09 <bkp> mailga: Good question
13:34:11 <x3mboy> Yes, 237 supose to be mine
13:34:22 <mailga> bkp: I saw it unassigned.
13:34:49 <bkp> mailga: I see that too
13:35:00 <x3mboy> It's called issue in pagure
13:35:03 <bkp> x3mboy: Is your FAS the same as your IRC nick?
13:35:11 <x3mboy> bkm, Yes
13:35:16 <x3mboy> bkp, yes
13:35:32 <bkp> x3mboy: Got it.
13:35:35 <mailga> bkp: I can't assign it, I only can take it myself.
13:35:55 <bkp> #action Issue 237, will reassign to x3mboy ASAP
13:36:24 <bkp> That's it for open tickets
13:36:33 <bkp> #topic Upcoming Tasks
13:36:42 <bkp> #link
13:36:51 <bkp> #info (1) Update and Package Firefox Bookmarks (from Tue 2016-09-06 to Thu 2016-09-08)
13:36:59 <bkp> #info (2) Tag Updated Bookmarks Package for Fedora 25 (due: Thu 2016-09-08)
13:37:05 <mailga> bkp: ok, I made it. Assigned to x3mboy
13:37:07 <bkp> #info (2) Tag Updated Bookmarks Package for Fedora 25 (due: Thu 2016-09-08)
13:37:18 <x3mboy> Cool
13:37:21 <bkp> mailga++
13:37:42 <bkp> #info (3) Beta Freeze (Tue 2016-09-27, 00:00 UTC)
13:37:56 <bkp> Re: beta...
13:37:59 * mailga doesn't want cookies..... Money, please, lot of money! :-D
13:38:18 <bkp> #action bkp will create new ticket for beta announcement, per mailga suggestion
13:38:33 <mailga> bkp: too kind....
13:39:03 <bkp> mailga, If only there was money to give.
13:39:11 <bkp> Or actual cookies! :)
13:39:20 <bkp> #topic Open Floor
13:39:40 <bkp> Okay, last section! Anyone got something to discuss?
13:41:11 <jflory7> .hello jflory7
13:41:12 <zodbot> jflory7: jflory7 'Justin W. Flory' <>
13:41:19 <x3mboy> jflory7, o/
13:41:23 <bkp> #chair jflory7
13:41:23 <zodbot> Current chairs: bkm_ bkp jflory7 mailga x3mboy
13:41:39 <jflory7> Hey all!
13:41:47 <bkp> jflory7: In open floor, got anything to throw into the dicussion?
13:41:51 * jflory7 is scrolling through really quick
13:42:38 <jflory7> Nothing stands out to me, only thing I can think of is that I think we should be able to be more on top of the beta announcement.
13:43:03 <bkp> jflory7: Can you elaborate "do more on top of"?
13:43:04 <jflory7> Alpha felt a little rushed, but I think a lot of the missing info from WGs / SIGs is appearing in the talking points page now.
13:43:14 <bkp> jflory7: aH
13:43:19 <jflory7> bkp: Yeah - I was bummed we didn't get a Magazine announcement out
13:43:27 <jflory7> I definitely want to do one for the beta
13:43:39 <jflory7> #idea Beta release announcement syndicated to the Fedora Magazine
13:43:49 <bkp> jflory7: Agreed. I wil commit to getting in front of that
13:43:56 <jflory7> \o/
13:44:11 <x3mboy> Nothing from me
13:44:18 <bkp> Any other topics?
13:44:19 <jflory7> Other than that, nothing else from me either
13:44:28 <bkp> Okay, going once...
13:44:32 <jflory7> Thanks for chairing, bkp! bkp++
13:44:35 <x3mboy> I'm just starting to move with pagure
13:44:42 <x3mboy> It looks nice
13:44:45 <bkp> x3mboy: Excellent
13:44:50 <jflory7> x3mboy++
13:44:52 <bkp> It really does!
13:45:04 <bkp> np jflory7
13:45:13 <mailga> jflory7: the question is, tickets are called tickets or issues now?
13:45:28 <bkp> I have lots of issues
13:45:49 <jflory7> mailga: Hmm, guess it could go either way, I like tickets - not every ticket is an "issue" :)
13:45:55 <jflory7> bkp: lolol
13:46:29 <mailga> jflory7: issue is a proble, right?
13:46:39 <mailga> s/proble/problem
13:47:16 <bkp> I kind of like keeping "tickets" and "issues" seperate, like how GitHub/Lab seperates "Issues" and "Pull Requests"
13:47:45 <bkp> issue to me is an unsolved/unexamined problem
13:48:02 <bkp> ticket is a problem someone is actively working to correct
13:48:13 <bkp> (My two cents)
13:48:20 <mailga> bkp: also for me, and also for me.
13:48:24 <mailga> :-D
13:48:42 <mailga> or "for me also"?
13:49:17 <bkp> Which ever
13:49:31 <bkp> Anyone got a counter opinion/idea?
13:50:35 <x3mboy> For me is just a word. I work in spanish and in english, so i can have: tickets, issues, reportes, entradas, posts, problemas...
13:50:52 <bkp> #idea Continue to refer to actively pursued issues in Pagure as "tickets" until someone comes up with a better idea.
13:51:12 <x3mboy> If you now what is the meaning of the identifier, there is no issue about what work you use to talk about it
13:51:12 <bkp> Problemas sounds cooler
13:51:16 <mailga> bkp: +1
13:51:27 <bkp> x3mboy: Agreed
13:51:39 <bkp> Okay, if there is nothing else?
13:52:17 <bkp> Again, please except my apologies for the delay this morning with the workmen
13:52:43 <bkp> Meeting minutes will be up in a bit, after I get them really settled in.
13:52:47 <x3mboy> Social networks are managed with Marketing team? Or it's another team?
13:52:59 <bkp> x3mboy: This team.
13:53:09 <bkp> And I help a lot with that. What's up?
13:53:43 <x3mboy> bkp, I like that area, maybe i can help with something...
13:54:37 <x3mboy> bkp, we can talk later, you have a problema to solve in your house ;)
13:54:59 * mailga has to leave, thanks bkp for chairing!
13:55:31 <x3mboy> mailga, see you later
13:59:38 <bkp> Thanks all! x3mboy Let's chat on the mktg channel!
13:59:43 <bkp> #endmeeting