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15:00:46 <decause> #topic rollcall
15:00:50 <decause> .hello decause
15:00:50 <skamath> .hello skamath
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15:00:53 <zodbot> skamath: skamath 'Sachin S Kamath ' <>
15:00:55 * zoglesby is here to watch
15:00:57 <devyani7> .hello devyani7
15:00:57 <lmacken> .hello lmacken
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15:01:00 <zodbot> lmacken: lmacken 'Luke Macken' <>
15:01:07 <vivek_> .hello vivekanand1101
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15:01:09 <Mathnerd314> .hello Mathnerd314
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15:01:12 <decause> zoglesby++
15:01:15 <jflory7> .hello jflory7
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15:01:35 <jflory7> Good $TIME_OF_DAY, all :)
15:01:47 <vivek_> Mathnerd314: your FAS name
15:01:56 <Mathnerd314> .hello allangardner
15:01:57 <zodbot> Mathnerd314: allangardner 'Allan Gardner' <>
15:01:58 <c0mrad3> .hello dhanvi
15:02:01 <zodbot> c0mrad3: dhanvi 'Tummala Dhanvi' <>
15:02:52 <Mathnerd314> vivek_: it's weird though, someone did Mathnerd314 + + and that worked before.
15:03:00 <decause> #chair devyani7 lmacken skamath vivek_ zoglesby jflory7 Mathnerd314 c0mrad3
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15:03:12 <jflory7> bee2502 mentioned she is changing locations and might be a little late.
15:03:17 <sayan> .hello sayanchowdhury
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15:03:22 <ronith> .hello ronith
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15:03:25 <decause> #chair sayan
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15:03:29 <decause> #chair ronith
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15:03:37 * skamath waves to everyone
15:03:44 <decause> ronith: fasusername
15:03:49 <c0mrad3> #info Tummala Dhanvi (c0mrad3) ; UTC+5:30 ; commops,docs,security,gsoc,*
15:03:49 <ronith> ronit
15:03:57 <decause> .hello ronit
15:03:58 <zodbot> decause: ronit 'Ronit Halder' <>
15:04:04 <decause> ^
15:04:05 <skamath> c0mrad3: This is not CommOps meeting :p
15:04:33 <decause> mizmo: do we have RHT interns here too, or not yet?
15:04:46 <c0mrad3> skamath: but it's okay to get my name in minutes
15:04:47 <jflory7> Oh yeah, do we want to do #info introductions too?
15:04:50 <mizmo> .hello duffy
15:04:52 <mizmo> decause, they are in the building but dont officially start until friday i think
15:04:53 <zodbot> mizmo: duffy 'Máirín Duffy' <>
15:04:59 <jflory7> Might be a good idea to know what parts of Fedora everyone will be working on.
15:05:01 <decause> mizmo: nod nod nod, ok
15:05:06 <decause> jflory7: we'll get there ;)
15:05:09 <skamath> c0mrad3: I guess hello does that.
15:05:10 <jflory7> Cool :)
15:05:32 <decause> alright, it's 5 after, so I'm going to move along
15:05:45 <jflory7> Bee o/
15:05:51 <decause> #topic Welcome to Summer Coding 2016
15:05:59 <bee2502_> Hi jflory7 o/
15:06:02 <decause> Congratulations!
15:06:03 <bee2502_> .hello bee2502
15:06:04 <zodbot> bee2502_: bee2502 'Bhagyashree Padalkar' <>
15:06:06 <decause> Students
15:06:09 <decause> Mentors
15:06:10 <decause> Admins
15:06:23 <decause> all of you have put in significant effort to make our program possible this year
15:06:38 <skamath> decause++ interns++
15:06:49 <decause> Fedora (and Friends) have been participating in GSoC for the 10th year now, and Outreachy for about 3
15:07:10 <skamath> Wow!
