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01:01:11 <award3535> #meetingname FAmNA
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01:01:21 <award3535> #topic === FAmNA Roll Call ===
01:01:23 <jflory7> .hello jflory7
01:01:24 <zodbot> jflory7: jflory7 'Justin W. Flory' <me@justinwflory.com>
01:01:48 <award3535> #chair jflory7
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01:01:56 <jflory7> Evening, Andrew!
01:02:12 <award3535> evening justin
01:04:03 <award3535> we will have to see who shows up, usually around this time of year its slow, in between events
01:04:11 <jflory7> Yeah, I was about to ask.
01:04:16 <jflory7> Seems a little empty tonight.
01:04:41 <award3535> next week I will be on my way to NC
01:04:44 <danofsatx> .hello dmossor
01:04:45 <zodbot> danofsatx: dmossor 'Dan Mossor' <danofsatx@gmail.com>
01:04:55 <award3535> #chair danofsatx
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01:05:03 <jflory7> Evening, Dan!
01:05:45 <award3535> #topic === Announcements ===
01:06:04 <award3535> I have only one thing
01:06:19 <jflory7> I have one too
01:06:25 <award3535> I will need some one to chair next week while I am travel
01:06:38 <jflory7> I'll be here next week.
01:07:45 <jflory7> I could chair if you'd like.
01:08:15 <award3535> although we may not have anyone to attend next week and I would like you jflory7 to chair
01:08:25 <award3535> #chair juggler
01:08:25 <zodbot> Current chairs: award3535 danofsatx jflory7 juggler
01:08:36 * juggler_ waves
01:08:42 <award3535> I may attend from the hotel
01:08:45 <jflory7> award3535: Sounds good. I'll make a note in my calendar now.
01:08:52 <jflory7> Hi juggler_!
01:09:04 <award3535> jflory7 what do you have
01:09:10 <jflory7> #info === "Fedora <3's PyCon 2016" ===
01:09:14 <jflory7> #link https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/fedora-loves-pycon-2016/
01:09:19 <jflory7> #link https://us.pycon.org/2016/
01:09:26 <jflory7> #info PyCon US 2016 is this week, and many members of the Fedora contributor community can be found there this week. There will be Fedora sprints coming up later on in the week, so stay tuned for any news from the team there. If you're at PyCon, stop by the Fedora table and say hello!
01:09:30 <jflory7> That's it.
01:10:04 <juggler_> hey jflory7 :)
01:11:09 <award3535> ok moving on
01:11:10 <award3535> #topic === Tickets ===
01:11:20 <award3535> #link https://fedorahosted.org/famna/report/9
01:11:37 <award3535> .famnaticket 146
01:11:40 <zodbot> award3535: #146 (HACKMIT 2016 Sponsorship) – FAmNA Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/146
01:11:58 <jflory7> Small update on that one
01:12:11 <award3535> go ahead jflory7
01:12:30 <jflory7> Spot reached out to me earlier this week about HACKMIT.
01:12:50 <jflory7> Red Hat is considering sponsoring at the Bronze level ($3k) and he wanted to know if FAmNA would be able to afford travel for two Ambassadors.
01:13:16 <jflory7> I told him I thought it would, but I would double-check at the meeting tonight to be sure.
01:13:56 <award3535> the event is a ways out right now, but go ahead and get the wiki going if you havent already
01:14:05 <award3535> and get it on the event page
01:14:06 <jflory7> Wiki and ticket should be current.
01:14:11 <jflory7> It's also on the events page :)
01:14:53 <award3535> since that is in the next Qtr, I would propose we vote on it in July
01:15:05 <jflory7> Okay, sounds good. I'll let spot know.
01:15:19 <award3535> I have no numbers for the budget for last qtr or this one
01:15:33 <jflory7> #action jflory7 Update spot on HACKMIT discussion being deferred to July (for budget reasons)
01:15:35 <award3535> still waiting on decause or jzb to get them to me
01:15:42 <jflory7> Understood.
01:16:14 <jflory7> Nothing else from me on this ticket.
01:16:21 <award3535> jflory7, that is actually a very affordable event when RH pays for things and all we have to do is send people
01:17:00 <jflory7> That's what I was thinking too.
01:17:07 <award3535> I would also suggest the attendees more familiar with that type of event
01:17:40 <award3535> jflory7 i presume one attendee will be you
01:17:51 <jflory7> I was hoping so. :)
01:18:26 <award3535> MIT i presume its in the North east in MA?
