15:55:02 <jflory7_> #startmeeting Fedora CommOps (2016-06-28)
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15:55:11 <jflory7_> #meetingname commops
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15:55:21 <jflory7_> #nick commops
15:55:28 <jflory7_> #topic Agenda
15:55:36 <jflory7_> #link
15:55:43 <jflory7_> #info (1) Roll Call / Q&A
15:55:50 <jflory7_> #info (2) Announcements
15:55:58 <jflory7_> #info (3) Action items from last meeting
15:56:03 <jflory7_> #info (4) Tickets
15:56:10 <jflory7_> #info (5) Wiki Gardening
15:56:18 <jflory7_> #info (6) Community Blog
15:56:26 <jflory7_> #info (7) Release Schedule
15:56:33 <jflory7_> #info (8) Open Floor
15:56:40 <jflory7_> #topic Roll Call / Q&A
15:56:47 <jflory7_> #info Name; Timezone; Sub-projects/Interest Areas
15:56:54 <jflory7_> If this is your first time at a CommOps meeting, feel free to introduce yourself to everyone and say hello! If anyone has any questions before we get started with the rest of the agenda, now is also a good time to ask.
15:56:55 <skamath> .hellomynameis skamath
15:56:57 <zodbot> skamath: skamath 'Sachin S Kamath ' <>
15:57:12 <jflory7_> #info Justin W. Flory; UTC-4; CommOps, Marketing / Magazine, Ambassadors, Diversity, Join, and more
15:57:14 <Southern_Gentlem> .hello jbwillia
15:57:15 <zodbot> Southern_Gentlem: jbwillia 'Ben Williams' <>
15:57:18 <jflory7_> #chair skamath Southern_Gentlem
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15:57:20 <mark_otaris> .hello markotaris
15:57:21 <zodbot> mark_otaris: markotaris 'None' <>
15:57:25 <jflory7_> #chair mark_otaris
15:57:25 <zodbot> Current chairs: Southern_Gentlem jflory7_ mark_otaris skamath
15:57:26 <dhanesh95> #info Dhanesh B. Sabane, UTC+5:30, CommOps, ML, RPM packaging, Kernel
15:57:27 <skamath> #info Sachin S. Kamath; UTC +5.30 ; CommOps, GSoC, Metrics, *
15:57:34 <trishnag> .hello trishnag
15:57:35 <zodbot> trishnag: trishnag 'Trishna Guha' <>
15:57:45 <trishnag> #info trishnag; UTC +5:30; Infrastructure, Cloud, CommOps
15:58:50 <jflory7_> #chair dhanesh95 trishnag
15:58:51 <zodbot> Current chairs: Southern_Gentlem dhanesh95 jflory7_ mark_otaris skamath trishnag
15:58:56 <jflory7_> Hiya, all!
15:59:01 <dhanesh95> jflory7_: o/
15:59:02 <trishnag> Hi everyone o/
15:59:08 <dhanesh95> Commops o/
15:59:23 * skamath waves to everyone
15:59:27 * roshi lurks
15:59:30 <jflory7_> We'll wait another five minutes or so for people to get in and post their introductions. :)
15:59:36 <jflory7_> roshi: o/
15:59:43 <roshi> \o
15:59:56 <dhanesh95> jflory7_: Dinner time. Will be back in a while.
16:00:02 <jflory7_> dhanesh95: Acknowledged!
16:00:23 * roshi can't be here for the whole thing, but will lurk while I can
16:00:35 <jflory7_> For anyone who hasn't yet, feel free to introduce yourself in this format so it gets to the meeting minutes: #info Name; Timezone; Sub-projects/Interest Areas
16:00:43 <jflory7_> roshi: Sure thing! Not a problem.
16:00:43 * dhanesh95 noticed a new name roshi
16:00:56 <jflory7_> New names and faces are always welcome :)
16:01:17 <roshi> dhanesh95: I've been around a fair shake, I was here at the beginning of this CommOps institution
16:01:34 <roshi> just been afk for a bit and havne't been able to participate
16:01:46 <dhanesh95> roshi: Welcome back!
16:01:48 <jflory7_> Oh, and as a heads-up, I am working off of my phone for a connection today. I asked skamath to chair for me if I drop out or suddenly go missing.
16:02:10 <dhanesh95> jflory7_++ skamath++
16:02:10 <jflory7_> roshi: Glad to have you back, then. I remember seeing your name around a bit at the beginning.
16:02:20 <bee2502> .hello bee2502
16:02:20 <zodbot> bee2502: bee2502 'Bhagyashree Padalkar' <>
16:02:21 * skamath keeps an eye out for disconnects
16:02:24 <skamath> bee2502, o/
16:02:30 <jflory7_> #chair bee2502
16:02:30 <zodbot> Current chairs: Southern_Gentlem bee2502 dhanesh95 jflory7_ mark_otaris skamath trishnag
16:02:36 <jflory7_> Hey bee2502!
