00:55:03 <jflory7> #startmeeting FAmNA
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00:55:07 <jflory7> #meetingname FAmNA
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00:55:14 <jflory7> #topic === FAmNA Roll Call ===
00:55:17 <jflory7> .hello jflory7
00:55:18 <zodbot> jflory7: jflory7 'Justin W. Flory' <me@justinwflory.com>
00:55:47 <cydrobolt> o.
00:55:50 <cydrobolt> o/
00:55:55 <jflory7> #chair cydrobolt
00:55:55 <zodbot> Current chairs: cydrobolt jflory7
00:55:57 <jflory7> Evening, cydrobolt!
00:56:09 <cydrobolt> evening jflory7
00:56:32 <jflory7> #info award3535 is unable to make the meeting tonight
01:00:27 * jflory7 waits another few minutes for some others to come in
01:01:11 <kk4ewt> .me
01:01:22 <kk4ewt> .hello jbwillia
01:01:23 <zodbot> kk4ewt: jbwillia 'Ben Williams' <vaioof@yahoo.com>
01:01:32 <danofsatx> .hello dmossor
01:01:33 <zodbot> danofsatx: dmossor 'Dan Mossor' <danofsatx@gmail.com>
01:01:38 <jflory7> #chair kk4ewt danofsatx
01:01:38 <zodbot> Current chairs: cydrobolt danofsatx jflory7 kk4ewt
01:01:51 <jflory7> Evening!
01:02:06 <lord_drachenblut> Evening
01:02:06 <jflory7> #chair lord_drachenblut
01:02:06 <zodbot> Current chairs: cydrobolt danofsatx jflory7 kk4ewt lord_drachenblut
01:02:10 <jflory7> Hiya, lord_drachenblut!
01:02:36 <danofsatx> evening folks.
01:02:36 <lord_drachenblut> Feel like crap.  Had chemo yesterday
01:02:58 <jflory7> Hey danofsatx. Thursday treating you well?
01:03:04 <danofsatx> oo, dude....take it easy
01:03:17 <danofsatx> Thursday is busy.
01:03:18 <jflory7> lord_drachenblut: Sorry to hear that. :( Definitely take it easy tonight
01:03:47 <danofsatx> and the core i7 and nvidia GTX sitckers are starting to slide around on the laptop, making the palmrest all sticky.
01:04:01 <danofsatx> the good news is that the Fedora case badge is staying put ;)
01:04:06 <lord_drachenblut> I've been mostly doing that.  Did get a ride to town earlier to get a new plate for my motorcycle so I'll be legal to ride this summer
01:05:57 <jflory7> Alrighty, we're five after. Let's go ahead and get started.
01:06:03 <jflory7> lord_drachenblut: Sounds like good plans for the summer. :)
01:06:14 <jflory7> #topic === Announcements ===
01:06:28 <jflory7> I have a few
01:06:41 <jflory7> #info === Fedora 24 Beta is a GO! ===
01:06:48 <jflory7> #link https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/devel-announce@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/G2DH3KWJVXMKDQWQ6ZUO2Z4LQD7WXBR2/
01:07:13 <jflory7> #info At the second Fedora 24 Beta Go/No-Go Meeting, has been agreed by QA, Release Engineering and Development representatives to go live with the Fedora 24 Beta. Fedora 24 Beta will be publicly available on May 10, 2016. The official release time is 14:00 UTC.
01:07:42 <jflory7> #info === "Fedora’s Love For Python Continues" ===
01:07:48 <jflory7> #link https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/fedoras-love-python-continues/
01:08:23 <jflory7> #info New brochures for Python + Fedora are available for Ambassadors! They're still being polished, but should be ready for PyCon and other tech-related events. A good resource to keep in mind!
01:08:38 <jflory7> #info === Beta release announcement ===
01:08:46 <jflory7> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F24_Beta_release_announcement
01:09:06 <jflory7> #help The Fedora 24 Beta release announcement is being worked on and needs review from other sub-projects and teams in Fedora for accuracy. The call has been put out on the mailing lists.
01:09:28 <jflory7> I think that's all I can dig up right now.
01:09:31 <jflory7> Anyone have anything else?
01:09:51 <jflory7> If not, we will move on to tickets.
01:10:12 <str8edge> I'm not sure if this is appropriate, but I'm new to the ambassadors team!
