04:30:18 <pravins> #startmeeting L10N
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04:30:19 <pravins> #meetingname L10N
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04:30:24 <pravins> #topic agenda and roll call
04:30:24 <pravins> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/G11N/Meetings/2016-06-15
04:30:32 <pravins> Who available for meeting today?
04:30:35 <suanand> hi..
04:30:43 <paragan> hi
04:30:49 <juhp> hi
04:30:59 <epico> hi
04:31:07 <mfabian> Hi
04:31:09 <pravins> hi suanand paragan juhp epico :)
04:31:11 <pravins> hi mfabian :)
04:31:22 <pravins> #chair suanand paragan juhp epico mfabian
04:31:22 <zodbot> Current chairs: epico juhp mfabian paragan pravins suanand
04:32:07 <pravins> #topic Upcoming schedule
04:32:07 <pravins> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/24/Schedule
04:32:07 <pravins> #info 2016-06-21  	Fedora 24 Final Release (GA)
04:32:25 <pravins> As you might have seen earlier, Fedora final release slip further by 1 week.
04:32:32 <juhp> ah
04:33:06 <pravins> .bug 1320273
04:33:07 <zodbot> pravins: Bug 1320273 chainloading bootmgr.efi on UEFI results in error: out of memory - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/1320273
04:33:30 <pravins> This is fixed now, so lets get ready for F24 release :)
04:33:33 <pravins> hi noriko
04:33:35 <pravins> #chair noriko
04:33:35 <zodbot> Current chairs: epico juhp mfabian noriko paragan pravins suanand
04:33:57 <jibecfed> hi
04:34:07 <pravins> hi jibecfed :)
04:34:09 <pravins> #chair jibecfed
04:34:09 <zodbot> Current chairs: epico jibecfed juhp mfabian noriko paragan pravins suanand
04:34:38 <pravins> We have big list of topic today.
04:34:59 <pravins> #topic  Fedora 25 planning
04:34:59 <pravins> #link  https://fedorahosted.org/G11N/ticket/24
04:35:14 <pravins> We have already started discussion on Fedora 25 i18n feature/change planning.
04:35:27 <pravins> This ticket is more on Translation and Zanata side.
04:35:37 <tagoh_> hi
04:35:53 <juhp> aha
04:35:56 <pravins> As far as i think, traditionally i have never seen translations planning for particular release.
04:36:25 <pravins> What should be translations plan for particular release?
04:36:53 <pravins> off course 1 can be process improvemenet
04:37:00 <pravins> s/improvement
04:37:22 <jibecfed> I can think of it
04:37:45 <pravins> yeah, you already working on number of those. i.e. making things translatable.
04:37:46 <jibecfed> but as Fedora want to bundle upstream packages, I don't see much possibility on this side
04:38:12 <jibecfed> I would say we have more challenges in Fedora project processes
04:38:20 <pravins> +1
04:38:33 <pravins> #idea More challenge in Fedora project processes
04:39:01 <pravins> #undo
04:39:01 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: IDEA by pravins at 04:38:33 : More challenge in Fedora project processes
04:39:10 <pravins> #idea More challenge in Fedora project translation processes
04:39:18 <pravins> to be more clear for readers :)
04:39:25 <jibecfed> but this ticket is in conflict with wiki page
04:39:57 <pravins> not understood.
04:40:40 <jibecfed> we had a wiki page for F24 with items we wanted to solve in internationalisation and translation
04:41:03 <pravins> aha, yeah. We should work on that page and move items still pending to F25.
04:41:29 <pravins> jibecfed: would you like to take that item? i.e. moving pending item for F25 enhancement plans
04:41:45 <jibecfed> yep
04:41:48 <pravins> great
04:42:14 <pravins> #action jibecfed moving pending items from F24 enhancement plans to F25 enhancement plans
04:42:21 <pravins> We can use that link on this ticket
04:42:49 <pravins> For F25 translation planning, i think we need more people involvement
04:42:54 <pravins> who are active with translations
04:43:19 <pravins> so either good to move this item to mailing list, some other dedicated meeting or further discussion in flock
04:43:42 <pravins> noriko: would you like to take this item?