16:02:37 * roshi too is on a phone
16:02:45 <roshi> thanks for the welcome :)
16:02:56 <skamath> roshi++
16:02:56 <zodbot> skamath: Karma for roshi changed to 1 (for the f24 release cycle):
16:03:17 <skamath> roshi, first cookie :)
16:03:27 <roshi> :D
16:03:46 <roshi> glad to see we got the release reset bit done on the karmabot
16:03:59 * roshi will stop derailing the meeting now
16:04:11 <jflory7_> roshi++
16:04:26 <jflory7_> We're still in roll call. But I guess we can get this show on the road now!
16:04:37 <jflory7_> #topic Announcements
16:04:44 <jflory7_> #info === "Friends. Features. Freedom. First. Forever." ===
16:04:49 <jflory7_> #link
16:04:56 <jflory7_> #info On Friday, decause announced on the mailing list that he will be leaving his position at Red Hat to become the Open Source Campaign Manager for a candidate in the US elections. We wish decause well in his future endeavors and will always be happy to see him in Fedora whenever he has the time to stop by. For the time being, the Fedora Community Lead position will remain open.
16:05:12 <jflory7_> #info === "Behind the new Fedora Developer Portal" ===
16:05:16 <bee2502> o. jflory7
16:05:19 <skamath> decause++
16:05:19 <jflory7_> #link
16:05:27 <jflory7_> #info The Developer Portal for developers using Fedora or wanting to contribute to Fedora has had some new changes. Read up on what's new in the Developer Portal and a little bit of background behind its inception in the Fedora Magazine article.
16:05:36 <jflory7_> #info === Google Summer of Code midterm evaluations ended ===
16:05:42 <jflory7_> #link
16:05:50 <jflory7_> #info Google Summer of Code 2016 midterm evaluations ended yesterday. Students received a pass/fail rating from their mentor(s) on their project status so far and are moving on the final period of their project proposals. Students, make sure to reach out on the mailing lists, communicate with blog posts, and participate in IRC discussions for the final phase of your projects!
16:05:53 <jflory7_> decause++
16:06:47 <jflory7_> It'll be a little different without decause around, but he's doing awesome things in the FOSS world. We've got a lot of momentum rolling for us too. :)
16:07:42 <jflory7_> Any other announcements to throw out there?
16:07:52 <kushal> So few points for the gsoc students
16:08:02 <skamath> kushal, o/
16:08:04 <kushal> We need blog post for every week from now on.
16:08:10 <kushal> We need to see your update.
16:08:17 <c0mrad3> .hello dhanvi
16:08:18 <zodbot> c0mrad3: dhanvi 'Tummala Dhanvi' <>
16:08:22 <kushal> We need detailed communication from you.
16:08:34 <kushal> Remember it is a 40 hours work week.
16:08:36 <kushal> So your work should reflect that.
16:08:38 <jflory7_> #chair c0mrad3
16:08:38 <zodbot> Current chairs: Southern_Gentlem bee2502 c0mrad3 dhanesh95 jflory7_ mark_otaris skamath trishnag
16:09:01 <c0mrad3> #info Tummala Dhanvi ; UTC+5:30 ; CommOps, Security, Docs, GSoC, *
16:09:12 <jflory7_> #info GSoC students: Blog posts are required on a weekly basis now - the slots are a 40 hour work week, and your work should reflect that. Make sure you are communicating and being detailed in your communications.
16:09:35 <skamath> kushal, it'll be awesome if you can post this in #fedora-summer-coding as well
16:09:42 <jflory7_> kushal++
16:09:46 <skamath> kushal++
16:09:46 <zodbot> skamath: Karma for kushal changed to 4 (for the f24 release cycle):
16:10:02 <bee2502> kushal++
16:10:02 <zodbot> bee2502: Karma for kushal changed to 5 (for the f24 release cycle):
16:11:12 <jflory7_> kushal: Thanks for adding this in here.
16:11:20 <kushal> skamath, I will send out mails, blog etc
16:11:26 <kushal> and also in the right channel
16:11:35 <skamath> kushal, I'll spread the word :)
16:12:04 <kushal> All the students should get mail from me tomorrow early morning Indian time.
16:12:10 <kushal> jflory7, continue
16:12:13 * jflory7_ nods
16:12:25 <skamath> Awesome, looking forward to it
16:12:37 <jflory7_> #info All GSoC students: expect mail tomorrow morning (IST) from kushal.
16:12:47 <jflory7_> Any other announcements?
16:12:59 <skamath> I guess that was it
16:13:02 <jflory7_> If not, we can move on to previous meeting action items.
16:13:04 * jflory7_ nods
16:13:06 <jflory7_> I think so too.
16:13:17 <jflory7_> #topic Action items from last meeting
16:13:23 <jflory7_> #link
16:13:30 <jflory7_> #info How This Works: We look at past #action items from the last meeting for quick follow-up. If a task is completed, we move on to the next one. If it isn't, we get an update and re-action it if needed. If no status, we'll try to get a quick update and move forward.