15:07:12 <decause> My name is Remy, and I am your Faitful Organizational Admin for GSoC and co-organizer for Outreachy
15:07:18 <decause> along with labbott
15:07:37 <decause> this year, once everyone arrives, our program will be comprised of:
15:07:51 <decause> 10 GSoC Interns under the Fedora Umbrella (all may not be joining us)
15:07:54 <decause> 1 Outreachy Intern
15:08:00 <decause> and 3 Red Hat Interns
15:08:12 <decause> we have as many Mentors participating, if not more
15:08:18 <decause> unnofficially
15:08:29 <bee2502_> wohoo that's awesome
15:08:33 <bee2502_> decause++
15:08:43 <bee2502_> fedora +1
15:08:46 <decause> yes, it is awesome, and we put *lots* of effort into selecting projects and students
15:08:49 <decause> it was not easy
15:09:00 <jflory7> \o/
15:09:04 <decause> we weren't able to hire everyone we liked to, and didn't get as many slots as we asked for for GSoC
15:09:21 <jflory7> #chair bee2502_
15:09:21 <zodbot> Current chairs: Mathnerd314 bee2502_ c0mrad3 decause devyani7 jflory7 lmacken ronith sayan skamath vivek_ zoglesby
15:09:33 <decause> but we're confident in our students' abilities to participate meaningfully and move their corners of the project forward
15:09:39 <decause> #chair jflory7
15:09:39 <zodbot> Current chairs: Mathnerd314 bee2502_ c0mrad3 decause devyani7 jflory7 lmacken ronith sayan skamath vivek_ zoglesby
15:09:48 <fhackdroid> decause, o/
15:09:49 <decause> #chair bee2502_
15:09:49 <zodbot> Current chairs: Mathnerd314 bee2502_ c0mrad3 decause devyani7 jflory7 lmacken ronith sayan skamath vivek_ zoglesby
15:09:56 <decause> fhackdroid: welcome
15:10:00 <fhackdroid> .fas fhackdroid
15:10:01 <zodbot> fhackdroid: farhaan 'Farhaan Bukhsh' <>
15:10:24 <fhackdroid> decause, ^^
15:10:37 <decause> All of you should  have seen the "Welcome Kit" by now
15:10:46 <fhackdroid> decause, yes
15:10:48 * jflory7 nods
15:10:50 <decause> #topic Welcome Kit
15:10:51 <c0mrad3> #link
15:10:54 <decause>
15:10:57 <decause> #link
15:11:12 <decause> This document is a working document, and includes *lots* of information
15:11:35 <decause> including instructions that each summer coding participant should follow in order to get "bootstrapped" officially within Fedora
15:11:44 <decause> it includes links to program details
15:11:50 <decause> and timelines for participation
15:11:59 <decause> and resources for further involvement
15:12:13 <decause> This year, we are running our Summer Coding Program a bit differently
15:12:54 <decause> We are including *all* our interns in the experience, so that you folks feel more like a "cohort" or a "class" of folks, not just individuals working out in the cold on your own.
15:13:23 <decause> this is also because unlike years prior, mentors have put lots of thought into how interns and their projects can overlap and help eachother
15:13:45 <decause> before we get into that though, does anyone have questions about the welcome kit?
15:13:59 <decause> #idea Questions About the Welcome Kit
15:14:00 * c0mrad3 no
15:14:15 * skamath has gone through the process
15:14:20 <decause> skamath: nod nod
15:14:29 <fhackdroid> decause, is there a different planet for summer coding ?
15:14:38 <decause> I've added a couple of folks to the Summer Coding FAS group this morning
15:14:44 <fhackdroid> i mean other than fedora planet?
15:14:59 <skamath> Looks like. I had to create a .planet.summer-coding file
15:14:59 <jflory7> I'm nearly finished, still need to do a blog post and an introduction on the mailing list.
15:15:09 <sayan> fhackdroid: yes
15:15:14 <jflory7> Oh! I know of a cool resource for blogs for all of GSoC. I'll dig up a link really fast.
15:15:15 <c0mrad3> #link
15:15:22 <fhackdroid> decause, I got mail regarding regarding the addition
15:15:25 <decause> fhackdroid: participants will also be publishing their stories/progress on the CommBlog
15:15:45 <devyani7> woah ! cool :)
15:15:50 <decause> but that will be more of an 'official' channel
15:16:00 <fhackdroid> jflory7, which source ?
15:16:04 <bee2502_> .fasinfo bee2502
15:16:05 <decause> the planet, and your blogs, should be about your voice
15:16:06 <zodbot> bee2502_: User: bee2502, Name: Bhagyashree Padalkar, email:, Creation: 2015-10-14, IRC Nick: bee2502, Timezone: Asia/Kolkata, Locale: en, GPG key ID: None, Status: active
15:16:08 <zodbot> bee2502_: Approved Groups: commops cla_done cla_fpca
15:16:20 <skrzepto> decause: I'm one of the Red Hat interns. Sorry was getting situated in another thread.