01:10:26 <jflory7> Hiya, str8edge! Welcome to the FAmNA meeting! :)
01:10:36 <jflory7> str8edge: Do you have a mentor yet?
01:10:46 <str8edge> Herlo!
01:11:05 <jflory7> Excellent! Glad to hear you're partnered with a mentor. :)
01:11:27 <jflory7> Have any questions about Ambassadors you'd like to ask before we go into tickets?
01:11:34 <str8edge> Tom Calaway is also willing to help out too!
01:11:56 <kk4ewt> callaway
01:11:59 <jflory7> spot is also a super great guy. :)
01:12:02 <kk4ewt> aka spot
01:12:08 <str8edge> I would like access to the ambassadors page as I hav an event I'd like to add on May 18th, but otherwise no.
01:12:10 <nolski> can confirm spot is cool guy
01:12:30 <jflory7> str8edge++ Thanks for coming out to the meeting too, by the way!
01:13:24 <jflory7> str8edge: The great thing is that you don't need to request access to create or propose an event. You should have the privileges to do so on your own. If you haven't already, your mentor can help give you more information on how to go about proposing an event. You can also ask on the mailing list too if you have questions!
01:13:26 <lord_drachenblut> I can confirm spot is red and on a can of soda
01:13:44 <str8edge> jflory: you're welcome! I'm on a laggy cellular connection tonight!
01:14:02 <jflory7> No worries, I don't think you're the only one. :)
01:14:16 <jflory7> Anyways, without further ado, we can jump into the tickets for upcoming events.
01:14:30 <jflory7> #topic === Tickets ===
01:14:35 <jflory7> #link https://fedorahosted.org/famna/report/9
01:14:45 <jflory7> If you haven't yet, take a minute to review the tickets for tonight's meeting.
01:14:56 <jflory7> Same tickets as last week for tonight.
01:15:38 <jflory7> .famnaticket 119
01:15:41 <zodbot> jflory7: #119 (OSCON 2016 booth) – FAmNA Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/119
01:16:03 <jflory7> I don't see masta here tonight.
01:16:14 <jflory7> danofsatx: Happen to have any new updates or progress to report on OSCON?
01:16:20 <jflory7> That's coming up real soon! :)
01:16:24 <danofsatx> nope. O
01:16:33 <danofsatx> I've heard nothing from masta since last week.
01:16:40 <jflory7> As far as I know, everything is going smoothly for OSCON so I'm not hugely concerned
01:16:44 <kk4ewt> the banners arrived today so as soon as i can get an address i will send them out to masta
01:16:51 <jflory7> kk4ewt++
01:16:59 <danofsatx> only thing I have to add is that I won't be arriving until later on Monday night, but I wil be there Monday night.
01:17:33 <kk4ewt> jflory7,  please issue an action for masta to contact me please
01:17:39 * jflory7 nods
01:17:49 <jflory7> danofsatx: Might also be a good idea to put on the event wiki page for later reference.
01:17:51 <jflory7> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/OSCON_2016
01:18:02 <jflory7> #info danofsatx will not be arriving until later on Monday night for OSCON
01:18:03 <jflory7> #nick masta
01:18:15 <jflory7> #action masta Contact kk4ewt about shipping address for event banners
01:18:26 <jflory7> Anything else to report on this ticket?
01:19:15 <jflory7> Alright, quick update, then next ticket...
01:19:19 <danofsatx> it's already on the wiki page, just not clearly stated.
01:19:44 <jflory7> #info masta not present tonight, but everything is generally on track for OSCON. Will follow up on this next week. If there is new information, please add it to the Trac ticket!
01:19:57 <jflory7> .famnaticket 145
01:19:58 <zodbot> jflory7: #145 (SELF 2016) – FAmNA Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/145
01:20:14 <jflory7> kk4ewt: Anything to add here tonight for SELF?
01:20:51 <MarkDude> .hello
01:20:51 <zodbot> MarkDude: (hello <an alias, 1 argument>) -- Alias for "hellomynameis $1".
01:21:01 <jflory7> #chair MarkDude
01:21:01 <zodbot> Current chairs: MarkDude cydrobolt danofsatx jflory7 kk4ewt lord_drachenblut
01:21:04 <jflory7> Evening, MarkDude!