16:13:39 <jflory7_> #info === [CHANGED] decause review the vFAD goals / objectives / etc. ===
16:13:48 <jflory7_> #action jflory7 Move forward with making final plans for vFAD or reconsider plans for Flock workshop (???)
16:13:53 <jflory7_> ^ more about this in Ticket #10
16:14:00 <jflory7_> #info === [CHANGED] decause nail down Flock arrangements and add to fedocal ===
16:14:08 <jflory7_> #info Further Flock arrangements will be handled by the Flock staff for now, as far as I can tell? --Jflory7 (talk) 03:29, 28 June 2016 (UTC)
16:14:14 <jflory7_> I can ping in #fedora-flock later about this
16:14:31 <jflory7_> #action jflory7 Follow up in #fedora-flock about Fedocal for Flock or if any previous action items need follow-up
16:14:40 <jflory7_> #info === [INCOMPLETE] jflory7 Open a ticket to look into drafting an (automated?) check-in email with members of CommOps to determine activity ===
16:14:47 <jflory7_> #action jflory7 jflory7 Open a ticket to look into drafting an (automated?) check-in email with members of CommOps to determine activity
16:15:03 <jflory7_> #info === [INCOMPLETE] decause Drop a line to the devel list to have anyone going to Red Hat Summit add their info to the wiki page ===
16:15:09 <jflory7_> #info Red Hat Summit happening now.
16:15:16 <skamath> jflory7_, so decause won't be there for Flock?
16:15:19 <jflory7_> #info === [INCOMPLETE] jflory7 Write up an initial draft of a wiki page outlining the process for Ambassadors specifically to request assets from the Design Team, include plans to reach out to regional Ambassadors from all regions with this information later ===
16:15:26 <jflory7_> skamath: As far as I know, not anymore. :(
16:15:33 <jflory7_> #action jflory7 Write up an initial draft of a wiki page outlining the process for Ambassadors specifically to request assets from the Design Team, include plans to reach out to regional Ambassadors from all regions with this information later
16:15:41 <jflory7_> #info === [IN PROGRESS] jflory7 Get on top of editing this week and schedule some of these articles for this / next week, reply back to authors waiting for a response ===
16:15:41 <skamath> What will happen to the COmmOps workshop then?
16:15:50 <jflory7_> #action jflory7 Get on top of editing this week and schedule some of these articles for this / next week, reply back to authors waiting for a response
16:16:02 <jflory7_> ^ on this one, I have a few articles done, but waiting for feedback / extra info from some authors
16:16:07 <c0mrad3> jflory7_: is it because of summit decause isn't around for the meeting ?
16:16:41 <skamath> jflory7++
16:16:43 <jflory7_> c0mrad3: Not quite, he's in Brooklyn, New York now. He's no longer at Red Hat.
16:16:49 <jflory7_> #info === [COMPLETE] jflory7 Create a placeholder article for F22 EoL article in CommBlog so we keep on the agenda ===
16:16:56 <jflory7_> #link
16:16:58 * cprofitt waves hello
16:17:06 <jflory7_> ^ I just need a little more filler text on this article for it to be ready
16:17:08 <jflory7_> cprofitt: Hi!
16:17:10 <jflory7_> #chair cprofitt
16:17:10 <zodbot> Current chairs: Southern_Gentlem bee2502 c0mrad3 cprofitt dhanesh95 jflory7_ mark_otaris skamath trishnag
16:17:20 <jflory7_> #info === [COMPLETE] jflory7 Prepare the hack session ticket and CC dhanesh95 so he gets context to what they are for a CommBlog article ===
16:17:34 <trishnag> skamath: jflory7 will be there in flock I guess.
16:17:37 <jflory7_> We covered this last week in the hack session a little bit, but probably need to revisit with dhanesh95 and I later on.
16:17:39 * jflory7_ nods
16:17:51 <jflory7_> So, on the note of the workshop, let's get to that now
16:17:57 <jflory7_> #topic Tickets
16:18:05 <skamath> trishnag, nod nod
16:18:11 <jflory7_> #link
16:18:17 <jflory7_> #info === Ticket #10 ===
16:18:23 <jflory7_> #info "CommOps vFAD 2016"
16:18:30 <jflory7_> #link
16:18:36 <jflory7_> #link
16:18:41 <jflory7_> We agreed for the vFAD to be July 3 - 4, but organizing this now may have some unexpected challenges with the decause's departure. I was trying to think about the vFAD in relation to the CommOps workshop at Flock, but I'm wondering now if it might be better to change focus on the CommOps workshop since it no longer has a lead (and I don't know if I want to see it slip off the schedule). :) Maybe it would be better to refocus efforts for planning
16:19:07 <jflory7_> I think if we want to avoid the CommOps workshop being removed, we probably need to say something to the Flock staff ASAP
16:19:32 <jflory7_> I'm not sure on what happens if someone who had a talk session is no longer able to attend, but we probably want to move quickly on that.