04:44:00 <noriko> pravins, I am not sure if I can come yet.
04:44:22 <pravins> noriko: not flock, starting discussion with active members from translation about F25 planning
04:44:32 <pravins> so may be take this to mailing list or have dedicated discussions
04:44:48 <noriko> sure :-)
04:45:13 <pravins> thanks :)
04:45:40 <pravins> #action noriko will move F25 planning discussion item to wider audience through mailing list or "dedicated meeting/discussion"
04:45:51 <jibecfed> #link wiki page with F24 enhancements https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/G11N/Fedora_24_G11N_Enhancements
04:46:06 <pravins> will come again to this next meeting
04:46:20 <pravins> moving to next item
04:46:25 <pravins> #topic Planning activities for Flock 2016
04:46:25 <pravins> #link https://fedorahosted.org/G11N/ticket/23
04:46:42 <pravins> yeah, i know most of us yet not confirmed travel for flock :(
04:46:46 <pravins> Even not sure for me,
04:46:54 <pravins> But i think its good to have some plan in place.
04:47:26 <pravins> as jibecfed mentioned on list, it will be good to have discussion with Web, docs and infra team during flock
04:47:42 <pravins> noriko: i remember you had some meeting with Fedora docs in DevConf 2016?
04:49:07 <noriko> yes, I did.
04:49:52 <noriko> there are some difficulty in publishing system, nothing to do our side.
04:50:07 <pravins> aha
04:50:42 <pravins> if its possible will be nice to have quick meeting with them and talk on pending issue.
04:50:48 <pravins> most important we should have list ready :)
04:51:30 <jibecfed> or just remove obsolete content from Zanata
04:51:44 <pravins> jibecfed: did you able to register at https://register.flocktofedora.org ?
04:51:50 <pravins> i cant see your name here still
04:52:03 <pravins> Zoltan Hoppar is already there.
04:52:40 <jibecfed> pravins: I did to make a talk proposal
04:53:00 <pravins> but your name is not there in attendee list
04:53:15 <pravins> login there and see current registration list
04:53:32 <pravins> there were 2 task: 1 propose talk and do registration, if i am correct :)
04:53:47 <jibecfed> "Registration ID: 147"
04:54:12 <pravins> name?
04:54:25 <jibecfed> .fas jibecfed
04:54:25 <zodbot> jibecfed: jibecfedora 'Jean-Baptiste' <jb@holcroft.fr> - jibecfed 'Jean-Baptiste Holcroft' <jean-baptiste@holcroft.fr>
04:54:46 <pravins> dunno, i still cant see it.
04:55:08 <pravins> lets take this offline.
04:55:13 <pravins> moving to next topic
04:55:19 <pravins> #topic   Mismatch in Zanata username and FAS name
04:55:19 <pravins> #link https://fedorahosted.org/G11N/ticket/22
04:55:32 <pravins> I see this is already resolved in verified state
04:55:43 <pravins> but not sure when Zanata is planning next deployment
04:56:00 <pravins> does aeng around ?
04:56:38 <pravins> next topic again on same line
04:56:39 <pravins> #topic Implementing Fedora badges for translations in Zanata
04:56:39 <pravins> #link https://fedorahosted.org/G11N/ticket/19
04:56:53 <pravins> Even if i see JIRA this is also verified state
04:56:58 <pravins> but not sure for deployment plans
04:57:26 <pravins> noriko: can you confirm with Zanata team for next deployment plans with this fixes/improvements?
04:57:47 <noriko> alex is on leave today.
04:58:43 <pravins> sure
04:58:56 <pravins> lets ask this on JIRA itself
04:59:27 <pravins> noriko: can you help here? on there plans for next deployments.
05:02:42 <pravins> i will ask on ticket
05:02:56 <pravins> #action pravins to ask on ticket for Zanata next deployment plans
05:03:42 <pravins> moving to next topic
05:03:43 <jibecfed> #idea if we know next deployment plans, we should improve Zanata's translation ;)
05:04:19 <pravins> jibecfed: you means G11N of Zanata product?