01:21:09 <MarkDude> .hello markdude
01:21:10 <zodbot> MarkDude: markdude 'Mark Terranova' <doctorfoss@gmail.com>
01:21:15 <MarkDude> \o
01:22:20 * MarkDude is looking forward to media burner, hoping they use the heck out of it at SELF :)
01:22:27 <jflory7> Looking at the ticket, the only new detail I see is the one added by nb about the duplicator.
01:23:09 <jflory7> #info nb added to SELF ticket that we voted last meeting to order a CD/DVD duplicator, blank media, and sleeves to produce install media at SELF due to the release schedule
01:23:18 <kk4ewt> jflory7,  we are just waiting at this point that we dont have anymore pushes of f24
01:23:26 * jflory7 nods
01:24:04 <jflory7> kk4ewt: So sounds like things are stable for now. We will check in again next week?
01:24:18 <kk4ewt> 2 weeks
01:25:13 <jflory7> #info Nothing new to report for SELF; will check in again in two more meetings
01:25:18 <jflory7> #action jflory7 Mark ticket as "open"
01:25:31 <jflory7> .famnaticket 148
01:25:32 <zodbot> jflory7: #148 (TXLF 2016 (Austin, TX - July 8th-9th)) – FAmNA Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/148
01:25:42 <lord_drachenblut> I would like more details on this duplicator.  Where is this money coming from if Fedora is buying this and is it something that will be floating between events?
01:26:05 <MarkDude> lord_drachenblut: yep, its gonna be of use to all
01:26:44 <MarkDude> (Filing tickets and other stuff needed.) We might get another machine, but tabled it for now.
01:26:45 <jflory7> lord_drachenblut: I believe this was discussed last meeting when we voted on it. The price is slipping my mind at the moment
01:26:56 <jflory7> As far as budget, that's finally looking like it is being finalized
01:26:58 <MarkDude> 300 or under I think
01:27:05 <jflory7> There is also the budget site which might have more info
01:27:07 * jflory7 goes to check
01:27:37 <jflory7> Okay, no, just total allocation, not broken down publicly yet
01:27:39 <jflory7> #link https://budget.fedoraproject.org/#budgetnumbers
01:28:03 <MarkDude> Money might be about same, as far as making media as needed as opposed to printing it all.
01:28:04 <lord_drachenblut> I think we should also look into getting a multi port good quality usb3 hub so we can create USB media on site using gnome multi writer
01:28:36 <kk4ewt> lord_drachenblut,  we can borrow one if needed
01:29:18 <jflory7> Back on track for Ticket #148, I see danofsatx and masta as the event owners for TXLF 2016. Do we have any new info to discuss here? As far as I can tell, the next detail to report for TXLF will be sponsorship costs and details.
01:29:26 <danofsatx> I have an Amazon Basics 4 port USB hub. cost less than $10. it works
01:29:38 <MarkDude> lord_drachenblut: make a use case and file a ticket :)
01:29:38 <jflory7> Otherwise, I vote that we remove this ticket from the meeting agenda until there is a number we can vote on and approve.
01:30:20 <danofsatx> agreed - masta is lead for that. Last info is that he's awaiting info from organizers.
01:30:24 <MarkDude> +1
01:30:52 <lord_drachenblut> I concur with jflory7
01:30:54 <kk4ewt> jflory7,  bring back up in 2 weeks, if not it will slip up on us
01:30:55 <MarkDude> The event is a go, we are holding off to see what magic can be done by masta
01:31:07 <jflory7> danofsatx: Sounds good. So let's do like SELF and put this ticket off for another two weeks.
01:31:22 <jflory7> Or if masta has more info next week, we can always put it back on the agenda sooner
01:31:55 <MarkDude> +1
01:32:16 <jflory7> #agreed masta is not present to discuss TXLF. However, next major detail we are waiting on is price of sponsorship and other factors. Ticket will be removed from meeting agenda for maximum of two weeks, but can be brought up sooner if masta has more information.
01:32:30 <jflory7> Any other ticket-related items for tonight?
01:32:38 <jflory7> If not, we can move to Open Floor.
01:32:51 <kk4ewt> jflory7,  the new guy said he had an event
01:33:03 <kk4ewt> like on the 16th
01:33:36 <jflory7> Ah, yeah! Do we have a ticket for it? If not, let's hit this in the open floor and try working out some info on it.