16:19:58 <skamath> jflory7_, You're talking over right?
16:20:23 <jflory7_> In light of this fact, I think it might be better if we refocus efforts to making our Flock workshop a success and perhaps opting to hold the vFAD later on in the year or when a new Fedora Community Lead arrives.
16:20:35 <jflory7_> skamath: I was thinking I would try to.
16:20:43 <jflory7_> I really want to see the workshop happen this year.
16:20:49 <skamath> That'd be great :)
16:21:22 <skamath> I'll do remote help if required ;)
16:21:38 <jflory7_> Any thoughts on this idea of postponing our vFAD and refocusing on planning the workshop instead? This also gives a larger time window to plan it out and get the details set than... four days. :P
16:21:50 <skamath> +1
16:22:00 <jflory7_> If no other thoughts, we can put it to vote.
16:22:01 <skamath> +1 to workshop planning
16:22:04 <trishnag> +1 to this
16:22:07 <pravins> jflory7: ++
16:22:25 * jflory7_ writes a quick proposal
16:22:40 <pravins> yeah, it should happen. Keep things going, i am interested people will join :)
16:22:55 <pravins> s/am/am sure
16:23:39 <jflory7_> #proposed With the decause's departure, we will opt to postpone our vFAD to a time after Flock or when a new Fedora Community Lead arrives to assist with planning. Instead of the vFAD, we will shift our planning efforts over to focusing on our workshop at Flock, working on getting resources together for it, and putting together an agenda for what will happen in the window. Hopefully also finding a way for remote contributions from those who can't
16:23:39 <jflory7_> +1
16:23:47 * jflory7_ nods to pravins
16:23:58 <jflory7_> pravins++
16:24:14 <pravins> yeah, its very less time for FAD, good to postpone and plan again :)
16:24:50 <skamath> +1
16:24:50 <pravins> Even in fact flock dates are very near. I will propose to plan about FAD in flock itself.
16:25:07 <pravins> so, it can be one of the agenda item :)
16:25:15 <jflory7_> Heh, yeah, not a bad idea either.
16:25:34 <jflory7_> #idea At the Flock workshop, we could also revisit the idea of planning our vFAD too and working on details there.
16:25:46 <jflory7_> Okay, going to factor in earlier +1s on this one:
16:25:46 <jflory7_> #agreed With the decause's departure, we will opt to postpone our vFAD to a time after Flock or when a new Fedora Community Lead arrives to assist with planning. Instead of the vFAD, we will shift our planning efforts over to focusing on our workshop at Flock, working on getting resources together for it, and putting together an agenda for what will happen in the window. Hopefully also finding a way for remote contributions from those who can't at
16:26:04 <dhanesh95> +1
16:26:05 <jflory7_> I'll be sure to post an update to the mailing list once I'm home, if not sooner
16:26:27 <jflory7_> Okay, that should be all for this ticket for now.
16:26:34 <trishnag> pravins: jflory7_ +1
16:26:49 <jflory7_> #info === Tickets #34, 57 ===
16:27:00 <jflory7_> #info #34: "[Onboarding Series] [MASTER TICKET] Creating sub-project on-boarding badge series"
16:27:13 <jflory7_> #info #57: "[Onboarding Series] CommOps!"
16:27:20 <jflory7_> #link
16:27:27 <jflory7_> #link
16:27:36 <jflory7_> #info CommOps Team Onboarding Steps > Badges Team Missing Badges > Hubs Team Badges Tracks and Widgets
16:27:42 <jflory7_> #link
16:27:48 <jflory7_> Once artwork is designed for Fedora Badges Ticket #464, our corresponding ticket for Ticket #57 should be able to be closed. For now, we can adjust focus to another subproject / team that was on our list, like Infrastructure or Modularity.
16:28:14 <jflory7_> I was thinking we could pick up Ticket #69 about Modularity next, since that was previously on the agenda.
16:28:45 <jflory7_> We could go ahead and start working on a new badge proposal for this one, write the YAML / git patch for badges repo, and have it all ready to go for whenver artwork is able to be created. Make it as easy for the Design Team as possible!
16:28:58 <skamath> jflory7_, what happened to the artwork that decause was planning to associate with the CommOps Onboarding ticket?
16:29:19 <jflory7_> As far as Modularity goes, I think we helped cover all the bases, but we will definitely want to check in with some other members of their WG on this before closing out the ticket.
16:29:28 <jflory7_> skamath: Oh, hmmm. Let me double-check if he uploaded that...
16:30:03 <skamath> jflory7_, Yes he did
16:30:09 <jflory7_> Ah! He did! I might be able to try finalizing it offline today and get feedback from the Design Team on it.
16:30:24 <skamath> #link
16:30:27 <jflory7_> We might be able to close this one out this week if it passes Design Team + Badges sysadmin approval
16:30:52 <dhanesh95> Cool badge!
