15:56:11 <jflory7> #startmeeting Fedora CommOps (2016-07-05)
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15:56:17 <jflory7> #meetingname commops
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15:56:21 <jflory7> #nick commops
15:56:27 <jflory7> #topic Agenda
15:56:28 <meskarune> howdy
15:56:32 <jflory7> #link
15:56:36 <jflory7> meskarune: o/
15:56:41 <jflory7> #info (1) Roll Call / Q&A
15:56:46 <jflory7> #info (2) Announcements
15:56:51 <jflory7> #info (3) Action items from last meeting
15:56:55 <jflory7> #info (4) Tickets
15:57:00 <jflory7> #info (5) Wiki Gardening
15:57:00 <c0mrad3> .hello dhanvi
15:57:01 <zodbot> c0mrad3: dhanvi 'Tummala Dhanvi' <>
15:57:14 <jflory7> #info (6) Community Blog
15:57:22 <jflory7> #info (7) Release Schedule
15:57:27 <jflory7> #info (8) Open Floor
15:57:43 <jflory7> #topic Roll Call / Q&A
15:57:43 <jflory7> #info Name; Timezone; Sub-projects/Interest Areas
15:57:48 <jflory7> #chair meskarune c0mrad3
15:57:48 <zodbot> Current chairs: c0mrad3 jflory7 meskarune
15:57:49 <skamath> .hellomynameis skamath
15:57:50 <trishnag> .hello trishnag
15:57:52 <jflory7> If this is your first time at a CommOps meeting, feel free to introduce yourself to everyone and say hello! If anyone has any questions before we get started with the rest of the agenda, now is also a good time to ask.
15:57:52 <zodbot> skamath: skamath 'Sachin S Kamath ' <>
15:57:55 <zodbot> trishnag: trishnag 'Trishna Guha' <>
15:57:59 <jflory7> #chair skamath trishnag
15:57:59 <zodbot> Current chairs: c0mrad3 jflory7 meskarune skamath trishnag
15:58:20 <trishnag> #info Trishna Guha; UTC +5:30; Infrastructure, Cloud, CommOps
15:58:27 <jflory7> #info Justin W. Flory; UTC-4; CommOps, Marketing / Magazine, Ambassadors, Diversity, Join, Infrastructure-fi, and more
15:58:31 <skamath> #info Sachin S. Kamath ; UTC +5.30 ; CommOps, GSoC, Metrics, Onboarding and more ..
15:58:42 <jflory7> Hiya, everyone!
15:58:52 <c0mrad3> #info Tummala Dhanvi ; UTC 5:30 ; CommOps, Docs, Security, GSoC *
15:58:57 * trishnag waves to all
15:59:02 <skamath> Hello jflory7 ó/
15:59:16 * skamath waves to trishnag
15:59:45 <jflory7> We'll wait a few more minutes for some others to arrive. :)
16:00:56 <trishnag> Sure :)
16:01:34 <bee2502> #info bee2502 ; UTC +2 ; Metrics,GSoC
16:01:54 <meskarune> .hello meskarune
16:01:56 <zodbot> meskarune: meskarune 'Dolores Portalatin' <>
16:01:57 <skamath> bee2502, ó/
16:02:05 <c0mrad3> #chair bee2502
16:02:05 <zodbot> Current chairs: bee2502 c0mrad3 jflory7 meskarune skamath trishnag
16:02:18 <c0mrad3> #chair meskarune
16:02:18 <zodbot> Current chairs: bee2502 c0mrad3 jflory7 meskarune skamath trishnag
16:02:30 <jflory7> Hey bee2502!
16:02:46 * c0mrad3 waves to all :)
16:03:43 <meskarune> \o
16:04:17 <GIANT_CRAB> hello all!
16:04:29 <GIANT_CRAB> jflory7: thanks for the reminder!
16:04:34 <jflory7> #chair GIANT_CRAB
16:04:34 <zodbot> Current chairs: GIANT_CRAB bee2502 c0mrad3 jflory7 meskarune skamath trishnag
16:04:43 <jflory7> Hey GIANT_CRAB, welcome :)
16:05:19 <jflory7> Alrighty, we're 5 after. Let's get started~
16:05:28 <jflory7> #topic Announcements
16:05:34 <jflory7> #info === "Fedora 22: End Of Life, 2016 July 19" ===
16:05:38 <jflory7> #link
16:05:42 <skamath> :'(
16:05:44 <jflory7> #info With the recent release of Fedora 24, Fedora 22 will officially enter End Of Life (EOL) status on July 19th, 2016. After July 19th, all packages in the Fedora 22 repositories will no longer receive security, bugfix, or enhancement updates, and no new packages will be added to the Fedora 22 collection.