05:04:55 <jibecfed> I mean translation of Zanata product yes
05:05:20 <pravins> agree, not easy to digest Zanata is not translated.
05:05:40 <pravins> good point !!
05:05:47 <pravins> moving to next topic
05:05:52 <pravins> #topic Tracking translation bugs
05:05:52 <pravins> #link https://fedorahosted.org/G11N/ticket/25
05:06:16 <pravins> noriko: you might have missed this earlier, but basically we proposed to have trans-bugs@list for tracking translations related bugs
05:06:46 <pravins> i did sent this to trans list earlier not one replied. I take it as no one opposed ;)
05:06:55 <noriko> why not trans at lists ?
05:07:22 <suanand> pravins, (info) perhaps Zanata 3.9.0 release is scheduled, perhaps early next week.
05:08:11 <pravins> suanand: thanks for info :) Now next query is whether above issue fixes will go into it.
05:08:38 <pravins> noriko: those will be so many bugs and i think more traffic
05:08:42 <noriko> pravins, sorry I missed out your post. why do we create another mailing list for bug? what is the point?
05:08:43 <jibecfed> suanand: ok, it's a release, but do we know when it will get to fedora.zanata.org ?
05:08:59 <pravins> for example, think for email about 49 bugs we reported in l10n translation day
05:09:15 <pravins> weekly or monthly email about each email on trans list.
05:09:50 <pravins> noriko: https://fedorahosted.org/G11N/ticket/25
05:09:54 <suanand> it takes some time propagating to prod environments, we have some comments regarding pulling of translations here: https://zanata.atlassian.net/browse/ZNTA-1054
05:09:58 <pravins> https://fedorahosted.org/G11N/ticket/25
05:10:07 <noriko> jibecfed, pravin, zanata update can be asked at #zanata channel?
05:10:08 <pravins> #link for thread https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/g11n@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/Q5ORSBBV6RYZHKML7SP2SLLQ7EOAFR57/
05:10:40 <pravins> noriko: i think, lets discuss this topic on mailing list itself
05:11:21 <pravins> you will get some background from email. :)
05:11:41 <jibecfed> I'll update this ticket pravins
05:12:00 <pravins> thanks.
05:12:27 <pravins> Skipping LiveMedia, will track it on i18n side.
05:12:32 <pravins> #topic completion of G11N/Fedora_24_Talking_points
05:12:33 <pravins> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/G11N/Fedora_24_Talking_points
05:12:45 <pravins> thanks noriko and jibecfed for updating this page.
05:12:48 <noriko> I kinda remember this post. this relates to fltg, we should have involvement and agreement from fltg.
05:13:15 <pravins> noriko: yeah, unfortunately no one i have seen from FLTG from last 2 months
05:13:25 <pravins> :(
05:13:47 <pravins> even we missed our Testing day report on communityblog due to no contributors
05:14:01 <noriko> then we shouldn't push forward new mailing list idea yet... I feel
05:14:07 <pravins> i will be happy to get some comments from either FLTG or anyone :)
05:14:57 <noriko> I am one of main player of bug triage, and it concerns directly to me.
05:16:13 <pravins> noriko: yeah, triaging can also help to get F25 plans, as you mentioned it last time.
05:16:28 <pravins> how should we proceed for F24 talking points plan?
05:16:45 <pravins> I think we have good information now.
05:16:54 <pravins> I want to add information about languages supported from i18n side.
05:17:02 <pravins> I will work with tagoh_ after meeting
05:17:26 <pravins> basically, looking for script which can take input all supported locales in glibc
05:17:34 <pravins> and list out supporting packages IME, fonts.
05:17:46 <noriko> sounds great
05:17:58 <pravins> it can give good picture about language support we have :)
05:18:14 <pravins> Fedora 24 is releasing on 21st, i think we should talk with marketing
05:18:18 <pravins> how they want to take it up
05:18:25 <tagoh_> pravins: if anything I can help, feel free to ping me :)
05:18:41 <pravins> tagoh_: sure, will ping you, thanks :)
05:19:08 <pravins> moving to next
05:19:10 <pravins> #topic  Work in progress items
05:19:24 <pravins> #info ability to translate developer-portal
05:19:24 <pravins> #link  https://github.com/developer-portal/content/issues/131
05:19:36 <pravins> jibecfed: would you like to update on this?