16:31:28 <jflory7_> #info Artwork from decause on CommOps on-boarding badge is uploaded and can be used - will need to add his awesome explanation about the Canadian goose as the CommOps mascot to the ticket for added context.
16:31:33 <skamath> jflory7_, but I really liked the super-panda idea of yours ;)
16:31:55 <skamath> Sad we don't have anyone to do the design for us
16:32:04 <jflory7_> Hahah, a panda with a superhero cape might also be a good idea. :) We can definitely get some thoughts of the Design Team members on the ticket.
16:32:17 <dhanesh95> Canadian goose is the CommOps mascot!? That's new information!
16:32:20 * skamath nods
16:32:25 <jflory7_> Hopefully we can help out with the design process where we can.
16:32:53 <jflory7_> dhanesh95: Well, it was proposed. decause had an awesome explanation for it in our hack session last week... I'll have to dig through some logs to find his full explanation.
16:32:53 * pravins will read log tomorrow, have a good meeting :)
16:33:00 <jflory7_> pravins: Thanks for stopping by, see ya!
16:33:03 <jflory7_> In either case...
16:33:17 <jflory7_> I think we should be good for wrapping up on CommOps badge and moving on to Modularity next.
16:33:22 <skamath> +1
16:33:26 <dhanesh95> +1
16:33:35 <jflory7_> Anyone want to take an action for filing a new ticket for Modularity?
16:33:45 <jflory7_> I can help write the YAML / git patch for the badge later on.
16:34:02 <jflory7_> ...if needed. :)
16:34:15 <skamath> jflory7_, I'll do it
16:34:35 <jflory7_> skamath: Excellent! Want me to get the YAML rule file for you or do you want to try tackling that too?
16:34:38 * jflory7_ is okay with either
16:34:51 <skamath> jflory7_, I'll give it a shot
16:34:55 * jflory7_ nods
16:34:57 <jflory7_> skamath++
16:35:03 <dhanesh95> skamath++
16:35:39 <jflory7_> #action skamath File a Badges ticket for the Modularity WG on-boarding badge, write basic YAML file for awarding the badge based on previous badge ticket (#464).
16:35:50 <jflory7_> Okay, then I think we should be set on this ticket for the time being.
16:36:01 <jflory7_> I should be able to put in a lot more cycles once I'm home as well
16:36:03 <skamath> sgtm
16:36:34 <jflory7_> That was all the tickets I had on the discussion agenda for today.
16:36:42 <jflory7_> Anyone else have a ticket they'd like to raise here?
16:36:48 <jflory7_> If not, we will go ahead and move on.
16:36:55 <decause> .hello decause
16:36:57 <zodbot> decause: decause 'Remy DeCausemaker' <>
16:37:02 <skamath> decause, o/
16:37:05 <decause> :)
16:37:07 <dhanesh95> decause: o/
16:37:09 * decause waves
16:37:11 <decause> <3 commops
16:37:15 <jflory7_> Heya decause!
16:37:19 <jflory7_> #chair decause
16:37:19 <zodbot> Current chairs: Southern_Gentlem bee2502 c0mrad3 cprofitt decause dhanesh95 jflory7_ mark_otaris skamath trishnag
16:37:29 <skamath> I guess no one can stay away from CommOps for long :P
16:37:36 <trishnag> decause: o/
16:37:47 <dhanesh95> Extremely happy for you decause ! May all your dreams come true!
16:38:28 <dhanesh95> CommOps <3 decause
16:38:53 <jflory7_> decause: Since you're here for a moment – is there any process we can look into for handing off the Flock CommOps workshop? We might need to link up on this later on, when/if you have the time for it. :)
16:39:03 <Southern_Gentlem> decause,  good luck, hope for the best for you (not for the person you are working for though)
16:39:35 <jflory7_> Not sure if you had anything you might have started that could be used for August.
16:40:35 <jflory7_> We can revisit this later on when decause is a little more free.
16:40:38 <jflory7_> #topic Wiki Gardening
16:40:46 <jflory7_> #action commops New members, make sure you add your timezone / interests on CommOps wiki [ ]
16:41:03 <jflory7_> Any wiki gardening needed that anyone has noticed?
16:41:17 <jflory7_> There was nothing that I've noticed in the past week off-hand
16:41:18 <dhanesh95> Nothing for now
16:41:45 <decause> jflory7_: the commops workshop was wide open
16:42:02 <jflory7_> decause: Okay, good to know.
16:42:18 <jflory7_> I'll reach out to the Flock staff ASAP on that one
16:42:26 <decause> the workshop was supposed to be the "doing stuff" type of session
16:42:32 * jflory7_ nods
16:42:33 <decause> it'd be like a "power session" but in person
16:42:56 <jflory7_> Okay, yeah, we can definitely swing that. :)
16:43:00 <decause> maybe we could do some "pre-work" to identify what folks wanted to hack on at Flock that they couldn't hack on remotely
16:43:17 <decause> I'm hopeful that you/skamath will be able to lead that
16:43:34 <decause> and/or any other commops core members who will be at flock
16:43:54 <cprofitt> eventually I would like to get to an in-person event... but it will have to be in the States. Lucky me I missed the one in my back yard.
