14:05:26 <Sparks> #startmeeting Security Team Meeting - Agenda: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Security_Team_meetings
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14:05:30 <Sparks> #meetingname Fedora Security Team
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14:05:32 <Sparks> #topic Roll Call
14:05:33 * Sparks 
14:06:01 * jtaylor90 is here
14:07:38 <danrm> hi all!
14:12:14 <Astradeus> hi, /me is partially here :/
14:12:40 <danrm> why partially?
14:12:54 <Astradeus> have to work in parallel
14:12:55 <Sparks> zoglesby: Do you have anything further on the Apprenticeship?
14:12:59 <Astradeus> fixing stuff^^
14:13:15 <linuxmodder> .hello linuxmodder
14:13:16 <zodbot> linuxmodder: linuxmodder 'Corey W Sheldon' <sheldon.corey@openmailbox.org>
14:13:20 <linuxmodder> (late)
14:13:50 <linuxmodder> Sparks,  seemed fine for me when I went through it
14:14:11 <linuxmodder> had a email to the list with a few thoughts a few weeks ago otherwise nothing
14:14:20 <linuxmodder> Astradeus,  like?
14:15:35 <Astradeus> samba & ldap & latex
14:15:43 <Astradeus> and two separate windows problems^^
14:15:55 <Astradeus> kinda multitasking right now
14:17:27 <zoglesby> I said I was here, and then looked away
14:18:07 <zoglesby> A new person posted to the list, I keep meaning to reply and start the Apprenticeship process, but have not done so yet.
14:18:38 <danrm> Yes, I posted the last friday
14:19:07 <zoglesby> danrm: welcome! good to see you at the meeting. Sorry that I have not followed up with you yet
14:20:02 <danrm> no problem, I am happy to be here
14:20:21 <Sparks> 
14:20:25 <Sparks> #topic Windows/OS X Tools in F25
14:20:28 <Sparks> Any update here?
14:20:43 <zoglesby> I never heard anything back on the Windows builds
14:22:07 <zoglesby> and now I can't find the email, one sec so I can link it
14:22:12 <Sparks> Could you ping them?
14:23:08 <zoglesby> https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/security@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/N46TLCOZMDDH7QH3227BWJHLZ33DBR4T/
14:23:18 <zoglesby> Sure, I will do that today or tomorrow
14:27:27 <Sparks> #topic Outstanding BZ Tickets
14:27:46 <Sparks> Anyone have anything bug-wise to discuss?
14:28:42 <zoglesby> yep, one sec
14:29:21 <zoglesby> Do we need to talk about https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/security@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/4SAZCTBFE4UHDWVNXXZLVZIUOQZNS6HJ/
14:29:32 <zoglesby> Email about gpg, etc.
14:29:49 * Sparks was just reading that thread
14:32:25 <Sparks> Looks like everything is sorted there.
14:33:18 <zoglesby> okay, just wanted to make sure others where happy about the outcome
14:35:58 <Sparks> Any other concerns?
14:37:04 <Sparks> #topic Open floor discussion/questions/comments
14:37:08 <Sparks> Anyone have anything?
14:37:14 <jtaylor90> not me
14:37:30 <zoglesby> I am out on vacation for the next two weeks
14:37:52 <Sparks> woot!
14:38:06 <danrm> I have one
14:38:07 <zoglesby> I put it on the fedora vacation calendar, and made a note that if I was working on anything security related with anyone to contact Sparks
14:38:43 <danrm> whats next for me in terms to advance in the contribution process?
14:39:00 <Sparks> zoglesby: Gee, thanks.
14:39:41 <Sparks> danrm: We have been working on an Apprenticeship "certification".  Perhaps you could start working through that and give us feedback on it.
14:40:00 <danrm> ok, I like it!
14:40:35 <zoglesby> danrm: take a look at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Security_Team_Apprenticeship
14:40:53 <zoglesby> start asking questions in #fedora-security-team
14:41:50 <danrm> ok, thanks!
14:42:00 <Sparks> Anything else?
14:44:27 <zoglesby> I got nothing
14:46:55 <Sparks> I can tell you that I'm woefully behind in all duties in FST
14:47:12 <zoglesby> We know
14:47:17 <zoglesby> :P
14:47:21 <Sparks> ugh
14:47:55 <Astradeus> aren't we all?
14:48:26 <Astradeus> i also had plans for more stuff than i actually do^^
14:48:56 <danrm> lol
14:50:01 <Sparks> Okay, well I guess we can close this meeting.  Thank you all for joining.
14:50:04 <Sparks> Welcome danrm
14:50:18 <Sparks> Everyone have a good week and I'll print you all next week!
14:50:22 <Sparks> #endmeeting