01:34:20 <jflory7> I don't see any more tickets - let's hit open floor
01:34:26 <jflory7> #topic === Open Floor ===
01:34:37 <jflory7> str8edge: Did you want to share some info about the event you wanted to pitch?
01:34:45 <str8edge> Sure!
01:35:05 <jflory7> Go for it!
01:35:26 <str8edge> Once a quarter, Red Hat official holds a Red Hat User group meeting. They have asked if I can present on how Fedora relates to Red Hat.
01:35:41 <str8edge> There will be 30 - 40 people there.
01:35:51 <str8edge> This is in Regina, Sask Canada.
01:37:02 <MarkDude> You are wanting to hash out some talking points and/or ideas?
01:37:11 <lord_drachenblut> So presenting to red hat employees on how RHEL is a downstream product of Fedora?
01:37:20 <str8edge> Pretty basic. 10 minute or so presentation on Fedora. Talk about how features like DNF and systemd hit fedora first.
01:37:38 <str8edge> The slides are pretty well done.
01:38:03 <MarkDude> Foundations of Fedora is a good keying off point, you nailed the First as well as Features :)
01:38:15 <jflory7> Okay, so it sounds like you have the resources for delivering the info, right? Do you need any help or assistance with preparing for the event?
01:38:22 <str8edge> The event is held by Red Hat for their customers.
01:38:40 <MarkDude> #item https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Foundations
01:38:53 <jflory7> Foundations are definitely good talking points
01:38:59 <lord_drachenblut> So this event is for red hat customers?
01:39:13 <str8edge> No I think I'm pretty good. I've been using Fedora since 8, and Linux since SLS. I've presented at Summit a couple of times. I'll include the Foundations.
01:39:22 * jflory7 nods
01:39:34 <jflory7> So it sounds like you will be prepared with information and presentation resources.
01:40:10 <jflory7> Do you anticipate needing much of a budget for this?
01:40:23 <lord_drachenblut> I will hold off on one suggestion then since this doesn't sound like a red hat employee event but instead red hat customers
01:40:47 <MarkDude> How far are you away? Are you needing travel?
01:41:23 <str8edge> no travel.. about 5 bloicks from where I work. no budget for this one.
01:41:38 <jflory7> Okay, so then this should be an easy one to pull together!
01:41:56 <str8edge> Yeah.
01:42:02 <MarkDude> Sounds good. Make sure you share the slides :)
01:42:03 <kk4ewt> str8edge,  send a ticket for stickers and case badges on famna-request and i will send you some
01:42:07 <str8edge> good starter event..
01:42:13 <lord_drachenblut> str8edge how about swag?
01:42:21 <jflory7> Your next steps for the event should be to (1) create a wiki page for the event, (2) add it to the Events page on the wiki for this quarter, and (3) file a Trac ticket for the event so we can follow up later.
01:42:43 <jflory7> Ahh, yes, and if you anticipate needing Fedora swag, the famna-requests Trac is the place to request those resources.
01:42:45 <str8edge> I have case badges for Summit a couple of years ago. and I created a ticket. #405
01:42:55 <str8edge> ^for^from.
01:43:03 <jflory7> Oh, great!
01:43:23 <str8edge> I will create the pages once I'm at home.
01:43:43 <jflory7> Sounds excellent!
01:44:17 <jflory7> Is your FAS account dyaffe?
01:44:23 <str8edge> it is.
01:44:33 <jflory7> dyaffe++ nice prep work on this one.
01:44:33 <zodbot> jflory7: Karma for dyaffe changed to 1 (for the f23 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
01:44:54 <jflory7> Once the event pages and general Trac ticket are done, I think you should be set
01:45:08 <jflory7> Let us know if you have any questions for the event.
01:45:09 <str8edge> :-)
01:45:16 <str8edge> Will do.
01:45:25 <jflory7> Anything else to cover for open floor tonight?
01:45:28 * MarkDude wants Fedora to have some Release Events getting set. We had none last release. F24 has great things, let's share it :)
01:45:48 <MarkDude> Lets do it. eof
01:46:00 <str8edge> I'm going to try and have one. But the local LUG breaks over the summer.