16:44:11 <jflory7_> We'll definitely be doing some extra planning on this for Flock.
16:44:25 <decause> fun fact: I've got special permission to be running F24 on my main machine. So, this campaign is powered by Fedora, which is working *wonderfully* out of the box, btw
16:44:34 <jflory7_> Oh, and before I forget, so all of my previous action items get assigned properly...
16:44:35 <jflory7_> #nick jflory7
16:44:47 <skamath> decause++ fedora++
16:44:47 <zodbot> skamath: Karma for fedora changed to 1 (for the f24 release cycle):
16:44:48 <jflory7_> decause: Heh, that is legitimately *awesome*
16:44:53 <decause> nod nod
16:44:56 <jflory7_> decause++
16:44:59 <skamath> uh, not again
16:45:29 <jflory7_> Anyways, we can move on to Community Blog updates.
16:45:45 <skamath> decause, I've PM'd you
16:45:48 <jflory7_> #topic Community Blog
16:45:50 <jflory7_> #info How This Works: There is a quick blast of information about what was published in the past week with some metrics, followed by posts that are being drafted. After the information blast, the floor is opened for any Community Blog-related discussion. Here we go!
16:45:59 <jflory7_> #info === This Week in CommBlog ===
16:46:06 <jflory7_> #info No new posts published this week!
16:46:13 <jflory7_> #info === Coming Up in CommBlog ===
16:46:20 <jflory7_> #info (1) "Southeast Linux Fest 2016"
16:46:27 <jflory7_> #link
16:46:33 <jflory7_> #info (2) "Hosting your own Fedora Test Day"
16:46:34 * skamath grabs popcorn
16:46:41 <jflory7_> #link
16:46:50 <jflory7_> #info (3) "Fedora 22: End Of Life, 2016 July 19"
16:46:57 <jflory7_> #link
16:47:04 <jflory7_> #info (4) "Getting started with 'update-testing' Fedora QA part 2"
16:47:11 <jflory7_> #link
16:47:19 <jflory7_> #info (5) "Getting started with Fedora QA part 3"
16:47:26 <jflory7_> #link
16:47:38 <jflory7_> That's all what's up in the queue
16:47:40 <jflory7_> Some things of note
16:47:49 <jflory7_> Some of these articles are revised and done
16:47:52 <jflory7_> Or very, very close
16:48:04 <jflory7_> Like the "Hosting your own Fedora Test Day" and the F22 EoL article.
16:48:36 <jflory7_> The F22 EoL article just needs some snippets / highlights / milestones from the F22 release, to send it out a bang and reflect on the awesome things that happened that release.
16:48:56 <jflory7_> Some of these other articles, I've put in a lot of time editing and revising, but I haven't heard back from the authors when I've requested feedback.
16:49:11 <jflory7_> I'm a little lenient to spend the cycles editing / reviewing when I'm not sure if the author will respond back to me. :/
16:49:31 <jflory7_> I may try following up with some QA team members to ship the articles I do have
16:49:47 <skamath> jflory7_, Had a busy week, eh?
16:50:06 <jflory7_> skamath: Hahah, a little bit!
16:50:17 * c0mrad3 waves to decause
16:50:26 <jflory7_> Anyways, I'm hoping to get at least one, hopefully two articles, out this upcoming week
16:50:33 <jflory7_> We got some that are really close to being there.
16:50:52 <skamath> Nice to hear that. jflory7++
16:51:15 <jflory7_> Anyone who has news or updates about other places in the project, whether it be a GSoC update on some cool tech you're hacking on, some new changes on tools in Fedora, or anything relevant to the contributor community, please consider putting out a short article about it. :)
16:51:16 <dhanesh95> jflory7_++
16:51:38 <jflory7_> Articles don't have to be super long or detailed, they can be short updates and point to other places for the full info too.
16:52:04 <jflory7_> As always, feel free to ping me with ideas / thoughts on an article. Always happy to help put out some new content. :)
16:52:12 <jflory7_> For now, nothing else on the Community Blog for me.
16:52:14 <dhanesh95> jflory7_: These types of articles is exactly what I was talking about the other day..
16:52:29 <jflory7_> dhanesh95: :)
16:52:54 <jflory7_> We should definitely link up on some of the ideas soon and see if we can push some out there.
16:53:12 <dhanesh95> jflory7_: You had also asked for articles from newcomers about their experiences
16:53:21 <jflory7_> Starting tomorrow, I'll be fully back on the grid if you want to try putting something out.