01:18:37 <jflory7> Yeah, Cambridge, MA, if I recall.
01:19:06 <jflory7> At the time of the event, I'll be in Western NY.
01:19:35 <award3535> I figured since college will ge back in session
01:19:58 <jflory7> Yep.
01:20:13 <award3535> i would also suggest cydrobolt may or may not be able to attend
01:20:24 <cydrobolt> hi
01:20:31 <jflory7> cydrobolt: o/
01:20:37 <award3535> #chair cydrobolt
01:20:37 <zodbot> Current chairs: award3535 cydrobolt danofsatx jflory7 juggler
01:20:39 <juggler_> Is the sponsorship allowing flights from the west coast? :)
01:20:47 <cydrobolt> sorry I haven't been as active in the meetings recently, lots of workload recently
01:21:22 <award3535> juggler_ depends on how expensive, and If there is someone local or close to the event
01:21:30 <juggler_> cydro glad you're here
01:22:01 <cydrobolt> hi juggler_
01:22:04 <award3535> usually flights from coast to coast and with a room could cost upwards of 800
01:22:05 <juggler_> award ok. hopefully jflory7 can keep me apprised if extra hands are needed..
01:22:33 <jflory7> Will be sure to post any updates to the ticket. :)
01:22:48 <award3535> thank you jflory7
01:22:53 <award3535> ok moving on
01:23:05 <award3535> #topic == Open Floor ===
01:23:44 <jflory7> I only had one question
01:23:44 <juggler_> I've added two events to the event page for future year planning
01:24:17 <juggler_> oh, go ahead jflory7
01:24:17 <juggler_> :)
01:24:25 <jflory7> I was wondering about being reimbursed for Bitcamp travel funds. Wasn't sure if there was anything else I needed to do to follow up on being reimbursed.
01:24:44 <cydrobolt> jflory7, have you tried contacting decause_pycon yet?
01:24:46 <jflory7> I know nb updated the Trac ticket to add you as the owner, award3535, but I was wondering if you had anything else about it.
01:24:49 <award3535> jflory7 still waiting on the card,
01:25:01 <jflory7> award3535: Okay. Can I expect to be reimbursed once you have it?
01:25:02 <award3535> just spoke with RH yesterday
01:25:20 <award3535> they have not seen my card yet will call again in am
01:25:56 <jflory7> I see. I'm okay with waiting a bit longer as long as it's being worked on.
01:26:16 <jflory7> Just hadn't heard anything for two months, so I wanted to be sure I would still be eligible for reimbursement. :)
01:27:53 <award3535> jflory7 you are eligible, that is why the card is coming to me, the wheels at RH are slow and since they changed hands from inode0 and ruth there was really no one taking care of these items
01:28:15 <award3535> I will take care of your reimbursements when I get the card and get set up
01:28:34 <jflory7> Okay, sounds great to me. :) Thanks for following up, award3535.
01:28:45 <jflory7> Nothing else from me.
01:28:47 <award3535> juggler_ you seem to find the elaborate events
01:29:31 <juggler_> just providing the facts! :)
01:30:07 <juggler_> people asked here to provide the data for metrics and future planning, which I've done...hopefully it's of value
01:31:00 <award3535> no worries, some events are usually more expensive then others, and the ones on the west coast usually are more expensive than those on the east coast
01:32:05 <juggler_> another item: I'm waiting to hear back from my local Linux group to see if there's interest in having a Fedora Release party during their scheduled meet time. Paradox might be able to help out..
01:32:18 <juggler_> tentative date for that is 7/2/16
01:32:23 <award3535> juggler_ that is great!
01:33:00 <jflory7> Woohoo! that is awesome. :)
01:33:02 <jflory7> juggler++
01:33:14 <jflory7> Hope there is some interest for it. :) You'll have to get a lot of pictures!
01:33:35 <juggler_> other news, I just heard via email today that San Diego is hosting a socalcodecamp, set for late June. Dunno the deets yet because of the short notice, but there ya go..
01:34:05 * juggler_ is crossing my fingers that the local Linux group is cool with having it...
01:35:52 <juggler_> and that's all I can think of from this side..
01:36:43 <award3535> juggler_ end of june is a little short notice..... and there is not enough here tonight to do anything nor next week as well
01:37:31 <juggler_> I may create an event page just for next year's plan, perhaps, if that might be of help for next year's planning
01:37:33 <award3535> but the event in LV does look appealing
01:37:48 <juggler_> award...which event? there are two..