15:16:26 <jflory7> fhackdroid: Planet GSoC.
15:16:28 <jflory7> #link
15:16:28 <decause> one of the biggest benefits of doing an internship program like GSoC or Outreachy is that you get to develop a personal brand and presence online in the FOSS community
15:16:34 <jflory7> #link
15:16:48 <fhackdroid> jflory7, i need to add my blog to that :P
15:16:49 <decause> we want you to cultivate this presence, and grow your own network so that you can continue being effective even after the internship is over
15:17:01 <decause> we are here to help build you up, just as much as you are here to help us build things
15:17:20 <decause> skrzepto: welcome welcome :)
15:17:23 <jflory7> skrzepto: Greetings!
15:17:29 <decause> skrzepto: have you seen the welcome kit?
15:17:34 <decause> #link
15:17:37 <fhackdroid> skrzepto, o/
15:18:08 <sayan> skrzepto: welcome :)
15:18:12 * jflory7 nods towards decause
15:18:22 * fhackdroid listening to decause
15:18:34 <decause> we are all here to help eachother, and your mentor is just one person. by sharing the load, and answering questions in public, and defaulting to open, we'll all work together to kick down blockers and move forward
15:18:53 * c0mrad3 hmm
15:19:04 <decause> most of the public channels you should start with are in the kit
15:19:24 <decause> but each of you will also be dealing with different parts of Fedora directly (or indirectly) that you should also participate within
15:19:48 <skrzepto> decause: thanks for the link. I have not seen it yet
15:20:15 <decause> skrzepto: our goal in GSoC (and outreachy) is to work closely with you and the other RHT interns, to create a larger "team" environment
15:20:29 <decause> esp since projects like Hubs will span across all parts of Fedora
15:20:40 <devyani7> Hubs++ :)
15:21:00 <decause> so hubs, for example, has it's own public channels
15:21:04 <decause> #fedora-hubs for IRC
15:21:23 <decause> and #fedora-apps where you can ask questions too
15:21:44 <decause> which is the home of #fedora-infra
15:22:25 <decause> the Fedora Infrastructure Team helps to maintain all pipes that deliver Fedora, but also all the pipes that connect our community members
15:22:34 <decause> which is why it is heavily featured in the welcome kit
15:22:41 <jflory7> s/-infra/-admin
15:22:50 <devyani7> jflory7++
15:22:55 <decause> by getting involved in the Fedora Infra team, you will get to the heart of many aspects of the project from the bottom up
15:23:06 <decause> the Community Operations Team is also featured in the welcome kit
15:23:27 <skamath> CommOps \o/
15:23:32 <jflory7> commops++
15:23:45 <decause> CommOps is a team that spans all the teams, and attempts to bring more heat and light to each subproject
15:23:54 * fhackdroid wondering where does pagure fit
15:24:08 <decause> so, between these two teams, you should be able to get familiar with *many* aspects of Fedora
15:24:24 <decause> fhackdroid: it is an app, which means it falls under Fedora Infra
15:24:25 <decause> and
15:24:29 <c0mrad3> fhackdroid: pagure is in infra
15:24:32 <decause> is quickly becoming the core of the project
15:24:47 <decause> Fedorahosted is where we host trac and git repos, and we're migrating to Pagure more each day
15:25:08 <fhackdroid> Pagure \o/
15:25:19 * c0mrad3 nods to decause even docs are being moved to pagure
15:25:30 <decause> c0mrad3: exactly
15:25:32 * fhackdroid so wanted to do that
15:26:02 <decause> so, for now, be sure to tap into those subprojects as a start
15:26:19 <jflory7> !
15:26:20 <decause> as you work more within Fedora, you'll find more and more places that impact your work
15:26:24 <decause> jflory7: go ahead
15:26:54 <jflory7> decause: If it's relevant for now since Pagure came up - was wondering if the sumemr-coding Pagure group will be used for anything among us soon.