16:53:45 <jflory7_> I think that would be a cool article – that might even fit into the "How do you Fedora?" series that cprofitt works on. :)
16:54:03 <skamath> jflory7_, I'll be there too. Ping me if you need any help
16:54:06 <jflory7_> Although, I think a contributor-oriented article would still be a good idea for the CommBlog.
16:54:15 <jflory7_> skamath: Definitely. :)
16:54:18 <jflory7_> skamath++
16:54:44 <jflory7_> Okay, going to move on from the Community Blog to the last main topic of the meeting.
16:54:47 <trishnag> jflory7_: +1 for this :)
16:55:18 <dhanesh95> jflory7_: +1
16:55:21 <dhanesh95> skamath++
16:55:42 <jflory7_> Hmmm, who knows, maybe cprofitt might be interesting in doing a similar series on the Community Blog about contributors, for contributors? :) In either case, we can *definitely* look into this more because I think it would be an awesome series to try doing for the CommBlog
16:55:55 <dhanesh95> jflory7_: +1
16:56:02 <jflory7_> The Fedora Magazine HDYF series is a big hit and I think it would also be cool to gain insight into the life of contributors and their experiences too
16:56:14 <skamath> That sounds awesome. jflory7++ dhanesh95++
16:56:36 <jflory7_> #idea A series about contributors and their experiences in the project, how they got involved, to get involved, and so on. This could be a recurring series on the Community Blog, similar to to the "How do you Fedora?" series on the Magazine.
16:56:41 <jflory7_> Perfect.
16:56:41 <dhanesh95> jflory7_: That could be our own version of HDYF
16:56:47 <trishnag> Definitely a great idea!
16:56:51 <jflory7_> dhanesh95++ skamath++ trishnag++
16:56:51 <trishnag> jflory7++
16:56:54 <dhanesh95> jflory7_++
16:56:55 <mark_otaris> What would the name be? :)
16:57:01 <mark_otaris> "How do you do Fedora?"
16:57:08 <jflory7_> mark_otaris: Heh, good question. "
16:57:16 <jflory7_> * "Life of a Fedoran"? :)
16:57:23 * jflory7_ shrugs
16:57:25 <skamath> mark_otaris++
16:57:35 <skamath> .fasinfo mark_otaris
16:57:36 <zodbot> skamath: User "mark_otaris" doesn't exist
16:57:45 <mark_otaris> There's no underscore
16:57:48 <trishnag> hehe that sounds nice :-)
16:57:53 <skamath> markotaris++
16:57:54 <zodbot> skamath: Karma for markotaris changed to 1 (for the f24 release cycle):
16:57:55 <dhanesh95> "A day in the life of a Fedoran"?
16:57:58 <skamath> There.
16:58:17 <jflory7_> Day in the Life sort of article would be cool. :)
16:58:23 <dhanesh95> markotaris++
16:58:23 <zodbot> dhanesh95: Karma for markotaris changed to 2 (for the f24 release cycle):
16:58:27 <jflory7_> markotaris++
16:58:39 <jflory7_> Ahhh, don't have my main nick, can't give out cookies.
16:58:45 <jflory7_> Will have to do it later...
16:58:47 <trishnag> markotaris++
16:58:48 <zodbot> trishnag: Karma for markotaris changed to 3 (for the f24 release cycle):
16:58:50 <dhanesh95> Ahh, poor jflory7_
16:58:54 <jflory7_> Anyways, one last thing I did want to cover this meeting!
16:58:58 <jflory7_> #topic Release Schedule
16:59:00 <jflory7_> #link
16:59:04 <skamath> Karma storm :)
16:59:59 <jflory7_> So, this link is pretty much completed... we have the F22 EoL article drafted. But I also wanted to borrow something from the Marketing release schedule for CommOps. At the end of every Fedora release, the Marketing team writes a retrospective about how they felt things went during the release, what worked well, what didn't work so well, what can be improved, things that were awesome and worth noting, etc.
17:00:16 <jflory7_> I'd like to do something like this for CommOps, reflecting on our work in F23 release cycle.
17:00:29 <jflory7_> Kind of like "Year in Review", but a little more internal and for our own records / planning
17:00:37 <jflory7_> To see how we, as contributors, felt about how this release went.
17:00:59 <skamath> Nice! That is something I can put in some metrics into ;)
17:01:12 <dhanesh95> jflory7_: That is a good idea. skamath can play with that data.
17:01:22 <dhanesh95> skamath: Ahh.. Coincidence :P
17:01:27 <skamath> lol
17:01:43 <jflory7_> #idea I wanted to borrow something from the Marketing release schedule for CommOps. At the end of every Fedora release, the Marketing team writes a retrospective about how they felt things went during the release, what worked well, what didn't work so well, what can be improved, things that were awesome and worth noting, etc. I'd like to do something similar to this for CommOps to see how we, as contributors, felt about how this release went.
17:01:51 <jflory7_> Ah, yeah, skamath's tool would be useful here too :)
17:02:04 <skamath> decause wanted me to generate statistics of all the CommOps users before the Council Report but unfortunately, we did no have enough time for it
17:02:12 <skamath> So maybe for this, I can have it ready
17:02:13 <dhanesh95> jflory7_: +1 Can't we just agree on this and get to work?