01:38:55 <award3535> BSidesLV
01:39:11 <juggler_> ah
01:39:18 <award3535> the two events are too close together
01:40:06 <juggler_> that is intentional, I think. it's generally for the people who can't go to defcon, but close together for the die-hard fans who like to attend everything, I think..
01:40:41 <award3535> and august is going to be a busy month
01:41:01 <juggler_> yep
01:41:16 <award3535> we can discuss it more towards the end of this month
01:41:21 <jflory7> Seems like August will be pretty packed.
01:42:06 <juggler_> so do you think bsidesLV is a slight potential for this year? should I look into possible lodging and also see if we can still get sponsor tables?
01:42:57 <award3535> doesnt hurt to look into the event and see what is available
01:43:56 <juggler_> ok, although I do think things are filling up fast, if they haven't already
01:44:03 <award3535> now if these events happen every year, that will be a pitch for me to show RH that there were missed opportunities for new events
01:44:34 <award3535> and get our budget raised for the following year so keep up the good work
01:46:21 <juggler_> excellent!
01:46:31 <award3535> also these type of events are new visibility outside of the normal venues and in order for us to expand, I can definitely use that as ammo
01:47:29 <jflory7> +1
01:47:49 <award3535> it took me some convincing with HACKRU last year for cydrobolt, but the event was successful and we got attention in areas and people that were avid windows users
01:48:15 <jflory7> I really felt especially good about BrickHack. There was so much interest there...
01:48:53 <juggler_> indeed...very much so.
01:49:19 <juggler_> well all, I need to pack up for my next meeting. it was great seeing you all. I tried to pop in last time, but the meeting broke early. :)
01:49:40 <award3535> jflory7 you are correct and again visibility outside of the normal gains us attention, thus also giving me more pitches for more budget
01:49:59 <mikedep333> am I too late?
01:50:00 <jflory7> juggler_: Sounds good - see ya around!
01:50:02 <award3535> juggler_ thank you for attending
01:50:03 <juggler_> hi and bye mikedep333!
01:50:04 <jflory7> mikedep333: Hey Mike!
01:50:20 <award3535> mikedep333, yes, we are almost done
01:50:22 <juggler_> glad to, award!
01:50:35 <mikedep333> I finally posted my receipts from bitcamp 5 days ago: https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/139
01:50:57 <juggler_> good evening everyone..take care.
01:51:37 <mikedep333> I think that is what is required of me for reimbursement. Now I just have to wait?
01:51:55 <award3535> mikedep333 your attention to https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAMNA_Reimbursement_Guidelines#Requirements_for_Reimbursements
01:52:21 <award3535> mikedep333 did you complete a report as well
01:52:34 <mikedep333> I did not
01:52:36 <mikedep333> oh well
01:52:44 <mikedep333> it's not that much money
01:54:25 <award3535> mikedep333 you can claim the report that was submitted by jflory7, include the link for the report in the ticket
01:54:42 <award3535> mikedep333 how much are we talking?
01:54:55 <jflory7> #link https://blog.justinwflory.com/2016/04/bitcamp-2016/
01:55:00 <mikedep333> it's like $20
01:55:49 <award3535> and since there is no one who has reimbursed for that event I will take care of that once I get the card, did you include paypal information as well?
01:56:13 <mikedep333> No, I will do that.
01:57:02 <award3535> also a PDF of the receipt, because that is what I need to turn in the RH for consolidation at the end of the month
01:57:43 <mikedep333> Do you just list your paypal email address?
01:57:57 <award3535> mikedep333 yes
01:58:06 <mikedep333> or your PayPal.Me link?
01:58:49 <award3535> no you must have your own paypal account, you will see me transfer funds to your account
01:59:45 <mikedep333> a PayPal.Me link is for a personal paypal account
01:59:45 <award3535> mikedep333 please follow the requirement for reimbursement link above, I will waive the report requirement for this event
01:59:59 <mikedep333> thanks
02:00:36 <award3535> mikedep333 just be sure to list your paypal information in the ticket so that I can transfer funds
02:00:42 <mikedep333> OK
02:01:44 <award3535> ok folks our time is up.... jflory7 will chair next week, I will be travel
02:01:49 * jflory7 nods
02:01:51 <jflory7> Sounds good.
02:02:37 <award3535> #endmeeting