15:26:59 <jflory7> * summer-coding
15:27:12 <decause> jflory7: that is a resource for us to assign tickets
15:27:21 <Mathnerd314> so, w.r.t. joining the summer-coding FAS group; the page says we should have gotten an invitation email. is that still true? I don't think I got one
15:27:27 <decause> and commit files that relate to the program itself
15:27:33 * jflory7 nods to decause
15:27:47 <decause> I imagine using it for things like assigning evaluations to mentors, and making sure they are completed on time
15:27:58 <c0mrad3> jflory7: just like in github :)
15:27:59 <jflory7> decause: One more follow-up question. Do we want to use this for task management or were we going to use something like Taskwarrior (or could we use whichever one we prefer...?)?
15:28:02 * bee2502_ is listening
15:28:27 <decause> jflory7: each individual student should work with their mentor to identify which is the preferred workflow for task delegation
15:28:31 * jflory7 nods
15:28:34 <jflory7> Okay, thanks. eof
15:28:48 <devyani7> !
15:29:02 <decause> taskwarrior is a very useful tool, and I'm a huge fan. Hopefully we can get someone like lmacken or threebean or pingone (pingou) to do a demo/share best practices
15:29:09 <decause> devyani7: go ahead
15:29:31 <devyani7> decause: what if a person didn't get an invitation to the summer coding fas group.
15:29:38 <bee2502_> same here
15:29:39 <jflory7> I have discussion about Taskwarrior that I want to save for open floor at the end of the meeting.
15:29:39 <decause> devyani7: you have to apply for it
15:29:40 <devyani7> can he/she apply?
15:29:43 <decause> yes
15:29:56 <devyani7> decause: roger. thanks <eof>
15:30:00 <decause> if you go to the, and then "groups" you should be able to search for it
15:30:00 <devyani7> :)
15:30:06 <mizmo> are all of the interns, in part, working on hubs?
15:30:13 <decause> (assuming I got that url correct)
15:30:41 <jflory7> #link
15:30:49 <decause> mizmo: I think that because we have such a large portion of interns working on hubs, that there will be a heavy focus in those disucssions
15:30:54 <fhackdroid> mizmo, I guess yes
15:30:56 <devyani7> jflory7: thanks
15:31:01 <decause> mizmo: I would also invite interns directly to hack on it as well
15:31:14 <decause> who are not already on it as their "main" project
15:31:20 <mizmo> i wonder if using taiga ors omething like that would help organize work
15:31:33 <mizmo> meghan and i used taiga last summer for the hubs ux work
15:31:34 <decause> mizmo: yes, I know that taiga is what Fedora Infra uses
15:31:36 <jflory7> I may be contributing Ansible playbooks towards Hubs farther along in my timeline.
15:32:06 <decause> mizmo: I anticipate there being a time, before Flock, where we *all* are giving Hubs dedicated attention
15:32:18 <decause> same for Pagure likely
15:32:20 <decause> so
15:32:26 <decause> lets talk about Flock
15:32:31 <decause> #topic Flock
15:32:35 <fhackdroid> I am using Hubs in pagure for bringing CI to pagure
15:32:39 <decause> #link
15:32:47 <skamath> fhackdroid++
15:32:48 <zodbot> skamath: Karma for farhaan changed to 7 (for the f23 release cycle):
15:32:59 <fhackdroid> skamath, ^^
15:33:30 <decause> Flock is fedora's annual North America and European Contributor Conference
15:33:40 * fhackdroid nods
15:33:44 <decause> it takes place this year from August 2nd to August 5th
15:34:00 <decause> it is the largest gathering of Fedorans in one place physically each year (usually)
15:34:15 <jflory7> flock++
15:34:29 * c0mrad3 hmm
15:34:33 <decause> this conference, though not at the "end" of your cycles, should be factored into your plans of work with your mentors
15:34:40 <decause> so, start talking about Flock now with them
15:34:53 * fhackdroid feels sad that he wont be able to attend
15:35:04 <mizmo> fhackdroid, i cant go either!
15:35:07 <decause> as Org admin, I'm going to be speaking with Google and GNOME about what travel stipends may be available for getting students there
15:35:22 <mizmo> decause, for outreachy it has been $500
15:35:26 <mizmo> which is likely not enough
15:35:38 <decause> mizmo: yes, I want to make sure that we can access it
15:35:43 * bee2502_ wanted was looking forward to meeting mizmo at flock
15:35:50 <decause> GSoC typically funds *after* the program is done too
15:36:06 <decause> but I think they can make special considerations
15:36:09 <fhackdroid> decause, does that mean that there is a chance we can attend ?