16:05:57 <jflory7> #info === Fedora 24 release parties in progress ===
16:05:59 <bee2502> hi jflory7!
16:06:01 <jflory7> Lots of links for this one...
16:06:03 <jflory7> bee2502: o.
16:06:05 <jflory7> * o/
16:06:09 <jflory7> #link
16:06:14 <jflory7> #link
16:06:19 <jflory7> #link
16:06:22 <jflory7> #link
16:06:27 <jflory7> #link
16:06:33 <jflory7> #link
16:06:38 <jflory7> #link
16:06:42 <jflory7> #info There are Fedora 24 release parties happening all over the world both this month and the end of last month. You can see reports or event pages from Ambassadors at all of the above links. See if there are any release parties happening in your region! If you're interested in organizing one, check out this post on the Community Blog.
16:06:47 <jflory7> #link
16:06:59 <jflory7> Nice work to all who have written a report on their release parties :)
16:07:09 <jflory7> #info === Flock 2016: August 2-5, 2016 ===
16:07:09 <skamath> I believe one is happening at the RH office in Banglore, India.
16:07:13 <jflory7> #link
16:07:20 <jflory7> #info Reminder that Flock, Fedora's annual contributor conference, is coming up at the beginning of next month.
16:07:22 <jflory7> eof
16:07:30 <jflory7> skamath: I think I remember seeing that one mentioned somewhere too.
16:07:33 <trishnag> skamath: Yes
16:07:44 <jflory7> Ahh!
16:07:50 <skamath> trishnag++
16:07:50 <jflory7> #link
16:08:11 <jflory7> Okay, that was all the announcements from me. Anyone else have anything to add in?
16:08:19 <jflory7> Otherwise, we can move on to past action items.
16:08:48 <jflory7> Going once...
16:08:58 <jflory7> Going twice...
16:09:03 <jflory7> Thrice...
16:09:05 <jflory7> #topic Action items from last meeting
16:09:10 <jflory7> #link
16:09:19 <jflory7> #info How This Works: We look at past #action items from the last meeting for quick follow-up. If a task is completed, we move on to the next one. If it isn't, we get an update and re-action it if needed. If no status, we'll try to get a quick update and move forward.
16:09:25 <jflory7> #info === [COMPLETE] jflory7 Move forward with making final plans for vFAD or reconsider plans for Flock workshop (???) ===
16:09:31 <jflory7> #link
16:09:37 <jflory7> #link
16:09:44 <jflory7> #info === [COMPLETE] jflory7 Follow up in #fedora-flock about Fedocal for Flock or if any previous action items need follow-up ===
16:09:49 <jflory7> #info === [INCOMPLETE] jflory7 Open a ticket to look into drafting an (automated?) check-in email with members of CommOps to determine activity ===
16:10:30 <jflory7> Oh, wait, I did do that
16:10:32 <jflory7> #undo
16:10:32 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: INFO by jflory7 at 16:09:49 : === [INCOMPLETE] jflory7 Open a ticket to look into drafting an (automated?) check-in email with members of CommOps to determine activity ===
16:10:38 <jflory7> #info === [COMPLETE] jflory7 Open a ticket to look into drafting an (automated?) check-in email with members of CommOps to determine activity ===
16:10:43 <jflory7> #link
16:10:56 <jflory7> #info === [COMPLETE] jflory7 Write up an initial draft of a wiki page outlining the process for Ambassadors specifically to request assets from the Design Team, include plans to reach out to regional Ambassadors from all regions with this information later ===
16:11:00 <jflory7> #link
16:11:09 <jflory7> #info === [IN PROGRESS] jflory7 Get on top of editing this week and schedule some of these articles for this / next week, reply back to authors waiting for a response ===
16:11:15 <jflory7> #action jflory7 Continue working through Community Blog queue after receiving feedback from authors
16:11:21 <jflory7> #info === [COMPLETE] skamath File a Badges ticket for the Modularity WG on-boarding badge, write basic YAML file for awarding the badge based on previous badge ticket (#464) ===
16:11:25 <jflory7> #link
16:11:31 <jflory7> #info === [COMPLETE] jflory7 Work on getting a wiki page created for the CommOps F23 retrospective ===
16:11:35 <jflory7> #link
16:11:39 <jflory7> #info === skamath Work on generating data from CommOps contributions and shaping interpretations from the data for the retrospective (cc: bee2502 to help relate this to GSoC work, possibly?) ===
16:11:42 <skamath> I can see it picking up momentum
16:11:42 <jflory7> skamath: Any updates here?