05:19:52 <pravins> umm last comment 23days back :(
05:19:55 <jibecfed> no improvements in here, unless aeng heard from de dev ?
05:20:40 <pravins> aeng: not here today :(
05:21:01 <jibecfed> oups, so i'll ping them, next then
05:21:08 <pravins> nice
05:21:10 <pravins> #info ability to translate fedora-hubs
05:21:10 <pravins> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/163
05:21:42 <jibecfed> same here, it's going to be a big fight, because hubs is huge
05:21:43 <pravins> i have query here, so Connecting Zanata with FedMsg will help here, right?
05:22:03 <pravins> jibecfed: so good to have meeting with Hubs team in flock?
05:22:28 <jibecfed> I understand it will send events, but Zanata don't send anything to FedMsg yet, and even when it will, we'll need to add more hooks
05:22:59 <jibecfed> pravins: I'll send them a proposition
05:23:17 <pravins> aha, hope soon we will have Zanata deployed
05:23:22 <noriko> I've started having discussion with fedora hubs team, will give some update soonish.
05:23:33 <pravins> noriko: that nice
05:23:49 <jibecfed> noriko: good, about translation or webhooks ?
05:24:28 <noriko> translation and the integration with zanata.
05:24:55 <pravins> Will be nice to have more discussion with Hubs
05:25:04 <pravins> moving to next one
05:25:05 <pravins> #info automation of whatcanidoforfedora
05:25:05 <pravins> #link https://github.com/fedora-infra/asknot-ng/issues/69
05:25:32 <noriko> praiskup, jibecfed if you have any ticket or discussion point, pls forward me so that I will put them in one place
05:26:02 <jibecfed> noriko: only the one pravins sent
05:26:26 <praiskup> s/praiskup/somebody else probably?/ :)
05:26:55 <jibecfed> about whatcanidoforfedora no change in here, ralph bean said he will work on automation in Flock, until then, we need to ping him on IRC to have doc update
05:26:57 <pravins> praiskup: yeah, it supposed to be me. We are "pra" club :)
05:27:49 <pravins> There is project Zanata sync
05:27:52 <pravins> may be it can help here
05:28:12 <noriko> pravins, #link https://github.com/fedora-infra/asknot-ng/issues/69 relates fedora-hubs, yes?
05:28:30 <pravins> noriko: no this is whatcanidofor Fedora
05:28:38 <pravins> noriko: https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/163 this one.
05:28:40 <jibecfed> (sorry, disconnected)
05:28:51 <pravins> no problem
05:28:54 <pravins> will move to next topic
05:28:57 <pravins> #topic  Topic from mailing list
05:28:58 <noriko> ok, got that thanks.
05:29:01 <pravins> #info  Glossarist
05:29:33 <jibecfed> I gave my point of view on mailing list, I hope it was clear
05:29:55 <pravins> yeah, i gone through that email
05:30:17 <jibecfed> it looks like a good idea, but it's the opposite of productive
05:30:46 <pravins> jibecfed: still i think good to report individual issues. It will help to track
05:30:55 <pravins> i agree, its taking lot time to get final fix :(
05:31:04 <pravins> but it will happen definitely
05:31:34 <jibecfed> noriko: what's your point of view ?
05:33:14 <pravins> i think, we can brainstorm on some Zanata issues in flock and find permanent solutions
05:33:19 <pravins> oh, we are over time.
05:33:28 <pravins> #info  Process between Docs and Trans
05:33:44 <noriko> jibecfed, so basically essential point is that glossary to be editable per language base?
05:33:46 <pravins> i missed this thread on mailing list.
05:34:22 <jibecfed> noriko: yep, and to be able to export it, we need a lot of cleanup with 2200 items
05:34:53 <pravins> noriko: may be you can report JIRA for it?