15:36:23 <mizmo> bee2502, :(
15:36:47 <gil_> hi
15:36:47 <gil_> no more sound in system: control panel recognize  but unused "GK208 HDMI/DP Audio Controller Digital stereo"
15:36:47 <gil_> and not listed "Audio device: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA) (rev 40) Subsystem: ASRock Incorporation Device 0892"
15:36:47 <gil_> the problem seem similar to
15:36:47 <gil_> any ideas?
15:36:48 <decause> fhackdroid: speaking proposals are closed now
15:37:04 <jflory7> gil_: You will probably need to ask that in #fedora.
15:37:08 <skamath> gil_: Try #fedora
15:37:15 <decause> gil_: please join #fedora for answers to tracebacks and issues :)
15:37:27 <decause> gil_: there is also the users' list
15:37:37 <decause> oop, well, goodbye :P
15:37:45 * jflory7 shrugs
15:37:57 * fhackdroid waves at mizmo
15:37:58 * skamath wonders how he ended up in the meeting channel
15:38:00 <decause> the reason I'm mentioning Flock is so that you'll ask your mentor where that fits into your plan of work *now*
15:38:32 <decause> for projects like Hubs, we are really working backwards from our ideal demo state as a strategy for getting our workflows aligned
15:38:50 <decause> ideal/reasonable
15:38:51 <decause> ;)
15:38:52 <decause> ok
15:38:57 <decause> I didn't want to do *all* the talking today
15:39:03 <decause> I wanted to cover the book-ends
15:39:10 <decause> the beginning and the end
15:39:12 <fhackdroid> decause, my talk didn't get in :P
15:39:14 <decause> welcome and Flock
15:39:26 <decause> fhackdroid: maybe next year :)
15:39:41 <fhackdroid> decause, hopefully :)
15:39:41 <decause> fhackdroid: I've been rejected in the past
15:39:54 <decause> it's just because we have *so* many good ones :)
15:39:55 <decause> so
15:40:07 <fhackdroid> decause, true that :)
15:40:14 <bee2502_> decause : that can't be possible !
15:40:16 <decause> #topic Fedora Friends
15:40:34 <decause> I've been a Fedora user for some time now (2006)
15:40:44 <decause> and a contributor since 2008
15:40:51 * fhackdroid wondering about the topic ;)
15:41:01 <decause> but I've used other distros and software too
15:41:10 <decause> the thing that makes Fedora different
15:41:13 <decause> totally unique
15:41:14 <decause> for me
15:41:19 <decause> is the people who are here
15:41:29 <decause> this place, is a magical place, where we *do* stuff
15:41:31 <decause> things get done
15:41:35 <decause> not just code
15:41:35 * c0mrad3 agrees
15:41:38 <decause> but designs
15:41:39 <skamath> and dnf ;)
15:41:40 <decause> and events
15:41:53 <decause> and all kinds of other activity that drives so much of the FOSS world
15:41:54 <fhackdroid> and sudo
15:41:56 <jflory7> Freedom Friends Features First <3
15:41:58 <decause> even outside of our repos and mailing lists
15:42:06 <decause> the people who are here, are what make this place what it is
15:42:16 <skamath> jflory7++
15:42:17 <decause> and you are those people too
15:42:57 <decause> #topic introductions
15:43:35 <decause> #info decause; UTC-4; CommOps, Council, GSoC, Budget, *
15:43:54 <decause> #info username; timezone; subprojects/and project work for summer
15:43:59 * c0mrad3 I have done it already :) doing it again
15:44:33 <skamath> #info skamath; UTC +5.30; CommOps, Metrics, Python
15:44:55 <jflory7> #info Justin W. Flory (jflory7); UTC-4; CommOps, Marketing / Magazine, Ambassadors, Diversity, soon-to-be Infrastructure; Working with CommOps and Fedora Infrastructure to create Ansible playbooks for specific services in the Infrastructure and help begin porting to 2.0 API
15:45:24 <jflory7> And puiterwijk / decause are my mentors. :)
15:45:40 <decause> #info My Summer Coding Work will be primarily about Administration of GSoC and other programs, making sure that all of our students and mentors have a productive and positive experience this year :)