16:11:48 <meskarune> omg
16:11:51 <meskarune> jflory7: ++
16:11:56 <meskarune> you are killing it
16:12:00 <skamath> jflory7, WIP. I got the fedorainfraspace and I will be deploying it very soon.
16:12:24 <jflory7> meskarune: Heheh, lots of stuff done this past week. :)
16:12:32 <jflory7> skamath: Awesome! I saw that ticket. :)
16:12:52 <skamath> #info jflory7 skamath and bee2502 have root access to and should be able to deploy metrics tasks/crons there
16:12:54 <devyani7> .hello devyani7
16:12:55 <zodbot> devyani7: devyani7 'Devyani Kota' <>
16:12:56 <skamath> nirik++
16:12:58 <zodbot> skamath: Karma for kevin changed to 6 (for the f24 release cycle):
16:12:59 <devyani7> sorry to be late
16:13:03 <devyani7> :)
16:13:04 <jflory7> skamath++ nirik++
16:13:09 <jflory7> Hi devyani7! :)
16:13:10 <skamath> devyani7, ó/
16:13:11 <jflory7> #chair devyani7
16:13:11 <zodbot> Current chairs: GIANT_CRAB bee2502 c0mrad3 devyani7 jflory7 meskarune skamath trishnag
16:13:21 <devyani7> jflory7: skamath o/
16:13:26 <jflory7> Okay, that should be all the action items then. To tickets!
16:13:26 <skamath> I got pingou's hairstyle :) \ó/
16:13:30 <jflory7> Thanks for the update, skamath :)
16:13:36 <jflory7> #topic Tickets
16:13:41 <jflory7> #link
16:13:45 <jflory7> #info === Ticket #79 ===
16:13:52 <jflory7> #info "Flock 2016 CommOps Workshop"
16:13:56 <jflory7> #link
16:14:00 <jflory7> #link
16:14:03 <jflory7> The CommOps workshop at Flock will be happening next month. We have a two hour slot where we can present and work on existing tasks and action items. This is also a place for the community to bring ideas and wishes for us to help work on building a better project together. Take a mint
16:14:19 <skamath> jflory7, It;s all on you :D
16:14:22 <jflory7> Oh, guess I never finished typing that.
16:14:23 <skamath> *It's
16:14:26 <jflory7> I've created a very general outline of some of my thoughts for this on the wiki page.
16:14:50 <trishnag> jflory7++
16:15:00 <jflory7> skamath: Sure, but I also want this to be a very collaborative discussion and open to feedback, thoughts, and suggestions. It's the CommOps workshop, not jflory7's workshop. :D
16:15:27 <skamath> jflory7++
16:15:49 <jflory7> I'm hoping to spend some more time on pulling together some preliminary ideas. I definitely want to make sure there's "open" time in the workshop for extended discussions or things we can't anticipate for in advance. In my experiences last year, this always happens one way or another
16:15:54 <jflory7> So having a structure will be important
16:16:09 <jflory7> But keeping it loose in case something takes longer or another target objective pops up is a good idea
16:16:26 <jflory7> I'm hoping to spend some more time on the planning / details soon.
16:16:44 <skamath> jflory7, and what about the FAD?
16:16:50 <jflory7> I will definitely be putting details about the workshop in the ticket.
16:17:06 <jflory7> skamath: That was one thing we mentioned last week that we wanted to possible discuss / plan at the workshop.
16:17:26 <jflory7> I personally think it would be cool to maybe aim for an actual FAD instead of a vFAD, but there's a lot of other things that would depend on too
16:17:40 <jflory7> Because we also are introducing budgetary items at that point.
16:17:53 <skamath> I missed out the v, lol.
16:18:18 <GIANT_CRAB> I think it make sense but do keep in mind not everyone will be attending Flock. We'll try to see what we can try to help out
16:18:25 <jflory7> It'll be worth revisiting at the Flock workshop, but at the very least, I definitely want to do a FAD, virtual or not, of any sort in 2016. :)
16:18:38 <jflory7> GIANT_CRAB: I'm intentionally going to try keeping the workshop open to remote contributions in any way I can
16:18:55 <skamath> is there going to be a live stream of Flock jflory7 ?
16:18:58 <c0mrad3> +1 for FAD or vFAD
16:19:21 <trishnag> skamath: I don't think so
16:19:24 <jflory7> skamath: It's a big "if". :/ At Flock 2015, streams were impossible because of bandwidth / hotel Internet. But all talks were recorded and shared out after the event.