01:46:24 <jsandys> Still at work :(
01:46:35 <MarkDude> Coffee shops or breweries work too, hang a flier and use the LUG mailing list :D
01:46:41 <kk4ewt> str8edge,  that is my issue as well (luug at uni)
01:46:45 <lord_drachenblut> I think we should try to set a date for doing a release event globally
01:46:48 <jflory7> #info str8edge (FAS: dyaffe) is planning on giving talk at Red Hat User group meeting, an event by Red Hat for their customers. str8edge is going to be talking about how Fedora relates to Red Hat. Only items anticipated is some swag to give away for the event. Anticipated 30-40 people. Wiki pages + Trac coming soon.
01:47:13 <jflory7> Some release party events would be cool to organize
01:47:28 <jflory7> I'll be strapped for the F24 release as well for the same reasons mentioned as str8edge and kk4ewt. :P
01:47:30 <MarkDude> Syncing them if possible makes for awesome
01:47:51 <jflory7> I know there is an Atlanta LUG, Ale, which I might look into over the summer
01:48:17 <jflory7> But I have no experience with their community and would be getting involved after I move back down
01:48:34 <kk4ewt> if we could release on software freedom day in sept but that will never happen
01:48:36 <MarkDude> Great way to meet them, share some F24
01:48:45 <lord_drachenblut> I have an idea for a second event, prerelase type thing, a bug confirmation event
01:48:50 <MarkDude> We can do SFD stuff too
01:49:12 <jflory7> Probably not for F25 with Software Freedom Day. But events for SFD would be cool too. decause did a good one at RIT last year.
01:49:21 <jflory7> lord_drachenblut: Essentially like Fedora QA?
01:49:22 <MarkDude> +1
01:49:34 <MarkDude> lord_drachenblut: bug killing type FAD?
01:50:10 <lord_drachenblut> Yea not perse meant to get code down to fix them but to help confirm
01:50:21 <lord_drachenblut> And find them
01:50:57 <kk4ewt> F23-20160428 updated live isos are available at http://tinyurl.com/Live-respins
01:51:07 <jflory7> That could be an interesting idea for a FAD. It might be a good idea to link up with the QA team and see their interest about organizing some kind of event for this.
01:51:36 <MarkDude> Finding and confirming bugs works as 1st step to get folks to help fix them. You are talking a day or weekend to have folks remote help?
01:51:47 <jflory7> lord_drachenblut: Do you want to try reaching out to someone from QA about this? Or maybe someone already busy in QA, like danofsatx or linuxmodder?
01:51:58 <MarkDude> +1
01:52:26 <jsandys> Will there be a F23 flyer or crib shheet available?
01:52:29 <jflory7> I think next best step should be to have someone reach to QA and then see if they have interest in helping organize a bug-fighting FAD
01:52:38 <lord_drachenblut> I would be fine with linuxmodder or danofsatx looking into it since they are already in those teams
01:52:56 <jflory7> jsandys: Ahh, there is a Fedora + Python flyer recently produced: https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/fedoras-love-python-continues/
01:53:12 <jflory7> danofsatx: Sound like something you might want to take on?
01:54:17 <danofsatx> If I'm still in SATX next fall, I will be making it a lab for both of my classe.
01:54:20 <danofsatx> classes.
01:54:33 <danofsatx> for F25, that is.
01:54:37 <jflory7> Oh, wow! That would be cool.
01:54:44 <jflory7> And organizing a FAD for F24 would be a really tight fit
01:54:58 <jflory7> It would probably be better to plan this for F25 so we have time to plan and do it right, and not rushed
01:55:00 <danofsatx> I wanted to do it for this semester, but a.) I was only the "TA", and b) I was not prepared.
01:55:17 <str8edge> jflory7: FAD?
01:55:21 <jflory7> danofsatx: Want to mention the idea of a bug-testing FAD to the QA team for F25? Or get some feedback from some other folks?
01:55:22 <linuxmodder> lord_drachenblut,  sorry  what  now?
01:55:29 <jflory7> str8edge: Ahh, yeah! FAD = Fedora Activity Day
01:55:34 <linuxmodder> sorry all for the late  arrival
01:55:52 <jflory7> FADs are essentially in-person collaboration time / workshops by Fedora contributors on Fedora tasks.
01:55:54 <jflory7> #chair linuxmodder
01:55:54 <zodbot> Current chairs: MarkDude cydrobolt danofsatx jflory7 kk4ewt linuxmodder lord_drachenblut
01:55:56 <jflory7> Evening, linuxmodder!
01:56:05 <MarkDude> \o
01:56:12 <linuxmodder> what did I get  volunteered for on my  return?