15:45:53 <fhackdroid> #info fhackdroid ; UTC+5.30; Pagure
15:46:13 <skamath> decause is my CommOps mentor and bee2502_ is my Metrics mentor \o/
15:46:16 <skrzepto> #skrzepto UTC -6, Hubs
15:46:17 <bee2502_> #info Bhagyashree ; UTC +5.30 ; CommOps , Metrics , Elections
15:46:18 <fhackdroid> pingone, is my mentor
15:46:42 <c0mrad3> #info Tummala Dhanvi (c0mrad3) ; UTC+5:30 ; CommOps, Docs, Security, GSoC, * ; will be working with the fedora docs newer tool chain as my GSoC more about me; zoglesby is my mentor
15:46:53 <ronith> #info ronit: UTC +5.30; Tinykdump, commops
15:47:12 <Mathnerd314> #info allangardner; UTC-6; ostree, rpm-ostree, Project Atomic, Fedora Modularization, and whatever else fits into the schedule
15:47:24 <fhackdroid> #info
15:47:26 <ronith> my mentors are caiqian and linuxmodder
15:47:27 <vivek_> #info Vivek Anand; UTC+5: 30; Pagure; Pingo(u) is my mentor
15:47:34 <sayan> #info Sayan Chowdhury; UTC+5:30; Infrastructure, Cloud, CommOps, Ambassadors
15:48:00 <bee2502_> # info Will be working with skamath for developing some metrics tools for Fedora apart from working on statscache widgets myself
15:48:18 <skamath> bee2502++
15:48:33 <mizmo> #info Máirín Duffy, Fedora UX designer, lead designer of Fedora Hubs. I will be mentoring Radhika who is one of the Red Hat summer interns and will be starting later this week. I'm based in Boston, I think we're UTC-4 right now.
15:48:46 <decause> mizmo: nod nod
15:48:57 <devyani7> #info devyani7; UTC+5.30; Python, Hubs, Infrastructure; Will be working with on Hubs as my GSoC project, hub-pages,widgets and other cool features before Flock. pingone, sayan, decause, lmacken, corey are my mentors.
15:49:16 <devyani7> For more info :
15:49:29 <c0mrad3> mizmo++
15:49:29 <zodbot> c0mrad3: Karma for duffy changed to 30 (for the f23 release cycle):
15:49:51 <decause> did we miss anyone?
15:50:08 <decause> going once
15:50:10 <decause> going twice
15:50:11 <decause> going thrice
15:50:21 <fhackdroid> sold
15:50:23 <fhackdroid> :P
15:50:27 <devyani7> :P
15:50:29 <vivek_> lol
15:50:29 <skamath> .nextmeeting #fedora-meeting
15:50:30 <jflory7> Really cool to see all of the other students and mentors in GSoC. Super excited to see what everyone is working on!!
15:50:31 <zodbot> skamath: In #fedora-meeting is EMEA Ambassadors (starting in 5 hours)
15:50:34 <zodbot> skamath: In #fedora-meeting is Security Team Meeting (starting in a day)
15:50:37 <zodbot> skamath: In #fedora-meeting is Modularity WG (starting in a day)
15:50:39 <zodbot> skamath: -
15:50:50 <decause> #topic Weekly Reports
15:51:08 <decause> in the future, this meeting block (whenver it lands) will be mostly about weekly reporting
15:51:38 <decause> a time for us to check in on the exciting work that everyone is working on, and make sure we're there to help promote our wins, and tackle our challenges
15:52:00 <decause> it is common practice within Fedora to give "status reports"
15:52:23 <decause> everyone does theirs slightly differently
15:52:34 <decause> but the gist is "what got done this week"
15:53:00 <decause> one of the tasks I'll be working with skamath on, is developing a regular way for us to report back all the amazing work that you're doing to the community
15:53:05 <c0mrad3> #info c0mrad3 got started with working on packaging asciidoctor-mallard and build was successful except for few platforms
15:53:21 <decause> this has 2 reasons:
15:53:44 <decause> 1) It keeps us accountable to eachother, and ensures that everyone will have no problem passing during their midterm and final evaluations
15:53:55 <skamath> Yes :) I've started working on it.
15:54:03 <mizmo> decause, can you go over the difference between the summer-coding and summer-coding-discuss lists? eg if someone couldn't make the IRC meeting, which would they send a status report to? which will get the meeting minutes emails?