16:19:50 <skamath> Ah yes. I remember going through a couple of them.
16:19:57 <jflory7> If there's a way to possibly have a stream, or maybe even a group hangout, I might see if we can do that
16:20:06 <jflory7> But it's super hard to plan ahead of time for that.
16:20:08 * jflory7 crosses fingers
16:20:11 <skamath> jflory7++
16:20:47 <jflory7> In any case, does anyone have anything they want to add to the discussion about the workshop right now?
16:20:47 <trishnag> jflory7: That would be super awesome :)
16:20:52 <jflory7> trishnag: Agreed!
16:21:08 <jflory7> I mostly wanted to put the word out now, and maybe revisit next week once some more plans are down and organized.
16:22:03 <skamath> +1
16:22:06 <jflory7> Anyways, ticket #79, going once...
16:22:18 * jflory7 remembered something last minute
16:22:48 <jflory7> If anyone who is planning to be at Flock and attending the workshop, or is interested in contributing virtually, please add your names to the list of members on the wiki page. :)
16:23:04 <jflory7> For reference:
16:23:10 <jflory7> I should add a section for virtual attendees too
16:23:17 * jflory7 does that super fast
16:23:54 <jflory7> Okay, done. Feel free to add yourself there if you're interested in participating, or if you will actually be there too!
16:24:03 <jflory7> Will help greatly with planning.
16:24:13 <jflory7> #info === Tickets #34, 69 ===
16:24:18 <meskarune> flock sounds like a lot of fun
16:24:20 <jflory7> #info #39: "[Onboarding Series] [MASTER TICKET] Creating sub-project on-boarding badge series"
16:24:25 <jflory7> #info #49: "[Onboarding Series] CommOps!"
16:24:29 <jflory7> #link
16:24:33 <jflory7> #link
16:24:37 <jflory7> #link
16:24:42 <jflory7> #info CommOps Team Onboarding Steps > Badges Team Missing Badges > Hubs Team Badges Tracks and Widgets
16:24:46 <jflory7> skamath filed the next ticket for the Modularity WG badge, based on FAS group sponsorship. It is awaiting review by a Design Team member to create the art assets for it. We can post an update on the Modularity WG ticket about the latest update to their ticket.
16:24:51 <jflory7> #action jflory7 Update Ticket #69 about Modularity WG on-boarding badge ticket
16:25:04 <jflory7> Although, actually, since I wrote the agenda, the Modularity WG already reviewed the badge ticket.
16:25:50 <jflory7> meskarune: It really is - when it comes back to the US next year, it's definitely worth a trip. My first experience with Fedora was last year at Flock since it was at my university, and that's where I started to get reeled in :)
16:26:12 <meskarune> oh thats really awesome :D
16:26:13 <skamath> jflory7, "so something for later perhaps" - means there will be another badge series for Modularity?
16:26:46 <trishnag> jflory7: Awesome :)
16:26:51 <jflory7> skamath: They liked the idea of expanding the badges ideas for contributions. I think one of the unique ideas for them would be to use Taiga (i.e. task management tool) for badges, but that's not quite yet in fedmsg.
16:26:52 * skamath is reading the meeting log
16:27:03 <meskarune> how is the onboarding badges for commops going?
16:27:15 <skamath> meskarune, Awaiting artwork suggestions
16:27:19 <jflory7> More realistically would be monitoring commits to specific repos related to modularity, but I'm not yet 100% on the details for that one.
16:27:37 <jflory7> meskarune: Yeah, once there's approved artwork, it should be all set to push out and start using it ASAP. :)
16:28:02 <jflory7> There is a Design FAD at the end of this month right before Flock, so maybe a lot of badges will be done then, although I'm not sure how major of a role badges will be at their FAD.
16:28:06 <meskarune> skamath: oh nice :D
16:29:40 <jflory7> Anything else we want to cover for now? I think closing out on the loop with the Modularity ticket (i.e. finishing triaging it with the Modularity WG) is a good next step for time by next week, and then we can possibly look at Infrastructure.
16:29:55 <jflory7> Infrastructure is a little more challenging because they already have FAS sponsorship group ones
16:30:03 <jflory7> Their ticket was a little more in-depth to the overall process
16:30:25 <jflory7> Some of the other tickets like the mailing list and Pagure badges would be more useful to them.
16:30:25 <meskarune> so did you guys end up with a final list of tasks for people to be officially in commops and can that be applied to other subprojects?
16:30:32 <trishnag> jflory7: +1 on Infrastructure
16:30:34 * mailga around
16:31:01 <meskarune> Like are you using the wiki to document that?