01:56:26 * MarkDude thinks its opt in :)
01:56:34 <jflory7> linuxmodder: We were discussing the idea of talking with the QA team of helping organize a bug-testing FAD for F25
01:56:48 <jflory7> We were looking for someone to bring it up to QA on their mailing list or at the next meeting.
01:57:02 <linuxmodder> jflory7,  there is  talk of one  for  security-team come  fall time possible
01:57:27 <jflory7> That would also be cool.
01:57:46 <jflory7> linuxmodder / danofsatx: either of you have a preference in who brings up the idea of a bug-testing FAD to the QA team?
01:57:52 <linuxmodder> but it'd likely  by in / around washington dc as  MOST of us are  dc area residents possible remote access
01:58:03 <linuxmodder> jflory7,  you ?
01:58:17 <linuxmodder> j/k
01:58:39 <jflory7> I'm not involved with QA - we were hoping someone already involved with the team could mention or bring it up
01:59:00 <linuxmodder> I'll throw a birdie out
01:59:06 <jflory7> Awesome, that would be great!
01:59:10 <MarkDude> +1
01:59:22 <jflory7> #action linuxmodder Bring up the idea of a bug-testing FAD for Fedora 25 to the QA team at their next meeting or on the mailing list
01:59:26 <jflory7> Thanks linuxmodder!
01:59:31 <jflory7> And with that, we're about at the hour mark
01:59:35 <danofsatx> And I'll bug him about it.
01:59:42 <jflory7> Anyone else have anything? If not, we can close out the meeting.
01:59:42 * danofsatx has been less than reliable lately
01:59:43 <linuxmodder> were you thinking  any  specific  spin(s) sub project or  project wide?
01:59:51 <jflory7> danofsatx++ Sounds like a plan.
01:59:52 <jflory7> #undo
01:59:52 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: ACTION by jflory7 at 01:59:22 : linuxmodder Bring up the idea of a bug-testing FAD for Fedora 25 to the QA team at their next meeting or on the mailing list
02:00:00 <jflory7> #action linuxmodder / danofsatx Bring up the idea of a bug-testing FAD for Fedora 25 to the QA team at their next meeting or on the mailing list
02:00:17 <linuxmodder> danofsatx,  no need to bug me :)
02:00:32 <jflory7> linuxmodder: That would be a good question for the QA team too to decide what scope would work for them.
02:00:37 <AndChat|266961> Jsandys: banners and event box shipped
02:00:38 <lord_drachenblut> I think we could leave that to the event itself to chose
02:00:40 <linuxmodder> once  guides are  done I'll be  back to full steeam
02:00:40 <jflory7> Maybe there's specific areas that need special testing for F25
02:00:47 <jflory7> Would be useful feedback to know.
02:01:06 <jflory7> lord_drachenblut: Agreed.
02:01:17 <jflory7> So that action is set. linuxmodder, you can drop us an update next meeting.
02:01:21 <linuxmodder> lord_drachenblut,  I fear  that  getting  real squirelly fast
02:01:25 <jflory7> Anything else to cover for tonight?
02:01:35 <jflory7> If not, we can close out in another minute or two.
02:01:45 <linuxmodder> so this is   only  for 25  then?
02:02:34 <jflory7> linuxmodder: Yeah, I think it's too short notice to plan a FAD for F24 with budgeting and getting resources together. I'm sure it's possible but to me it seems like a question of rushing to get it done for F24 or planning ahead and smoothing the rough edges for doing it for F25
02:02:35 <linuxmodder> if anyone is  so inclined  xfce and  soas  have  outstanding  blockers / bugs if they wanna get  'feet wet'
02:02:55 <lord_drachenblut> Linuxmodder you may be right about squirrel factor.  I think maybe we need to see if qa is interested in doing this and then go from there on deciding on how to procede
02:02:56 <linuxmodder> far enough
02:03:21 <jflory7> Alright, excellent!
02:03:30 <jflory7> With that, we can head back to #fedora-ambassadors.
02:04:07 <jflory7> Oh, one update for juggler: he wanted me to pass on that he is working on getting more details for DEFCON
02:04:14 <jflory7> Hopefully for next week
02:04:20 <jflory7> Thanks for coming out tonight, everyone! See you all next week.
02:04:24 <jflory7> #endmeeting