05:35:13 <pravins> jibecfed: has already reported lot :)
05:35:44 <noriko> pls keep update the wiki page of glossary, I will find the way to go.
05:35:57 <jibecfed> I don't mind writing one more, but I'm afraid it won't be fixed
05:36:22 <pravins> lets hope for the best !!
05:36:46 <noriko> obviously we can't ask zanata team to give fix everything what we want. we need to sort out what is essential or critical.
05:37:06 <noriko> and I agree on jibecfed that we have to have language base management.
05:37:43 <pravins> great
05:37:54 <jibecfed> noriko: the problem is, I haven't seen much improvement
05:37:56 <pravins> so whats action item here? :)
05:37:57 <noriko> pravins, once we sort out the possibility of fix, may be JIRA would be good to go.
05:38:12 <pravins> noriko: agree, prioritizing things is also important
05:38:20 <pravins> that is where F25 planning comes important
05:38:43 <noriko> jibecfed, yeah, we shouldn't waste time discussing something not get fix.
05:38:44 <pravins> Dunno, do we need separate planning for Fedora-Zanata for F25
05:39:12 <pravins> #idea separate planning for Fedora-Zanata for F25 timeframe..
05:39:31 <pravins> moving to next topic
05:39:34 <jibecfed> noriko: can we make a rollback on glossary or should we keep it as it ?
05:39:48 <noriko> pravins, I don't mind to include zanata planning in f25 still :-)
05:40:10 <noriko> just we may need to set how far we go within f25, and rest may move to f26
05:40:27 <pravins> noriko: yeah, but lets have dedicated list/page for it.
05:40:35 <noriko> jibecfed, roll back means?
05:40:36 <pravins> yes
05:40:37 <noriko> remove?
05:40:49 <pravins> nolski: "disable feature" for now.
05:41:05 <jibecfed> it means : return to the previous state of glossary
05:41:16 <jibecfed> or "content"
05:41:47 <noriko> so wipe off any edits made by us, but rollback to original content, yes?
05:42:35 <noriko> in this case, I may need to hear from other who have glossarist permissions.
05:42:39 <jibecfed> sorry, there is no feature to know if someone did something... did someone ?
05:42:40 <pravins> i am waiting for adding action items for this topic
05:43:34 <pravins> what should be that :)
05:43:42 <noriko> ok, action item: jibecfed clarify 'rollback' and 'noriko' get vote from other glossarists.
05:44:03 <jibecfed> +1
05:44:06 <pravins> #action jibecfed provide more info on Rollback
05:44:26 <pravins> #action noriko to get vote from other glossarists
05:44:30 <pravins> thanks noriko ;)
05:44:31 <pravins> :)
05:44:35 <pravins> #topic  Next Meeting Date and Time
05:44:50 <pravins> As per our plan next meeting should be 21:00 UTC on 29th
05:44:59 <pravins> as last time, i will not able to host it
05:45:08 <pravins> so if someone else can takeover please feel free !!
05:45:28 <pravins> #info Looking host for next meeting.
05:45:49 <pravins> And we are into last topic
05:45:50 <pravins> #topic Open Floor
05:46:10 <jibecfed> an update on translation of fedora hubs https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/hubs-devel@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/ZMGUOK63U76RTGCOFOBDFI6RDOLQSS6D/
05:46:37 <pravins> #info Update on Fedora bugs translations https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/hubs-devel@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/ZMGUOK63U76RTGCOFOBDFI6RDOLQSS6D/
05:46:51 <jibecfed> bugs ? ;)
05:47:00 <pravins> overtime ;)
05:47:03 <pravins> #undo
05:47:04 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: INFO by pravins at 05:46:37 : Update on Fedora bugs translations https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/hubs-devel@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/ZMGUOK63U76RTGCOFOBDFI6RDOLQSS6D/
05:47:11 <pravins> #info Update on Fedora hubs translations https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/hubs-devel@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/ZMGUOK63U76RTGCOFOBDFI6RDOLQSS6D/
05:47:29 <pravins> i think time to stop
05:47:42 <pravins> thanks you all for nice meeting
05:47:47 <pravins> #endmeeting