16:31:19 <skamath> meskarune, Pagure had limited amount of listeners right now.
16:31:30 <jflory7> meskarune: We have our Join page which we agreed was a good base for CommOps. The way it's structured, I feel like we could easily recycle it for any other sub-project or sub-group that needed better documentation for joining.
16:31:45 <jflory7> Ideally, though, in a world of the future, these pages on the wiki will not be necessary
16:31:48 <skamath> meskarune, It does not track commits yet so it'd be really hard to decide on the criteria
16:31:52 <jflory7> Long-term, that's what Hubs will be.
16:31:55 <jflory7> But Hubs is not here yet.
16:32:19 <jflory7> So for short-term, using the wiki is the best bet for documenting on-boarding, and then the Hubs team can refer to these pages to build the sub-group / sub-project hubs.
16:32:28 <jflory7> mailga: Hey!
16:32:31 <jflory7> #chair mailga
16:32:31 <zodbot> Current chairs: GIANT_CRAB bee2502 c0mrad3 devyani7 jflory7 mailga meskarune skamath trishnag
16:32:38 <meskarune> jflory7: yeah, that makes sense
16:32:52 <mailga> jflory7: hello all.
16:33:00 <trishnag> mailga: o/
16:33:07 <meskarune> so when you guys want to verify the onboard process for other subs you can have them update a wiki page and open tickets with them to get that done maybe
16:34:20 <skamath> jflory7, for Pagure - issues, PR's and forks are tracked - contribution wise. commits / work on forks are not counted.
16:34:38 <skamath> Exactly why I had problem generating devyani7's mid term data
16:34:41 <jflory7> meskarune: Exactly. Most sub-$THINGS have their own on-boarding process already, although they are all in different formats and unique to each group. Not just in the type of things to do, but how they're formatted, where to look for them, etc. The Join SIG was more or less helping unify these things many moons ago, but I anticipate holding off on wiki unification (for now) until we see how Hubs comes together to unify this info. I'm more pro for
16:34:41 <jflory7> creating NEW pages, but a little more cautious on updating current pages, unless the process is out of date or incorrect.
16:35:10 <devyani7> skamath: nod nod
16:35:11 <jflory7> skamath: Ahhhh, really? I see... is there any easier way to track that data or watch another fedmsg hook of some kind?
16:35:44 <skamath> jflory7, we could talk to infra for adding more listeners to Pagure
16:35:53 <skamath> it will be an interesting thing to add
16:36:03 <jflory7> skamath: Oh, now your comment makes sense, there aren't listeners for this.
16:36:15 <skamath> jflory7, Yep.
16:36:19 <jflory7> Yeah, I think a ticket in the Pagure issue tracker (if there isn't one already) is a good idea.
16:36:45 <jflory7> This will definitely be something (I think) is helpful for gauging contributions. A lot of people work in forks, so having access to that activity and being able to see it in fedmsg is big, in my eyes.
16:36:49 <meskarune> jflory7: yeah, sounds good
16:36:59 <skamath> jflory7, Listeners for commits exist for git - namely git.receive . It should be fairly easy to add one for Pagure.
16:37:11 <jflory7> #idea Tracking activity and contributions in Pagure forks in fedmsg will be helpful measuring contributions and taking a look at activity
16:37:17 <jflory7> skamath: Want to take an action to file that ticket?
16:37:32 <skamath> jflory7, Sure.
16:37:52 <skamath> I might as well end up contributing to it
16:38:00 <jflory7> #action skamath File a Pagure issue about adding listeners for tracking activity in forks via fedmsg
16:38:03 <skamath> fedmsg is *super* interesting
16:38:12 * trishnag waits for migrating of fedora projects from github to pagure
16:38:33 <jflory7> #idea For existing sub-projects / sub-groups, most have wiki pages already about getting started, but they are all different from each other in how they are formatted or organized. Hubs should help unify this information for us.
16:38:37 <skamath> I really miss the star feature, trishnag
16:39:10 <jflory7> #idea Creating NEW pages for sub-projects / sub-groups is helpful to contributors short-term and also later on for the Hubs team when it comes time for creating sub-$THING hubs
16:39:34 <jflory7> #info CommOps ticket is still in progress and awaiting artwork to be designed before it is closed out in Trac.
16:40:02 <jflory7> #info Modularity WG responded and left feedback on the ticket in fedbadges for their on-boarding badge. This is an ongoing process, and hopefully the ticket can be triaged and awaiting artwork by the end of the week.