15:54:08 <decause> 2) It gives us a record of the impact that this program has, justifying the project's future investment in summer coding
15:54:16 <skamath> decause++
15:54:38 <decause> you are not just here to accomplish your tasks for the summer, it is much bigger than that
15:54:51 <decause> we are building an ecosystem for onboarding new contributors via these summer programs
15:55:06 <decause> some of you may end up mentoring the next batch of interns someday :)
15:55:11 <decause> and we want to lay a path
15:55:17 <decause> and establish protocol
15:55:33 <decause> and build more than just code
15:55:36 <decause> we build community
15:55:41 <decause> so, you are all a part of that
15:56:04 <decause> :)
15:56:11 <decause> so
15:56:14 <decause> to mizmo's question
15:56:16 <c0mrad3> mizmo: I think summer-coding is for mentors and admins (private) which is useful to decide which also helps to pick students and other is public for students and everyone
15:56:29 <mizmo> ah ok
15:56:40 <decause> the difference between summer-coding and summer-coding-discuss is that one is for mentors and one is for students (discuss is for students)
15:56:45 <decause> c0mrad3: yes
15:56:49 <mizmo> decause, ah looks like discuss is the mentors one
15:57:09 <decause> you will be posting your weekly reports to your appropriate mailing lists, and your blogs, and then linking to them here in these status meetings
15:57:17 <decause> err, yes?
15:58:10 <bee2502_> and back !
15:58:15 <decause> these meetings are meant as a way for us all to keep the program on track, and give the Admins and Mentors a chance to check on the health of the program
15:58:24 <decause> we want you all to succeed
15:58:37 <decause> the work is too important
15:58:49 <jflory7> bee2502_: Welcome again :)
15:58:51 <skamath> I'm sure all of us will :)
15:59:00 * jflory7 nods to decause
15:59:03 <decause> and these meetings and checkins will help make sure
15:59:04 <decause> so
15:59:12 <decause> some tips:
15:59:16 <decause> #topic Tips
15:59:26 <decause> Early and Often
15:59:35 * fhackdroid listening
15:59:38 * c0mrad3 decause agrees and I and my mentor agreed to have a daily status update
15:59:44 <decause> Ship early and often - that is, commit and push code as soon as you can
15:59:54 <decause> Communicate Early and Often
16:00:05 <decause> it is tempting to "want it to be perfect"
16:00:27 <decause> it is tempting to wait until you've "fixed" something to report that something is wrong
16:00:37 <decause> don't wait
16:00:40 <decause> don't be afraid
16:00:44 <decause> we are all here to grow
16:00:58 <decause> as soon as you are having an issue, contact your mentor
16:01:16 <decause> a good general rule is "Don't stall on a task for more than an Hour"
16:01:41 <decause> you can learn by getting lost and diggin in, but you can only get so far
16:01:44 <decause> ask lots of questions
16:01:50 <decause> you can ping me anytime
16:01:50 <mizmo> dont be afraid to ask for help
16:01:56 <decause> and
16:01:59 <decause> do it in public
16:02:09 <decause> because I, or mizmo, or other single people
16:02:15 <mizmo> i updated the list of mailing lists in the etherpad with descriptions
16:02:16 <decause> we are a single point of failure
16:02:21 <decause> mizmo: thank you
16:02:26 <jflory7> #DefaultToOpen
16:02:28 <sayan> decause++
16:02:29 <jflory7> :)
16:02:35 <decause> make sure that you are socializing your questions, so taht we can all work as a team to build eachother up
16:02:39 <fhackdroid> decause++
16:02:39 <zodbot> fhackdroid: Karma for decause changed to 47 (for the f23 release cycle):
16:02:41 <decause> the Friends Foundation
16:02:44 <skamath> mizmo++
16:02:44 <zodbot> skamath: Karma for duffy changed to 31 (for the f23 release cycle):
16:02:46 <decause> it is one of the strongest
16:02:51 <mizmo> so the summer-coding list is the main list you folks want to use - it's good to ask questions on there bc the most people can benefit from the answers that way and there's a record
16:03:02 * fhackdroid have been doing that a lot
16:03:09 <sayan> fhackdroid: :)
16:03:21 <mizmo>
16:03:32 <fhackdroid> sayan, ^^
16:03:35 <mizmo> you dont even have to sign up for email you can participate in the web interface, whatever you like
16:03:42 * fhackdroid waves at sayan
16:04:09 <decause> please fill out the polls for meeting slots in the welcome kit
16:04:14 <sayan> I would also like to add that if you learn something new blog it :)
16:04:19 <decause> that will dictate what time we hold this weekly meeting again
16:04:45 <decause> we're at 5 past the hour, so I want to be respectful of people's time
16:04:58 <decause> anything that isn't in the welcome kit, you can ask your mentors about, and also me, anytime
16:05:14 * c0mrad3 nods
16:05:26 * sayan waves back to fhackdroid
16:05:27 <decause> Happy Hacking all, and I look forward to seeing all the amazing things that you will build this cycle :)
16:05:36 * fhackdroid \m/
16:05:37 <devyani7> decause: sayan: mizmo: those tips sure have motivated us :) thanks a lot.