17:02:29 <dhanesh95> skamath will have plenty of time to implement this
17:02:52 <jflory7_> skamath: That would be useful to have for this, definitely! And we have a wiki page as a "whiteboard" for people to leave their thoughts and opinions on the release.
17:03:02 <jflory7_> dhanesh95: Yeah, I see no reason why to not do this.
17:03:09 <dhanesh95> Maybe I'll play with that data to predict how our performance would be for the next release cycle
17:03:17 * skamath can visualize this shaping
17:03:33 <jflory7_> I can work on getting the wiki page up if skamath wants to start thinking about collecting data and making interpretations with it? Maybe CC bee2502 on that too to get her thoughts on how to relate it to GSoC work?
17:03:46 <jflory7_> #action jflory7 Work on getting a wiki page created for the CommOps F23 retrospective
17:03:48 <decause> +1 for commops retrospective
17:03:53 <decause> jflory7++
17:03:59 <decause> skamath++
17:04:14 <skamath> bee2502, metrics^^ :D
17:04:32 <jflory7_> #action skamath Work on generating data from CommOps contributions and shaping interpretations from the data for the retrospective (cc: bee2502 to help relate this to GSoC work, possibly?)
17:04:37 <dhanesh95> skamath: If possible, count me in.
17:04:57 <jflory7_> Ideally, the retrospective is something we want *everyone* to participate in
17:05:02 <skamath> dhanesh95, Sure. Ping me in channel about this :)
17:05:48 <jflory7_> Even if someone contributed once to a task in a ticket or contributed to 50 tickets, everyone's feedback will be important on this so we can know what we're doing well and what we can do to make it easier for people to contribute and help knock down blockers that might be keeping people leery / afraid of contributing.
17:05:52 * jflory7_ nods to decause
17:05:56 <jflory7_> :)
17:06:02 <dhanesh95> jflory7_: +1
17:06:21 <trishnag> +1 :)
17:06:33 <jflory7_> Anyways, seeing the positive reception to this, I'll try to make sure this happens this week. Going to be a crazy next three days!
17:06:55 <jflory7_> #topic Open Floor
17:07:01 <jflory7_> Alrighty!
17:07:04 <bee2502> I am back !!
17:07:15 <jflory7_> Anyone have anything they want to throw out here or add in?
17:07:18 <jflory7_> bee2502: Welcome back!
17:07:38 <jflory7_> bee2502: Check out some of the discussion that happened just a bit ago about skamath's metrics tool for a CommOps retrospective :)
17:08:10 <trishnag> skamath++
17:08:20 <bee2502> jflory7_ : that seems like a nice idea :)
17:08:29 <bee2502> skamath++
17:08:36 <skamath> bee2502++ trishnag++
17:08:36 <bee2502> jflory7_++
17:08:50 <skamath> zodbot says : No cookies :P
17:09:06 <jflory7_> Awesome. :) Hopefully you two can find some time to sync up on that and think of ways to use that data.
17:09:28 <jflory7_> Any other discussion topics for Open Floor?
17:09:58 <dhanesh95> Nothing from me
17:10:18 <skamath> nfm
17:10:34 <trishnag> jflory7_: Nothing from me
17:10:43 <jflory7_> Alrighty... I might pull a decause here and close out the meeting here with some parting thoughts then...
17:10:52 <jflory7_> #topic Closing Thoughts
17:11:35 <jflory7_> So, I think the news of decause's departure was definitely very sudden and it will definitely be a little bit different without having him around.
17:11:55 <jflory7_> We've been going at this since October, and many others have joined us along the way, and we've done some awesome and amazing things together in the project.
17:12:12 <skamath> I am all ears
17:12:17 <jflory7_> But even with decause moving on, there's so much momentum rolling for the work we're doing now and planning on doing
17:12:29 <jflory7_> Together we've accomplished so many things that have had a direct impact on the project
17:12:44 <jflory7_> Looking back on the past year, it's really crazy to see all of the big things we've accomplished together.
17:12:52 <jflory7_> The groundwork has been laid, the foundation built
17:13:20 <jflory7_> There's a lot of things going for the work we're doing, and personally, I feel like we have some really great things ahead of us, for CommOps and for Fedora as a whole.
17:14:06 <skamath> commops++ decause++
17:14:09 <jflory7_> I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has been involved here with CommOps and other areas of the project, and I can't wait to see what else we will all continue to accomplish together in the next few months and beyond.
17:14:31 <jflory7_> eof
17:14:35 <dhanesh95> CommOps++ decause++ jflory7++
17:15:41 <jflory7_> With that... thanks for coming out to the meeting today, all. Let's head back to home base! See you in channel, the mailing lists, or elsewhere. :)
17:15:44 <jflory7_> #endmeeting