16:41:01 <jflory7> #info Infrastructure will be up next, but an interesting challenge. Already have badges for FAS sponsorships, so other ideas (e.g. mailing list and Pagure activity) will be more useful not only to Infra but many other sub-projects. Next steps for Infra might be studying fedmsg and writing the YAML files, testing how expensive the operations are, etc.
16:41:10 <jflory7> Okay, that's all the summaries for this discussion I can think of.
16:41:15 <jflory7> Anyone else want to throw anything out for this ticket?
16:41:17 <skamath> The ticket is moving fast
16:41:20 <skamath> :)
16:41:33 <trishnag> jflory7++ :)
16:41:42 <jflory7> skamath: Yeah, no kidding, starting to pick up traction now. :)
16:41:56 <jflory7> Alrighty, on-boarding tickets, going once...
16:42:05 <jflory7> Going twice...
16:42:10 <jflory7> Thrice...
16:42:18 <jflory7> #info === Ticket #71 ===
16:42:22 <jflory7> #info "Centralizing Ambassadors / Events resources and utilities"
16:42:37 <jflory7> #link
16:42:42 <jflory7> #link
16:42:47 <jflory7> #info Wiki page written up detailing communication process between Ambassadors and Design team, based on feedback from mizmo and gnokii. Page was sent off to the Design Team mailing list and awaits review from Design members. Once approved, next action is to socialize it with Ambassadors and specific regional leaders, i.e. storytellers and treasurers.
16:42:51 <jflory7> Glancing through the page, does anyone notice anything or have any feedback about it that they'd like to offer out?
16:43:00 <jflory7> mailga: This might be one you could offer some feedback on as an Ambassador.
16:43:33 <jflory7> But seriously, thanks to mizmo++ gnokii++ for the feedback that made writing this all up super easy
16:43:33 <zodbot> jflory7: Karma for gnokii changed to 1 (for the f24 release cycle):
16:43:38 * skamath clicks
16:44:06 <skamath> Woah! Fedora 7 cover.
16:44:14 <jflory7> My biggest concern with the page is the "whoa" factor in that it's a little too wordy at times, I think. I might try to have a summary at the top, followed by the fully explained breakdown.
16:44:29 <jflory7> But right now, I'm waiting to hear back from the Design Team before socializing this page around
16:44:36 <jflory7> skamath: Heh, yeah, an oldie. :)
16:44:52 <jflory7> #idea Write a Community Blog article about the process
16:45:00 <jflory7> #idea Share the link with the Ambassadors mailing list
16:45:11 <jflory7> #idea Send directly to regional storytellers and treasurers
16:45:18 <jflory7> ^^^ all after getting the +1 from Design
16:45:31 <skamath> +1
16:45:39 <trishnag> +1
16:45:42 <skamath> Sounds good.
16:46:51 <jflory7> Hopefully this ticket is very close to being closed out. Everything done right now is mostly short-term, as eventually, Hubs and the future FOSCo will make this process more easily communicated across all relevant sub-groups.
16:47:31 <jflory7> But I think acknowledging the short-term is still super important so help is available *now* instead of "someday soon". :)
16:47:58 <jflory7> Hopefully more updates / info in time by next week's meeting!
16:48:11 <jflory7> I don't have much else to put out on this ticket.
16:48:20 <mailga> jflory7: I think so, all the new things we're setting up from here to hubs and FOSCo happen seem  to be unuseful in the furture.
16:49:14 <jflory7> mailga: Yeah, agreed. Eventually having a wiki page for this process won't be the "default" way to get the information.
16:49:39 <jflory7> I'm excited to see the FOSCo discussion and process moving forward now. :)
16:49:54 <jflory7> I'm starting to see the ways how having this would be helpful more and more now
16:50:51 <jflory7> Alrighty. Anything else to add in to this ticket? Anyone have ideas, thoughts, suggestions, or otherwise?
16:51:21 <skamath> Nothing from here
16:51:23 <jflory7> If not, this will wrap up all the tickets for today. :)
16:51:29 <jflory7> Nothing from me, either.
16:51:45 <jflory7> Ticket #71, going once...
16:51:55 <jflory7> Going twice...
16:52:00 <jflory7> Thrice...
16:52:05 <jflory7> #topic Wiki Gardening
16:52:12 <jflory7> #action commops New members, make sure you add your timezone / interests on CommOps wiki [ ]
16:52:32 <jflory7> I have nothing pressing for wiki gardening, outside of anything that's not already in a ticket.