16:05:40 * jflory7 is super excited
16:05:44 <skrzepto> thanks :)
16:05:46 <mizmo> \o/
16:05:47 * devyani7 is too
16:05:53 <jflory7> decause++ mizmo++ sayan++ gsoc++ fedora++
16:05:56 <mizmo> make sure you sign up for that summer-coding mailing list
16:06:01 <fhackdroid> mizmo, how are you doing ?
16:06:07 <jflory7> I have two things quick for an open floor if we have time
16:06:11 <mizmo> you can sign up here:
16:06:12 <decause> thank you students, and mentors, and admins
16:06:16 <jflory7> One question, one announcement
16:06:20 * decause holds
16:06:28 <fhackdroid> jflory7, a lot of "++"
16:06:33 <jflory7> fhackdroid: :)
16:06:57 <jflory7> The announcement was that puiterwijk sends his regards for being unable to make it to today's meeting, but he is out celebrating his birthday today, so I think it's justified. ;)
16:06:59 <jflory7> Also, question:
16:07:08 <decause> puiterwijk++
16:07:22 <c0mrad3> puiterwijk++
16:07:22 <zodbot> c0mrad3: Karma for puiterwijk changed to 51 (for the f23 release cycle):
16:07:26 <sayan> puiterwijk++
16:07:28 <zodbot> sayan: Karma for puiterwijk changed to 52 (for the f23 release cycle):
16:07:30 <bee2502_> puiterwijk++
16:07:32 <devyani7> puiterwijk++
16:07:33 <fhackdroid> jflory7, woaah happy birthday puiterwijk
16:07:51 <c0mrad3> puiterwijk: and many many happy returns of the day :)
16:07:52 * decause is holding for announcement, then will endmeeting
16:08:16 <vivek_> even god has done ++ for puiterwijk today
16:08:24 <decause> :P
16:08:25 <fhackdroid> #info puiterwijk helped a lot and still helping me to setup pagure on aws instance
16:08:27 <jflory7> For Taskwarrior, it's easiest when there is an instance of Taskserver set up to sync tasks between multiple devices. I was trying to set up a Taskserver instance using threebean's Copr, but was having a few issues with it. I was wondering if it might be possible to have a Fedora Taskserver we might be able to use for GSoC (and maybe beyond it too as a service for Fedorans, kind of like Gobby for Infra).
16:08:47 <decause> jflory7: good question in #feodra-apps, via summer-coding list
16:08:51 * jflory7 nods
16:08:59 <jflory7> Wasn't sure if that was something that others may be interested in
16:09:01 <decause> but yeah, taskwarrior is awesome
16:09:09 <sayan> If you are planning to learn, this tutorial is great -
16:09:12 * skamath didn't know taskwarrior had multi-device support
16:09:13 * jflory7 clicks
16:09:19 <zoglesby> jflory7: you can also use
16:09:21 <jflory7> skamath: Kinda, sorta.
16:09:24 <jflory7> zoglesby: Ohh!
16:09:27 * jflory7 clicks again
16:09:30 <zoglesby> if you are okay with someone else hosting it for you
16:09:32 <decause> another useful tool is:
16:09:35 <decause> #link
16:09:36 * c0mrad3 googling about taskwarrior
16:09:38 <zoglesby> also has a nice web interface
16:09:39 * fhackdroid clicks and clicks
16:10:00 <skrzepto> decause: the link seems dead
16:10:02 <jflory7> zoglesby: Whoa, that is seriously amazing, I think I might just use this then. Super super useful.
16:10:12 <decause> ok
16:10:15 <jflory7> zoglesby++
16:10:17 <jflory7> Okay, eof from me
16:10:31 <decause> more tools in irc channels later, please post to list. we'll check in next week :)
16:10:36 <decause> #endmeeting