16:52:45 <skamath> My list is empty
16:53:06 <jflory7> We can probably skip on the next topic today
16:53:17 <skamath> +1
16:53:23 <jflory7> #topic Community Blog
16:53:25 <jflory7> #info How This Works: There is a quick blast of information about what was published in the past week with some metrics, followed by posts that are being drafted. After the information blast, the floor is opened for any Community Blog-related discussion. Here we go!
16:53:37 * skamath fastens searbelts
16:53:37 <jflory7> #info === This Week in CommBlog ===
16:53:42 <jflory7> #info (1) "Fedora Design Suite considered “best of the basics”"
16:53:48 <jflory7> #link
16:53:53 <jflory7> #info Total Views (June 30 - July 5): 49
16:54:00 <jflory7> #link
16:54:06 <jflory7> #info === Coming Up in CommBlog ===
16:54:11 <jflory7> #info (1) "Southeast Linux Fest 2016"
16:54:17 <jflory7> #link
16:54:23 <jflory7> #action jflory7 Review and schedule SELF 2016 CommBlog post due:2016-07-12T12:00
16:54:28 <jflory7> #info (2) "Hosting your own Fedora Test Day"
16:54:34 <jflory7> #link
16:54:40 <jflory7> #info Already reviewed, waiting for follow-up from author
16:54:45 <jflory7> #info (3) "Heroes of Fedora (HoF) – F23 Final"
16:54:55 <jflory7> #link
16:54:59 <jflory7> #info Scheduled: 2016-07-07, 08:15 UTC
16:55:00 <skamath> Heroes of Fedora? :D
16:55:05 <mailga> jflory7: if you wanna add an info task take a look here
16:55:10 <skamath> That's an interesting title.
16:55:10 <trishnag> heh!
16:55:37 <jflory7> #info (4) "Fedora 24 Release Party: San Fernando Valley Linux Users Group (2016) Event Report – Van Nuys, California"
16:55:39 <jflory7> #link
16:55:44 <jflory7> #info In progress by author, will revisit once complete.
16:56:12 <jflory7> skamath: Heroes of Fedora is adamw's series he puts out every Alpha, Beta, and final release about the people who helped test packages and test cases in Fedora. :)
16:56:20 <trishnag> jflory7 is there :)
16:56:22 <jflory7> It's a super great idea, I always love reading them
16:56:22 <trishnag> skamath: ^^
16:56:29 <jflory7> adamw++ for Heroes of Fedora!
16:56:29 <zodbot> jflory7: Karma for adamwill changed to 2 (for the f24 release cycle):
16:56:40 <trishnag> adamw++
16:56:40 <zodbot> trishnag: Karma for adamwill changed to 3 (for the f24 release cycle):
16:56:40 <skamath> trishnag, show me a place where jflory7 isn't there :P
16:56:48 <jflory7> Heheh :)
16:56:51 <jflory7> mailga: Looking now!
16:57:03 <trishnag> skamath: :P
16:57:37 * mailga would avoid to edit new wiki pages, but there's still the need sometimes.
16:58:59 <jflory7> mailga: Okay, this is good to see. I will see if there's anything I can add to the page.
16:59:25 <jflory7> #action jflory7 Take a look at the FOSCo status page closer, see if there's anything to add from CommOps / Marketing perspective
16:59:44 <jflory7> mailga: Thanks for pointing that out.
16:59:48 <jflory7> Anything else for the Community Blog?
16:59:51 <mailga> jflory7: ok. I'll try to keep it updated.
16:59:55 <jflory7> mailga++
16:59:55 <zodbot> jflory7: Karma for mailga changed to 1 (for the f24 release cycle):
17:00:32 <mailga> jflory7: thanks.
17:00:45 <jflory7> #help Writers for the Community Blog wanted! Working on cool stuff in Fedora? Want to get the word out about future changes? Need to get more opinions or eyes on a topic? Consider writing a short post for the Community Blog! Check out #fedora-commops for more info!
17:00:54 <jflory7> mailga: Gladly :)
17:01:00 <jflory7> Alrighty, that should be good for the Community Blog.
17:01:06 <jflory7> #topic Release Schedule
17:01:10 <jflory7> #link
17:01:16 <jflory7> #info The CommOps Fedora 24 retrospective wiki page is now up. Anyone who has contributed or participated in CommOps this release cycle is HIGHLY encouraged to add feedback to the page with their thoughts and opinions about our performance as a team this release. Please take 10 - 20 minutes to add your own thoughts and ideas to the page this week. This helps us improve and grow as a team.
17:01:25 <jflory7> #link
17:01:30 <jflory7> #action commops Add thoughts and feedback about CommOps performance this release to the retrospective page
17:01:36 <jflory7> #action jflory7 Add personal thoughts to F24 CommOps retrospective
17:01:59 <jflory7> This is a great way for us all to reflect on our efforts, accomplishments, and what we need to improve on as a team.
17:02:04 <skamath> #action skamath Figure out how to add statistics to the wiki
17:02:16 <skamath> #undo
17:02:16 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: ACTION by skamath at 17:02:04 : skamath Figure out how to add statistics to the wiki
17:02:22 <jflory7> No matter how much you've contributing to CommOps, adding your own thoughts or ideas to this wiki page is beyond appreciated and welcome. :)
17:02:26 <skamath> #action skamath Figure out how to add statistics to the CommOps retrospective wiki
17:02:32 <jflory7> skamath: The statistics would be super cool!!!
17:02:47 <skamath> As discussed in the previous meeting.
17:03:05 <skamath> jflory7, I am working on pulling users directly from a Fedora group using that tool
17:03:11 <jflory7> Anyways, if you have maybe 10 - 20 free minutes today or this week, it would be great if you could add any thoughts or notes to this page. :)
17:03:16 <skamath> It'd be more flexible :)
17:03:18 <GIANT_CRAB> I'll add some thoughts on the retrospective wiki
17:03:28 <jflory7> skamath: I saw the question about polling FAS group members in #fedora-apps this morning :)
17:03:55 <skamath> Failed to used python scraping there :p
17:03:57 <jflory7> GIANT_CRAB++ Awesome! Can't wait to read them. :)
17:04:14 <skamath> GIANT_CRAB++
17:04:14 <zodbot> skamath: Karma for woohuiren changed to 2 (for the f24 release cycle):
17:04:16 <jflory7> Both the good and the bad are equally welcome
17:04:34 <jflory7> Anyways, that's the big thing I had for the release schedule bit...
17:04:44 <trishnag> GIANT_CRAB++ skamath++
17:04:44 <zodbot> trishnag: Karma for woohuiren changed to 3 (for the f24 release cycle):
17:04:54 <jflory7> Other than the retrospective, F24 release cycle == accomplished!
17:05:11 <skamath> CommOps++
17:05:17 <jflory7> #info Congrats, you survived the Fedora 24 release cycle! commops++
17:05:21 <jflory7> :D
17:05:22 <skamath> Glory to the commops land! :)
17:05:39 <jflory7> #topic Open Floor
17:05:51 <jflory7> And that brings us to open floor.
17:05:56 <jflory7> Anyone have anything to throw out there?
17:06:09 <jflory7> Or any questions?
17:06:33 <skamath> Time-check : We have 20 more minutes. Lot of time, actually.
17:06:49 <trishnag> commops++
17:07:09 <jflory7> :)
17:07:11 <jflory7> I'm really glad we have the extra 30 minutes. Rarely do we go that long, but it's nice to not have to feel rushed the entire time to fit it all into one hour.
17:07:15 <meskarune> wow, fast meeting :)
17:07:35 <skamath> I'd get a lot of cookies if I register a FAS account with name commops :p
17:07:35 <meskarune> yeah, its good you have the time to discuss
17:07:35 <trishnag> jflory7: yes :)
17:07:41 <skamath> Like someone did to fedora
17:07:50 <jflory7> skamath: lolol, too true.
17:08:12 <trishnag> skamath: :P
17:08:12 <skamath> .karma fedora
17:08:12 <zodbot> skamath: Karma for fedora has been increased 6 times and decreased 0 times this release cycle for a total of 3 (6 all time)
17:08:18 <jflory7> fedora++ :P
17:08:18 <zodbot> jflory7: Karma for fedora changed to 4 (for the f24 release cycle):
17:08:21 <skamath> lol
17:08:24 <trishnag> jflory7: hahaha
17:08:30 <trishnag> .karma skamath
17:08:31 <zodbot> trishnag: Karma for skamath has been increased 20 times and decreased 0 times this release cycle for a total of 6 (20 all time)
17:08:47 <jflory7> meskarune: Agreed!
17:08:57 <skamath> trishnag, jflory7 has 80
17:09:03 <jflory7> Alrighty. If nothing else to discuss, we can head back to #fedora-commops :)
17:09:07 <trishnag> skamath: I know :)
17:09:16 <trishnag> jflory7: Sure thing!
17:09:23 <jflory7> Open floor, going once...
17:09:32 <jflory7> Going twice...
17:09:37 <jflory7> Thrice...
17:09:48 * jflory7 knocks the gavel
17:09:52 <skamath> Thanks for chairing jflory7
17:09:54 <jflory7> See you all around!
17:09:56 <jflory7> #endmeeting